Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The true glory of accomplishment is in initiation, not imitation.

2  When a better way is initiated, the dumbest thing to do is not follow.

3  Look within. Feel the Christ Center in the core of being speak the words ever so softly:  “If you do not act who will? And if you do not participate in the role you feel gently pushed towards, perhaps the part will not be taken and the curtain will not raise on the grand play of the ages. Perhaps the responsibility of the future rests upon your shoulders…  Perhaps.”

4  The power of initiation is neither good nor evil but is a little like money and can be used for either.

5  An initiation is an area in your life that you will be a master over. In first initiation you prove that you’re a master over physical things. The second initiation shows you are a master over your emotions and glamour. In the third one you become a master over the world of the mind and illusion. There are seven altogether.

6  All who pass the milestones of initiation as taught by the Masters are initiates who initiate.

7  As one passes from a lower initiation to a higher his power to initiate becomes stronger with more wide ranging effects.

8  As one passes from the first to the second initiation the disciple will increase his power to initiate from the purely physical to the emotional, and gain the power to initiate the stirring of people’s hearts and ideals.

9  One of the principles that I am to stress in my writings and teachings is the concept of initiation and what it means to initiate.

10  The power of initiation brings the power of joy in service.

11  Would you like a calling to some great and glorious work? Then imagine a great and glorious work and call yourself to it, and God will honor that call if your heart is pure.

12  There is no need for so many aspirants to feel like they are being left out of some loop. If they want a great calling all he has to do is call himself and then do the work.

13  Not only does fasting help you physically, but it makes you more sensitive spiritually and aids in the control necessary to pass the first initiations.

14  If you think you have a higher truth than is presented here you need to prove your power as an initiate and start your own class and teach to your heart’s content. If you indeed have a higher vision and understanding you will attract many followers.

15  There would be nothing more embarrassing than to think of oneself as a great avatar only to learn that the first initiation has not yet been taken.

16  The paramount principle of the Molecular Relationship is that it encourages initiation.

17  There is more opportunity to go around than there are initiates to take advantage of them.

18  A giant step in advancing toward initiate status ourselves comes not through ignoring the polarities, but in discerning them.

19  To choose between the two paths one must first see the two paths, and one cannot see the two paths until he approaches the third initiation.

20  As one approaches the third initiation, the veil of illusion becomes lifted to the extent that the choice between the two paths becomes visible. Finally, the great choice becomes possible.

21  The truth is that the initiates of most major religions, organizations and groups are working for the cause of Light.

22  There will be many in the future age who will wish they could have been back here with us to help initiate a work with so great a cause and purpose.

23  The coming of Christ will be prepared by those who take unto themselves the power to decide, and then initiate that decision into the real world.

24  These ideas may seem simple to student of metaphysics, but it takes a powerful initiate to introduce them in an acceptable way to common humanity.

25  The initiation of the dominating good had to take place beyond time, space and form, and it is useless for us to even try to speculate about it.

26  Most who are disruptive are not initiates and most disruption has nothing to do with initiation.

27  Because of the astral level of most supposed spiritual organizations, most true initiates avoid them.

28  The majority of initiates will be found working in what is generally considered non-spiritual endeavors ranging from politics, to science, to business, to education, to creative endeavors.

29  It is much easier to look at dead initiates and honor them. It is much more difficult to comprehend living initiates.

30  When we speak of initiates in a generic way we often see them as saintly, but when we meet a real live one we are likely to become infuriated by them.

31  Only by being humble and realizing one is on the first step can the seeker take the first step.

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Within, Without and Inside Out

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  When men find the true Christ within, then they can recognize the Christ manifested without, and the old authoritative structure will collapse.

2  Before an idea is manifested without it must be first contemplated within.

3  Lower psychism relies on signs without, whereas higher psychism focuses on the God within.

4  2+2=4 has no meaning or cannot even exist without an outside division of form combined with an inner recognition.

5  Anything that exists within has its physical counterpart.

6  The purpose of the outside world is to stimulate with experience, and the purpose of the inner is to verify. Without the outer world there is nothing to verify, and without the inner there is no source to find the point of truth that exists in all things.

7  When one discovers that the true fullness of the godhead is in each of us then one will never again bow down to mystery Babylon, nor have any desire to.

8  The spirit of God that dwells in each of us is the true God and when we seek for God in heaven, a flying saucer, or in the form of a Master or even resurrected and glorified man we bow down to Babylon the great which “is drunk on the blood of the prophets.”  [Also see Revelation 16:6 & 17:6]

9  Men bow down and worship the image of gold and glitter without realizing that the true god is within.

10  As one advances down the evolutionary path he eventually drops his reliance on authority without and relies on the authority within.

11  Never let yourself be limited by what I teach or present to you, but always go with what is revealed within yourself.

12  If one were to look over the billions of people in humanity he would find that most radiate little or no light from the center, but are led by insignificant reflections from without that they follow with blindness.

