Autism and Teachers

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Thanks for your comments about vaccinations and autism. Since one of the prime directives of this group is to find and recognize truth – this controversy provides an ideal situation to exercise this ability.

Both sides make good arguments, but the question is which side is correct?

The establishment makes the Global Warming defense that the science is settled – there is no further discussion or investigation necessary.  They merely pronounce their version of the truth as fact.

The trouble is that that no good studies are available to prove which side is correct.  All we have so far is anecdotal evidence which is just not accepted by the Powers-That-Be as acceptable.  Perhaps the best study was from the parent in the video where he said he had talked to about 1000 parents with autistic kids who witnessed a correlation between vaccinations and autism in their children.

He then tells us that kids receive an average of 36 vaccinations by the age of five.  I think back to my youth and I had only one vaccination before high school and that was for polio. He points out that one single vaccine may not be the problem so much as the quantity.  After all, the autism rate has increased from one in 10,000 to one in 110 in the past few decades.  Something has to have caused this and nothing else has been identified, even in an anecdotal way.

The parent in the video calls for studies of the effect of numerous vaccines given at once.  Typically a kid may receive 6 vaccines during one single appointment.

It is my gut feeling that he is on to something here.  I would think that a small child receiving six vaccines at one time could be in danger of a number of things.  Such a barrage of poisons could indeed induce a number of ills.

I think the parents of autistic children should do all in their power to encourage some legitimate studies to determine once and for all if there is a connection of some kind.  The trouble is that the medical establishment and the drug companies do not want such studies for if it turns out the parents are correct then medical practitioners will be embarrassed and drug companies will lose money.

On another note John C writes:

A person who possesses such “soul vision” would be intuitively aware of what the soul knows and what the soul sees. And the key of intuition can be used most effectively when consciousness, and therefore attention, has risen above the level of the personality.

I wonder, then, whether such a person would be in constant need of a teacher to explain all things to him, or whether he would be able to look through the eyes of the soul and “just know”, though the oneness principle, that for which he or she seeks.


As far as students needing “a teacher to explain all things to him…” I do not think this applies to anyone here.  Such thinking applies to some cult members and dumbed down adherents of some tightly controlled religions.

When a person achieves soul contact he does not instantly know all things, but progresses precept by precept and line by line, as the scripture says, until he achieves full enlightenment. That which is seen through the eyes of the soul (not the emotions) is accurate but that does not mean the person sees all things.


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10 thoughts on “Autism and Teachers

  1. “One of the first steps to seeing on the higher levels is to go to the plane of the mind and register the contrasts and discern the truth within the contrasts by the use of the mind or good old common sense.

    I do not mention the emotional or astral world as the next step because it is built on the principle of illusion and no everlasting truths can be found there. The astral zone is a testing ground to prepare you for true seeing which begins on the plane of the mind and then goes on to higher spiritual levels including higher levels of feeling.”

    The Art of Seeing

    Copyright 1999 by J.J. Dewey, All Rights Reserved

    “22. But Jesus said, The greatest power in heaven and earth is thought.” Aquarian Gospel

  2. I would think that the final conclusion is still out on autism and vaccines. There have been so many things introduced in the last century or so in our environment.

    Here is another thought. Wonder if there is a correlation between women starting to wear bras and breast cancer?


  3. I don’t understand the new protocol here, so I’ll limit my posting until I understand this new setup better.

    The Sherlock Holmes story is a good illustration. Even though we look, we don’t always see. Our interest is stimulated by a variety of sources.

    My point was that through the intuition what is available to the soul is available to us. But, we have to look, and we need to understand what it is we are looking at, and we need to understand the principle behind it, and we need to be able to determine what we have learned related to what we already know. This is a huge topic. There is no way anybody could cover all the aspects of it in a single post.

    1. Welcome John. You post here just like the Keys and there is no moderation. If someone posts something outrageous I will just remove it. We are also getting comments on previous posts from people outside of the Keys. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

      We want this site to be the center of activity to draw more attention to it. So far it seems to be working as books sales are starting to go up.

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    1. Also as a side note, Master DK has said that people should be cremated rather than buried, as disease can contaminate the soil when people are buried, which seems logical.

    1. There is still the question as to why some kids get autism and others who have the vaccinations do not get autism, so there might be some genetic disposition perhaps or karmic event wherein particular kids develop autism who have these injections, and others do not. It could depend on the strength of their physical and etheric body as well.

      It was interesting to me to note what Wikipedia says about Mercury and also its symbolism.

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