June 21, 1999

The Qualities of the Disciple Continued


Subject under discussion: The qualities of the disciple.

Here is what we have so far:

(1) Soul contact

(2) Holding the mind steady in the light

(3) Detachment when necessary.

(4) The ability to either send or receive

(5) Reflection – contemplation

(6) Talent.

(7) The power to initiate

(8) The ability to create and sense a point of tension.

(9) Willingness to sacrifice

(10) Discernment

We have covered sacrifice quite thoroughly. The only thing I might add at present is that when true sacrifice is understood it will be known by the disciple that sacrifice as understood by the masses is an illusion. Many see sacrifice as loss, but from the viewpoint of the disciple there is no such thing as loss when serving the greater good, even if you lose all you have in the material sense.

True sacrifice is a trade off. You are trading a lower good for a higher good, a lower enjoyment for one more exquisite and a temporary possession for one with more permanence.

Now we come to the tenth quality – discernment.

One of the main problems created through a lack of discernment is deception from false teachers, like Brother Philo in the Immortal.

One of the traps that happen to a well meaning seeker is that he will often be approached by one who is lesser evolved than himself and told that he must be humble and follow. Now to follow is a virtue if you are following someone who has something real to teach, but there are many mediocre minds with large egos who will do everything in their power to get greater minds to follow them. Often times through lack of discernment these greater minds, clouded with guilt and false humility, will follow the lesser causing an evolutionary delay and learning a hard lesson.

A good example of this was Malcome X. He was a much greater soul than his “beloved teacher” and if he would have realized this sooner he could have accomplished much more and developed a more beneficial philosophy for his brethren.

The greater problem is usually the reverse, however. A student with a qualified teacher will often think he has passed up his mentor in evolution and seeks to reverse roles that should stay in place.

Discerning the proper place upon the path and acting accordingly is invaluable part of discernment and a characteristic of true humility.

Another extremely important point is that without discernment there can be no reliable higher contacts. In this reality we are limited in the direction in which we can focus our attention. Attention, in its power, is like a magnifying glass concentrating the rays of the sun. The concentration of light is very powerful, but limited in the amount of space that can be ignited.

Unknown to many seekers there are many voices out there calling for your inner attention and those who draw our attention on the line of least resistance are never entities of the higher planes.

The higher lives speak the language of silence and silence does not clamor for attention; instead attention must find the silence. The disciple must discern and learn to ignore the lower noisy voices of glamour and, through the power of will, force his attention on the secret place of stillness and in that place enjoy the communion of the saints and the Brotherhood of Light. Only through the discernment and the ignoring of the lesser voices can this be obtained.

Soul contact and communion through the Oneness principle is essential for the working disciple, else he may wind up receiving illusionary teachings and leading others down a path from which retracing steps will be essential.

As we proceed here I can see that we will be naming more qualities than originally intended, but even with this longer list we will leave some items out that could be named.

(11) Perseverance – the ability to always bounce back and continue toward a goal even if things seem hopeless or bleak. It is partly obvious as to why this is needed by the disciple. Can you elaborate on either the obvious or the not-so-obvious?

(12) Inclusiveness. Discernment can lead to separations which are necessary, but how does the disciple use inclusiveness in harmony with discernment to avoid the negative aspect of discrimination? How inclusive should the disciple be?

To Persevere

He who has soul contact will have a sense that something is off (a disturbance in the force) when he is going the wrong direction but when going the right direction there will be a sense of fullness or completeness and a knowing that you are doing the right thing.

The growth of this list and group is a good example. When we hit 100 members we just seemed to hang there and some of us wondered if any more growth was going to happen. Then eventually we took off again. Now we have hit 175 and the hanging thing is happening again with a vengeance and we have even lost a few old timers. On a personality level Rick, me and others wonder if anything is happening out there.

But on a soul level here is what I know.

First: We are going the right direction

Two: The energy we put into the group is going to constructive purpose.

Three: A point of tension is mounting.

Four: Those who are suppose to be here are staying which is making the group more positive and is laying a correct foundation for things to come.

Therefore, it is just a matter of time before the next point of tension is reached and we grow again into something of even higher quality than we have had in the past.

I loved Rick’s visionary words:

“Two thousand years from now we may still be remembered for what we wrote here on this list. They will have a collective name for us and think of us as this name. The individuals in the group will not be as well known as the collective.”

I do not know if Rick realizes how prophetic he is here. I sense some soul contact here.

