Hell on Earth, Part 3

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Note from JJ. This should be particularly interesting to those who are familiar with the current temple ceremony.  Apparently there were significantly different ceremonies and procedures in the early days.

There are other features very amusing, which show that the dear men often get in for it, but as I give a chapter on “He and She Devils “-Raising the Devil,” &c., further on, just to show what you may expect I give one wee bit here from a paper published in Salt Lake City-” The Salt Lake Tribune.-

“One of the Saints who took unto himself recently a second wife has been brought to law by the first. On the morning after the nuptials had been celebrated, the newly-married couple were rather late rising. Wife No. 1 went up about 10 o’clock, and finding the couple still in bed took a rope and larruped the two soundly, with the remark to her lord and master, “I’ll learn you to stay in bed until after 10 o’clock when you have business to attend to.”

“Tis not restraint or liberty that makes men Prisoners or Free. Hudibras.

Nature has not provided for polygamy in the United States. The census report for 1880 shows that there are a million males in excess of females in that country. If the ” Revelation “that one man should marry 20 or 100 wives is to be adhered to, where are the women to come from? As it is for every 25 men, one is left out in the cold, with “no one to love, none to caress,’ -doomed to be an old bachelor. Polygamy could not be kept up, were it not that Mormon Missionaries drag so many girls to Utah from the manufacturing towns of England, Scotland, and Wales, and the British Government should arrest these scamps who come here to make white slaves Of our English girls, -and to procure inmates for their filthy harems.

I shall give a chapter of horrors in regard to the brutal and murderous practices of polygamy further on, here I pass over tragedy, and merely relate one case. To show this in a proper light, I will introduce a paragraph of Apostle Kimball’s sermon preached at Salt Lake. “What power has any one of my wives to act independently; she has not a particle of power. She must act in connection with me as the limb acts in connection with the tree from which it springs. If not she is a dead limb; will they ever come to life again after they are dead? No! They must be cut off and thrown back into the earth to return to their mother element.” [Journal of Discourses, vol. 6, p. 67]. The case I give is that of a Mormon who had ten wives. One of them disobeyed him, or in the words of the sermon quoted, “acted independently of him.” Her lord and master sharpened his razor; then taking this wife upon his knee he lovingly kissed her, and then cut her throat from ear to ear, and held her till she expired. He afterwards dug a grave in his garden, and consigned her to mother earth “to return to her mother element.” This man still lives in Utah, with his other nine wives, and no law reaches him. On page 469 of “The Rocky Mountain Saints” is the following:-


“One of the wives of a Polygamist was unfaithful during his absence when he was on a mission. On his return, the ” Reformation ‘ was in full blast, and the unhappy wife believed that, from this faux pas she was doomed to lose her claim to motherhood over the children which she had already borne; that she would be cast aside in eternity as well as in time, by her husband; that, in fact, she would only be an angel, and with the angels stand; and that she could not reach the circle of the gods and goddesses unless her blood was shed. She consented to meet the penalty of her error, and while her heart ‘ was gushing with affection for her husband and her children, and her mind absorbed with faith in the doctrine of human sacrifice, she seated herself upon her husband’s knee, and after the warmest and most endearing embrace she-had ever known-it was to be her last-when the warmth of his lips still lingered about- her glowing cheek, with his own right hand he calmly cut her throat and sent her spirit to the keeping of the gods. That kind and loving. husband still lives near Salt Lake City, and preaches occasionally with great zeal. He seems happy enough.” [See Chapter of Horrors for more.]

Polygamy produces curious consanguinity. A man married a widow and two of her daughters. Shortly after he married another of his wife’s daughters, who had also been left a widow with three girls, and when these girls grew up he married these three stepdaughters also, so as to keep them in the family. This man was, therefore, the husband of grandmother, mother, daughter, grandaughters, and step daughters. In addition to this he married two of his nieces, and to cap the climax, married his half sister, and they all bear him children. Now what relation do these children bear to each other? and what is the relative position of the father in this case? Figure it up, and you will find that this man is his own uncle and stepson, and if you trace further you will discover that this very individual is his own grandfather.