13  To the dismay of the oppressors the light within cannot be extinguished from without.

14  A person can be a member of a benevolent church, business or organization and yet still mindlessly follow the authorities without.

15  Goats are very independent and are a law unto themselves. They follow their own inner impulses and recognize no shepherd or leader. On the New Age side of things the goats claim to be following the “God within” but instead are following their own wills and their own inner impulses and feelings.

16  Over ninety percent of those who go within for truth get their verification filtered through the astral world and the astral world is manipulated by the authorities WITHOUT.

17  There are many people claiming to teach knowledge from within which is really illusion reflected from without.

18  Only when soul contact has actually been made will one be able to discern the difference between the astral within and the soul within.

19  Guilt can only exist when God within is substituted for a false god without. The spirit of God speaking to you from within will never bring guilt, but instead an increase of awareness so true progress can be made.

20  We observe that which is outside and reflect it off that which is inside and through the power of the soul truth is registered.

21  To even create more than one on the inside the One Life had to create an outside as well as inside. All form on the outside is dependant on the sustaining power of the One inside. Technically there is no inside without an outside. To say that all is within is no different than saying that all is without for both are interdependent.

22  One of the main messages of the Gita is to not retreat into your inner world and seek peace at the expense of avoiding facing the real problems of the outside world.

23  If we are complete within and do not need anyone else then why did God create the universe with billions of inhabited planets and place us on one of them with billions of other people?

24  The God within is blameless and thus the disciple who is one with his inner God is also blameless when he follows the direction he receives.

25  God is already within every man, woman and child on the planet.

26  Outside teachers may point us in the right direction, but he who has escaped the mark of the beast will not firmly embrace even Jesus, an angel, the scriptures, synchronicity or any other outward sign or teaching unless the great authority within confirms it.

27  The seat of the Beast is any illusion that supports the voice, or word of God, which comes from outside of the spirit of God within.

28  Those who rely upon the outer authority reject the idea of going within to verify that which they have received from without. This causes a blanket of darkness to fall upon the blind follower.

29  Swearing by something outside of ourselves creates a power outside of us that interferes with the Spirit of truth within ourselves. We should make a promise so the light of the soul is not diminished.

30  One can be captivated by falsehood and think it is true but such a person will be internally bewildered.

31  Truth is neither on the outside or inside.

32  Outward ups and downs do not change the inward kingdom of God.

33  “The Kingdom of God is within,” and that is where the principle of atonement lies. The seeker At-One-Moment shifts attention from the outer god to the inner. When they do this all guilt disappears and they see a vision of a path that leads away from error into the light of truth.

34  Guilt is usually caused by substituting the voice of God within to a false voice without who teaches you to feel ashamed. Sever the tie with the voice without and guilt will dissipate.

35  Light is the world without – Love is the world within.

36  Many there are who look for signs outside of themselves rather than relying on the Spirit within.

37  Within yourself and all other human beings is available all knowledge written by the finger of God.

38  Truth is discovered through the interplay of that which is outside with that which is inside.

39  If a teaching is true it will grow like a good seed and expand your sensitivity to the Spirit of God within you. If the teaching is false you will receive an empty feeling and your interest and attention on the teaching will fade away, (unless you have the beast of authority force feeding you).

40  I have presented a definition of an Israelite as one who recognizes and follows the God within. The Hebrew of this name also bears this out.

41  Trust that inner sense (that comes from the soul) and pay attention to it. Then it will not be long before the still small voice becomes an inner flame that cannot be ignored.

42  The fullness of the Godhead is within us and we can manifest all the powers of godliness by cultivating the Spirit of God within us.

43  The first union that needs to be established is within the individual:  the union of the personality with the soul, or the lower self with the higher self.

44  I have taught many times that salvation is not 100 percent within or without, but we must use a balance of the two. For instance, the Holy Spirit, is a Being who touches and teaches us from within, but The Christ is an actual entity in a physical body existing in the world without when he so chooses. To become like Christ we must learn from within and without.

45  When we recognize and master the hypnotic suggestions within us we become masters of our fate.

46  A busy person in the West, such as me, has little time for meditation so I have to learn to go within, in the mist of work, turmoil, noise and even conflict.

47  “Peace on earth good will to all,” are still the words on the lips of angels. Let it also be on your lips, my friends, and let it spread as the fire of a candle lighting other candles until all the hearts of humankind feel the presence of the most holy peace within, transforming the world to peace without.

48  When the peace comes it matters not what the outward circumstances are.

49  If you perceive something from within it is only true that you perceived it, but it does not follow that your perception is true.

50  The false inner voice (from the solar plexus) always gives us impressions that accommodate our desires and pre-conceived notions.

51  The only thing you can obtain from within, until you become an initiate, is confirmation of true principles.

52  We must be planted with seed thoughts and ideas from without and then verify and expand the essential truth from within. Both the within and the without are necessary to find the truth.

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