Conscious Creation

1999-8-22 21:42:00

Looks like we need to clarify several things. You must always look for what is not said as well as what is said.

I did not say that we humans on this earth will be the first to begin the Molecular Relationship. This relationship is currently practiced by all the higher lives of Masters and beyond.

This relationship is very ancient, but it will be relatively new to humanity. Even though it has been attempted in past ages it has never been firmly established in the human kingdom on this earth.

The statement that probably threw you off most is that man is the only conscious creator in the universe.

Note that I did not say that he is the only creator in the universe, nor did I say that he is the highest or most important life form.

Many lower forms create also. For instance, atoms arrange themselves into crystalline order. The seed grows into a flower. The beaver builds a dam. But these are not conscious creations. Ages and ages ago these creative expressions were perfected through conscious creation, but when conscious creation perfects a thing then creation proceeds without the involvement of consciousness. The atoms arrange themselves through a program they adhere to as does the seed when it grows to the flower. Even so does the beaver follow a program when he builds the dam. He does not sit back and think to himself: Now let's see. How do I go about building this dam? If he did then each beaver would build a dam with much more differences from the other beavers than is now the case.

As we move up the evolutionary ladder we find that true conscious creation does proceed from human form and intelligence. When the human builds a dam he consciously decides and plans how to go about it. Then when dam making is perfected he follows the plans developed in the past by other humans, or a program similar to the beaver.

The beaver is limited to plans programmed within him, but the human can go where "no man has gone before" and send a man to the moon and beyond through conscious creation.

Humans constitute the fourth kingdom in nature. The fifth kingdom is loosely called the Kingdom of God and is occupied by Masters of Wisdom, but even these high individuals are in human form when they consciously create in this physical universe.

The Angel Kingdom is on a different path of evolution than is man and progresses through following the will of God without consciously questioning anything. This is why certain deva lives, even though used by the Masters for good, can bring disaster if prematurely contacted by a human. Their marching orders are given to them through sounds, mantras and symbols and thus they can become as a beneficial wind or a destroying hurricane to the ignorant.

All lives pass through the human kingdom at one time or another and consciously create until fullness of joy is achieved. Then we move on and leave normal consciousness behind and identify more fully with the Life principle and BECOME through a principle of Identification rather than Consciousness. Once this is achieved we lose interest in being a direct participator in the construction of physical form and work from a point of initiating and directing ideas that are the basis of conscious creation for us lowly humans.

To verify what I say just take a look through the known universe. Do you see any other conscious creators? If you think you do then what have they created in the world of form?

This concept is an interesting thought, one hinted at by the masters but never fully explained. Man (or those in physical humanoid forms) as the point of conscious attention for God, does bear a great responsibility. Even though humans have been around in the universe for many ages, we are just teenagers as a race relative to the life of the universe itself and we shall indeed go where no man or any other life has gone before.

Isn't this a much loftier thought than just blindly repeating what others have done? We shall emulate God and "do all things new." The thrill of newness beats the hell out of repetition in my book any day. By the way, mindless repetition for the human kingdom is hell.

Please ask if there is anything else that sounds amiss or needs amplification.