An Ocean of Problems

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Larry W. makes some good points that we must take into consideration concerning gathering on the seas, or Seasteading as it is called today.

(1) Someone must come up with a gigantic INITIAL INVESTMENT and then face constant maintenance far beyond that of land based buildings.

You are right, the investment would be large. This is why I have taught that we will need to have between 5,000-10,000 people interested before we proceed toward such an enterprise. If we were to start with even a view hundred it would most likely fail as it would lack the resources and funding to create a desirable quality of life and if the quality of life is not good then the project will fail.

I just watched the video Sterling recommended .

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It presented the idea of finding a small nation and buying our way into power and turning it into a free nation with no taxes that will gather freedom-loving individuals from around the world.

I have also considered this idea but there are several problems with it.

First one would need billions in capital.
Second – few people who have power are willing to relinquish it at any price. Most are willing to see their country destroyed before yielding it.

On the other hand, if one had the means and did find a country willing to give up it’s identity for a payoff then this could work. I just wouldn’t bet my grandmother’s operation money on this coming to pass.

A more viable alternative would be to purchase an island or large tract of land from a third world nation in need of funds and secure autonomy so the gathered people will have power to govern themselves within a designated land area. Even here the residents would need to be prepared to defend themselves from a possible warlord who may decide he wants to steal the fruit of their labors.

Thus the gathering force needs to be in the thousands and the financing in the billions before a new government can be created.

This is why the first major step will be a gathering under an already established government in areas such as Boise or Sterling’s Safe Haven in Utah. All one has to do to gather around like minded friends is to move until the greater gatherings come.

(2) A crew formed by spiritual development criteria rather than affinity for the sea or knowledge or skill of the sea presents ALL the problems of IGNORANCE. Ignorance on the part of a crew in building framing work, for example, is disastrous.

Yes this will be a problem but not insurmountable. If we can go to the moon then we can do this also.

(3) The right design and material presents vast problems. One promising plan I’ve seen used concrete boat shells. However, salt water is particularly harsh on concrete.

There are all kinds of possibilities and when the time of opportunity comes then I believe the technology will be there.

In fact there is some technology that may be feasible that has been around for a long time. A promising one is Pykrete. You can read about it here:

(4) Then you face the very real problems which these various Architectural firms are attempting to resolve. Mainly community planning.

That is an important point, for bad planning has caused many planned communities to be doomed from the start. However, there have been success stories in the past and it can happen again. I am not drawling up precise details or a new constitution because we are not ready for action yet. But when the time comes, and if I am still here, then I will see to it that the planning is concise enough so everyone will know what they are getting into.
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