Indeed this is not just another group. This is a pioneering endeavor that is duplicated no where else that I know of. It is true that there are others teaching classes on the web, but as far as I know this is a first for the introduction of new teachings and principles through the intuitive principle which are virtually unrevealed to the world at large. We are also about to introduce the greatest revelation so far which is the Molecular Relationship. Everything I have written so far is to prepare your minds and hearts for this great principle.

When 144,000 membership is reached the group will possess a livingness that has hitherto been unrealized and will be a living duplicating organism that nothing can destroy. When that time comes you may rest assured that growth will continue for a thousand years and Rick’s statement will prove to be true. There will be many in the future age who will wish they could have been back here with us to help initiate a work with so great a cause and purpose.

We’ll talk more about inclusiveness soon, but in the meantime here is number thirteen in the qualities:

(13) Harmlessness

Questions: What does it mean to be harmless? Does it mean you will turn into a total wimp? What is the key to following the harmless path?

To Include or Not To Include

The Question:

Discernment can lead to separations which are necessary, but how does the disciple use inclusiveness in harmony with discernment to avoid the negative aspect of discrimination? How inclusive should the disciple be?

Those who have used discernment through illusionary eyes develop wrong discrimination and become harmfully exclusionary. This has been such a problem in the past that the word “discrimination” has become a terrible word in the eyes of most people.

While it is still a virtue to have a “discriminating palate” or to be a discriminating buyer one has to be very careful in the use of the word or he will be frowned upon as a politically incorrect bigot.

What has caused this problem in communication is that the politicians have popularized the wrong word. When one is accused of discrimination what is the accuser really saying? Is he saying that because you can see shades of meaning and color that you are evil?

Not really.

Instead he is saying: “You are judging what this person is inside because he looks different than you on the outside. You are therefore judging apples as they are related to oranges and you have no way of knowing if you are correct.”

What word correctly describes the above?

The problem is that no single word does. The shortest available would be something like “bad judgement,” but that is not simple enough. Therefore “discrimination” was pulled out of the hat and applied and such application has tainted the positive use of the word ever since.

The meaning of all words have a positive aspect. Exclusiveness normally has a bad meaning these days but this can also have a positive application:

For instance one might exclude a destructive belief system, a child molester or the taking of harmful drugs.

This positive exclusion harmonizes with the quality of discernment.

Nevertheless, all wise acts of discernment and exclusion must be balanced with an inclusive attitude that is essential in the attitude of the working disciple.

We will give some examples of negative exclusiveness balanced with the ideal inclusiveness:

Exclusive: The most obvious on the negative side is the excluding of some because of judgments based on the color of skin.

Inclusive: Include all races as if they were at an equal starting point and if judgment is necessary judge on performance and ability.

Exclusive: Excluding a person from the possibly that he may be as enlightened as you because he has a different belief system

Inclusive: The person may be farther along the path than you think. Some authoritarian thoughtforms are so powerful that it takes a much higher degree of soul contact to break away from them than it does for the New Ager to proclaim that: “All is love and oneness.” If you find common ground with a seemingly backward Bible thumper you may realize he seems pretty bright after all.

Exclusive: Seeing the other person as the bottom of the barrel because of differing political beliefs. For instance, both sides of the abortion issue see each other as pond scum that must be excluded at all costs.

Inclusive: Again, the disciple realizes that even a very intelligent person can be captivated by wrong thoughtforms and illusions and if we excluded all those in such a state there would be few if any to befriend.

A great example of political inclusiveness is the show on Fox called Hannity and Colmes. Hannity is on the far right and Colmes on the left. Many of their guests have a very exclusive attitude yet both Hannity and Colmes are very gracious and inclusive with some fairly obnoxious guests. They are also good friends with each other and often go to lunch together. They appear to be inclusive of each other and respect each other even though each believes the other to be very mislead.

Exclusive: Many people are exclusive because of the income, social standing, or the appearance of others.

Inclusive: Behind many people are many virtues that are not visible on the surface. We must start from point zero with all of them and include them within the realm of all possibilities.

An inclusive attitude was one reason that Jesus had such ability to heal. When He looked at a poor ragged cripple He did not allow himself to see a person excluded from the gifts of God. Instead He saw one who was equal to himself, deserving of all the fruits of the Spirit. When that vision in the mind of Jesus was glimpsed by the cripple, for an instant he became a Son of God himself and was healed.

If we expect the Brotherhood of Light to include us as co-workers we must learn to be inclusive with others who may be as far below us in evolution as we are to the Masters.

One of the best examples I can think of in inclusiveness (as well as discernment) is this discussion group.