The creed and practice of the ‘Saints” in Utah differs vastly from the Mormon Missionaries’ statements in England. There were about 3,000 dupes gathered there at the time I was. It must not be said that I was the only fool in Great Britain, or the only one here who could possibly be duped and “roped in” by these Mormon Missionary scamps; I wish it were so, but the ‘ facts show otherwise.

On the Sunday we, 3,000 “Greenhorns” as they term fresh arrivals from Europe, went to the Tabernacle.  Apostle ” Pratt preached for our edification as follows:-

“I want to talk to the new comers, and let me tell you plainly, you have come from Babylon-the churches or Christendom-but you might as well remained in your Baptist, Methodist, and other Churches, unless you fulfill the whole counsel of God and go into Polygamy. No man can be saved unless he has at least two wives. You can’t get into Heaven lop-sided like a crab, with one woman pulling you down on one arm; you must be evenly balanced with a wife on each arm, then you can get into Heaven but not else. If you have a dozen or so hanging on to your coat tails, all the better: the more wives the more glory you will have, but if you stick to the one wife and refuse to take others, I tell you every one of you will be damned, and any woman who refuses to give her husband another wife will be eternally damned. Utah expects every man this day to do his duty, and take all the wives possible. Any wife found raising objections to this shall be destroyed, for thus saith the Lord in his Revelation commanding Polygamy.”

This was the kind of preaching we all had to listen to.

Deseret News,” October 1, 1856.

” Apostle ” Grant, in the Salt Lake Bowery, September, 1856, uttered the following:

“We have women here who like anything but the Celestial Law of God, and if they could break asunder the cable of the Church of Christ, (Polygamy) there is scarcely a mother in Israel but would do it this day. And they talk it to their husbands, to their daughters, and to their neighbours, and they say they have not seen a week’s happiness since they became aquatinted with that law, or since their husbands took a second wife.”


At Brigham Young’s death, seven years ago, the World said, “Mormonism will fall to pieces,” but today it is stronger than ever. The fact is people know very little about it. A greater than Brigham exists. John Taylor, the present Prophet, a Church of England man, from Manchester, understands Church and State and kingdom affairs, much better than Brigham did. Americans admit that English, or “John Bull Yankees,” as they call them, beat the Natives. The Prophet Taylor knows well how to instruct his Missionaries in the art of seducing Britishers; and having himself been a missionary and lied like the Devil, he makes a first-class Boss Devil in this “Hell upon Earth.” In France, at a public debate, he denied Polygamy, although at the same time he had five wives at home. On page 8 of “Three Nights public discussion at Boulogne-sur-mer,” published in Liverpool by the same John Taylor, I find the following:-

“We are accused here of polygamy and actions the most indelicate, obscene, and disgusting, such as none but a corrupt and depraved heart could have contrived. These things were too outrageous to admit of belief; therefore leaving the sisters of the white veil,’ the black veil,’ and all the other ‘veils’ with those gentlemen to dispose of, together with their authors, as they think best, I shall content myself with reading our views of chastity and marriage, from a work published by us containing some of our articles of faith, ‘Doctrine and Covenants,’ page 330.” Inasmuch as this Church of Jesus Christ has been reproached with the crime of fornication and polygamy, we declare that we believe that one man should have but one wife, and one woman but one husband, except in case of death, when either is at liberty to marry again.,”

The “High Priest” Journalist, on page 193 of “The Rocky Mountain Saints,” says:- “At the very time that Brother Taylor’ read these pages in Boulogne-sur-mer, he had himself, living in Salt Lake City, five wives: one of his two companions who likewise testified during the discussion, had also two wives there; and the other companion had likewise two wives in the persons of a mother and her own daughter!

