Predictions 2011, Part 1

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Happy New Year my friends,

Let us start the year off by making a few predictions.  You go first.  Make predictions around these subjects for 2011.

(1) Barack Obama

(2) The New Republican congress

(3) The economy

(4) possible conflicts

(5) Anything else you you think is interesting

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15 thoughts on “Predictions 2011, Part 1

  1. Funny, I was discussing this thing with my older sister the other day, now I’ll have one particular much more argument in my hand when it’ll appear to confrontation when once more.

  2. 1. Barack Obama Continue to decline in popularity.

    2. Congress: will make little progress, but will repeal Health Bill.

    3. Dollar will lose 75% of value. China will bare its teeth.

    4. Ren predicts that Sarah Palin will run for President and win.

    5. Communities of like minded people will become more popular.

  3. My best guesses (in no way do they feel like predictions!)

    1. President Obama: He’s been putting off this act of contriteness and humility about the losses his party suffered in November and I think he will continue in that vein to make it appear as if he now realizes how important it is to work with the other party and as if he understands the message the voters sent him. This will only be an act and his words will not be backed by any action because he will be quietly continuing, any way possible, to change America and push his crazy-leftist agenda. He seems to revel in campaigning and so his “sparkle” will return towards the end of the year when the campaign trail heats up.

    2. New Congress: Knowing that the President will probably veto most of what the Congress will manage to pass, the Republicans who surely know that the Tea Party-ers are the hand that fed them, will mostly likely amp the conservative rhetoric. I’m not sure that will mean they will get a lot Undone, but hopefully they will really stem the tide of the out-of-control spending we’ve been seeing lately. A few bright stars will probably really shine from this Congress – hopefully soon enough to become viable Presidential candidates. (I really like Sarah Palen, but still can’t see her as President – she’s a bit too goofy. A trait that is endearing but not very Presidential. I prefer Michelle Bachman if we are going for a woman candidate J)

    3. The economy will probably seem like its getting better, but then the gas prices-which are supposed to skyrocket this Spring-will shock everyone into realizing that we still have a looooong way to go to recovery. Most people will probably start to feel really poor, as they have to spend all their extra income on the extra cost of gas and just the necessities since their prices will rise too. I’m really worried about food supplies. Gas being expensive coupled with the weather problems for crops/fewer crops being planted each year could make it harder to feed our families the way we are used to. Personally, we have already been really struggling financially and as hard as it is, we have had so many extra blessings come from our struggles. I hope that that is the experience that most have if times get even more difficult. I also hope that if things keep getting worse – which given the amount of debt/spending we have going on, that seems inevitable – that we will elect as our next President someone who will REALLY decrease the un-real size of the Federal Government, taxes, and spending.

    4. Conflicts: I’m hoping that Afghanistan will settle down – I’d hate to see all the effort we put into that country not give us the benefits of a free-er society in that region of the world. As the USA becomes less of a Super Power (we are told this is happening so often, aren’t we?) it will be interesting to see how/if other nations react.

  4. These Predictions were made by Sharón

    (1) Barack Obama As I continue to say since before he was initially elected, Obama is a one term president and he may not even run for reelection. Doesn’t matter what it looks like today, he will not be reelected. He’s going to get really embarrassed or caught at something within the first three months, like a full blown affair going on, or something like that, could even be a bribe. He’s got a difficult year ahead on almost all fronts.

    (2) The New Republican congress They will not do as much damage to the democrats as they would like as garbage will still get passed, however, they will slow down the amount of stuff getting passed.

    (3) The economy It will start by looking as if it is not going to continue on its current decline, then appear to be recovering for the first half of the year, but we are in trouble and by July everyone will know it. It appears as if something happens with our money/stock markets in February or March which is negative; the poor will shout with joy and the rest will shake their heads in utter amazement at the stupidity of the actions. Prices for things that used to be relatively inexpensive, such as water, fabric/thread, food, gasoline, and basics will continue to rise to the point that just about everyone is making their priority lists as they can’t just go get whatever they want. More and more areas of the US will stop using the dollar or start using alternative means of exchange. The world is moving toward using three world currencies, the dollar, the euro and the yuan or rmb (Chinese currency). This action is the largest threat to the dollar and causes the U.S. dollar to massively decline in value, which in turn causes the prices of imported goods to rise significantly. To slow this down, it is important to only buy products made in the USA.

