Hell on Earth, Part 13

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After quoting so much I deem it right to give a little of my own experience. Space prevents my giving in full the three “Patriarchal Blessings” I received so I give extracts as follows:-

“ Salt Lake City, Utah, April, 13th, 1869.

“A blessing given by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of William Jarman, son of John and Ann Jarman, born in London, Middlesex, England, April 1st, 1837.

“Brother William, I lay my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus of Nazereth, to pronounce and seal a blessing upon thee. Therefore be at rest in thy mind and look forward to the future, that you may comprehend the blessings which are in store for the faithful. For thou art of the blood of Joseph and a descendant of Ephraim, and have a great work to perform in thy day. The Lord bath had his eye upon thee for years, and thou art numbered among the One Hundred and forty-four thousand saviours of men * * *

Thou shalt confound the wisdom of the wicked, and set at naught the counsel of the unjust. Thou shalt converse with the noblemen of the earth and they shall wonder at thy wisdom; for thou shalt be filled with the spirit of he Lord above many of thy fellows. * * * Thou shalt also be blessed in thy outgoings and in thy incomings, Spiritually and Temporarily, and also be prospered in the labor of thy hands, and thy name shall be perpetuated upon the earth, and handed down with thy posterity in honorable remembrance, and written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and Registered in the Chronicles of thy Fathers with thy Brethren. This blessing I seal upon thy head, and I call thee up unto Eternal Life to come forth in the morning of the First Resurrection-Even so Amen. Recorded in Book A. page 903.”

The Patriarch, John Young, Brigham’s brother, gave me a blessing for two dollars, which is dirt cheap. It covers four pages of “ Foolscap “ closely written, in which I am confirmed “An Heir to the Holy Priesthood” as well as being “one of the 144,000 virgins without guile.” I am also a Jew though born of Gentile parents, “Being a literal descendent of Ephraim,” I am to “obtain a fullness of the Holy Priesthood in the own due time of the Lord. Also, “Wives and children and a numerous posterity on the earth, even upon Mount Zion.”

Then comes a sentence which makes me a good catch for Insurance Company or Sick Benefit Society, it says: I seal upon your head the blessings of life and of health and prosperity and say you shall live on the earth till your hair becomes as white as the pure wool.” I am to become “ Saviour upon Mount Zion; and clothed upon with Priestly Garments and have power to officiate in the holy ordinances; be numbered among the great and the good, and receive an inheritance in the New Heavens and New Earth.’, After pronouncing blessings innumerable, this Patriarch winds up with “These blessings I seal upon you according to the holy order committed to the servants of the Lord to bind on earth and bind for heaven, and I do it by the power of the priesthood in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even so, Amen.”

The Patriarch C. W. Hyde “ blessed “ me real nice, one of his wives wrote it down and gave me a copy. He began with, “William, I place my hands upon thy head and seal upon you a Patriarchal Blessing, for the eye of the Lord has been upon thee from Everlasting to do a great and a mighty work in this Kingdom, and no weapon formed against thee shall prosper for the Lord has given his Angels charge over you that you may live long upon the earth to promote the glory and interest of the Kingdom of God on this Earth and thou shalt stand before Kings and rulers to proclaim this Gospel * * * Thou shalt have power to do any miracle that was ever done * * * Have power to open prisons. * * * Thou art of the house of Ephraim and a right to the fullness of the Priesthood with wives and a great Kingdom upon the Earth * * * you shall stand on the earth at the coming of the Messiah * * * Thou shalt lead many to Zion with the rich treasures to help rear the Temple * “ You shall redeem your father’s household. These blessings I seal upon your head with Eternal lives with your father’s household, forever and ever, Amen. Recorded in Book E. page 792,”

The price of these Patriarchal Blessings is Two Dollars per “ Bless.”

Notwithstanding the great and manifold “blessings,” the Endowment House had so shaken my faith in Mormonism that I cared very little for my “ High and Holy Calling.” I became acquainted with a “ Cockney “ who felt about as I did, we both wished ourselves back in London. One day when calling on my Cockney friend, he introduced me to two of the “ brethren “ who had participated in the Mountain Meadow Massacre. I had heard of the affair as “an Indian Massacre,” and was surprised to find that the Mormons were the principal actors in that fearful tragedy. When I learnt from these men the facts, I felt that to be associated with such a band of murderers would make me equally guilty. How could I uphold such deeds? I could never call these men “my brothers.” I went at once to Brigham Young and demanded to have my name erased from their books, for I could no longer remain a Mormon, and told him the reason. On leaving Brigham he said to me “Oh ta, ta if you are going; You’ve got it bad, I see; your case shall be attended to.”

