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1.  “Jesus condemned the religious leaders of his day, not for judging, but for NOT using judgment.”

2.  “The person using judgement will often take the least safe position.”

3.  “Judgments are not wrong. Only wrong judgments are wrong.”

4.  “Judge with clarity, wisdom and love and when you are then judged, as you have judged, all will be well with you, but if you do not judge righteously then the law of karma will bring painful judgments to your door.”

5.  “Instead of pointing a finger at a certain organization or group and saying:  ‘You are in league with the devil because you befriend ‘XYZ group’.’ What should we do? What we should do is examine their individual works or teachings and philosophy and judge then by what they do and say in the present.”

6.  “To suggest that in the midst of negativity that one should be timid about making a judgment and perhaps thereby allow much suffering or even death is an amazing thing to behold.”

7.  “It doesn’t matter to me if a man claims to be Peter, God, or a turkey who has become ‘Joe Blow.’ Even if I believed his claim I would still look at his words and sense whether or not the Holy Spirit lives in those words.”

8.  “Unfortunately, there are many lazy people out there who watch others who are motivated to earn money or to improve their lives and call them greedy.”

9.  “In Babylon the average person is always confused because good is called evil and evil good, faith is called blasphemy and blasphemy faith, desire is called love and love is accused of being selfishness.”

10.  “It is not for us to judge the karma of another, unless a revelation is given in the matter. There is no sure way of knowing if we are correct or not without such a revelation.”

11.  “An offshoot of the principle of differentiation is discernment.”

12.  “The beauty of a flower can only be fully appreciated when one discerns all the differing colors and shapes that join together as one creation. If one tried to see only one color where there were hundreds or one shape where there are many, the beauty and oneness of the life in the flower would be bypassed.”

13.  “Discernment is seen by many to be separative whereas the truth is that a lack of discernment produces separateness as illusion always does.”

14.  “True discernment sees the many and allows one to find the true unity in the many.”

15.  “Discernment allows the seeker to move away from a black and white world to one with thousands of shades. The shades are a part of the life of God as well as the stark contrasts.”

16.  “Discernment or ‘wise discrimination’ can separate the false from the true and illusion from reality.”

17.  “Unfortunately many who would follow have not learned to recognize the true voice and are led by the ego of a false shepherd which will indeed lead them of on to strange paths.”

18.  “I have judged what is good and evil all my life and where my point of focus is, is what has been drawn to me.”

19.  “It is important to judge each person by what he is at the moment rather than what we may perceive through the normal understanding of what is whole or not whole.”

20.  “Discerning thinking is put completely in check when the emotional ideal is brought into the equation.”

21.  “If we judge good and evil merely because some authority proclaims it so, we will be lead astray time and time again.”

22.  “Discerning the proper place upon the path and acting accordingly is an invaluable part of discernment and a characteristic of true humility.”

23.  “Without discernment there can be no reliable higher contacts.”

24.  “If there is some evidence of rottenness to the core, one must always be on guard because we often wind up misjudging good and evil if we do not make an honest examination of the wholeness of an organization.”

25.  “One of the main problems created though a lack of discernment is deception from false teachers.”

26.  “Your attention on what is good does not take away your discernment in sorting out the bad.”

27.  “All wise acts of discernment and exclusion must be balanced with an inclusive attitude that is essential in the attitude of the working disciple.”

28.  “The challenge for the workers of light is to learn to discern between the higher and lower energies and not confuse the two for if they do they will be inclined to think that God, the Higher Self, or whatever, is directing them toward the path of carnal activity.”

29.  “Some standard Bible believers are prejudiced against Eastern terms just as some New Agers equate the Bible with television preachers.”

30.  “There are times to use force and times to refrain from force.”

31.  “There are things that an aspirant cannot understand about a disciple and things that a disciple cannot understand about a Master and so on up the line, but discernment of truth or true principles is not one of them.”

32.  “The true power of judgment as taught by the Christ contains a power of higher vision that allows one to see the path more clearly and to take needed steps in alignment with the Purpose of God.”

33.  “How do we tell the difference then between an impression from our lower selves and the voice of the soul? There is a distinct difference. At first that difference is difficult to sense. Then the realization comes that this inner voice is different from your own thoughts and feelings. You begin to pay attention to it and you gain a sense of its origin. As you pay attention the communications become more frequent, and your inner hearing becomes more acute and reliable. Then the realization comes that you are receiving higher impressions from God, the Spirit, the Higher Self — definitely a higher intelligence than you are on your own.”

34.  “Unknown to many seekers there are many voices out there calling for your inner attention and those who draw our attention on the line of least resistance are never entities of the higher planes.”

35.  “To focus on good does not mean that you deny the bad. To focus on a bulls-eye does not mean that you are denying that there is earth under your feet as you are shooting the good arrow.”

36.  “Judging by the highest we know, and being true to our highest light, leads to discovering the judgment of God and being one with God.”

37.  “The seekers of the world must learn the Lost Key of the Buddha to discern and judge which of two approaches registers more beneficial with the soul, or the inner God.”

38.  “True judgment can only come to the individual when he realizes that it is he who is moving away from truth, and, until he perceives this motion and adjusts for it, the truth can never be found or even approximated.”

39.  “Making judgments is not the problem, but using the negative aspect of judgment can be.”

40.  “The mass judgment of a nation is merely an extension of the principles by which we judge individuals, so it is only logical that the nations who best represent expressions of love and helpfulness will also be subject to intense criticism whether they do wrong or not.”

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