    (4) possible conflicts In Iran, and the US and Israel are both independently just waiting for an excuse to go in there; north Korea will start messing with its enemies that are geographically closer to it as trial runs for possible conflicts further away later, they are testing the waters so to speak; China will continue to move in the direction of their desire of world domination and leadership without very many countries willing to challenge them; there is continued movement,currently by large illegal immigration of Chinese people into Russia, as a step toward China’s goal of gaining/taking some of what is currently Russia’s land due to the natural resources there; conflict in the U.S. as more and more foreign troops that have been training on our soil appear in the streets in their dull uniforms as a pretest to training here, but really to help keep order here. This appears to be a precursor action, or testing grounds, by our government, to turn our country into a police state without freedoms.

    (5) Anything else you you think is interesting Around the world, including here, mass migration of large groups of people to different areas due to weather, economy and survival needs; this is the sixth year after Katrina and it will be a year that makes Katrina look small as more and more hurricanes hit land masses, including Houston, New Orleans, and Miami. All island chains are in danger with the exception of Hawaii. Earthquakes around the world keep getting stronger with continual aftershocks. The one to watch in the US is the Madrid fault as it will cause the Mississippi to widen and flood starting south of the Illinois border; California will continue to have medium range earthquakes but they will come faster and faster together, not the BIG one, but so many smaller ones, around 5-6 on the Richter scale that California will have devastation problems. The year 2011 is collectively, around the world, worse than any previous year and will make 2012 look like peaceful and dull in comparison. Japan is in trouble with its earthquakes and consequential tsunami’s as the water has no where to go but to flood the islands. Hokkaido is the only relatively safe place there.

    I have learned that we go in 6-6-7 year cycles so that an earth theme continues for that long before changing. 2011 is the last year of our second 6 year cycle and will be the last year of “The years of taking” before the 7-year cycle starts which are called “The years of tears and sacrifice” before mankind’s heart will be open to love and cooperation so that mankind can grow spiritually and have that be the focus. We will see the beginning of the change from the US’s role to the world from being the policeman to becoming the spiritual leaders. Weather will be the biggest challenge as too much rain and flooding in some areas, think coastal areas or areas near water, to droughts in others, think mainly inland areas. This will be the last full year that social security checks will be issued. People will start to realize that they may never retire and retirement starts to become an idea of the past. It is the old way of thinking and will not serve in the new way of thinking that is emerging. Large numbers of people die this year in cataclysms and those fortunate to survive will not have the world coming to rescue them as there are too many that need help in too many places in too short of a period of time. The earth is getting ready to rock-n-roll and shift its geographical plates, so it is warming up this year and starting to stretch.

    On the positive side; people will start community building more and figure out who are being helpful and who are not. Peaceful people will become less tolerant of those that expect to be served and of unearned authorities. More singles who feel they will never find the right mate will find their mates and the divorce rate will start a significant decline the second half of the year. The first half of the year is a great time to work productively and get a lot done. It is important to use this time wisely by putting your goals on paper and then asking yourself daily, what can I do in the next ten minutes to help me accomplish these goals? Tremendous opportunities will open up this year for initiatives, for people who are forward thinking, for people who are willing to work hard for their dreams. The willingness to work will be the great divide between the haves and the have-nots. This is the year to take smart risks and have them pay off. This is the year that people who have been doing their spiritual work for God start to really see that work being pushed forward and magnified. (This is a 2-3 year process depending on the individual before they feel they have “arrived”.) This is the first of what will be called the transition years from the old way of thinking to the new, from old paradigms to new, from being self-serving to serving others equally with self. This year has tremendous possibilities for people who are able to stay out of fear and stay flexible. When playing a hand of cards, you wait for certain cards to show up, and if not willing to see multiple possibilities, and adapt your strategy as the hand progresses, you may lose the hand. That is what this year is like; if you plan on winning the hand, stay open to the magnitude of possibilities that this year holds.

  5. (1) Barack Obama
    Barack seems to have an audience and constituency that he coddles and I am not one of those so anything he does will most likely not be good for me and my own.

    I think I have him figured out and until you do then what he does makes no sense.
    My take: His main goal was to get ‘elected’ President and to make a mark on history as the first black US president. He has done this and so he really feels that he has to do very little else while in office to make his mark. It was and is all about ‘winning’ to him which is really childish. A true initiate would see the ‘winning’ only as a means to an end.

    His cause has always been to raise the ghetto-born under-privileged and under-educated blacks. So, we have had a President whose every action has been to help a small constituency and minority group. This may sound prejudicial and few talking-heads will openly say this as to be branded as a bigot-minded person.
    Anything he does will be to benefit this minority group.