Taylor also read:-” We believe that it is not right to prohibit members of this Church from marrying out of the Church.” To show that Taylor preached one thing and practiced another, “I quote from “Fifteen Years among the Mormons,” by Mrs. Mary Ettie V. Smith:- (Available free at Googlebooks)

“When Col. Steptoes’ regiment halted a short time in Salt Lake City on its way to California, she says:-” One of the officers formed an acquaintance with a daughter of John Taylor-Mary Ann. She was a very interesting girl; and the intimacy ripened into a mutual attachment. Her father is one of the Twelve Apostles (now Prophet), and a man of great influence in the Church, and at the time edited a paper in New York known as the Mormon. She succeeded in getting married. This was a termination more fortunate than she could have expected had the father been at home. For when he heard of it, he wrote to the Prophet blaming him very severely for not preventing the marriage by the sacrifice of her life. He wrote that he should always feel dissatisfied because the blood of his daughter had not been shed to atone for the sin of marrying out of the Church.” This work is published by Belknap and I Bliss Hartford, Con., U.S., 1870.

If you want the nightmare, or your hair to stand on end, get Mrs. Smith’s book. I give her affidavit and what else I can in future chapters, but my quotations must be brief.       .



Having heard so much about the “Endowment House” I had a great desire to go through and see what it really was. Mormon leaders will not allow converts to enter that ” Holy ” place until tried and found faithful, which sometimes take years. I managed to get my necessary papers, which are required to gain admission, four months after I arrived at Salt Lake. Here I was to see Gods, Angels, the Devil, Gabriel, Michael, Peter, James, and John, and learn from them my whole duty as a man and a brother.

It may be termed the Secret Lodge of Mormonism, where candidates for future glory are initiated into the “Mysteries of the Kingdom.” The Saints in England are assured that in this House they will meet Jehovah and “learn the ways of the Lord more perfectly.” It is held up to us as “a very sacred place.” They disclose no more than Free Masons, and other kindred societies before initiating a candidate; it is all mystery till we get in, and then it’s too late to get out with clean hands and a pure heart. No man or woman can possibly go through that sink-hole of iniquity without becoming totally oiled and very much soiled.

I will tell all that I can with decency, and as this book will not be sold in a sealed envelope, or be given to the public as obscene literature, I am compelled to omit very much that I would like to have an opportunity to whisper in men’s ears. Those gentlemen who have heard my private lecture to men only, are better posted in the things transpiring in that ” sacred ” place. To give a faint idea of what it is like, I quote from a work written by a lady who passed through it. On page 50 of “Fifteen years among the Mormons,” Mrs. Smith says:-

“Now in conclusion of my disclosures upon this ‘Endowment’ subject, associated as it is with hateful memories of that peculiar kind, most distasteful to the recollection of a pure woman, I deem it my duty in compensation for what I have felt compelled to omit, especially of that never-to-be-forgotten scene in the Garden of Eden,’ to state that the ‘moral’ and object of the whole is, socially to unsex the sexes … and when I call the attention of the reader to the fact that while I have described the dress of all the parties to this inhuman display and ocular demonstration, I have not mentioned the dress of Adam and Eve,’ nor the nature of the FRUIT by which each was in turn tempted; I think, he will admit, that while I have said enough I have also left more unsaid than the imagination, held with the loosest possible rein, would be likely to picture; and I have only to add, that the reality is too monstrous for human belief.” See Mrs. Smith’s Affidavit, &c., Appendix D.

I coincide with her publisher, who adds this foot-note:-” It would scam to be a misfortune that a false estimate of propriety should be allowed to interpose a barrier against the exposure of these Mormon debaucheries.”

Mormon Leaders defy Apostates to tell it, and well they may. The indecencies, oaths, and penalties effectually bar its exposure in most instances; many have attempted it and checked themselves suddenly, just where they should go ahead. Not that I blame them. Life is dear to most people, and these attempts at exposure were made in America, within reach of Mormon “Destroying Angels.” General Beadel, in his work “Life in Utah,” page 500, says:-

“Apostates universally have a horror or fear of speaking about it, and never do until they are safe beyond the power of the Church.” I am 7,000. miles away, and can snap my finger at all the Mormon infernal devils, so fond of cutting throats and sending people “to Hell across lots.” Moral decency and a great desire to have this book pass through the Post, is all that checks me from giving a complete exposure, and every word used in that Hell within a Hell. I give all that anyone can possibly give in public, and much more than has ever before been given. Men can learn more at my private lectures..

