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Over thousands of years the positions of the twelve signs have changed and thus their subtle influences have changed somewhat.  Humanity has adapted to this in two ways.  First the meanings of the signs have changed some over the years and new interpretations have been added that are in alignment with the true energies.  In addition to this thoughtforms have been created around the signs that keep some of the out of date energies in circulation.

This doesn’t sound logical to you, but it is very logical. Let’s use an example.

Jim is a big Jets fan and always roots for them when they play the Patriots. Then he moves from New York to Boston.  Everyone around him is now a Patriots fan.  Pretty soon it rubs off on him and starts rooting for them instead of the Jets.

What changed?  Not the football teams.  The only difference was the thoughts he was constantly picking up.  New York and Boston both have thoughtforms built up around their teams that people pick up on when they move there.

The same goes for astrology.  The old thoughtforms are still there with new ones forming. Some of these are picked up on and these influences are independent of the actual influence of the planets.

Those who are centered on the personality are influenced by thoughtforms and are much more predictable through a regular chart.

Those who are in the soul are not much influenced by thoughtforms but more inclined to pick up the true energies of the spheres.

DK tells us tat only a Master can cast a chart for a disciple based on the true energies – that no living astrologer even knows how to do it, though some pick up some things intuitively.  The only really usable piece of information he gave us was about the rising sign and the lesson to be learned from it.

For that matter, if mass-thought can alter the effects of something as rock-solid reliable as the zodiac, then why doesn’t someone just make up their own zodiac casting everyone with the most desirable attributes, then widely circulate it, so everyone is born with the propensity towards being successful?

Someone could make up a new zodiac, but they would have to sell it to about a billion people to override the current thoughtforms that have taken thousands of years to solidify.  That’s not something you could do on a whim.  For instance, you just can’t make up a new thoughtform for the Moslems and get them to be influenced by it. You’d need millions to believe it first and add their thought power to it before it would have any power.

I am not an astrologist as I don’t know how to read a chart. Having said that, it is my understanding that the zodiacal signs are all based on planets, not constellations. Constellations have a place within a chart, and an influence, just like the sun and the moon, but that it is the planets that determined the zodiacal houses.

The astrological signs are based on the position of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac, not the planets. There is an orb that rules each sign.  For instance, the moon rules Cancer, even though it moves round the earth and changes its relation to this sign daily. In addition there will be a planet that is exalted in each sign and one in detriment.  Then to complicate things more each sign is divided into three decans and each decan has a planet that rules it.

A year is divided into the twelve signs but then a day is also. Thus your hour of birth *(instead of the month) determines your rising sign and the position of your twelve houses, each governed by one of the signs.

At birth the planets will be in various constellations and this will add meaning.  Then they will be in various relationships to each other and this will add more meaning.

Learning astrology is a little like learning the guitar.  It just takes a little time to learn a few chords but it is very difficult to become an expert.  The same with astrology.  There is a lot to learn to master the art.

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14 thoughts on “Astrology and More

  1. JJ wrote:

    “… we do not know for sure how much of the final revelation was actually written by Joseph and secondly he was believed to have had quite a few plural relationships by the time he wrote the first draft and this was said to have caused a grievance in Emma.”

    Just learned something pertaining to this. There is a document, Historical Record 6 ( that contains statements from some of Joseph’s alleged plural wives about Emma’s supposed reaction to polygamy. These statements claim that Emma supported Joseph’s other marriages up to the time in which Section 132 was said to be first recorded (July of 1843). They also claim that Emma attended their weddings to Joseph and taught others the new principle. According to these women, Emma was the model plural wife. It should be noted that the wives’ statements were published in response to Emma’s published denial that Joseph ever taught polygamy – some 25+ years later.

    If Emma was such a supporter, as is claimed, why in the world would D&C Section 132 warn Emma that if she doesn’t embrace the new commandment, she would be destroyed. Wouldn’t her faithfulness receive praise, instead of a scary scolding? As pointed out by someone much smarter then me, this scolding then seems to be a reaction to how she was behaving all these years later, indicating that at least part of 132 was written much later then Brigham claimed. (My view is that there may have been a revelation but that it was greatly embellished later on to put a stamp of legitimacy on their brand of polygamy.) Some readers may also not be aware of the court case, known as the Temple Lot Case regarding this very thing! The judge ruled that there was not sufficient evidence to prove this particular revelation came from Joseph Smith. I recommend reading the case’s transcripts to those interested in more details about this sort of thing 🙂

  2. Larry W
    Thank you so very much, JJ, for using your astrology skill on our behalf. I feel like I got significant insight from this. I love the shortened version based upon only the strongest influences and not watered down by endless nuance.