    (2) The New Republican congress
    I see very little happening here. Until a Republican is back in power as President then very little change will occur during the two-year period before 2012 elections. I see that a Republican will be elected President in 2012 and then look-out change for the better happens. The 2012 election will be a very close race again as Obama’s constituents are all out trying to vote him in again. Obama made a mistake by not choosing Clinton as his running-mate instead of Biden for if he had then even with his unpopularity he could pull off the win in 2012. However, because of this mistake then I see him losing in 2012.

    (3) The economy
    The economy is slowly improving. However, there is a distinct dichotomy between two socio-economic classes coming into existence. This dichotomy will become two-polarized groups- those who have jobs and a strong work-ethic and personal-financial responsibility as opposed to second group of those who are unemployed, disabled and/or expecting entitlement and government-welfare as a way of life and survival. These two distinct groups will continue to polarize and again the US becomes a divided nation sitting on the verge of civil war.

    The first group thinks the second group is the cause for economic distress and the second group thinks the first group is a threat to their piece of the American dream. Once the first group figures out that they cannot continue to live under the constant threat of domination by the second group then the only solution will be to abandon the US for another socio-economic structure (in the future).

    (4) Possible conflicts
    Continued conflicts in Middle East. Israel will have border-conflicts and as America diminished in economic power than Israel’s vulnerability becomes more obvious. Iran and its leader will begin to make moves to unite other Middle East countries against Israel who becomes the middle-east punching bag.

    (5) Anything else you think is interesting
    I think it will become more noticeable that there is a significant (as compared to past statistics) number of people living into their 90s. The baby-boomers will begin to anticipate living until they are at least 90. As more baby-boomers enter retirement over the next 10 years then this group will have more time on-their-hands but less money to spend on travel or recreation and they will instead become more community-conscious and spirit-minded as they were in the 60s-70s in their youth. This could lead to a revolution of the elderly that could help ignite the Gathering of Lights with JJ as the leader.

    I predict that TCU will slaughter Wisconsin ( I am a Texan born and a Texan proud)

  6. Predictions 1 January 2011 by Larry Woods
    I do not claim direct soul-contact. These predictions simply show what appeals to my mind at this time. Maybe I will only be writing a future that I’d like to see? Perhaps by letting my imagination run and making these predictions I can later learn more about which parts may have been influenced by soul-contact and, using that feedback, improve my connection. JJ has said that predictions growing out from common sense usually prove more reliable. And what about those growing out of humor?

    So, in case you did not understand what I just said, I am writing fiction here simply to stir up discussion and to possibly hit on some principles that might be worth considering.

    (1) Barack Obama and the White House

    Wikileaks will continue its pre-eminence in the press even overshadowing the Presidential campaign. In fact, Wikileaks will define the campaign despite many efforts from candidates to channel conversations elsewhere. Obama and his administration, in aggressively prosecuting Wikileaks and their founders, will win for themselves the Richard Nixon tail which will pin onto Obama (Nixon aggressively went after Ellsberg and Sheehan for publishing damaging leaks – no other president has ever done that until now with Obama). Obama’s direct prosecution of Wikileaks – combined with his administration’s pressure tactics to get Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, various ISPs, foreign countries, and many other businesses to prosecute or to ban support or business with Wikileaks and to attack their founders and workers – will leave an extreme sour taste in the arena of ideas and will permanently sully all BO’s doings. This situation will transform Obama’s public image, including that of his associates, to a stereotype of the Richard Nixon dirty trickster. Internet videos showing BO morphing into Richard Nixon will become popular. The candidate who can remain largely untouched by this and who has not indulged in any pressure tactics against Wikileaks and other whistleblowers will win the Presidency. BO looses Presidency and exhibits extreme bitterness and blame.

    Everyone will know that Wikileaks took down BO.

    The Wikileaks syndrome defeats Hillarie Clinton’s chances.

    Sarah Palin fares well during this time and the Wikileaks dynamic will probably help give her the Presidency. We will see zillions of cartoons portraying Sarah as an empty headed shallow beauty contestant. But some key interviews combined with a smart wardrobe and savvy handlers will overcome this and earn her more and more public gravitas.

    Another strong candidate, unknown at this time, will emerge but Wikileaks will bump him out too.

