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You have been revisiting Mormon history a lot lately and now the White Horse Prophecy (WHP), are you trying to tell us something?

We all hope the next gathering will be a success and benefit to mankind and one way to help this to happen is to learn from the mistakes of the past. I have always realized there were mistakes made in Mormonism from the beginning, but until recently I did not understand the depth of the error in Utah while polygamy was practiced.

The rule there was a lot like the Taliban is today rather than anything related to the true Zion.

The study of what happened when some of the best people of that age had their chance at a gathering of lights is a textbook of what not to do the next time the opportunity presents itself.

The best of Jarman’s book is yet to come and two other good reads which are available free on the internet are the autobiographies of Bill Hickman and John D. Lee. These seemed to be two sincere men caught up in a destructive thoughtform that must be avoided in the next cycle.

Blayne writes:
“the Chinese already control the long beach port. And they are making use of these free trade zones (FTZ), they have one in Pocatello and up north and are trying to get one here in Boise. They are also planning them in all 50 states. Interestingly they are saying the land they give them remains US land but anything manufactured there is considered an import. Local police cannot come in the zone without being invited and Customs will only randomly check what goes in and out.

They get all kinds of perks and no taxes low duties etc. but government can’t give Americans anything similar to jump start the economy. There is a bunch of information at this site and a good audio that goes into it in detail here: ”

Eye opening comments on the Chinese Blayne. Thanks. You also said:

“The White Horse Prophecy does not say anything about Islam being destroyed only about freedom being needed. I doubt Islam will be destroyed but will become more benign like Christianity as far as the extreme practices like jihad and treatment of women and death penalty etc.”

I think this is a very accurate statement. Islam will not be destroyed, but the people will evolve it into a more benign form. My guess is this will take about a hundred years but if we can work through the next 30-50 years with them without destroying our way of life then this benign evolution can take place and the world will be much better off for it.

Blayne writes:
Thanks for the response JJ. So why the WHP then, it does not seem to fit with just history lessons we want to avoid in a future gathering? Am I missing something?

I didn’t write about the White Horse Prophesy to connect it to the Hell on Earth series but mainly in response to a Nemelka post where he claimed it was false and Joseph Smith hated the Constitution.

There are connections to be made, however. Joseph envision the church as a positive force for freedom and support of the Constitution and while they had civil power they turned into a tyranny.

Now the church rejects the WHP and frowns on patriot movements. Any elders that work with saving the constitution will probably be acting on their own without the endorsement of the church.

Maybe the elders he was referring to will be Elders that were with him in that life that have been reborn for such a destiny.

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  1. McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 28

    “It is said that the war in Heaven where it talks about the war between Satan and God was fought over the principle of freedom. The side of Christ wanted to give free will to mankind and Satan wanted to keep it from mankind and control everybody because they would not be responsible and they could make a lot of mistakes with their own free will. His argument was that we will take away their free will and “I will assume command and I will make sure that none of the souls are lost or go down the wrong path and I will get all the glory.”

    It is said that Christ said the opposite, He said we will give man free will and yes they will make mistakes but they will recover and they will learn on their own and I will be their teacher and give the glory to God and not take it upon myself.”

    Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

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