Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye

Reader Comment: To the best of my knowledge no one here has said that it is impossible to have an optical eye in the center of one’s forehead. I wouldn’t be surprised if science could not in the near future find a way to manipulate human genetics to accomplish that if there was any particular reason to do so.

JJ: I’m not talking about something composed of optical principles exactly like our eyes, but an eye which is a synthesis of optical and spiritual vision rolled into one.

And as far as optics are concerned, I wouldn’t be surprised if a camera with one apparent opening for a lens is developed someday that produces 3-D pictures. In fact, software has been available for years that can take a two-dimensional drawing and transform it into 3-D.

We already have instruments that can see a wider spectrum of vision than our eyes. This foreshadows human possibilities.

Reader: Also no one has said that “seeing” or “vision” beyond what one takes as “normal vision” is impossible. I have certainly not said that. So it is difficult to understand exactly to whom your comment is addressed? Perhaps it is addressed to some imaginary individual? 🙂

JJ: It was addressed to all including you, of course. Perhaps, I misunderstood. I thought you disagreed with my teachings that some higher beings have a single third eye, which provides higher as well as regular seeing. It now sounds like any disagreement is minimal.

If I now understand you correctly your view runs something like this. My teaching on the all-seeing eye does not register as correct with you but at the same time you see that all things are possible.

I can’t ask for more than this. If someone who claims to be God himself were to appear and teach us something that does not register with our souls, we should not automatically accept it.

The all-seeing eye in these beings is over twice as large as a regular eye and such beings presently exist in etheric matter. When the last race manifests here one would expect it to follow the humanities of the past worlds and when a correspondence to the all-seeing eye manifests there is no way to predict how much regular optics and other means of seeing will be built into it. The one thing we can know in advance is the power to see in all directions and dimensions will be greatly increased.

Question: Could you expand on the idea  that humanity is the soul of the universe?

JJ: Think of the principle “As above, so below” and visa versa. The point of interplay in the lower worlds, which produces soul energy within us, are tiny lives which have achieved relative perfection eons ago. These lives exist in spirit and matter interchangeably.

Even so, humanity is the developing soul of the greater universe, but we, as a whole, at the present, are centered much more in the material than the spiritual. When the majority of human lives in the universe achieve soul contact then the true soul of the universe will come into being and lead the universe itself to self-consciousness and a soul contact of its own.

Reader: I am just wondering how you could know about all this with enough certainty to be teaching it to others as absolute truth. You must be pretty certain. I find it difficult to understand how you could be so certain, when their appears to be so little to go on in regards to these things.

JJ: If I teach a concept in this group, it means that I personally believe in it and if I personally believe in a teaching it means that I have strong reason for doing so. I always teach with certainty if I feel it from within. This of course, does not mean that I am always right. Human error can always creep in as well as the fact that pieces to the whole picture are often missing.

There have been several times that I have made a post and on reflection afterwards my soul communicated with me telling me that I did not have the whole picture and that I would have to clarify the teaching sometime in the future when more light comes.

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. A. A. Milne (1882 – 1956)

July 24, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey

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More than Meets the Eye

More than Meets the Eye

A reader makes a solid point:

“We already have an all-seeing eye. Our third eye is all seeing. We just have not developed it to its fullest potential. We do not concentrate on it because we have two eyes to help us perceive the illusion of our physical world and therefore rely on them more and have no real motivation to develop our third eye. I feel that our eyes are a detriment to the development of our third eye & spirituality. That is why we close our eyes when we meditate. It is a scientific fact that we have optical nerves going to the third eye. The more we develop and concentrate on the third eye the less we will need or use our two eyes and therefore the smaller they will become and then disappear. Just like we don’t need our appendices or tonsils anymore. We have outgrown them and they are getting smaller.”

Another reader gives us some solid evidence of the power of the third eye:

“I have meditated in the past and just before I opened my eyes, I was able to perceive the room around me. I ‘seen’ a picture of my surroundings, down to the smallest detail, even ‘saw’ my husband moving around in the bed next to me. I was not using my ‘real’ eyes to ‘see’, but in fact was tapping into my third eye’s vision. With this sight, I was able to see in a depth I had not experienced before, like seeing a fourth dimension or something. There was more color than I had ever seen before, and a type of mist or glow around everything (I think I was seeing auras). Even my headboard (which is oak) was glowing! The more conscienceless an object or being had, the stronger the ‘glow’ was. It freaked me out at first, so I opened my eyes, and immediately the images faded back to ‘normal’. I closed my eyes to see if I was imagining this, and after a few minutes of calmness, the vision returned. I was even able to perceive through the walls somehow, ‘seeing’ the bed in the room next to mine!!”

JJ: Many have reported seeing with greater power of vision than is explainable based on standard scientific understanding.

It is always a mistake to constrict ourselves to a statement such as: “This is impossible because it runs counter to scientific laws.”

Actually, nothing runs contrary to law. The problem is that we never have a full understanding of all the laws.

Let me give two examples

Time and time again scientists themselves have come face to face with a reality that forced them to reconstruct their own view of law.

One was the Michelson-Morley experiment. They thought the following was an established scientific fact.

Two trains go opposite directions beginning at starting point (A). Both trains move away from (A) at 50 miles an hour. Two boys on each of the trains throw a rock in the same direction the trains are moving. The two rocks move forward at an additional 50 miles per hour.

Here are the conclusions that were thought to be irrefutable.

(1) The two trains are moving away from each other at 100 MPH. This is simple mathematics (or 2 X 50MPH)

(2) When the boy on the train at 50 MPH throws a rock at an additional speed of 50 MPH then the rock is simply traveling at 100 MPH in relation to point (A).

(3) This would also mean that the rock thrown by the first boy would be moving at 200 MPH in relation to the rock thrown the other direction.

(4) If one of the boys throws a rock at 50 MPH behind the train it would be reduced to zero velocity in relation to point (A).