    (1.2) Wikileaks

    Governments around the world will continue to crucify Wikileaks founders and, in some cases, their volunteer workers with relentless legal prosecutions and intimidation of all who do any business with them. Their lives are now permanently ruined even though some of them do not realize this yet. Their personal fortunes will continue to get confiscated by their respective governments who are determined to use all the powers at their disposal to leave Wikileaks workers penniless, homeless, and impotent. They will continue to hold responsible all who download or who redistribute Wikileaks info in any way even including some very public firing of selected government workers and denial of ever getting a government job for those who merely looked at Wikileaks info by claiming that they now proved they cannot be trusted handling classified info. Governments will claim all classified materials, despite being revealed on the Internet, still hold all the compulsion of law as classified documents. Various businesses including banks, ISP’s, and other news media will continue to run scared cutting off Wikileaks and their founders and workers. But the geni is out of the bottle. Vindictive governments will, in the long run, dig their own graves. The Wikileaks ideas will continue to thrive from all quarters of the Internet embarrassing and, in some cases, toppling government agencies and leaders who abuse their powers. Wikileaks will release their ultimate bombshell as they promised if their founders ever got plowed under by the establishment. This password protected bombshell cannot be stopped since it has been downloaded by millions around the world. It will prove embarrassing to governments in the extreme and will even bring down some large banks. Ultimately new politicians who befriend true transparency in government will prevail. This will play out in the next decade and a half. Wikileaks is only the beginning.

    (2) The New Republican congress

    The new Republican Congress will produce some exciting new leadership but not directly paralleling the New Republicans who gained power on Reagan’s coattails [you remember they were ultimately defeated by their own leader in the Senate, Bob Dole, whom the Republican establishment then placed as their next candidate which paved the way – because Republicans generally felt Dole had betrayed them – for an otherwise vulnerable candidate, Bill Clinton]. These new Republicans will be assimilated but only partially because of Wikileaks and the other Web sites that grow up like Hydra heads filling the Wikileaks role. Real movement toward respectful law will still not prevail.

    The real story will not begin until in the 2012 election cycle where reformers will hold the high ground because of so many catastrophic governmental failures bearing bitter fruit that severely hurts Americans. Because of this bitter track record and because of the new Wikileaks inspired transparency, some real leadership will survive and vie for power in Congress. From 2013 up to the 2016 election cycle we will see a fight between extremes never before imagined as the forces of true freedom begin to make significant inroads of real government reforms toward true respect. Power brokers who base their power on various forms of disrespect will not go down easy. They will screw over their opponents with false court dealings, dirty tricking their bank accounts and other personal stuff, and trumping up public charges nearly impossible to counter though baseless because, as we have seen in the past, political cronies will pick up these sour notes and constantly sound them in our ears attempting to make them sound good and true until some voters will accept these falsehoods. The political environment will get so caustic that power brokers will find it difficult to recruit supportive candidates. Those whom they do recruit will operate on the assumption that their bosses do all the dirty tricks so they are, therefore, immune. But this immunity will not survive the Wikileaks. Some of these recruits, in their bitterness, will turn on their former bosses for ruining their lives and expose those bosses, which will shock the country. This will pave the way for more “regular people” who do not hold histories of disrespect in their closets to run for office.

    (3) The economy

    The economy will continue with various problems all manipulated to the purpose of milking the true producers to the benefit of the power brokers who control the Federal Reserve Bank. Efforts to oust them will all seem like weak flailing from the fringes until 2017 or 2021 when a Kennedy like President takes office and directly opposes them.

    China will feel drunk with power after their initiative to move the American dollar from its pre-eminent place. But their heavy handed handling of their own money and heavy handed use of their own new pre-eminence, due to their domestically unchecked and, therefore, untested and un-honed use of power, will quickly cause everyone worldwide to regard Chinese money, banking, and business with deep suspicion. This will at first undermine but later temper China’s new role in the world and will fit nicely into BOL plans to bring China into the mainstream in world events. [Who am I to make any claims about BOL plans for China? Good question. But I cannot help but think the BOL has plans to bring China, with all her billions of souls, into mainstream world interaction.]