Up to this time my life was burdensome, but now having asserted my rights and dared to be free, and having left the abominable Church, I felt more easier, I was indeed a converted man. I prepared to battle with the inevitable, for I knew the awful fate that awaits “Apostates.” They do not always kill them. Off times they are declared insane, and confined in a wretched Asylum. I am sorry I have not space to give the abundance of proof I have on this point.

Even since I commenced writing this book, an American Lady has sent me a copy of her new book, entitled “Elder Northfield’s Home, or Sacrificed on the Mormon Altar, a story of the blighted curse of Polygamy.” A New York paper says of it:-” It tells the story of an English girl who, becoming infatuated with a Mormon elder accompanies him to Utah. It will open the eyes of the mothers and fathers of the land to a curse which is darker than the shackles of slavery, more deadly than the plagues of Egypt.” I have read the book with much interest. It tells how the girl was trapped, her life in Utah Slavery, her attempted escape and captured; then placed in a lunatic asylum. It is a thrilling story; those of my readers who can afford one dollar should send to Mrs. Jennie Bartlett, Monson, Mass. U.S.A., the Authoress, for a copy. It beats all the novels in the world, and dearly shows the Mormon Insanity dodge.

I naturally thought that as they knew of my asylum episode I should be pronounced insane, and speedily “die a raving maniac.” Fearing they might place their “ Danites” or “Destroying Angels” on my track, I made a friend of a “Chief Danite,” who lived near me. I bought him. The price was high, but my readers will soon see that it was a good investment, for not long after my interview with Brigham, the Bishop waited on me, and gave me to understand that my blood must be shed to atone for my sins. I preferred to remain in my sins rather than have my throat cut, and told him so. I was not ready to acquiesce as he wished, and he went away “ disgusted “ with me.

A few days after my “ Danite friend” came to me on the Q. T. He said, For God’s sake be careful; never show out after dark; when the chickens go to roost you go too.” I told him that in London we seldom retired so early, I was afraid that going to bed so soon would prevent my sleeping, and make an awful long night of it. He smiled, promised to do me a good turn if he could, and we parted.

I kept a good look out, and so did the Mormon leaders, for one evening having met an old friend in the City, it was dark when I left him to go home. My house was in the suburbs, and I had some distance to go. When I got near home my Danite friend met me, pushed me back hurriedly and whispered, “Go back, your grave is dug in your garden; two men are waiting at your gate, and we have to kill you. Don’t go home to-night; swear you ain’t seen me, or you and I are both dead men.”

Had I gone home the reader’s eyes would not now be resting on these pages. Thousands that wished to inform the world, as I am now doing, are in their graves; as the Mormons say, “Dead men tell no tales.”

The next morning I went to my “Hell upon Earth.” Before going in, I found my NEW DUG GRAVE in the garden. I looked down into my grave, a sight seldom witnessed by mortal eyes. The reader may have looked into the grave of a relative or friend, but into his own, never. I cannot describe my thoughts as I stood there by the side of my grave, which, but for the timely warning would now contain my body. There and then I swore that if spared to escape from that awful Sodom, I would spend the balance of my days in exposing the abominable evils of Mormonism.

“The spirit of the times can be gathered from the following beautiful expressions of President Young, his apostle son Brigham, and General D. H. Wells, then Mayor of the city, in a meeting of 1,500 men. Brigham Young, Jr.,, said That fellow Sherman said the other night coming down the street that he felt rather timid about coming out after dark. I know the reason why he felt timid; he knows that he should be killed. That’s what’s the matter. Any man who violates his covenant should be killed! ‘ President Young assented to this beautiful speech of his apostle by the nodding of his head, and when young Brigham had sat down the old man said: That man is an unprofitable servant that his master has to tell him to do everything. Brethren whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Then Gen: D. H. Wells stood on his feet and said: ‘The best thing that we can do for these men is to kill them.” Extract from Salt Lake Tribune.