Here we have what appears to be basic math that may have never been questioned if the Michelson and Morley hadn’t seen the results of their experiment with their own eyes. In fact, they were so bewildered with the results that they spent most of the rest of their lives testing, refining and retesting it.

Using the above logic back in the late 1800’s, they figured that if they shined a light beam away from the earth in two different directions that they could record two different speeds for light.


Because the earth is already traveling at a high rate of speed, much faster than any train. Their reasoning was that if they projected a beam of light in the direction the earth was already moving that the speed of light should be equal to its regular speed plus the speed the earth was already traveling. It’s like the speed of a rock would be equal to the throwing speed plus the speed of the train.

Then if they project a light the other direction it should move much slower like a rock thrown behind the train.

To their amazement nothing about light followed the laws they thought were rock solid.

In every direction and situation light continued at the same speed. To understand why this was so baffling we need to apply the results to the example of the trains.

The results they saw with their own eyes was something like finding out:

(1) The two trains are moving away from each other at 100 MPH. This is simple mathematics (or 2 X 50 MPH)

Wrong: The two trains are only moving away from each other at 50 MPH

(2) When the boy on the train at 50 MPH throws a rock at an additional speed of 50 MPH then the rock is simply traveling at 100 MPH in relation to point (A).

Wrong: The rock is only moving away from point (A) at 50 MPH

(3) This would also mean that the rock thrown by the first boy would be moving at 200 MPH in relation to the rock thrown the other direction.

Wrong: The two rocks are only moving at 50 MPH away from each other.

(4) If one of the boys throws a rock at 50 MPH behind the train it would be reduced to zero velocity in relation to point (A).

Wrong: The rock continues at 50 MPH in relation to point (A).

NOTE: (50 MPH corresponds to the speed of light for this analogy)

This roughly gives you an idea of how befuddled Michelson and Morley were and why they repeated the experiment with more refined instruments over and over.

It wasn’t until Einstein came along with the theory of relativity that some answers seemed to surface and even then we are not sure of all the answers.

Another item that baffled scientists was the double-slit experiment. This has had many variations but in one of them they send a single electron toward two openings on a sheet and the result is that the one electron appears to go through both openings and land in two places. This phenomena happens with beams of light and other particles.

With both of the above experiments (and many others) if scientists had not seen the results with their own eyes they would have never believed them possible and would never have predicted them.

There is much more evidence of the possibility of an all-seeing eye than there was to foreshadow the relativity of light or the double-slit.

If one were to meet a Kumara and peer into his all-seeing eye the question would not be “Is this possible?” but one of seeking to understand that which has manifested in reality which runs contrary to preconceived notions.

On another note a reader was commenting on the teaching that the Ancient of Days came here from Venus to serve us. On reflecting on this she said:

“Again I start crying and feel somewhat bereft……..I don’t get it!!!! Am I touching some astral thoughtform????”

It sounds like you are picking up some true feelings associated with your distant past. This could be related to a number of things. Most likely it would be associated with a true teaching you once learned (or taught) around the sacrifice of God or the masters toward humanity. Perhaps you came to this earth also from another sphere with the purpose to serve and your soul is reminding you of this.

It is good that you are feeling this and it will be helpful for you to reflect upon and ever notice when the feeling returns and what causes it to return.

Consciousness of our powers augments them. Vauvenargues

July 23, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The All-Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye

Question: If we evolved to having just a single eye then how would we perceive 3-dimensional space for which two eyes are needed?

JJ: The all-seeing eye would be able to perceive three-dimensional space and more. To say it could not would be like someone in 1980 saying that computers cannot perceive speech. The seeing of our current eyes is primitive compared to where we are going.

In fact, I can see 3-dimensional space and distance with one eye closed all ready.

We can’t judge the qualities and abilities of the all-seeing eye by comparing them to our own limited ones because it is a much more advanced model.

Question: It is interesting that you say the Ancient of Days was the first self-conscious human? So, he was a human being once just like we are now.

JJ: When he incarnated as the first self-conscious human on the earth he had already overcome all things as a mortal in another solar system in the distant past and was far more than a master.

He made a great sacrifice and incarnated to stimulate the evolution of the humanoids toward self-consciousness.

Question: The Ancient of Days is now so advanced that he is that molecular life-form which is incarnated into a body composed of all earth life. Will we humans one day be that higher molecular life-form that incarnates into the 24 bodies of future molecules? Is that the direction our evolution is headed?

JJ: The Ancient of Days has a regular physical/etheric body of his own, but shares consciousness with other beings as well as the entire planet. Technically he is the permanent atom of the planet and the representative of the greater logoic life of the whole planet which is a separate entity, but shares consciousness with him.

When a molecule is perfected, another entity will incarnate in it and we will share its consciousness, but will still be distinct from the higher entities in Shamballa.

Comment: You say that it is obvious that in the physical world one arm and one leg would be a handicap. That was precisely the point I was attempting to make. One eye in the physical world is also a handicap.

The reader then went on to explain, how in accordance with current science and his own experience why we need two eyes for depth of vision as well as for a competed beautiful physical body.

JJ: Why are you assuming that evolution cannot create one eye that can do the work of two or be better than two? That is like a person a century ago saying that a telephone was impossible. It is also possible that our minds will evolve so we will not need arms and legs except for the need to manifest in an acceptable manner.

We know from many testimonies of near-death experience, as well as visions and spiritual experiences, that there is greater vision available than is had by our two physical eyes.  Many have reported being able to see in all directions when the body’s eyes were closed, as well as seeing from any part of their physical form. I recently read of a man who was blind from birth who had a near death experience and was able to see in all directions at once. He was able to see beyond the physical, and in so doing was also able to see what was happening in the physical world.

The third eye also has this capability of seeing beyond the physical, and when this occurs the physical is also available to vision, but a vision greater than possessed by the two physical eyes.

But the beauty of the eye transcends symmetry and beauty is found in the eye itself that goes beyond beauty as found in form. The radiation from the eye creates a spiritual beauty, but even from the physical perspective it is very regal.