    Things that will soar:
    gas prices escalating far faster than the general inflation rate for several years resulting in today’s equivalent of $7 per gallon in America – get your high mpg car now while you can still unload your guzzler… [This will finally lead to development of domestic supply but not for several years yet when we get more practical and sincere Congressional leaders – and this will lead basically to nationalization of our oil industry though it will be cloaked to appear as free enterprise and reorganized with that freedom of the market place mantra to fool the people about the real socialist nature and agenda behind this government takeover of the American oil industry], food costs [including debilitating shortages], unemployment [This will reach catastrophic proportions], political dirty fighting, poverty, economic stratification with far more people landing at rock bottom, success of real reform candidates [small at first but ever increasing due to discontent of the electorate – even some true and sincere candidates will fall victim to this onslaught of indignation – true reformers will not have the numbers to gain the upper hand until 2017 or 2021 but by then the lights may leave to establish their own place and the whole reform effort could collapse into a big brother dictatorship wearing a very thin veneer of democracy but not afraid to blatantly and constantly use its teeth for selfishness], government action and programs to thwart freedom of the press, serious disgruntled survivalists, food storage and preparedness attitudes, political lament songs and songs celebrating freedom and principle…

    Things that will diminish:

    Fill in the blank

    (4) possible conflicts

    Obama will continue to ignore the real threat of Iran. The first conservative President to get elected will confront Iran. Iran will not give up their nukes diplomatically and will escalate their nuclear development more blatantly and they will call upon all their spiritual brothers across the world to support them portraying themselves as de facto leaders of Islam creating a situation not unlike the Bush-Hussein standoff but even more volatile and consequential. This powder keg could explode in many possible directions.

    Pakistan will continue to persecute and to expel Hindus while pretending to support common sense (they will flee in record breaking numbers) and to ramp up Islamic terrorist support marginalizing themselves from most of the world but creating a thorn-in-the-side for non-Muslim countries and against their non-militant brothers. They will become the largest concentration of terrorists in the world due to their sanctuary policies toward Muslim terrorists. Eventually this will lead to a UN/Pakistan standoff similar to the Bush/Hussein standoff. But until a world leader steps forward to lead the charge against Pakistan, as Bush did with Iraq, they will continue to coddle terrorists and get more and more blatant about it resulting in the death and misery of many souls.

    India will turn more against Muslim terrorists while, at the same time, producing some terrorists of their own. But India will prevail with harmlessness in the end due to good roots of this doctrine in their religion.

    Chinese persecution in Tibet, in some ways, served first Ray purposes to eradicate centuries old religious crystallization. But this has run its course and Tibet will emerge independent and vital though not a high profile player on the world economic scene.

    (5) Anything else you think is interesting

    New leaders in Haiti will stress common sense, industry, and moving away from emotion based religion.

    JJ’s book on American political ideals will gain slowly at first but will then catch on as talk show hosts begin to perceive JJ as a good interview. Some promotional ideas will only take hold after momentum gets up to speed but will then pan out well. JJ’s accessibility to Keysters, family, and friends will greatly diminish as he takes on his new role of political guru trying to stay ahead of the misinformation and dirty trick attacks against him. Party bosses and other power brokers will begin to realize JJ’s ideas can replace their cloaks of secrecy with transparency and his ideas can undermine their manipulative power. JJ’s ideas will take root and begin influencing political races. Some politicians will emerge who whole heartedly use JJ’s ideas as their campaign and strategy maps but they will face well funded and vicious opposition. JJ’s ideas will combine with Wikileaks transparency and with new disillusioned politicians to create a whole new atmosphere that could usher in a new and positive era in American politics. His money ideas will draw vicious attack and lead some key figures to villainize him while drawing keen support among many common people. JJ will begin to face organized and trained opposition on the talk show circuit. As manipulative power brokers begin to understand his threat to their power, they will fund and train callers to attempt to foil JJ and to make him look stupid. They will utterly fail and he will expose them handily. Some of JJ’s opposition, as his effectiveness promoting freedom and transparency grows, will inadvertantly fuel JJ’s notoriety partly because of the controversies brought by these detractors which will evoke the Streisand effect. As JJ continues to slip their below-the-belt punches, his detractors will consider a contract hit; but JJ, with key help, will avoid them. They will largely give up fighting against JJ when they realize the ideas are here to stay whether JJ stays or not. But they will still hate him and seek occasion against him hoping to silence the perpetrator and leading exponent of these powerful ideas. They will use the courts in their attacks but JJ’s lifelong commitment to harmlessness will leave them without a handle to use against him. They will also accuse JJ based upon writings of some of his followers. They will attempt to dredge up old controversies and involvements such as JJ’s excommunication by the Mormons and the fact that he once talked to a bona fide polygamist. But those accusations will slough off like Teflon. JJ’s wise and learned discourse and occasional key BOL help will help him to both to survive and to win in the arena of ideas. All this will begin in 2011.