When a person joins this list we do not have a clue of anything about him or her except for what he actually says. We do not know his race, background, financial status, political thought, dress code etc. Sometimes we do not even know the sex.

When a person joins this list he starts at point zero and is entirely judged by what comes forth from the inner self. When you think of it there has never been a time in history for such inclusive opportunities as the Internet offers.

I will give my comments on harmlessness next but in the meantime contemplate the next quality:

(14) Sensitivity.

Now we are not talking about the politically sensitive geek here that is ashamed of the Washington Redskins, but we are talking about one who is sensitive to many things that others are not.

Among them are:

(1) Ability to tune into the feelings and sometimes thoughts of others.

(2) Ability to sense higher contacts

(3) Ability to sense the direction of the Path.

If you can “sense” other areas of positive sensitivity name them and elaborate.

Why is sensitivity such an important quality for the disciple to possess?

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Judgment and/or Discernment

This entry is part 19 of 98 in the series Principles

Principle 22:  Judgment and/or Discernment

Most religions want to keep things very simple. Identify the good guys and bad guys. Once concretely identified then we can slip back into laziness and cease using any power of discernment. The path becomes very simple. What the good guys say to do, we just do no matter what. Then, on the other hand, we automatically reject all that is taught by the bad guys.

If we judge good and evil merely because some authority proclaims it so, we will be lead astray time and time again. It is only when the seeker releases himself from blind trust and uses the key of judgment that he can choose correctly.

Black and white reasoning and decision-making always leads to detours on the path of spiritual evolution.

Here are some examples:

In the Bible, Satan, the ultimate bad guy, tempts Adam and Eve telling them that if they eat of the fruit they “shall be as gods.” Black and white reasoning says that since Satan said this, it must be wrong, evil and misleading. Even though a short time later God said the man is to “become one of us,” and then Jesus said “ye are gods,” fear causes them to put more weight on the negative than the positive, for if they are wrong they could burn in hell for eternity.

This labeling a person, place or thing as good or evil through association rather than using reason and heart to discern good and evil is perhaps the greatest cause of misery on this planet.

Muslim extremists seek to destroy Christians and Jews because they see them as being rejected by their god and associated with Satan. Christian extremists of the past burned heretics and witches at the stake, not because they were doing evil works, but because, in their minds, they were associated with the devil.

Many scientists and innovators were persecuted by the church, not because their works were evil, but because they were going against the established decrees of God.

Many today reject anything taught by the Masons because they believe Lucifer is behind it.

The same goes for Alice A. Bailey, H. P. Blavatsky, the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, and others.

Militant environmentalists believe that using the resources of the earth is evil and condemn anyone who cuts down a tree.

The disciple must override this knee jerk rejection because of association, look at any teaching for what it is and judge it as it measures up to true principles filtered through the soul.

If one hears a teaching and it is declared that the devil himself originated it, this will mean nothing to the true seeker. He will disregard whether it is said to come from God, man or Satan and measure it against his heart, his reasoning and the Spirit of God within. Then he will accept or reject not based on the outer, but the inner.

The bottom line is this. Every teacher, every book, every movement, every system, every constitution and every organization has truth and error within it. A black-and-white rejection or acceptance will cause the seeker to find some truth, but he will also digest the error as if it is truth. This will confuse his mind for lifetimes to come.

The seeker must assume the vantage point of the observer, examine the various teachings on their own, and make a judgment.

A person using such judgment will not be concerned over stories he cannot prove one way or another such as:

  1. Teachings that the serpent was really a good guy and Jehovah was really the devil.
  2. Judas was really a hero.
  3. Since George Washington was a Mason he was working for Lucifer.
  4. Colgate has a Satanic symbol on its toothpaste, therefore the Corporation is evil.
  5. Everything Bush does is evil because he was a member of Skull and Bones.

It is amazing how many fall into this trap of guilt by association. The funny thing is that most who are in this trap see themselves as open minded and reasonable.

The disciple must escape from this trap and have the courage to make decisions and accept or reject based on objective reason, even if he must stand alone.

All of us must stand alone a number of times before obtaining liberation. It is only after the disciple does indeed make an independent judgment that he begins to realize how alone he is and how few will stand with him during rough waters.

“To find yourself, think for yourself.”
— Socrates (469 BC – 399 BC), “The Apology”

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Interview with the Devil

This entry is part 6 of 31 in the series 2011B

On another forum this question came up. Suppose a teacher appeared and taught some things that were interesting and could be true. You find them stimulating and want to continue learning from him.

Then you find out the guy is a real bad dude. He has lied to you and others many times, has misused people, has an inflated ego, squanders other people’s money etc. In other words, the guy has the faults of a typical cult leader.