    A computer reading can be 40 pages long, but because it analyzes the individual placements rather than the whole and interactions, it is not very accurate. It makes it sound like the influence of Pluto is as powerful as the sun whereas it is much less.

    There are hundreds of influences in a chart and they all interact. A good astrologer will look at three major things while interpreting. First he will look at the chart as a whole and secondly the three major influences (the sun, moon and rising sign) and finally how the other influences interact with their major two or three influences.

    For instance, if your Mercury is in Libra your computer reading will analyze this as an isolated influence, but to understand it you have to examine its aspects, or close relationship to other planets. Maybe it is only 2 degrees away from Mars, which means you will have to interpret these two influences as if they were two partners working together.

    In addition you have to take in consideration which of the twelve houses each planet is in and was it in the night sky or daytime sky?

    By concentrating on the three most powerful influences we can get a snippet which is reasonably accurate, but, of course, the main reason for doing this was to reveal the importance of the rising sign as noted by DK because this gives an indication of the lesson in life to be learned. That information can be as important as everything else in the chart combined.

  3. Matthew
    Matthew’s sun is in Taurus, an earth sign, so being practical and grounded
    will be where his natural personality is centered. The Taurus personality
    appreciates the finer things in life and appreciates quality wherever he finds

    Your moon is in Capricorn. This will direct your emotional energies toward
    determination and self discipline to achieve your goals.

    Your rising sign is Leo which means your lesson is centered around self
    discovery and fulfillment. Find what really makes you happy and do it.

    Stu – Larry’s Brother
    Sun in Pisces
    His personality will be emotional and idealistic, always attempting to work off
    the rough edges and improve himself.

    His moon in Aquarius will instill within him a strong sense of freedom and to
    not be controlled by other people yet a desire to work in groups or to serve or
    assist those in harmony with him.

    His rising sign is Virgo, which means his lesson is around discovering his
    nurturing and caring side and transmute it to helping and serving others.

  4. JJ’s Quote for the Day

    Conscious Creation

    “All lives pass through the human kingdom at one time or another and consciously create until fullness of joy is achieved. Then we move on and leave normal consciousness behind and identify more fully with the Life principle and BECOME through a principle of Identification rather than Consciousness. Once this is achieved we lose interest in being a direct participator in the construction of physical form and work from a point of initiating and directing ideas that are the basis of conscious creation for us lowly humans.”

    Copyright 1999 by J.J. Dewey, All Rights Reserved

  5. Tom Wrote:
    If a master were to overshadow someone will the original person (being overshadowed) have new gifts, talents, hobbies from the master or no new hobbies, but his skills and talents enhanced?

    Think of it this way. If you have a new super smart roommate move in with you does this make you smarter than you were before or increase your talents? Not really, but it does give you some access to the guy’s intelligence if he is willing to share.

    Tom: If the master was a roommate and he share his intelligence as a tutor for science and languages (like being tutored in science and French by this master) then one may learn a language faster or learn science faster only if he is willing to share his intelligence, but it not me that learning it on my own.He is sharing his knowledge with me. Is this correct and no new talents will come about or increase?

    1. Notice the words “access” and “willing to share”.

      “…..but it does give you some access to the guys intelligence
      if he is willing to share”.

      When the Christ overshadowed Jesus or Jesus had a Divine possession, it meant that Jesus had “access” to the Christ’s intelligence, when the Christ shared that intelligence with him, plus Jesus received the “word” which was used in restoration of physical bodies and healing, however, Jesus would not have been able to do any of those miracles, if he had no access to the Christ’s intelligence, and the same goes for the Disciples. Because Jesus and the Disciples could all drink from the same fountain of higher intelligence and all had soul infusion, then they were able to access higher intelligence.

      Jesus spent many years being schooled in ancient Wisdom, before the Master infused with Him via higher mind.

      So this shows me that a Master does not overshadow the average human being, but can overshadow those that have prepared their hearts and mind and have expanded their consciousness which also expands their intelligence so they are able to access and understand what the Master is teaching or impressing upon their minds.


      1. Ruth or JJ,

        JJ said that a master is like a roommate who can share his intelligence. And I already know one must be ready for it, but is the master like a super smart roommate who tutors the disciple?
        It sound like it to me!!!! Is this like the master tutoring the student in metaphysics when the student is able to learn from it? If Jesus could do miracles it sounds like the Christ Tutored him in metaphysics and methods of wisdom and healing’s because their no way the Christ could make Jesus smarter unless he shared his intelligence like that or something to that effect. Is this correct? It sorta of like having your own tutor as long as Jesus was a straight A student.

        1. Tutoring is not the purpose of an overshadowing but the purpose is to complete or start a work. The basic talent and ability to perform have to already be in place. The Master is there to assist.