“H. Jenson, the Apostate Mormon who was threatened with blood atonement for revealing the Endowment House Oaths, died on Sunday at Brigham City, Utah.”-Salt Lake Tribune.

The secret place of initiation into Mormon mysteries is called the “Endowment House,” where we are said to receive our “Endowments.”

It takes nine hours to go through all the rites and ceremonies, grips, signs, oaths, covenants, obligations, and filthiness. We enter the Endowment House at 7 a.m., taking with us a well-filled lunch basket, and a bottle or more of olive oil. If a man is to take one wife, two bottles of oil are sufficient, but should he be matrimonially inclined, and is about to take unto himself two wives at the same time, he must have three bottles of oil, and so on, adding another bottle for each additional wife.

It takes a pint of the best oil to slide each individual through these ceremonies. At the time I went through and received my “Endowments” there accompanied me some forty men and sixty women who were fellow candidates for the same “Blessing.” Each person, in addition to the lunch and oil, has also a little bundle; the man’s bundle contains a clean white shirt, a pair of white socks, the “Holy Endowment” or “Wedding Garment,” a white linen robe, or loose gown-somewhat after the style of the ancient eastern costume, and a linen sash, a turban or cap, also of white linen, and the “fig leaf apron; ” this is made of a square of green silk, upon which is worked with brown floss nine fig leaves.

These articles, together with a pair of white linen moccasins form the contents of each man’s bundle. Pardon me for peeping into the woman’s “little bundle,” but being of a curious and sort of “Paul Pry” disposition, I must take the consequence. The “Daughters of Zion” not only slide into the kingdom a la olive oil, but a certain paraphernalia of dress is also requisite to complete the modes operandi. In the female’s bundle we find such interesting articles as a chemise, purely white and clean, a snow white bed gown, a pair of white stockings, garters with the motto “Boni soit qui mal y pense ‘ omitted, a sort of night cap (white of course) with a huge veil; this veil is used but once to cover the face, although it is very badly needed for that purpose during the disgusting ceremonies.

There is also a large flowing linen robe, a sash, a pair of white linen moccasins, the “fig leaf apron” of the same material and description as the men’s, and likewise the “Endowment,” or “Wedding Garment.” Much importance is attached to this article of apparel, and we are here reminded of the man who got into the feast without the Wedding Garment; and we are given to understand by the Priests that should any of us happen to get in without this garment, we shall be “kicked out.”

I cannot better describe this garment than by saying it is under shirt and drawers in one. If my readers wish to possess a “Wedding Garment” just take a pair of drawers and a vest or undershirt; stitch them together making one garment of the twain and you have it, only be sure to cut off the buttons and sew up the button holes and put tape strings in their places for tying instead of buttoning, for buttons and button holes are patterning after the ” Gentiles ” and considered -very worldly: there’s nothing ” Heavenly ” about buttons and button holes.

We are cautioned never to be found outside of this “Holy Garment.” It must ever after be worn next to the skin, for with this garment on we are told it’s impossible for the Devil to enter one’s body, if we are in a building on fire without means of escape, this Garment will keep us from burning, we shall pass through the fire like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, with our hair singed and no smell of fire upon us; so you see it’s a complete fire escape. Then again if shipwrecked and no lifeboat handy this Garment becomes a swimming apparatus which beats Paul Boyton’s: we cannot sink. It is a wonder to me that no “Yankee” has yet patented the thing. Think of it; here we have a Garment warranted Devil-proof, fireproof, waterproof, and what not, and the patent not applied for yet. What a chance for some enterprising Yankee. So careful are the ” Saints ” never to be without this garment, that when changing the soiled for a clean one, they first pull off a sleeve of the dirty one and immediately slip the arm (bare but an instant) into the sleeve of the clean garment; then the corresponding leg is slipped off and replaced at once within the leg of the clean, and so on, till finally the whole garment is changed.