The question which arises then is this. Do you throw everything you learned from him out the window? Do you dismiss as untrue everything new that comes out of his mouth?

Suppose he was Hitler himself reincarnated or Satan born in the flesh. Does this mean one should reject everything he says?

One could turn this question around and ask: Suppose you met another teacher of impeccable character and you found out for sure that he had regular visits from divine messengers – or better yet was Christ reincarnated? Are you now to place your powers of discernment on hold and just accept without question everything that comes out of his mouth?

I think most of us know the answers to these questions – at least in theory. In the real world though we humans are fairly lazy and are always looking for the easy way out. If we could just find someone with all the answers then we would no longer have to struggle with right or wrong, truth or error on a personal basis.

There is a great attraction for many to the guy who will do all their thinking for them. It’s a lot like discovering a government program that pays us not to work. Even though one may have reservations about hopping on the bandwagon most would take the freebies and once the free lunch is relied upon the individual will then defend his situation with all his might and will resist doing hard work again.

With our teachers we are like pendulums and swing from one extreme or the other. A teacher is seen by many as being all right or all wrong. For fundamentalists Christians every word in the Bible is true and not to be questioned, but accepted even if it seems to not make sense. Jesus and all the prophets are to be accepted without question. On the other hand, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita or the Book of Mormon is to be rejected out of hand.

Then we witness that the Mormons bypass the filtering process and accept, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and the current prophet without question but will flat out reject any revelation or prophet not connected to the church.

This black and white attitude is pervasive and remnants still surface even in true seekers trying to rely on the inner voice. When an outer voice comes along that seems to have all the answers the temptation is great to become lazy and quit doing the hard work of discovering and verifying for oneself and to just sit back and accept the other guy without question.

Then we also want a neat littler package of structured beliefs so we can outright dismiss any new doctrine that comes along.

The question then is what is the right approach? Suppose you had a change to interview the Satan himself in a safe environment. How should you approach him? Do you automatically assume everything he tells you is a lie? Is it possible you could learn some new truth?

According to legend he was once an archangel and had access to all the mysteries of God so he probably knows a lot more truth than any mortal and is smart and cunning. We are told he is a liar so you can’t trust anything he tells you but that doesn’t mean there isn’t truth in many things he would say.

They key, of course is to rely on the inner voice and confirmation. If a true seeker listens to this master of deception speak he will register some things as true and some false. If he is able to pick the devil’s brain then he may come up with some interesting pieces of the puzzle of life.

Now, if someone introduces you to a teacher and testifies that he is full of light and truth, what should be your approach in judging the truth of his words?

Verily, it should be the same as if you were talking to the devil himself. Some of what he says will probably be true and other things no so much.

Now merely investigating teachers and attempting to discern the truth of their teachings can be fairly harmless as long as one takes the good and leaves the bad behind.

The problem occurs when the person becomes a follower. If he becomes a supporter and gives his time, labor and money to the teacher then he must make sure he is going the right direction. In this case your leader should be a person of virtue. Giving your support is much more serious than just listening and learning. By giving your support you will now further the goals of the teacher and if his goals further the dark side then your efforts could support an enemy of truth.

The conclusion that the disciple must arrive at is this. Go ahead and listen to all teachers, philosophers and politicians that you find interesting and use your best judgment to assimilate the good and discard the bad.


If you are going to support them, first get inner confirmation to the extent that what you are supporting makes perfect sense to you and you are confident people will benefit from your efforts.

If all would do this, the earth would soon become a paradise.

Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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Judgment And Discernment

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “Jesus condemned the religious leaders of his day, not for judging, but for NOT using judgment.”

2.  “The person using judgement will often take the least safe position.”

3.  “Judgments are not wrong. Only wrong judgments are wrong.”

4.  “Judge with clarity, wisdom and love and when you are then judged, as you have judged, all will be well with you, but if you do not judge righteously then the law of karma will bring painful judgments to your door.”

5.  “Instead of pointing a finger at a certain organization or group and saying:  ‘You are in league with the devil because you befriend ‘XYZ group’.’ What should we do? What we should do is examine their individual works or teachings and philosophy and judge then by what they do and say in the present.”

6.  “To suggest that in the midst of negativity that one should be timid about making a judgment and perhaps thereby allow much suffering or even death is an amazing thing to behold.”

7.  “It doesn’t matter to me if a man claims to be Peter, God, or a turkey who has become ‘Joe Blow.’ Even if I believed his claim I would still look at his words and sense whether or not the Holy Spirit lives in those words.”