    2. Larry Woods says,

      I wanted to learn how to record music on separate tracks so I could control the output better. Most music we hear on the radio gets formed this way. So I bought Adobe Audition and I bought, for a lot of money, some hardware to hook up to it. But I could not get the hardware to talk to my computer and I could only do a few very basic things with Audition. Then I rented a room to a guy with a lot of experience in this stuff. He showed me his setup and I began to learn many thing I did not know before. Now I got my hardware working and I learned Audition had far more depth than I realized before. In fact, now I see that Audition is a master level tool that goes as deep as you want to take it. After using it several years I see I’ve only scratched the surface. Now I want to learn about midi and some other details but I’m not physically near my former teacher so I’m looking online for info. But the point is that just rubbing shoulders with a real sound engineer boosted me ahead dramatically.

      Somewhere in the Bible it says ‘The spirits of the Prophets are subject unto the Prophets’. I take this to mean that, when we learn how to use a spiritual gift or a hardware gift or a software gift, we end up with control of that gift. I learned some stuff about guitar – a little here, a little there. Now I control when and how I use the guitar including that new info I got from each source. Horses can walk and even run within a few hours of birth. Humans, on the other hand, do not fully control their walking and running until roughly age 18. But they have full control over it in every detail if they choose to spend their time with it! Increased personal control of something goes hand in hand with increased complexity. You can drive a car by merely understanding the surface controls. But you can also study cars and build them yourself and get into the complex issues of cars and gain deeper control – if you want to. When a Dad teaches his son to throw a baseball, the kid can learn faster. But the kid still has to learn it for himself or else the Dad would always have to show up to throw the ball for the kid whenever and where ever the kid wanted. This would not work. When a Master teaches some skill, the student must learn it for his or her self. You will never enjoy the full use of any skill until you “make it your own”. This reminds me of the born-again religionists who think of Heaven as a type of Disneyland. They seem to think of heaven as a physical location. They think if God places them there then they will be happy. But the truth is that happiness depends upon many factors, only one of which is physical location and that one factor is really only a minor one. Happiness results instead mostly from character factors which the disciple must painstakingly develop within his or her self. So I think that learning from a master spiritual teacher is a lot like learning from a master sound engineer. It can boost you ahead as quickly as you are willing and able to absorb the teaching.

      When it comes to learning spiritual skills, I think it mostly works on the same principles as more mundane lessons. For example, I learned about hypnotism as a youth. I even envied those who could use self hypnosis to control pain, enhance memory, enhance physical performance, and many other enhancements. But did I get interested enough to learn it and to practice its use so these skills became available to me? No. The simple fact is that just knowing about it is not enough. We must put in the time and effort to build any skill – even if we have a good teacher available. I think JJ did an interesting thing by instructing us to go find a likely stone and begin fooling around with it to see if we could get any “seer stone” reactions. Isn’t this an interesting way to teach? Young Joseph Smith Jr. found a seer stone and proceeded to fool around with it. He eventually gained a reputation in his neighborhood as the guy who could help you find lost items. How many Mormon parents would have a conniption if they thought one of their kids was “fooling around” with a potential seer stone? But JS Sr. had no problem with JS exploring such things. Right at this moment we all have a wonderful potential to learn about seer stones. If we take JJ up on his classroom assignment to ‘fool around’ with a seer stone, then he could follow up with some key guidance. I’m racking my brain how to find a potential seer stone so I can take advantage of JJ’s offer to teach about this. At the Super-Mall, near where I used to live in Washington, a specialty store sold various stones from all around the world which were sold simply for their beauty. But, if I were there now, I would go there to see if I resonated with any particular stone so I could mess with it and then get feedback from JJ. I have my own reasons for believing JJ can offer some real insight on use of seer stones. I will make a serious attempt to take JJ up on his offer to teach about seer stones. We’ll see.

      You originally asked, Tom, a question about absorbing skills from an ascended Master in an overshadow experience. Keep in mind we have many masters here among us of many diverse skills. I learn a lot just reading the dialog here at Keysters. It comes from people with mastery in a variety of subjects. I joined Goodreads dot com. JJ posts his ratings for books he reads there. I’ve long been deeply impressed with JJ’s depth of understanding on spiritual issues as well as political and other issues. Now, seeing the quality and quantity of books he reads, I see that most of his expertise comes from a lot of concentrated effort on each subject to “make it his own”. Jefferson once said that people call him a genius but they did not realize that what they called genius was really just the product of many years of hard work. Yet rubbing shoulders with a master in any subject from time to time can boost us ahead – especially if we do our homework. As E. Joseph Kossman once said, “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”

      Your brother,
      Larry Woods

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