The usual plan of breaking up the Apostates’ home was resorted to. The doctrine that no woman is saved but through her husband means that if the husband leaves the church the wife must leave him or she also is lost. My wife was, and still is a Mormon fanatic. The Probate Judge and Great High, Priest gave her a bill of divorce and most of my real estate. The second wife then wished to be legally married. This was done as I afterwards found to secure the balance of my property, as she could also get a divorce and property with it when married. Prior to the first wife’s divorce, I had been commanded to put my stock of drapery into the Mormon Co-operative Store, just then started. This I refused to do; I had paid the tenth of it into the church, as tithing. If a man or woman has but 10 shillings on arriving in “Zion,” they must give one to the church, and ever after the tenth of all their earnings. I give one verse from their “ Sacred “ Hymns in the Mountain Warbler, p. 67:-

“ TUNE= King Of the Cannibal Islands.”

“Now, male and female, rich and poor, who wish to keep your standing sure,
That you salvation may secure. Come forward and pay up your tithing.
A tenth that is and nothing less, of all you do or may possess:
In flocks and herds, and their increase; in pigs and poultry, ducks and geese;
A tenth, indeed of all your toil, likewise the products of the soil;
And if you’ve any wine or oil, come forward, and pay up your tithing!”

Then, if to prosper you desire, and wish to keep out of the fire,
Nay, if you to be Saints aspire, come forward and pay up your tithing.

I had “come forward,” paid my tithing, and now they wanted the other nine-tenths. I failed to see the point. The first day I arrived in “Zion,” the Bishop overhauled my fourteen boxes and bales of silks, velvets, linen, broadcloth, &c., and said, “The Church will open a store shortly, you can put these. goods in and receive stock in the concern and a situation when we start. You see Brother Jennings, obtain a situation in his store so as to learn how business is done here.” I got the situation and went to work. This was a trap as you will see. Mormons are so tricky, and suspecting everybody, they fix matters, so that if a man dares assert his rights, or fails to “obey counsel” they have him, as in my case.

I showed Jennings my goods and tried to sell them to him, but he refused to purchase. The Church Store was duly opened, and as stated, I was – “ counseled “ to put my stock into the concern; but I had been through the-Endowment House, and wished to turn my goods into money and “Hook it.” While planning a disposal of my goods, a policeman came with a warrant, arrested me on a charge of stealing these goods from Jennings and Co.. Teasdale and Sadler, the partners of Jennings were there to swear to the goods and seize them. I was dragged off to a dungeon, while Teasdale and Sadler hauled my goods in wagons to their private office.

When brought into the Mormon court for examination, I sent for my – attorney and the proceedings commenced. “ Brothers “ Jennings, Teasdale – and Sadler swore to the goods, “BECAUSE THERE IS OUR PRIVATE MARK UPON THEM.” When I saw the marks I felt overcome. There were the goods. I had purchased in England with their private mark thereon. My attorney reserved his defense and asked for bail. This was put so high it was impossible – for me to obtain it, and I was thrust back into the dungeon, here with a poor wretch who had not changed his linen for seven months.

The Mormon Grand Jury brought in a Bill of Indictment against me consisting of THIRTEEN different counts or charges, covering FORTY-TWO-pages of Legal Cap. Lawyers think of it for a moment! I have the copy of that Indictment now before me, but its length precludes its insertion here.

Any lawyer can see it at my lectures, I hope to have copies printed and placed in the hands of every lawyer in England and America. It’s a legal curiosity which charges me with stealing 15,767 dollars worth of my own goods. It is so framed that if I cleared one charge there were 12 charges more to clear, and if I managed to clear the first 12 charges, the thirteenth was fixed so as to make it impossible for me to clear it. Then I should have at least two years in Jail, and my property confiscated to the Mormon Church.

A few days before the trial, my attorney, who came to see me, was afraid I should be a corpse before the time set for my trial if I remained in that dungeon. He induced the prosecuting attorney to prevail upon the High Priest Judge to lower the bail. This was done, and I was liberated on bail.

To describe my trial which occupied two weeks, is impossible. I secured an extra attorney and did the best I could. We successfully proved that the goods were not marked when taken to the private office of Jennings and Co., that they remained in that office three days and nights, and when first seen after that they were marked. Besides on my way to Utah, when arriving at the Railway Terminus, my boxes were shunted on a plank from the car to the wagons, one of the boxes fell off and was smashed and its contents scattered. Those who gathered the things and helped pack them, swore that I had those very goods 500 miles back, and a month before I reached Salt Lake City.

