Predictions 2011, Part 3

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Now let’s look at the new Republican Congress.

Overall the results of this will be predictable.  The Democrats will find them very frustrating as well as many on the Right who do not see as much reform as they desire.

Obama will try the divide and conquer approach by befriending some who he sees as cooperative to entice them to opposing those who he will label as far right.

On the other hand, there will be Democrats who will side with the Tea Party views in the hope this will secure re-election.  Then there are a handful who see that overspending must be curtailed.

The Left and the mainstream media will attempt to blame all that goes wrong on the new Congress but, even though this will have some effect, it will not take hold as it did in the days of Newt Gingrich.

The Economy
The greatest short term threats to the economy for this year will be from outside influences such as natural or manmade disaster and the threat of new conflict.  Outside of this the economy will actually show some improvement due to business optimism because of the new Republican Congress.  This will not produce a miracle but it will hold a shaky economy together for one more year.  Next year at this time we will have a lot better feel about where the near term economy seems to be going.

Possible Conflicts
North Korea and Iran will both rattle their sabers but we will not go to war this year.  One of the reasons is that China warns us against it and they are becoming so powerful that we are afraid to stir up a possible conflict with them.  There will be growing concern that they could turn aggressive, but on the positive side there is a growing number of Chinese who desire a peaceful Democracy.  We can only hope that this aspect of the people will prevail.

There will be a number of medical advances related to technology such as artificial eyesight, artificial limbs and nano technology.

UFO sightings will be up and one in particular will be difficult to explain away.

New particle discoveries will be made at the Large Hadron Collider at Cern but they will not find the Higgs particle this year.

Lady Gaga will make even stranger attempts to get attention causing some to think she is not stable.

Reality TV will finally begin to lose some of its popularity, thank God.

To be continued…

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4 thoughts on “Predictions 2011, Part 3

  1. So do you think the UFO sightings will be related to Chinese or American technology that has been concealed or etheric projections from our minds because we have been bombarded by UFO movies? There seems to be a growing desire for something else to come and give light and knowledge.

    1. It’s hard to say, but most UFOs are made of etheric matter. Others oscillate between etheric and dense physical.

  2. On the economy one of the most likely threats this year could be a large number of city governments that will become bankrupt and will not be able to keep making payments on their debt. This could very negatively affect the bond market and the overall economy, not unlike the real estate problems we faced previously.

    1. That’ll definitely be a problem but at least we’ll be a little slower to bail everything out with a more responsible house. The States, especially California, will also be a problem – not to mention commercial property defaults. The second half of the year will definitely be a challenge.

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