Even with our present forms there is beauty in the eyes that goes far beyond symmetry. Some eyes are so lovely you could just stare at them for a long period even though a rough description may make them sound no different than the eyes of Hitler.

Because there is only one of a thing is no reason to not see beauty. We have one mouth, one nose and one face and most find beauty in these.

The third all-seeing eye will be a new organ that will take over the function of our two eyes and add new dimensions of seeing causing the regular form to eventually change.

I’m not saying now or ever that any new development in evolution or ability will ever run contrary to any of the laws of physics or the universe. All the higher lives merely use the laws we know and some we do not know to remove limitations.

The all-seeing eye uses natural law to see in the physical and also higher planes as well as wavelengths not available to the normal human, It can not only see through physical objects but around them and thus has a depth perception much greater than the two eyes, making two eyes unnecessary.

The all-permeating light of the spirit is everywhere making universal vision possible.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. — Harold R. McAlindon

July 22, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Spiritual and Physical Evolution

Spiritual and Physical Evolution

Just a few more comments of clarification on this statement: “In evolution the end is often like the beginning but with improvements.”

Studying ancient physical races will not shed much light on this because the first two races were not physical, but were in grades of etheric matter. It was the third race, the Lemurian, was physical, of which the Australian aborigine is a remnant.

The first race was hermaphrodite and has similarities to the seventh and last race, but with differences. One of the biggest differences is the seventh race will be physical.

“If the eye is all-seeing then the one will be all that is needed and would not be a regression.”

I received some questioning on my teaching that the seventh race will have need of only one eye which will be the eventual physical manifestation of the ajna center, commonly called the third eye. This eye will take the place of the current two physical eyes as well as enable vision in etheric and mental matter. What is called the Elohim use this eye.

It was questioned as to whether it is scientifically possible for one eye to replace the two on the physical plane.

There are many spiritual abilities for which current science cannot explain. It does not even accept the idea of spiritual worlds, or an afterlife. Many with near death experiences reported 360-degree vision and that they were able to see with their whole spiritual body, not just the eyes. There are many higher abilities of which we are capable that are beyond the understanding of current science, but when new discoveries are made science will have to yield to the new realities.

Reader comment: I can see it now. After we evolve into having one eye, we will also have one hand and just one foot to jump around on.

JJ: Instead of moving toward one arm and one leg the evolution is toward formlessness or circular cells of energy. It is obvious that in the present physical world one arm and one leg would be a handicap. One limb would also be a handicap in beauty as all things move toward the beautiful as well as the useful. One all-seeing eye would give all the usefulness needed. Because humanity has not seen such a being they cannot judge its beauty for it is nothing like the fairly grotesque forms of movie fame.

As in all things I teach all are free to accept or reject, but I will add this for the logical mind. Nature has experimented with all forms, probably even one-legged ones. It keeps the ones that works and discards the ones that do not work. If there is such a thing as an all-seeing eye that is also a thing of beauty then we would not need two of them. Therefore, logic dictates that this form would be kept by those who are attracted to it and find it useful.

Those of us who want to keep our present form indefinitely will be able to do so as long as physical reality is conducive to it. However, as soon as a new form comes along that is more useful all intelligence begins to gravitate toward it.

The next race, the sixth will not experience a great change in form but will be a synthesis of all races and the beauty of the individual will be refined. The change is more in consciousness than the physical form excepting that the majority will be beautiful.

The seventh race on this (and previous planets) will see a significant physical changes toward the divine hermaphrodite. This race, we are told, will be like Gods in comparison to the powers we have today.

Question: You say that the people will eventually merge and create a greater life for the soul of humanity. If we create a greater life for the soul of humanity, does this in turn create a greater life or soul for the Universe, for you tell us humanity represents the soul of the universe.

JJ: When I was speaking of the “soul of humanity” I was talking about the humanity on this earth which is only one of billions in the universe. An advancement of humanity on this earth is only a small matter when looking at the universe as a whole.

Soul is the interplay between spirit and matter and when looking at the universe as a whole the point of interplay is humanity. In some places humanity is very spiritual and other places it is very material, but looking at human life, as a whole, we see an oscillation of the tiny lives shifting between spirit and matter just as happens in our individual universe. Within the disciple attention on the soul causes an interplay, or oscillation, between spirit and matter.

As humanity on the various worlds advance more power will be given to the soul of the universe to give it life and shape.

Question: Would you clarify our relation to the Ancient of Days and our solar angel?

JJ: We do not manifest through the consciousness of the Ancient of Days any more than the Chinese manifest through you. You are a reflection of your solar angel and are nourished by it. The Ancient of Days tunes into your consciousness as well as the consciousness of the planet as a whole and the entire earth is a vehicle for his current incarnation.

The elements of your body existed before you incarnated and will exist after you die. In fact they change every 7-14 years. We are like the elements in the body of the planetary logos.

Question: Does the Solar Angel and Ancient of Days work as one or as two separate entities?

JJ: They are separate and in different planes. The Ancient of Days is much higher evolved than a solar angel.

Question: Is the monad part of the Ancient of Days’ consciousness, because here it is the God of this Earth?

JJ: The monad is the part of ourselves which dwells in the highest spiritual plane and has extended itself to experience time and space. Even the Ancient of Days has a monad, but it doesn’t directly experience life here. Higher lives such as the Ancient of Days access the consciousness of the monad and go where none has gone before in this physical universe.

The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards. Arthur Koestler (1905 – 1983)

July 22, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Three Groups

The Three Groups

I have been thinking about a subject that needs a little clarification.

Over the years many supporters and like-thinking members have defending me and the teachings I have given out in a number of ways, not only in this group, but on numerous other forums and circumstances. Some have gone so far as to say something like: “This is what I think JJ thinks on the matter.” Usually, they are amazingly accurate when they do this.

What has saddened me is that these sincere individuals have often been attacked with the implication that they have no thoughts of their own, that they are JJ clones or non-thinking robots.

So the question to consider is this: Are such people no different than the unthinking members of a cult or a highly structured religion or movement?