I cleared 12 charges, but the 13th charged that on the last day their Store was open prior to turning over the concern to the big Church Store, I stole from “ Brothers “ Jennings, Teasdale and Sadler 300 dollars in money These “Brothers” swore to it. Their Cashier and Bookkeeper corroborated and produced the firms’ books to show that on that day when every salesman was equally busy and returned over 300 dollars each to the Cashier, I who had been just as busy all day had only returned five dollars according to their books and oaths; consequently I must have pocketed at least 300 dollars on that particular day.

When the Court adjourned for the night, I went to my attorneys’ office, where I met Mr. Durkee the “ Gentile “ Governor of Utah. After stating the case to him I asked, “Can you do anything for me? “ He replied, “I do not see that I can. I am the Governor of the Territory, but Brigham Young is the Governor of the People. A Gentile Governor in Utah is the biggest farce on Earth.” Mr. Durkee sent for other lawyers, who consulted with my attorneys in reference to the matter.

These gentlemen said “though you have ‘cleared the 12 charges, that 13th is a clincher put there on purpose to secure your conviction and your goods. You cannot go behind their books and I prove them false; look at the vast array of testimony on that point from the three members of the firm, their Bookkeeper and also their Cashier. That is a thing we never attempt to do; its useless and your conviction is sure.”

Governor Durkee wrote out a free Pardon. I was now to become “A Pardoned Convict.” Crushed, weary and heavy laden, I left to go home being still on bail. Pen cannot describe my feelings as I wended my way home in the dark. Suddenly I heard distinctly “Can’t you see?” Thinking it was someone in the garden I was passing. I took but little notice of it. I had not proceeded far when it seemed to be uttered immediately behind me this time–” Can’t you see? “ I turned but saw no one, it was very dark. Thinking someone was near I called out “See what! “ the answer came “the date! the date! 20th of February-The Last Day! “ All at once it came to my I mind that I could remember a few who had dealt with me on that day, for every one who could, made purchases then, as the shops were all to be closed for one week. I thought of a man and his wife who had made extensive purchases that day. I went at once to their house. I asked “Do you remember buying some goods of me in Jennings’ Store the last day it was opened?” “Oh yes,” replied the wife, “I bought that 18 dollar shawl and-”

“Excuse me” I said “Do you remember how much your bill was?”

The husband replied, “Yes, I have the account,” producing which he said” 44 dollars and 50 cents.”

I asked “Do you know if the goods were paid for and how?”

He replied “You gave me this bill,” producing it, “and after I examined and found it correct you sent it with a 50 dollar bill to the Cashier, and five dollars and 50 cents change came back.”

I asked, “Do you know who the Cashier was and the cash-boy who took the money?”

The man and his wife both declared they could swear that the Cashier was N. H. Felt, and the cash-boy his son, and they both saw the boy give the 50 dollar bill to his father and receive from him the change, which the boy brought to me.

I thanked them and said that what they had told me must be sworn to in Court and that subpoenas would be presented them next morning. Here then I had evidence to prove those books wrong or the Cashier a thief. His books returned only five dollars as my total sales for the day, here was one sale of 44 and a half dollars, and the money seen to go into the Cashier’s hands by two witnesses. I then went to others I thought of. The next man and wife could swear tot over 70 dollars they saw the Cashier receive from me in about the same manner, and before the Court opened next morning I had many witnesses who could swear they saw me send to the Cashier that day over 300 dollars.

That “busted up” the 13th charge, and as nothing more remained, against me. I saw Brigham’s private reporter who had been present through the trial, rush out, and shortly return and hand a note to the Judge. When this High Priest Judge delivered his charge to the Jury of Priests, Elders and Teachers, he told them to acquit, and to pay no attention to the opinions he had hitherto expressed. He had considered me guilty and had so stated, but now at the close of the trial he had reason to change his mind. I was acquitted amid the hurrahs of the crowded court.

Though I had 13 witnesses whose testimony unrebutted was now on file and they were ready again to offer the same evidence which must convict that Cashier, yet “Brother Jennings” never brought “Brother Felt” to trial. How’s that? Echo answers in true Yankee style “ How? “ Then answers by asking “Was their books fixed for the occasion? “ and then replies “ They-were; “ the same infernal agency that prompted the marking of my goods, fixed the books also.