Having thus described the contents of the “little bundles,” I will merely say in passing, the lunch we take with us is for the ” Priests ” that minister before the ” Lord ” in that “Holy Place.” We get none of this, we get meat to eat the world knows not of, strong meat at that. What we get in the Endowment House” can in no way be termed “milk for babes,” Oh no! we are supposed to have grown by this time to the stature of full men and full women in the Lord; in fact before entering we obtain from the Bishop a Certificate that we are strong enough in the faith to endure the scorchings and searchings, the fire and awful grandeur of this sublime place. This Certificate also states that the holder thereof is in good standing in the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints “-has paid up his tithing and is in every particular worthy to receive his or her “Endowments.” If a man intends to marry two or more wives at this particular time the certificate states that he is worthy and recommends that he be allowed the “privilege.”

On entering the “Endowment House” we present the Certificate to the officiating Priest, who examines it and, if found correct, enters the same in a book kept for that purpose; the name, place and date of birth, and the Parents’ name of the person presenting the certificate are also entered. We hand over to the Priest the lunch and the olive oil, keeping the little bundle ourselves. When all the Certificates and names are duly registered and the house is full, we are ushered into another room called the bath room and ordered to disrobe; 40 men and 60 women had now to get rid of their vast sins by means of a bath. A Mormon “Order of the Bath.” I saw at a glance that the first in the tub would get the cleanest bath, for many of my brethren showed unmistakable signs of having neglected their ablutions for a very long time past, hence I preferred to take my bath before; rather than after them, and being quick at undressing I was the first to spring into the bath tub.

Here the High Priest stood ready to manipulate. He began by scratching into the roots of my hair like a barber shampooing a man, and as he kept scratching away he said Bro. J.-by this process I now wash away all the unholy thoughts that have previously occupied your mind, at the same time passing his hands over my forehead. He then washed my eyes thoroughly saying, “I now wash away all that you have ever beheld of iniquity.” My mouth received a cleansing and was rinsed out with cold water, The Priest said “I now cleanse you from all the evil you have ever said,” thus all the naughty words I had uttered, and all the little and big lies I had told up to this time were washed away.

My ears next received attention, and all the evil and sin I had heard was cleansed. My hands received a complete washing, so that if I had helped myself to anything that did not belong to me, or had given anyone a blackened eye, or any and every sin my hands had committed was also washed away. My arms, breast, in short away down through the whole body every part was carefully attended to right down to the soles of the feet, so that if my feet had been swift to do evil those sins were also removed; in fact I was pronounced “clean every whit.”

Having been thus cleansed from all my sins I was shoved over to another Priest, the Priest who had washed me bawled out ” Next ” as he gave me a push, and another victim took my place at the same bath tub, and in the same water that contained all my sin. The Priest I was so unceremoniously pushed toward was the ” Aaronic Priest Called of God as was Aaron.” It was this individual’s prerogative to attend to the ” Anointing ” business; he took my bottle of olive oil and poured the whole pint into an old cow’s horn, called the “Holy Horn of Anointing.” First of all he poured Oil on my head “that ran down upon the beard, even down to the skirts of”-here the quotation fails for we had no garments on; however it ran down to the toe nails, then the Priest vigorously scratched the oil into the roots of my hair like a barber when he uses bay rum after a good shampoo.

Now says the Priest “I anoint your head so that for the future nothing but holy thoughts shall occupy your mind, your eyes that you may turn them away from beholding of vanity or evil, your mouth that you may always speak the words of truth and righteousness,” and so he kept on rubbing in the oil at every part, and mumbling nonsense right down to the tips of the toes and soles of the feet. I was thoroughly greased, oiled all over. I felt just then that I certainly was a slippery customer; this oil is supposed to remain upon the person as-” The Holy Oil of the Anointing,” but its stay on me was of short duration “you bet,” for I found no rest until a hot bath removed all that ” Holy ” or rather oily stuff.