8.  “Unfortunately, there are many lazy people out there who watch others who are motivated to earn money or to improve their lives and call them greedy.”

9.  “In Babylon the average person is always confused because good is called evil and evil good, faith is called blasphemy and blasphemy faith, desire is called love and love is accused of being selfishness.”

10.  “It is not for us to judge the karma of another, unless a revelation is given in the matter. There is no sure way of knowing if we are correct or not without such a revelation.”

11.  “An offshoot of the principle of differentiation is discernment.”

12.  “The beauty of a flower can only be fully appreciated when one discerns all the differing colors and shapes that join together as one creation. If one tried to see only one color where there were hundreds or one shape where there are many, the beauty and oneness of the life in the flower would be bypassed.”

13.  “Discernment is seen by many to be separative whereas the truth is that a lack of discernment produces separateness as illusion always does.”

14.  “True discernment sees the many and allows one to find the true unity in the many.”

15.  “Discernment allows the seeker to move away from a black and white world to one with thousands of shades. The shades are a part of the life of God as well as the stark contrasts.”

16.  “Discernment or ‘wise discrimination’ can separate the false from the true and illusion from reality.”

17.  “Unfortunately many who would follow have not learned to recognize the true voice and are led by the ego of a false shepherd which will indeed lead them of on to strange paths.”

18.  “I have judged what is good and evil all my life and where my point of focus is, is what has been drawn to me.”

19.  “It is important to judge each person by what he is at the moment rather than what we may perceive through the normal understanding of what is whole or not whole.”

20.  “Discerning thinking is put completely in check when the emotional ideal is brought into the equation.”

21.  “If we judge good and evil merely because some authority proclaims it so, we will be lead astray time and time again.”

22.  “Discerning the proper place upon the path and acting accordingly is an invaluable part of discernment and a characteristic of true humility.”

23.  “Without discernment there can be no reliable higher contacts.”

24.  “If there is some evidence of rottenness to the core, one must always be on guard because we often wind up misjudging good and evil if we do not make an honest examination of the wholeness of an organization.”

25.  “One of the main problems created though a lack of discernment is deception from false teachers.”

26.  “Your attention on what is good does not take away your discernment in sorting out the bad.”

27.  “All wise acts of discernment and exclusion must be balanced with an inclusive attitude that is essential in the attitude of the working disciple.”

28.  “The challenge for the workers of light is to learn to discern between the higher and lower energies and not confuse the two for if they do they will be inclined to think that God, the Higher Self, or whatever, is directing them toward the path of carnal activity.”

29.  “Some standard Bible believers are prejudiced against Eastern terms just as some New Agers equate the Bible with television preachers.”

30.  “There are times to use force and times to refrain from force.”

31.  “There are things that an aspirant cannot understand about a disciple and things that a disciple cannot understand about a Master and so on up the line, but discernment of truth or true principles is not one of them.”

32.  “The true power of judgment as taught by the Christ contains a power of higher vision that allows one to see the path more clearly and to take needed steps in alignment with the Purpose of God.”

33.  “How do we tell the difference then between an impression from our lower selves and the voice of the soul? There is a distinct difference. At first that difference is difficult to sense. Then the realization comes that this inner voice is different from your own thoughts and feelings. You begin to pay attention to it and you gain a sense of its origin. As you pay attention the communications become more frequent, and your inner hearing becomes more acute and reliable. Then the realization comes that you are receiving higher impressions from God, the Spirit, the Higher Self — definitely a higher intelligence than you are on your own.”

34.  “Unknown to many seekers there are many voices out there calling for your inner attention and those who draw our attention on the line of least resistance are never entities of the higher planes.”

35.  “To focus on good does not mean that you deny the bad. To focus on a bulls-eye does not mean that you are denying that there is earth under your feet as you are shooting the good arrow.”

36.  “Judging by the highest we know, and being true to our highest light, leads to discovering the judgment of God and being one with God.”

37.  “The seekers of the world must learn the Lost Key of the Buddha to discern and judge which of two approaches registers more beneficial with the soul, or the inner God.”

38.  “True judgment can only come to the individual when he realizes that it is he who is moving away from truth, and, until he perceives this motion and adjusts for it, the truth can never be found or even approximated.”

39.  “Making judgments is not the problem, but using the negative aspect of judgment can be.”

40.  “The mass judgment of a nation is merely an extension of the principles by which we judge individuals, so it is only logical that the nations who best represent expressions of love and helpfulness will also be subject to intense criticism whether they do wrong or not.”

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