To answer this, we must understand there are three types of people who support a teaching or ideal.

[1] Those who are indoctrinated by a system and then threatened with punishment for thinking outside the box.

A believing member of an authoritative religion is a typical example of this. He understands the basic precepts and supports them. Anything that extends beyond the basics is scary to him and going into the mysteries or speaking contrary to orthodox doctrine puts him in danger of hell fire.

In this case one member sounds like another and they do seem a little like clones.

[2] Those who accept basic teachings or ideals, but are a law unto themselves and accept no apparent outside authority except that which suits their beliefs. These rely on their mindset only to interpret doctrine and if they are closely examined, we will find that no two think alike.

These are in the circumstance where the mind slays the real and when the real is slain only the unreal remains. Each unreal philosophy is somewhat  different from every other unreal philosophy.

You can see this category of individuals at play in many discussion groups on the web. Within these groups you’ll see many individuals advancing their particular philosophy from the mental plane. Others of this group will sometimes agree with them and other times strongly disagree, but never will any two see completely eye to eye.

[3] The third group will consist of those who have obtained a degree of soul contact. This is the group prophesied by Isaiah: “They shall see eye to eye when the Lord shall bring again Zion.”

Isaiah was speaking of the center between the eyebrows, the third eye, which perceives the intuitive level through the soul.

When two people perceive through this ajna center they will perceive the same principles and see the same vision.

Now here is the problem of discernment from the viewpoint of the outside observer:

To them there are only two categories. They see groups one and three as the same and group two as the only ones thinking for themselves.


In truth there are many differences between groups one and three. Can you name them?

We received quite a few comments on this Here are a few comments:

  • Group one depends on outside authority whereas group one relies on the inward authority of the soul.
  • Group one needs an authority to teach them whereas
  • Group one does not question authority whereas group three does.
  • Group one has flawed reasoning that leads one around in circles whereas group three has sound reasoning that leads toward real truth.
  • Group one may be knowledgeable about the teaching they follow but won’t know why, other than that it is what everyone else says, too. Members of group three will know why they believe what they do.
  • Group one can fall prey to a cult. Group three is not likely to.
  • Group one will never argue with the top dog whereas group three will challenge anyone.

Another reader listed key words associated with the two groups. Group one is listed first and group three second.






The last one is particularly good, for the unthinking followers know only the teachings of the past. When a new enlightened teaching surfaces they are afraid to even consider it.

If I were pressed to give a core difference it would be that group three is sensitive to the inner voice and is trusting of it and group one relies on outward authority.

The interesting point of this whole subject is that we see there are many differences between these two groups yet many people cannot see them and will lump them both in the same category. This is just because such people are too lazy to investigate beyond surface seeing and they do not see beyond their own outer authorities that govern their lives.

A person has to break free of outer authority and have some sensitivity to the soul before he can recognize a member of group three. He cannot see that which he cannot understand, but there are many who are capable of understanding, but who are just too stubborn to see.

Conclusion: Unity of thought and visions between two or more people is not always evidence of brainwashing or mind control, but among the enlightened it is because of soul contact causing the members of the group to see eye to eye in areas where they look the same direction.

If antidepressant drugs are effective, why don’t they work for psychiatrists? Year after year, psychiatrists commit suicide at a higher rate than the general population. Are we to believe that they don’t take their own drugs, or that the drugs don’t have the benefits attributed to them? Nicolas Martin, American Iatrogenic Association website

July 16, 2005

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Perfection and Form

Perfection and Form

Some are questioning the idea presented that God may not be perfect. Let me add a few comments.

First, I have written quite a bit about this in the archives. If you do a search for the words “perfect” and “perfection” you should find some interesting material.

There are several points to emphasize.

(1) The Bible does not teach that either God or Jesus is perfect. Such teachings are based on mistranslations. It was the enemies of Jesus who sought perfection and crucified Jesus because he was not perfect, in their view.

(2) Wherever there is form perfection is impossible. All form is created through an imbalance of energy. If perfect balance were to be achieved all form would disappear and the universe would be no more.

(3) Wherever there is motion or movement there is imperfection. If there were perfection there would be no need to move from here to there.

(4) Where creation is not yet reached its end there can be no perfection for if a thing were perfect, it would not need to progress to any end other than what it is now.

(5) The true perfection of God is found in a joyful journey to an end never before realized in  this reality.

(6) We are created in the “image of God.” If you want to know how perfect God is then look at yourself.

Reader Comment: If God isn’t perfect, and he’s not expecting us to be perfect and we are just supposed to do our job, then I can basically never screw up, no matter what I choose, or can I?

JJ: Yes, you can screw up. You can refuse to follow the highest you know and not do that which you know you should do. You may  not be the perfect driver but you can still successfully drive to work and  back every work day.

Comment: But if God is imperfect and doesn’t know whether his experiment going to work out or not, that means I can’t rely on anything. I can’t even rely on the outcome being good.

JJ: On the contrary. It is totally within the power of God and his reflections to create a desirable outcome.

I have often compared God to a great painter like Davinci.

When he painted the Mona Lisa, he had a grand ideal in mind, but in the process of creation he made many mistakes. Perhaps he had to rearrange the smile a hundred times to obtain the beauty he desired. Finally, he had his masterpiece and he “saw that it was good.”

These are the words that describes the creator God in Genesis. As he created all things he did not declare they were perfect, but that they were “good.”

There is a law called the “Law of dominating Good,” that lies behind all that God has made and is progressing toward. The end of all things is always a good end because all things in the universe are guided by the intelligence of God. The end and the beginning are often planned and known, but that which happens in between is filled with many perils, heartache and frustration. The key to keep in mind is the words of Jesus: “He who endures to the end will be delivered.”

In other words, we must always persevere toward the goal no matter how many problems occur and then we will be delivered from failure and be able to enjoy the fruit of success.

Comment: I just keep wondering… how come we really care so much about achieving this goal? Why does God strive to be good?