Talking with a good Mormon ” Saint ” whose presence I did not like, especially in hot weather, he told me that he was oil’d 25 years ago and the consecrated stuff was still on him, for he had not taken a bath since. My apostasy was attributed to the fact that I had washed off the consecrated oil, so that the sacred influence refused to stick to me. In addition to the sin of divesting myself of all oily substances, I also found the “Wedding Garment” most uncomfortable to wear, and having to sleep with the thing on, my rest was so much disturbed, I concluded to leave it off. Thus the Devil got possession of my body again and entered in, “And the last state of this man was worse than the first,” at least, so say the Mormons. After being oiled, I had to put on the “Wedding Garment,” but how to get into it was a caution, I suppose I never should have got the thing outside of me had not the Priest very materially assisted in the-operation; having got the sacred rags on (for I had split the concern in making the rash attempt) the Priest whispered in my ear the “New name, which no man knoweth, saving he that receiveth it.”

He first ascertained that my Christian name was William, and then gave me the name of “James.” All the names are either John, Peter, James, David, Solomon, Abraham, or such like; there are no surnames given in the “Endowment House.” This new name must never be divulged only to St. Peter. (Dear reader, don’t tell him I told you or I shall “catch it.” It’s between you and I, you know). ‘

At this juncture I was introduced to the “Angel Gabriel.” I shook hands cordially with his Angelic Majesty, but being unaccustomed to meeting angels I was somewhat embarrassed, and knew not what to say; however, I summoned up courage to remark, “happy to meet you Mr. Gabriel, its a fine day ai’nt it,” forgetting that angels usually live so far above the clouds that they are unaffected by atmospheric influences.

I also ventured to say that I had expected to have heard him blow his trumpet before having the pleasure of his acquaintance. He smiled, and this relieved me, for I had expected to find angels very grave and solemn, but here was an angel that could actually laugh. I began to feel at home with him, and thinking that he knew something about future and eternal affairs, I proceeded “to draw him out,” and gained considerable information in regard to the resurrection and other matters, for at this point of the proceedings we, who had been washed and oiled, had to wait while the rest of the men and women received similar treatment, for be it remembered that all sin must be washed away from the candidates in the manner described, and the Holy Oil must be applied to each person before we are considered fit to associate with the ” Angels ” and the “Gods,” to whom we are introduced afterward.

The women undergo the same process as the men, only that it takes a little extra effort to extract sin from a woman, she being so full of the Devil; and possessed of very many devils, it takes some scrubbing and washing to thoroughly cleanse a woman, judging from the splashing and splurging-the giggling and chattering-it seemed the women were highly delighted at the way and manner in which they were getting rid of their sins. Women also receive a new name. Sarah being a pet name, whose daughters they are so long as they consent to give their lords a concubine, and obey their Abrahams as Sarah of old did. The women’s new names are taken from those of the women of Scripture. This difference is observed in regard to the new name of the man and that of the woman-while the former reveals his name to no one but Peter.

The latter must reveal hers to her husband. I asked the “Angel Gabriel” why this difference? and received from him this choice piece of theology. “You see” said the “Angel,” “Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression; she gave way to the Devil in Eden when she had no business to, and then she coaxed and wheedled around ‘ her old man Adam, until he yielded to her. He did not yield to Satan only inasmuch as the Devil was in Eve. Now the woman having given way to Satan, it will never do to entrust her with Salvation, for she would give it over to the Devil in five minutes; the husband holds the wife’s Salvation, and has power to raise her up at the resurrection.”

Interrupting, I asked what became of the spinsters and old maids? “Gabriel “laughed heartily this time, and said, “When they die their spirits are shoved into prison with the spirits of all the old bachelors, and that’s hell enough for both parties; there the Gospel of Matrimony is preached unto them and if they get over their prejudice and join in wedlock, they are let out of jail and go straight into glory.” Here the ” Angel ” paused, then said “let me see we had got so far as the resurrection; now don’t you see that it is very important that a man should have the power to resurrect his own wives. It will not be as you have supposed, that I shall toot my horn and wake ’em up, oh no 1: it’s not my business to wake up the women. At the resurrection I shall only call forth the men; for instance, take your own case, supposing you marry forty wives, perhaps several of them will have perplexed or bothered you so much in this life that you won’t want to be troubled by them in the next world; no one would know better than yourself who to resurrect out of the lot. It will be my duty to call you up, there you will stand at the graves of your forty wives and you will then call forth those you wish. The remainder will sleep on in their graves, and never see the light of eternity. Not one woman’s name is found in the Book of Life.”