This “ Brother “ Jennings is the “Hon.” William Jennings, a member of the Legislature, a commander in the “Navoo Legion of cut throats” and Director of the “Deseret Bank,” run by “Apostles and Priests, by inspiration and revelation,” like the “Kirtland Bank” which “busted.” Yet over the-door of this “Revelation Bank” may be seen in large letters “U. S. (Uncle Sam’s) Repository.” This I fail to understand. When U. S. Grant visited: Salt Lake City, he wined and dined with this “Hon.” Wm. Jennings.

The Mormon Sheriff, R. T. Burton, the chief actor in the Morrisite Massacre, where women were murdered “for Christ’s sake,” seized my goods ere they left the Court, to pay bills I never contracted.

“The Utah Daily Reporter,” August 5th, 1869, says:-” The great larceny case against William Jarman, in the Probate Court, ended Saturday night at twelve o’clock in a verdict of NOT GUILTY.’ This case has excited a great deal of comment throughout the City. It is the greatest case of larceny that has ever been tried in this Territory, involving property to a large amount, and many nice points of law. Mr. Jarman, it appears from the testimony in the case, arrived here last fall, bringing with him an assortment of merchandize and a large amount of money earned by him in England.

“He obtained a clerkship with William Jennings and Co., where he remained six months, when Jennings and Co. sold out to the Co-operative Association; Mr. Jarman became involved in a difficulty with the Church authorities and withdrew from fellowship.

“From this time the hand of persecution followed him with relentless -energy, and finally culminated in a charge of grand larceny, preferred by Jennings and Co. The principal witnesses for the prosecution were Mr. Teasdale and Mr. Sadler, of the firm of Jennings and Co.; but their testimony was exceedingly contradictory, and the defense introduced witnesses to impeach and contradict their testimony. The defense introduced overwhelming testimony to disprove the charge and an acquittal was the result.

From fifty to Sixty witnesses were examined during the trial, which occupied twelve days, and the attorneys for the accused consumed eleven hours in summing up the testimony before the jury. Z. Snow, Esq., appeared for the prosecution’ and R. H. Robertson and H. W. Isaacson, Esqs., for the accused. The result is received with universal satisfaction by the people, who believed the charge unfounded from the beginning.”

One night soon after the trial I was sent for to see a “ Saint “ on urgent “business. It was 10 p.m. when we sat down to talk business. He touched upon all sorts of topics; when I broached business he said, “Don’t hurry! won’t you take something?” and fetching in whisky said, “Do take some, ‘ it’ll do you good! “ I steadfastly declined; had I been a drinker and taken some then, it would have been my death, for stupified with drink, and that drugged, they could quietly put me with the others who tell no tales; but by keeping my brain clear I was always conscious, knew my danger, and kept on the look out. Who can blame me for abstaining from alcoholic drink?

The “ Saint “ kept discoursing upon all sorts of topics quite foreign to that I had come to talk about. I sat till 12 o’clock, then arose, said, “It’s midnight, I’ll see you to-morrow.”

He replied “I go off early, to be gone sometime; we will settle this matter now, sit down.”

I felt forced by an irrepressible power to hurry off. I got into the hall, found the door locked and key gone. I shouted “Open the door! “ He asked “Are you armed” seeing me place my hands to my pistol pockets. I at once presented a pair of -revolvers to his astonished gaze. The door was opened instantly. I got into ‘the middle of the road, and fearing Danites might come up behind me I kept whirling around and presenting my pistols ready to fire, and thus I got home. (The sequel of this follows shortly.)

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  1. Wow, this book is expensive:

    “Elder Northfield’s Home, or Sacrificed on the Mormon Altar, a story of the blighted curse of Polygamy.


    Brigham Young had a huge negative karmic debt to pay back. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up either being tortured and killed by Hitler as a Jew, or he would have had to repay his karma by saving lots of people in his next lifetime and doing something positive for humanity in his service, or he ended up working for Hitler and had his back still turned away from the Light?


  2. This is a fascinating account by this author and sad to say it seems that things have not changed much as far as the mind set goes. I remember you telling us of a man who upon reading your writings wished in his mind that you could be tortured and killed like they did to so many back in those days as this author recounts. This brings sadness to me but as does all that is going on the world today and here in our own country with the big union and government bureaucracies, and most of the religions of the world. This does seem more like a Taliban rule. I look forward to the sequel to this story.


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