    Keysters and others, reading JJ’s book, will begin spreading his doctrines and catchword phrases into the world arena of ideas. These ideas will prove powerful and will begin to influence world politics like leaven in bread. These readers will sound very wise and insightful and political candidate recruiters will begin to seek them out. All the “new politics” candidates will point back to JJ’s book. This will become a cliché. Some will attempt to hide this origin of their ideas but will be quickly found out. Some factions will see this origin as evil but others will see it as good. Bottom line: JJ’s ideas will end up defining political debate for all.

    Keyster Gatherings will grow ever larger as JJ’s political book gains popularity. Many people there will have little interest in esoteric philosophy and will leave after the first day. JJ’s unorthodox spiritual philosophy will not adversely affect his political influence. Keysters will continue largely coasting on JJ’s former writings but treasuring the few new pieces JJ does write in-between his political pursuits. Impossibly, given JJ’ hectic schedule, JJ will produce other books for the Immortal series which will contain even more revelations about John and about the Keys of Knowledge and about JJ’s own spiritual growth and challenges. Among other things, John will reveal an Aquarian ritual designed to enhance soul-contact within a group. I predict that John will also comment on my predictions here and the humor and sympathy he felt as he read them. John will come out as an identifiable personality in the world by 2020, but only to those closing in on the molecular relationship.

    A very famous actor, in 2011, will re-marry.

    An airplane full of people and carrying important cargo will narrowly escape destruction.

    A football team will win the Super Bowl but there will be significant controversies. Serious discussions after will lead to changes in managing game officials and to video review policies.

    The 2011 pro Baseball season will seem boring and lifeless until the managers, taking a page from the WWWF playbook, conspire to artificially promote certain players and controversies. This will eventually come to light through Wikileaks and send a shock of dismay through fans.

    The Pope will make certain political demands that will only underscore his powerlessness.

    Lech Welesa will be remembered with deepest respect. The whole world owes him a large debt of gratitude despite some mistakes.

    George Lucas will generate startling news. [I’m on a roll.]

    Your brother,
    Larry Woods

  7. 1. Barack will attempt something completely new to try and win back support.

    2. Freedom and the Constitution will be discuss through the halls of power like never before, but they will still come up short. It will however, lay the seeds for future change.

    3. The economy will improve whilst Freedom is sincerely discussed, but will fall back towards the end of the year when change is not forthcoming.

    4. Israel will be a hotbed of activity. A flurry of dark energy will increase tensions dramatically, but it should pave the way for Palestinians to get their own state.
    Enough is enough will be the flag that sees this through, just like it did in Northern Ireland.

    5. JJ needs to prepare himself for next year. A couple of celebrities will endorse his work, which will kickstart his journey into the spotlight. However, running for President might be pushing it.

    Happy New Year


  8. (1) Barack Obama will continue to decline in popularity with his party but will still be the nominee however he will eventually loose the 2012 election possibly to Sara Palin or Ron Paul or both.

    (2) The New Republican congress will give lip service to conservative principles and the constitution but in reality continue the same policies that have brought us to the brink of disaster and will be nearly as despised as the leaving congress by 2012

    (3) The economy will continue to implode amidst media propaganda of improvement as the debt and money/credit from nothing expansion increases and more and more people lose jobs and homes until either the currency finally dies of its terminal cancer or the jobless reach critical mass.

    (4) There is still a danger of Korean conflict but it is subsiding somewhat despite the saber rattling time will tell. China seems to be a stabilizing force there and this is some unrest as they transition into new leadership and a new era eventually

    (5) Sarah Palin will likely run for the Republican nomination for president and as of right now would likely win but that could change as the election draws closer. I would not have said it 5 or 10 months ago but Ron Paul will likely Run also. I would not have said this either but he has a good chance of winning this time but is still a wild card. First because the establishment will try and derail him, and and he is still seen as to controversial by many mainstream republicans due to establishment propaganda. By the time the elections draw close the economy might make him very popular and he might have a real shot at getting the nomination and if he does get it he will win the presidency. but as I said this is still a wild card . A bigger twist is I am getting an impression of a real possibility of a Palin and Paul teaming up and I am not sure which would be which. But I also sense some strong opposition to Paul and that could rise up to derail him So he remains a wild card the may or may not throw a wrench in the gears, I also sense strong opposition to Palin however not as strong as against Paul. She has a better chance. No other names really come to me right now for possible candidates.

    I also sense a high probability of civil unrest of about 80% when the currency crashes but it will not be as so bad society will completely collapse. It will be painful but could serve as a mechanism to level the playing field so to speak. It will be painful but necassary. The government will try and crack down but back off when the citizenry threaten to rise up against them.

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