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1  The test as to whether something works, is that it works.

2  Some may argue that a certain amount of deceptive communication is necessary because “the truth hurts,” but what is not realized is that the truth only hurts when it follows a deceptive communication.

3  Every dollar invested in the first moon landing returned more money than spent because of the innovations that were discovered.

4  One of the most important lessons I have learned in my life is to keep my focus on the good and the desired goal without wavering if I wish to achieve.

5  When we ask and seek without ceasing, energy follows our thought until that which is sought is found and that which is asked for is received.

6  When a person learns to be the observer he can enjoy the ride through life no matter what is going on around him.

7  Those caught up in materialism are also caught up in mystery. The female nature is a mystery and the right use of female energy is feared and suppressed. God and creation is a mystery, money is a mystery, their lot in life is a mystery and their belief system is often based upon mysteries to which they have no reasonable explanation. And, most of all, the part played by materialism and selfishness in creating the problems and suffering in the world is a mystery. Because of these mysteries they are motivated to eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

8  All questions can be answered through the soul, but our Brothers farther up the ladder of evolution than ourselves will only give us that which we cannot obtain for ourselves.

9  If we want to enter into the presence of God, receive revelation and knowledge of principles, or the laws of God in the Ark of the Covenant, that we need not look in beautiful churches or temples. Instead we can find God in the wilderness, in the desert, in a humble abode and can find Him as we move from place to place as did the ancient Israelites.

10  Rods of Power and Initiation are held by the Solar Logos and using his Rod of Power he charges the Rod held by the Ancient of Days, the Planetary Logos, or the Father God of this Earth. In turn our own Planetary Logos charges a lesser Rod held by the Christ.

11  It is in the imposition by force of an idea of good that negates the growth of the good and nourishes the exact opposite of the desired end.

12  When we stay focused on the good and keep moving forward, following the highest we know, we eventually see that there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel.

13  If you feel inwardly called to the service of light and follow the messages received through your soul you will receive the protection necessary so you will be able to carry out your mission.

14  Prayer opens the door of the soul to gain access to the world of Spirit, meditation takes you through that door so you can receive the Spirit, and contemplation brings the things of the Spirit down into the practical realm of the material world.

15  The focusing of attention draws elements toward a center producing creation. Attrition takes attention away from creation and causes the elements of a thing to dissipate and become unorganized.

16  It is in the nature of all conscious beings to dream on a regular basis. One who is deprived of the dream state becomes insane.

17  All in the universe are aided by another life of similar consciousness, but only a little further on the path. It is not in the plan for those a million miles ahead on the path to backtrack when there are plenty of helpers for all in each location.

18  The greatest fire is created by the tiniest most imperceptible spark.

19  I have not yet had God or some Master come down from his hiding place and do my work for me, nor will he do for mankind what mankind has to do for themselves.

20  In the total scheme of things evil is that which takes us toward dissolution and nothingness, and good is that which takes us toward creation and order. We thus have these two energies interplaying, one in the direction of disorder and dissolution, and the other toward order and creation.

21  Except for about one seventh of humanity on their Sabbath life, the rest of us have all the problems we can humanly handle.

22  Attention is merely focused thought and such focus becomes a magnetic center, which causes all things necessary for creation to gather.

23  If you wait around for God to do it you will be waiting forever in frustration.

24  The natural impulse behind all life is to create or have experience that is meaningful.

25  Relationship, marriage, or the union of male and female energies leads all life forms back to their Source.

26  Humanity always becomes attached to the system as it is and desires change without loss of form.

27  There are a few who underestimate themselves because of illusion and often wind up subjecting themselves to one of lower evolution than themselves.

28  When the creator pays attention to his creation an invisible magnetic power is generated that pulls together the elements necessary for success that goes beyond the power of individual action.

29  The seer will look for the trail that leads from the complex to the simple so his understanding can be complete. He sees the principles behind all things rather than all the details.

30  Most individuals who desire change usually require it of their neighbors and not themselves.

31  “He who endures to the end will be saved” means that one must work through the six periods of creation to be delivered from failure.

32  The Father/Mother God, or the Originating Decision, reflected Itself as the Son/Daughter. Thus we had the first atom, or Adam, which was the point in the center, the originating God circled about by the prime creation.

33  Remember that when you plant a seed and nourish it, nothing much happens at first. For a period of time it just sits there in silent darkness with no apparent results. But as long as the nutrition is sustained the time shortly comes that life springs forth and the seed sprouts forth its leafs through the barriers of dark and earth into the light of day.

34  We begin to win at the game of life when our ATTENTION is focused in one direction rather than scattered.

35  BEING is that state which in the East is called Pralaya. This is a state of rest between creations.

36  Even though there will always be hierarchy we will have an equality beyond which we can presently understand. Which cells in your body are the hierarchical leaders? You know not for all share an equality.

37  If you take two apples and add two additional apples you will get four apples. Let me challenge anyone to use the binary or any other system and cause any other sum to appear than four apples.

38  When it comes to details, taste and data two people in the soul can disagree, but if they are in the soul they will not be disagreeable.

39  There is no end to our learning.

40  If a thing works or if you can actually do a thing then IT IS.

41  When one looks for the good as a primary focus of discovery, he will in the process come across a number of items which stand out as obviously false. When a real falsehood is discovered then the seeker can use this fact as one of the items in his process of elimination.

42  Purpose is not an objective, goal or plan, but is that from which they all originate. It is not an energy but is that from which energy originates.

43  If a person thinks he is on the path but has no works then he only has passing interest and has not yet gotten serious about moving forward.

44  Sometimes you just have to look at what works. If you try to figure out the process first you will most likely come to the wrong conclusion.

45  The forces of evil rise to power by the force of a unified supportiveness; whereas the forces of good and liberty increase through the power of unified inclusiveness.

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