JJ: Good is to move forward to where we have not gone before and evil is to move backwards and rest upon past achievements. Just as there is a natural impulse in all of us to progress and move forwards even so it is with God. All life must move forward to obtain eternal joy.

Comment: If I go by logic that would mean if “form” equals imperfection, “no form” equals perfection. Hence God was in a state of perfection before he decided to create.

JJ: It may seem that way at first glance but let us take a deeper look.

First, creation, or cause and effect, is an eternal process and there is only the space in between creation. Thus when we speak of the point before creation we are really talking about a point between creations.

Secondly, the concept of perfection can only apply to a world of form. To say that God was perfect in the formless world is like talking about getting a suntan in the dark. You can’t because there is no sun. The word perfection only applies to form; talking about perfection when there is no form is meaningless from our point of view.

Think about anything you have called perfect or near perfect. The perfect tan, the perfect house, the perfect child etc. This concept only has meaning when we are thinking about how a form looks or performs.

Conclusion: We have the concept of perfection and imperfection in the world of form, but in the formless world of origination this concept is meaningless. Perfection has meaning when form is in the process of creation or has materialized.

Another reader makes these interesting comments: My question is about psychic abilities. I have some sort of talent that works sporadic, not controllable (yet) but is there any way. Let me explain; one of these visions involved my family going for a ride in my dad’s bronco, him driving down a familiar road and an antelope or deer popping out in the road. As my dad swerved and tried the brakes, the brakes did not work, and he lost control of the truck, rolling it down a steep cliff, killing my family.

Once this vision was over, I had called my mom and pleaded with her to have dad check the brakes in the bronco, she told me that they were almost out the door going for a ride out in the country. She listened to me though, I guess there was a seriousness in my voice that got her attention, and she had dad check the brakes. He discovered that the brake lines had been corroded, and that there was only enough fluid in the reservoir to get out of the driveway. (In a sense, I may have saved their lives by calling their attention to this problem.) My dad fixed the lines, and they went on their ride any way. On the way down this steep windy road, a deer jumped out, my dad swerved and braked, just missing the deer and the edge of the cliff, the deer had actually kicked the door of the truck as he passed by.

My mom called me later that evening and told me if I had not called them and had dad check the brakes, she felt my vision would have been a reality. This is only one of many of these visions I have had, and some of them are of very near future events, and others are of events that are taking place currently, but across the world. Sometimes I see what a person is planning to do that is standing in line next to me at the store, and sometimes what that is sickens me because it involves sexual misconduct with a child. I don’t understand why I get these visions, and when I was younger, I tried to make them go away by drinking or using drugs. Some of these visions are confusing, because I don’t know what I am supposed to do about them. Sometimes there is nothing I can do, so I don’t understand why I “see” what I do. I know that I am tapping into a higher being somehow though, and that I am supposed to learn something from them. So I have been teaching myself how to utilize these visions in a way to help people by changing it slightly.

On some people, when I rub their feet or hands, I can “see” what dis-eases or health problems they might have. I have been working to learn how to use herbs to heal, and am teaching myself to recognize what herbs are needed to treat some of these ailments I “see.”

I allow nobody to pay me, nor do I want recognition for this, I refuse to go into business and make a profit off this talent because I feel that would be wrong. I have had a lot of people that I was able to help tell me to start a clinic or something, because they feel I’d make a good living. I don’t want any of that, I just want to know why do I have this talent, and am I doing right by God by using it to help others?

JJ: I put your whole account in my post because it is a good one.

There are astral psychic abilities which are fraught with error and then every once in a while, we find a person with true abilities using higher perceptions. The main difference between the two is that the higher psychic will be accurate to a high degree whereas the lower will be lucky to have a 25% degree of accuracy. Also, the higher psychic will generally not seek to make money from his or her gifts.

You saw a true future, which is rare, but it was a fairly immediate future which is much easier for the soul to foresee than a distant one.

Any talent you find yourself naturally developing should be accepted and used toward maximum service to humanity. There is a tendency in many disciples to want to discard the gifts they are given and be rid of them and just blend in with the crowd. This the disciple should never do.

When a gift begins to develop one should cultivate it and use it in service. There will be frustrations in the process, but the end will be great satisfaction and joy.

On the other hand, some attempt to force gifts upon themselves that may run contrary to their life’s mission. The thing to keep in mind is that the naturally occurring gifts are a positive development.

No wise man ever wished to be younger.

Jonathan Swift (1667 – 1745)

July 14, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Dragon of Wisdom

The Dragon of Wisdom

Question: Society down the ages has revered the Dragon as something spiritual, powerful and sacred perhaps? but can there be two Dragons in this World of Duality? The White Dragon and the Black Dragon?

JJ: The dragon and serpent has been used as symbols of good and evil in the Christian scriptures as well as many other sacred writings.

Right off in the Bible the serpent was supposedly the evil Satan who tempted Eve and caused the fall of man.

Later Moses was able to turn his staff into a serpent as a demonstration of the power of God.

Shortly thereafter the serpent appears in another roll. “And the people spake against God, and against Moses, Wherefore have ye brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? for there is no bread, neither is there any water; and our soul loatheth this light bread. And the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died. Therefore the people came to Moses, and said, We have sinned, for we have spoken against the LORD, and against thee; pray unto the LORD, that he take away the serpents from us. And Moses prayed for the people. And the LORD said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live. And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.” Numbers 21:5-9

It is interesting here that the serpent here played a dual roll. First, serpents were sent to punish Israel. The fiery serpents bit the people and they died.

Then Moses made an image of a serpent and held it up on a poll and whoever looked upon it lived, even if they were bitten.

Many scholars believe that the lifted up serpent represented the redeeming Christ who was lifted up on the cross.

It is interesting that God here used the image of the serpent for both good and evil. They were used to kill and then to save.

In the New Testament Jesus commanded his disciples to be “as wise as serpents” yet John portrays the great red dragon as an enemy of the saints of God.

