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1  It is not a coincidence that we have many hidden messages within the words we use, more than the enlightened realize.

2  Words just spoken into the air, with no thought, only have the effect of sending forth dissipating sound waves.

3  Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.

4  What matters more than the word you use to describe God is the thought that arises in your mind and the feeling in your heart.

5  Words themselves veil true meanings and to have true communication, one must “read between the lines” or learn to look beyond the literal meanings of words.

6  It is written that energy follows thought – not energy follows words. If all we needed was the right words, we could put our favorite mantras and prayers on a tape recorder and play them over and over.

7  When one is mentally or spiritually polarized, then the thought behind the words has a much greater effect than the words themselves.

8  I take responsibility for my words which are put together in unique fashion as are yours.

9  That which warms my heart is comments that my words have stirred your souls and have caused a chord of recognition to ring within yourself. Tell me that my words have set love aflame within your breast and your spirit has soared as the eagle. If you tell me this then we are equal for your words and love have done this for me.

10  If we had to avoid words that could be construed as negative we could hardly use any words.

11  The interesting thing about an exchange through the written word is that when one person disagrees he cannot start shouting and drown the other voices out. Here where the word is just the word all voices have the same strength. This forces us to look at the reasoning behind the words.

12  Each scripture must be examined in its context as well as in relation to other scriptures and, most of all, with the spirit within through the soul for no written word is infallible.

13  If you open the dictionary you will find that many words have six or more meanings and when you teach you have to define the meaning you are using, if the meaning may not be obvious from the context.

14  Within the human psyche is an inner connection with the science of sound and because of this connection there appear many words in the English and other languages which have meaning which lies beyond the power of coincidence.

15  It is not a coincidence that Atom and Adam sound so much the same. Neither is it a coincidence that wholeness and holiness sound the same. The sacred word of the East AUM and the Christian Amen is another – so are Christ and Krishna as well as Son and Sun. These harmonies and others are worthy of much contemplation.

16  The principle of speech will, in the far future, be used more as a means of creation than communication, as communication by other means will precede speech.

17  I have received a lot of material through the Oneness Principle and when received the understanding is extremely clear. But then when it is placed in words a distortion occurs that can only be corrected by the reader interpreting through that same Oneness Principle.

18  There is no master, no teacher or wise man who is capable of uttering words that cannot be attacked. It is the easiest thing in the world to take any words, even the words of the greatest of us all, and declare them to be wrong by the use of sophistic logic. It is another matter still to look for the truth behind those words and add additional light.

19  Many mantras which are written are merely composed of fancy words which have no power to create change or action.

20  All things which are true can be expressed in words.

21  If a person wanted to, he could take any prayer, affirmation, or song of good intent, and find fault with the wording.

22  I was led to metaphysics, not because of a rebellion, but because of light I received in reading the words of the prophets.

23  Scientists use very exact definitions which allow them to communicate professionally with minimal distortion. Now we, who are becoming spiritual scientists, need to follow this same principle.

24  We have no control over other people’s words, but we do have control over our own.

25  Keep in mind that many of the Biblical Hebrew words differ in meaning from Modern Hebrew so finding the original intent of the writer is not an exact science.

26  There are many words in the dictionary which have a half dozen different uses and when this is the case the teacher must define his terms and make the students aware of the definition he is using and clearly represent how the word is to be used.

27  If someone accuses me of being a fool then the least they can do is to point out what it is that makes me a fool. Otherwise the words are nothing more than innuendo and emotional garbage.

28  When creation descends into form it does so through the power of a word.

29  Those who are triggered [negatively] by certain words need to work on rising above the astral nature.

30  We learn truth through experience, but for each experience there are words to communicate the truth of that experience to a like-minded soul.

31  Do not overlook the scriptures of the world, especially the Bible. Many hidden truths lie in those pages which are often overlooked in the world of metaphysics.

32  Perhaps the greatest earned authority, as far as printed words are concerned, are the words of Jesus.

33  The whole of the book of Isaiah has an overall style peculiar to itself much different than any other book in the Bible.

34  Quantity of words does not wisdom make.

35  Christ told his disciples to be “as wise as serpents” and Moses lifted up a serpent which saved the lives of those who looked upon it, so this word is not always used in a negative light. In esoteric writings the serpent is often used in connection with wisdom.

36  One of the future Keys is the discovery of God in all words.

37  Words can actually create events.

38  Consider words such as Sin, Repent, Salvation, Born Again and others. Rarely do you see a truly intelligent person seriously use them.

39  By using careful wording one can avoid that one time out of twenty that someone you are dependent on screws up forcing you to break a promise.

40  Much can be written about the Divine Will, but it is not understood until it is touched.

41  Words blur perception.

42  The words you speak will have no power unless that word is within you.

43  The word “resurrection” comes from the Greek ANASTASIS which literally means “to stand up again” or “to come to life again.” The word does not imply that the new life will always be an immortal one.

44  The word Amen is a corruption of the sacred word AUM. AUMAN is a much better closing word than Amen. The AUM and OM, the two sacred words from the East have much significance.

45  What my words do lack is solar plexus vibration which turns the heart energies upside down and deceives the whole world.

46  Anything that can be understood in the physical body can be expressed in words.

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