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  1. 7. Great site here. Many blogs like this cover subjects that can’t be found in magazines and newspapers. I don’t know how we got by 10 years ago with just newspapers and magazines.

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  3. He does sound bitter, but it is hard to imagine him making up all of this… he genuinely sounds wronged, offended, and upset, rather than just hellbent on hurting.

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        Although I hate your recent Hell on Earth series from that bitter guy, I see the value of knowing such stuff is out there. I posted several things hoping to help add some perspective. I sometimes wonder if you have residual emotions hanging around from your own negative experience where the Mormons Xd you, turned your family against you, and blanked out any possible chance of doing any kind of business in your small community which you had served so well to the extent that you had to physically leave. I know I would have bitter feelings over such a thing. In fact I have bitter feelings over a similar episode in my life where a once dear freind used my deep trust to hurt me very deeply financially and emotionally as no one else in my life ever had done before. I have prayed about that a lot and have not yet figured out how to school my feelings so I will not deny the realities but yet not harbor ill-will toward this child of God. I do not want to put out ill will propelled by strong feelings which is, in effect, a curse. Yet I do not want to stick my head in the sand and pretend it did not happen either. I’m still working on finding a godly balance in all of this. But, at least, my most bitter and dark feelings no longer keep me awake at night so I can now move on. Perhaps only time can heal some wounds. May God grant us to both see and to feel the longer perspective and to treasure only the good of the group and not to hobby on our own desires and pains.

        Your brother,
        Larry Woods

        1. I’ve never had any negative feelings toward the Church or those who excommunicated me and that is certainly not why I am posting this series. I always use the lion principle and do not hate the lion because he can harm me. Instead I accept him for what he is and work around his nature. After doing some research i have discovered that Brigham young did indeed have destroying angels, blood atonement was used and plural marriage very much abused. There is a dark side to Mormon history that few members are aware. What happened to the church in the Rocky Mountains is a lesion of what not to do when the next gathering happens.

          This guy does have a chip on his shoulder, but most people would if their own church ordered then killed as happened with him as we shall later see.

          1. I will second what JJ has said here. As one who has studied Mormon history quite in depth in the past there is historical evidence that corroborates what this mans says. Yes his vitriol may cause him to exaggerate a bit but to be honest from my studies not much. I went through the endowment when they still had the blood oaths and penalties and was shocked to find out they took them quite literally in the 19th century. Even the part about the missionaries going to brothels while on thier missions and it being perfectly ok. for them as they whores were gentiles etc. is corroborated in historical documents and journals etc.

            Did every Mormon participate no of course not but many of these things were institutionalised as being part the higher mysteries and even necessary for Godhood etc. The church has been trying to cover it up ever since and uses denial and ignorance etc. That is why they teach the members not delve into the mysteries or study history except through authorized sanitized channels.

            I have said it before if even awake Mormons just read the Journal of discourses they would be shocked. The Adam God doctrine you hear about for example is taught in the JD clear as a bell in a sermon by Brigham Young etc. There is absolutely no denying it when you read it. I come from a Mormon background and there was a time this man would have offended me too so I know the feeling however I know most are not going to delve into the history in depth so I’ll just say try to set the emotions aside and meditate or what ever you do to seek within and listen to the inner voice. To do this though you have to be at least open to the possibility and the emotions can shut any openness down if you allow them to.

  5. I thought this was powered by WordPress. But I joined up and created an avatar pic but it does not show up. Frustrating.

    1. Yes, it is and avatars are supposed to show up by they are not – except for mine. I’ll check with my web consultant on Monday if I don’t have it figured out by then.

