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1  I cannot put too much stress on recognizing and overcoming illusion. Until this occurs in the life of a disciple he or she is not trusted by the Brotherhood of Light for they realize an illusion may yet trip him up.

2  Once you have reached the point where you are totally dedicated to following the highest you know, then illusion must be dispelled or you will become dangerous.

3  The average person loves illusion. He wants to be tricked into believing what he wants to believe and not let the facts get in the way.

4  That’s part of the great plan. Give us all the illusion that we can handle until we’re ready to come out of the illusion.

5  To my knowledge the principle of illusion has never been explained so average seekers can understand it, yet it is the final block to full soul contact.

6  The problem is that any illusion we unravel will strike a nerve in about half the people so it is best to use an example that we all at least agree to be against.

7  To find an example of illusion that creates great harm to illustrate its dangers and identify its reality you have to pick on a person of fairly high evolution who furthered the cause of the left hand path and there are not many who are well known that we can choose from.

8  Illusion is logical to those caught in it and the only way to expose it is to understand it.

9  It takes the discriminating mind and intuition to separate the real from the illusion.

10  If we do not practice non-deception then inspired teachings designed to take us out of illusion can lead us further into illusion.

11  A person may have basically overcome Maya in one life and then slip back into its trap in another.

12  Illusion is not resolved by exclusion, but by the revelation of light.

13  The true seeker will never exchange truth for illusion no matter how disturbing.

14  Be open to all possibilities, but remember this. When your foundation truths are challenged the chances are that the challenger is presenting illusion and you should question accordingly.

15  The ways of transforming good intentions into harm through illusion are without number.

16  Illusion is so powerful that it can take even good and decent people along the path of destruction.

17  Illusion cannot be dispelled by mind alone.

18  Often times several people together will see a similar illusion because of their similarity in vibration and expectant outcome.

19  Foundation illusions are very difficult to dispel because they are usually tied in with a mainstream thoughtform which is held by millions.

20  The Dragon itself has no power over man, but can only establish power through illusion.

21  The only way to dispel the foundation illusion is through the intuition and sincere inquiry.

22  The astral world is full of illusion, but also a heaven of sorts and to rise above this illusion one must see through illusion after illusion until the celestial devachan is reached and finally Nirvana as taught by the Buddha. When this is reached the seeker finally sees reality as it is.

23  The only thing which is truly beyond illusion is the third great energy of Purpose from whence Love and Light owe their origination. But even Purpose is not “that which is not,” but that which is not understood.

24  The trouble is that few people are able to look with vision upon the greater reality because their present illusion is comfortable, and they do not wish to have it destroyed.

25  Mental illusions cannot stand in the light of truth.

26  I admit that I often do defend myself when attacked and sometimes counterattack. I try and see myself attacking the illusion rather than the person however.

27  That which is not true can have the illusion of truth, but that is all.

28  There is a certain amount of illusion behind most fears, but there is also great illusion behind most proclamations of love.

29  I would be prone to believe that major illusion would be involved if someone does not believe he would react on a physical level in crisis situations.

30  Physical matter is created on an illusionary principle that must be unfolded rather than undergo fusion to remove the illusion.

31  Deluded or not, we must move ahead following the highest that we know. If we do this with a pure heart, our strength will be as the strength of ten and the fog of our illusions will be lifted; moreover, we will see reality as it is piece by piece.

32  I do not like victimhood because such an idea is illusion and escapism.

33  Celebrities, as a whole, operate in the world of illusion and glamour and act as a fog which hides the light rather than direct the hearts and minds of the masses toward the light.

34  The path out of the illusion is truth.

35  Sure there is a lot of illusion in this world and there are others worlds a lot more permanent and more real in higher realms. We must start here where we are.

36  This world is created on illusionary principles, but the power that created it is real and the experiences we have are real.

37  There are illusionary paradoxes and then there are true paradoxes.

38  One of the most enslaving illusions…is the illusion that God speaks to our authorities instead of the inward authority of the Holy Spirit. It is the illusion that we are to trust the outer authority more than the inward authority. It is the illusion that God is replaced by man and the outer man or woman is another human being just like yourself and no more speaks for God than you do.

39  What makes a terrorist or a dangerous enemy is not anger but illusion.

40  Illusion in a belief system will cause a person to kill his own loved ones, his friends, his countrymen, people who love him and even his own Master as was the case with Judas.

41  All illusion is created by deception.

42  While it is true that there is a time and place for all things, even accusations, it is my observation that those on the side of illusion make many more accusations, including many that are baseless, than the pure in heart. Many not only accuse, but do so with much hatred and vitriolic emotion.

43  If people believe a mistake is a lie then this illusion which is created can lead to separateness, hate and distrust.

44  The mind is captive to illusion and cannot free itself. It is at the mercy of Spirit to free it.

45  If we are dedicated to knowing the truth we will indeed eventually see through all illusion.

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