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1  The Keys of Knowledge are centered around revealing principles.

2  When Christ is “in you,” then the Revelation of John will present a Key that will make the path understandable.

3  As far as the first key goes keep in mind that DECISION is the key word but not the key itself.

4  The key note to be repeated more than any other is, “Peace on earth goodwill toward men”.

5  The Christ Consciousness is a key to becoming a knower in the worlds of form as well as the formless worlds.

6  The key for all of us is to follow the “highest that we know,” not the highest that we do not know.

7  The key to true oneness is two people obtaining soul contact. When two look through the eyes of the soul, they see as one.

8  The key word for harmony is ‘acceptance.’ Accept the differences and see the divine at play in each other’s roles.

9  The principle of freedom is a key that must be understood before we can make a conscious decision for the path of light.

10  An important key to staying in harmony with your soul is to make sure that every word you speak is true to the best of your knowledge.

11  There is one earth and one surface of the earth, yet there are billions of seeds that are planted on its surface. Each seed grows into a separate plant entity, yet is still a part of the One Life which is Mother Earth. This is a key to understanding the One and the Many.

12  The circle in spiral motion is the grand key to the universe.

13  The key to telling the truth at all times and fulfilling your promises at all times is the principle of conscious projection.

14  The key to soul contact is to remember that there is a perfect God that is omnipresent and is therefore in our neighbor as well as ourselves.

15  One of the key ingredients to effective person-to-person communication is that those attempting to so communicate use the same definition of words.

16  Another key in unlocking the soul is the demonstration of love to others through service.

17  The key to spiritual healing is to find the center that controls the affected area and send energy to move the blockage if there is congestion or to quiet the energy if there is inflammation.

18  The key element of BECOMING is action based on either radiant (male) or magnetic (female) energy. Movement toward the greatest possible perfection is BECOMING, which is an eternal process. BECOMING has never not been nor shall it ever cease “to be.”

19  The key to recognizing the Beast in action will be this:  You are expected to believe a thing merely because it is proclaimed and the proclamation so made is lacking some facts, twisting others so that it appeals to an emotional sense of what is right.

20  Maximum allowance and tolerance for freedom must become the keynote of both religious and political organizations.

21  The keyword for light is “revelation”:  for light is that which reveals.

22  The key is to keep ourselves grounded in the real world by mentally acknowledging the reality of evil, negativity, the Dark Brothers, etc., yet at the same time focusing thought on the desired energy and outcome.

23  We are given the key number for the cities of Zion:  144,000. Each completed city of Zion will have approximately this many heads of households and at least one city has to be underway before Christ will return.

24  One of the keys to overcoming the fear of God is to read the scriptures rather than listening to hellfire preachers, for indeed the Christ, the Master of us all, did present a God that is to be loved and embraced and seeks for the true good will of his/her children.

25  The key to a correct direction of self is to seek the good of the group to which you are a part.

26  Many believe that just being a good loving person and living a good life is the key to being noticed by the Great Ones, but such is not the case. The real quantum leap forward comes when you start asking the why of things.

27  Most of us are stuck with seeing only in this world, but soul contact is the key that opens the door to all higher vision.

28  The key word for the intuition is revelation because the development of this ability opens the door to formless worlds.

29  The New Jerusalem is the key that unlocks the prison bars of matter, and the prison gates are unfolded releasing the central light of the One Living God within.

30  The basic keynote of the middle way is “use minimum force and allow maximum freedom.”

31  “Never say never” is one of the keynotes of the mid-way point.

32  The third most important key in treading the middle path is to use and share that which is revealed in the midway point.

33  We are entering an age where initiation will be a keynote and those who will be seen as worthy servants will be those who call themselves and initiate beneficial work of some kind through their own free will.

34  The key to the correct use of thoughtforms is non-attachment.

35  From a higher point of vision there is no loss, but that is often of little consolation when we focus on this world we are in. Again, acceptance is key to facing loss.

36  If we were trying to establish the one true religion, or the best of all possible political worlds, or the greatest country in the universe – if these were our keywords, then the perils of separatism would be too great.

37  The key to common sense is to avoid extremism and seek a happy logical place in the Middle.

38  The Trinity of key words representative of the New Age will be Service, Responsibility and Freedom. These three principles can only operate on maximum efficiency through the plane of the mind.

39  A hint to the key to understanding evil and why death is associated with it lies in these two key words:  (1) Reversal;   and (2) Attention.

40  Remember we are talking about truth as points in time and space. Contemplate what this important phrase means. This is a key to harmonizing all of our thought as a group.

41  One of the later Keys of Knowledge has to do with the principle behind the science of sound which humanity has picked up to an amazing degree in their selection of sounds in portraying certain meanings on the physical plane.

42  The key is to seek with an honest heart to communicate truth as experienced rather than concentrating on the words themselves.

43  The key now is to work together and blend your light.

44  The key is to remember that Israelites are working with the brilliant fire of God that can penetrate all things, and they must become skilled in its use.

45  The key to keeping your marriage vows is not to become so self-sacrificing that you dedicate yourself to a miserable life just so you can keep your word. Instead, the key is to write your own marriage vows in such a way that you can keep them even if your spouse goes off the deep end.

46  The last twelve keys called The Keys of Eternal Life are not to be taught in writing but must be taught in the student-teacher relationship using the intuitive principle. All keys before that time are just preparation for the final keys.

47  As with all principles the second key of judgment must be used to apply them in life.

48  It is only when the seeker releases himself from blind trust and uses the key of judgment that he can choose correctly.

49  The inward voice is the key to peace.

50  If you want to go through a locked door and have the key in your pocket, but do not know you have the key, then you do not effectively have the power to go through the door. There is a way to do anything, but if one does not know the way he does not have the power.

51  Remember that “authority” is the key word or principle behind the power the beast has over humankind not the beast itself.

52  The key to emotional fulfillment is to avoid suppression.

53  The key to mastery is to learn the laws that govern light and dark and use them to make your decisions and dreams come true.

54  If you learn all the keys of knowledge and all the mysteries of the universe, but have no power to decide or to become, what other fate than frustration and disintegration into death can await you?

55  There are three basic keys to happiness in any relationship; they are communication, giving, and trust.

56  The solving of illusion holds the key to placing Maya and Glamour in their right place and not the other way around.

57  The way words sound is not by accident. Here we go to a great mystery. “In the beginning was the Word” and we’re touching on one of the keys of eternal life.

58  The key for the teachers of this age is to present truth in such a way that it gently works its way into the consciousness of the students.

59  The key to not holding a grievance is what we might call the Lion Principle. People and lions are what they are and we should not hate them for being so. We can accept them for what they are but deal with them wisely so no harm will come.

60  The principle of freedom is a mystery just as most principles are. Why? Because it takes a certain degree of consciousness to apply the second key of judgment to understand and apply it.

61  The way to achievement in honesty and the keeping of our word among us human beings, as it is done in the kingdom of heaven, is an important key and the path is not as you may have been taught.

62  Make the words of life themselves your meat and drink. How this is done is one of the keys of eternal life leading to the overcoming of death.

63  Eternal words, or words that do not pass away, are the key to communion.

64  The keys I teach are not just keys for me. They are universal keys that will benefit all who receive them. Just like the answer of 2+2=4 is an answer that all can use in their life.

65  There is a revelation behind a full understanding of each of the keys [of knowledge].

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