The great red dragon represents the “serpent of matter” as DK calls it. This represents a power, which is an adversary to spiritual progress. This serpent power must be mastered by the serpent of wisdom placing the lower serpent under the power of that which is good in the serpent power.

DK tells us that Sanat Kumara has a rod with the image of three serpents on it. This represents the mastery over the three worlds which the serpent of wisdom must obtain.

The serpent also symbolizes the spinal cord and the serpent fire symbolizes the kundalini fire at the base of the spine which if raised too early can destroy, but if raised naturally produces a great spiritual experience.

The thing to keep in mind is that no vegetable, animal or human form is all good or evil. All have a purpose and all can be used for good or achieve a good end if soul purpose is fulfilled.

The swastika is an interesting symbol, which is also used for good and evil. Originally it was a symbol of good luck and was even used by U.S. troops during World War I. Hitler took a symbol that was universally seen as something good and altered its meaning in consciousness to something evil.

Even though it is now seen as something evil in its purest form it is neutral. The same goes for the satanic five-pointed star. All symbols are neutral until someone interprets them and that interpretation gives it power.

A reader wanted clarification on the teaching that we achieve the evolution of all of our past lives at the age of 21.

When a person is 21 he hasn’t gone through all the life lessons of his past lives. This would be impossible as he has too many experiences in his past to condense in such a short period. Instead, what he does accomplish is a retrieval of the basic level of intelligence that he ascended to in his last life. He will repeat his long evolution of intelligence in miniature, but this will not be accomplished by reliving all past experiences.

Actually, this teaching did not originate with me but with DK. I have contemplated the principle and observed it working out in my life and others and believe it to be quite accurate.

I can see that in my life that my basic intelligence grew quite quickly until the age of 21 and then the growth was very slow. I have also noticed this in the lives of many people I have observed.

Now some may point to what they believe to be a great transformation at another age such as 25, 30, 40 etc, but this has little to do with intelligence.

I had a great transformation around the age of 28, but my basic intelligence was not much different then than when I was 21.

Intelligence has more to do with taking advantage of the highest vision you have in the present time.

This teaching also harmonizes with the following scripture:

“Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection (the next life).” D&C 130:18

Question: When Jesus said. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free…..

Did he mean the infinite truth of everything?

JJ: Truth comes in layers and each layer brings additional; freedom. Sometimes it’s a little like traveling through a maze. It is useful and brings freedom of movement to know the next turn, but useless to speculate on the turn several corridors down.

This is what brings frustration to disciples in that they do not assess their correct placement on the path and spend their time solving the problem where they will be in lifetimes distant rather than the present.

Each of us must solve the equation of where we are now, not where we will be in our imagination.

And how will we know what it is we are supposed to solve in the present?

It is usually most obvious to those who are closest to us but often the disciple is oblivious. Why? Because his friends will often assess his place on the path better than himself. Often because of ego he either has a messiah complex, assumes he is on his last life or close to being a master. Then others are not satisfied with normal progress which is often slow and want to take a quantum leap which is just not within his reach.

Again, the disciple must follow the highest he knows and do all within his power to assess the next step correctly.

Question: Does it mean we can see the truth and have no more ignorance whatsoever? Our understanding being complete. Having no more to discover about what is true.

JJ: No, it does not mean this. There is never an ultimate truth in time and space. As one tunes in to the Oneness Principle the door to all truth becomes available, but even here it has to be absorbed bit by bit, principle by principle into consciousness.

Question: Is it possible to be able to understand all of truth. which is unlimited. and infinite.

JJ: It is possible to understand anything. It is merely a matter of focusing attention in the right direction. For instance, if you want to learn algebra you do not begin by focusing on the second year course, but the beginning. As long as the disciple starts focusing at the beginning  and moving forward, he will have success.

Question: Or do we have to struggle from trial and error and earn it bit by bit, by constantly looking for it in our blindness.

JJ: This is what must be done until soul contact is achieved. Determination and power of will is one of the main achievements of this process.

Comment: I don’t understand how I experience consciousness or what the little cells are doing. Or what the macrocosm is doing. Even with your explanations it is not clear to me. I don’t know for sure much at all. Only possible theories.

JJ: It’s not theory that great intelligence is programmed into your body which is working away just as it is in your computer. It makes no difference whether you understand how your computer or your cells work. They still do their job.

Question: How do you gain truth? when u just don’t know it? How do you gain light? when you just don’t have it? How do you gain higher more complex, and larger consciousness? when u just don’t have it?

JJ: Follow the highest you know until you obtain soul contact. Never give up.

You always gain that upon which you focus attention and do not take it off.

When I was young, I decided I wanted to write both the words and melodies to songs. Writing words was pretty easy, but how do you write a melody? There’s no instruction for this. I had no idea how to do such a thing, but I focused my attention on it. For a long time nothing happened and then one-day new melodies started coming to my mind.

Why did they come?

Because of the power of focused attention and following the highest I knew even though I seemed to be groping in the dark.

Question: How can you ever know for sure what is true?

JJ: When it registers with the soul and you find through the experience that it works as it is applied to reality.

Comment: All I get so far from looking within is a feeling of blankness. Like my brain cannot process or know what it doesn’t know.

JJ: Your brain knows how to reason. Start with that and follow the highest reason you have. This will lead you to soul contact. It is important you start where you are. When you are making real progress, you will have a good internal feeling about it no matter where you are on the path.

Comment: It confuses me when there is no solid logical reason or no evidence to back up what is being said.

JJ: Any principle I reveal will be logical and have powerful reasoning behind it. All truth is logical. Most people stay here in this group because that which I teach is logical as well as spiritual.

Comment: I just have a lot of questions for me personally that no one seems to be able answer. And if they do it leads to more questions.

JJ: All questions correctly answered lead to more questions. For example every time NASA makes a new discovery more questions surface than they originally had.

Comment: I have many questions and am left with the same questions because I was unable to process and come to a solid logical conclusion that i feel inside is truth. Instead I add it to the countless possible theories and thoughts I have floating around. but very little is solid truth that I know.