  6. I cringe to see some of you quoting this guy as if the scenes he paints came from the real world. His extreme hatred, expressed clearly in every paragraph, destroys his credibility as a witness. It is literally like learning about a man’s character from his ex-wife. No matter what she tells you, even the most innocent sounding details, it comes through her distorted vision. For example, I went to the Mormon Temple ceremonies many many times during my 39.5 years as a Mormon. I heard neighbors and friends tell stories about why the Mormons carry a small suitcase into the Temple, so they could get naked and participate in Satanic ritual sex. However, I went there countless times and never experienced any such thing – just a bunch of well meaning people committing to serve God and follow the Ten Commandments. While I know there are nitwits among the Mormons, like one guy who believed God encouraged prejudice against black people because He had denied them the Priesthood for so long, I still know the mainstream to be good people and not so prejudiced. If you look close enough you will find stupidity among any group. We’ve got some dumb ideas here in the Keysters. But that does not mean the group is all bad. We are human. We do the best we can with what we’ve got. I am no longer a Mormon and I can tell you why in theological terms. But I find no need to hate Mormons. In fact I admire many things about them just as I admire anyone who lives good and respectful in any context. You would not want people judging you badly because there are some bad apples in your group. Afford the same consideration to all. I think most scenes this guy paints have little foundation in reality He takes small kernals of truth, rubs the filth of his own hate all over it, and then condemns it. It makes you sound undiscriminating to quote him. I caution against drinking this guy’s bitter anti-Mormon juice.

    I once faced a bunch of born-aginers who hated Mormons. They spread filthy lies about Mormons systematically scheming to get their young daughters to seduce young men into the Church. I sat at a Sunday brunch with this group. They did not realize I was Mormon. Various group members began to chime in as if to verify this hideous practice. I began to ask questions to get more specifics with a view to expose their hypocrisy. It turned out the guy who brought it up had slept with a 12 year old girl when he was 16 and this was his explanation about it. I pointed out he had committed rape on a 12 year old girl. Did he ever hold himself accountable for that? He desperately continued attempting to make it her fault, her father’s fault, and the Mormon’s fault. But the simple fact remains. So here was this group eating out of the hand of this rapist like co-addicts supporting an addict. My wife finally could not take it anymore and angrily announce she was a Mormon and this guy was full of shit. End of stealth Mormon game. I raised five children under Mormon Church influence and I never taught nor ever was encouraged to teach such crap as this rapist accused. So take care who you listen to about Mormons or anybody else – even if they seem to be an eye witness and more especially if they display hatred toward the group.

    Your brother,
    Larry Woods

    1. I think most of the Keys see the Mormons in a fairly good light. Yes, this guy indeed has a chip on his shoulder but the temple ceremony has changed a number of times and there is very little written about how it was performed back in the early days so this guy does provide some insight. Like you, I used to hear accusations that Mormons got naked in the temple and did obscene things. If this guy was fairly accurate then I can see where this came from. They didn’t do anything obscene but it looks like they performed the ceremony differently to the extent that church enemies had something to exaggerate.

      I don’t know why the avatar isn’t showing up. I did some updating the other day this created a number of problems I am still fixing. I’ll see what I can do.

  7. I must say he does provide me with some good laughs in the way he writes in the second half of this story:

    “Then again if shipwrecked and no lifeboat handy this Garment becomes a swimming apparatus which beats Paul Boyton’s: we cannot sink. It is a wonder to me that no “Yankee” has yet patented the thing. Think of it; here we have a Garment warranted Devil-proof, fireproof, waterproof, and what not, and the patent not applied for yet. What a chance for some enterprising Yankee.”


    This scene he depicts within the Endowment ceremonies reminds me of past centuries in Rome with the Roman baths and Orgies…..hmmmmm. Lots of naked men and women, taking baths and getting oiled and then sleeping with each other.

  8. Did this bad karma for females start way back with Eve? Was Eve unfaithful to Adam and then they both knew “good from evil”. Was that apple the fruit of the loins? It seems that women have been subjected to much punishment by males for centuries. However, seeing as we can have 7 lifetimes as males and 7 lifetimes as females, then that karma would sort of even itself out.


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