JJ: Keep your attention focused on the two or three (or even one) important things. If you have too much floating around in your mind your attention will be scattered and you will discover nothing.

Comment: I want Christ consciousness. I have no idea how I am supposed to get it. Or that it really exists. And it does not seem likely I will achieve it.

JJ: If one can achieve then all can achieve. The path is simple. Follow the highest you know, focus and do not give up. Breakthrough doesn’t come in a big leap but one step at a time.

Comment: However, I have noticed in myself an increased awareness about what it is I should be aiming for. And how it is I should be feeling within myself, that is towards this higher consciousness. For example, the basic things. Like spiritual love. The conquering of glamour, maya and illusion.

JJ: Sounds like you are taking steps. Keep moving.

Comment: I am constantly asking for guidance to this, nothing dramatic has being revealed. The most I have really felt is a few high moments here and there where I saw beauty in the way things were moving around me like it was, the only way I could explain it is playing of music, or playing of purpose all around. like a rhythm.

JJ: All things come to he who endures to the end as the Master has said.

Love seeketh not itself to please,

Nor for itself hath any care,

But for another gives its ease,

And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.

William Blake (1757 – 1827)

June 21, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 39

Gathering 2004, Part 39
Final Comments

Below is the last installment from the 2004 Gathering. It may seem hard to believe to those who attended, but the number of words in the teachings is equal to a whole book, and that’s not counting the parts that never got recorded.

Actually, some of the best material did not get recorded and that was the words spoken in the healing circle. It’s awkward to work with a microphone in that circumstance but we are considering going out of our way to get more on record next time.

Account 14: My personal experience at the circle was that, evidently I know that I had a block in my throat chakra, and I felt it be removed. Not all of it I’m sure. I’m sure I still have somewhat of a block but at least it’s more open than it was before. So that was very tingly. It was kind of a painful one that had gone to my sinuses, actually, because it was blocked for so long. It was kind of painful. But then I can feel it in my third eye more, so that was a good thing. And then when Christ gave us the blessing of what is inside of him is also inside of us, it was like a little taste of what was going to happen in the future. Not a really big taste, but enough of a taste to know that I would recognize it again if it were to happen. I kept vacillating between feeling really, really light-so much so that I couldn’t even feel my neighbors holding my hands to feeling really, really heavy. And my feet hurt because I weighed six hundred pounds. Then I’d go back to being light again. So, that was it.

Account 15: I was just going to share some background about myself. This is the beginning of my fifth year returning to the word and scriptures. I was going down, my guess, the wrong path. And I was brought back to the right path. So, I feel like an infant when meeting everybody in this group because some of you have some years and years and years of study of the word, the scriptures. I’ve only been doing it now for five years. Yesterday, thank you all very much, you all gave me a positive shock, and from that period on I walk a lot lighter. It seems as though when I closed my eyes in the past, it was dark. When I closed my eyes everything was just dark. Today, after the meditation, when I close my eyes it’s not dark anymore. So, that’s me.

Account 16: Well, this has been very uplifting to me. During the meditation I felt a great warmth. When I had my eyes closed, I had a vision of bright light. This is kind of all new to me, but I felt a great warmth and energy and peace. This whole seminar has been quite an eye opener and enlightening to me.

Account 17: I have a hard time talking about this. I’m grateful for the experience. I was able to kneel at Christ’s feet and anoint his feet when he was in the center with us. And I’m grateful for that.

Account 18: I was lucky enough to be standing close enough to JJ to be in that white light. I was feeling a few times there just a little overpowered almost to the extent of tipping over as Susan said and I ended up opening up my eyes and pulling myself back together, physically, so that I could stay focused. With my eyes shut it was a beautiful feeling of white light and the peace and the love that I felt circulating from everybody was wonderful. I think we all shared that-the whole seminar, the whole time that we’ve been here. It’s awesome to see all of us-different ages, different countries even, different personalities-and yet we all have this affinity with each other. And that’s just awesome, JJ, that you brought us all together. Thank you.

Account 19: As usual I really enjoyed the gathering and getting to connect with some people that I hadn’t known before. The circle experience was like most of you said. For me it wasn’t extremely intense, but it was just peaceful and warm. Sort of like Assaf and JJ talked about sending out a flame and receiving it back. I could see the whole group with my eyes closed. I consciously could see each face around the circle and feel it return back to me. And that was a really awesome feeling. Thank you.

Account 20: As I think I said, maybe the other day, one of the neat things to gathering is meeting old friends. But the other side of the coin is meeting a bunch of people you have not met before and finding out just how much you like them and just how much light and love and all these sorts of things that they also radiate. I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit.

Account 21: Well, Susan’s been telling me about JJ’s books for years, and I’ve been really afraid to read them. People have given them to me and I just do not open that book, because it’s probably some other weird group, you know, some religion or something. So I think I’ll go home and read it. I do have it. So, I’m really glad I was here, and I love the association with people. I think that’s what all of us are longing for-just getting together; like minds and all of that-is just so nurturing, I guess you could say. Sometimes we get out in the world and we feel like we’re all alone in the way we think and feel. Then we get together as a group and find out that we all love each other, and we know each other. And our spirits connect. So, I really felt like that was what I came for. I made some really good connections with people here. I’m happy that I came. And we had fun. Thank you.

Account 22: I want to thank JJ so much. You’ve answered a lot of questions that I’ve pondered for years. You’ve helped a lot. It was a privilege to be next to you with this first meditation I’ve ever been through. I saw lots of lights go sparking off everywhere. Warmth was there. It was great meeting all of you. We’ll have to get together with you Vegas people. So, don’t leave without the phone number, ok? Thank you.

Account 23: Let’s see. What I saw in the circle…. When I closed my eyes, when it adjusts and you start relaxing and get really peaceful, I felt a lot of heat from the circle being generated. I was almost sweating. When I shut my eyes I started to see this blue ball. I was thinking in my mind, “Is that what they mean by your third eye? Is that the third eye?” So I just watched this blue ball of light, then on the edge of the blue light was real dark-blue lightening bolts. Sort of like the cornea of your eye, you know? And then it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, until all I saw was just blue light that got brighter and brighter until it was almost ultra-violet. And that’s my experience.

Account 24:

Today, during the meditation, I felt a lot of energy coming into me and my body just kind of got really, I guess you could say, goose-bumpily or tingly-that kind of thing. I had a feeling of fullness. I could feel fullness and I could feel light. At one point I was swaying and going with the music. I started singing within my mind this Episcopal prayer that we would sing during evensong (sp?). It’s “Holy Mary Mother of God pray for our sins now in the hour of death. Holy Mary Mother of God, blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” And I just started repeating this over and over and it was like she appeared before me and I could make this choice – I could allow her spirit within me or not. And so I decided to allow it. Let me tell you I think I’m just nucking futs. Ok? I don’t have any explanation for any of this. I don’t understand it. I’m just simply sharing the experience. Does it mean anything?

Another member: Don’t hold back now. Don’t hold back.

Account 24: I don’t care. I don’t care if it means anything. This is what I experienced and I tend to be an emotional person and highly imaginative. This is my disclaimer. I’m done.

Account 25: During the meditation I felt what I might consider to be a typical or normal rush that you experience-the tinglies and what not. But that’s been kind of a common experience shortly after I came here, talking to individual people, various contacts we had. So that in and of itself wasn’t really unique for me. It’s been going on, is my point. It was just a continuation of my other experiences.

Dan mentioned our conversations briefly, and he needs to understand that I also learn when I talk to a person. It’s a two-way thing, ok?

I’d like to thank Larry for his kindness and understanding. I appreciate your words and your comfort that you offered to me. I enjoyed your kids, too. I really did. I want to just thank you all for participating. I haven’t forgotten my conversation with you either, JJ. It’s still not finished, correct?

JJ: That’s right.

Account 25 (continued): Alright. I want to thank those people that reached out and contacted me. And I want to thank everyone else for just participating and for making it a memorable experience. Thank you.

JJ: Thank you. Give everybody a hand in here.


JJ: Well, I guess all good things come to an end. If there’s a beginning there has to be an end. We had a beginning to this experience, and now we’ll have an end but we’ll carry forward the experience from the invisible endless realms forever. Right? Any of the principles we obtained here we’ll take with us-even take them with us to our next lives until we meet again. I appreciate knowing each one of you. You’ve been a really good group.

Like I said in the meditation I sensed the power of the Avatar from a distance. We aren’t ready for any full injection of the spiritual power of the first ray because it’s so powerful. It would be really overwhelming. I sensed a presence that’s waiting and trusts us just enough to give us recognition that we should move ahead. When we said, “Thank you” to Christ, that felt really nice.

We look on these masters and higher beings like they don’t need a “thank you.” But no matter who they are we should acknowledge thanks to God, to Christ, to all the servants.

I’ll leave with this one statement-the importance of the name of Christ. The name Jesus Christ means “anointed to deliver”. “Anointed to deliver” from what? The power of Christ delivers by reaching a helping hand to those that do not have what we have and pulling them up to where we are. And that’s what Jesus did when he came here. He attempted to grab onto us and pull us up to where he is. To take upon yourself the name of Jesus Christ means to do just that. This is what the scriptures say, to take upon yourself the name of Jesus Christ. When you have that name it doesn’t mean what it means in orthodoxy. It means to look and seek out the lost sheep, so to speak, that need a helping hand, grab a hold of them, and pull them up to where you are. And when you do that another who has taken upon himself the name of Jesus Christ will take a hold of you and pull you up to where he is. This is the chain that goes on eternally. There’s an eternal chain from the greatest hierarchy clear down to us. There’s a helping hand extending, pulling the whole chain up. In this vein I would say to the group to remember to take upon yourselves the name of Christ in the same way the great lives have, and seek to deliver those in need. Thank you very much.

Susan: Outstanding. Thank you. Well, I can’t believe that it’s at an end. It’s always sad to say goodbye. But J, our innkeeper here, said that we may not leave until the Rice Krispies are gone. So please take a napkin and help yourself and take some home, would you? And be sure and get your pillows back to the right place, if you would. And drive safely. Hope to see you next year at the next gathering. Bye.

I don’t know who my grandfather was; I’m much more concerned to know what his grandson will be. Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865)

First posted Oct 10, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Testing the Teachers

Testing the Teachers

A reader asks from whence I get my teachings and authority.

First, let me point out one of the main differences between a true and false teacher.

The false teacher will insist that all his teachings are correct and are not to be challenged. If they are then the one doing the challenging or even in a state of non-belief will be excommunicated, ostracized, rejected or something similar. If a follower comes across something that does not sound right, he is expected to adjust his belief system so all the teacher’s words can be accepted as being correct. If for any reason the disciple cannot do this he is, at the least, expected to remain silent on all disagreements and play along as if he swallows the whole ball of wax.

The true teacher does not expect anyone to accept what he says just because he says it or because he alone represents the mind of God. He expects the student to carefully weigh his words using his mind, reason and common sense. Finally, he is expected to run the principles by his own soul. If all registers as correct then it is well and good that he incorporates the teaching as serves him best.

If the student has soul confirmation time and time again on the teachings, then the teacher’s words tend to carry an earned authority so even if the teaching seems odd it may still carry some weight, but even here he waits upon his soul for final confirmation.

If the student finds that a particular teaching of one he respects does not register with his soul then he is not expected to accept it. He is free to either outright reject it or to put it on the shelve and see if it fits in later.

If you talk with my strongest supporters you’ll find that most of them will have several teachings I have given out that they have not quite been able to accept. After all, I have published several million words of teachings on the internet covering a very wide range of topics, some quite controversial, and few will accept every one as gospel.

This is as it should be in the dispensing of teachings of light. No teacher is perfect, but neither is there a perfect student. No teacher will be flawless, but neither will any student be able to flawlessly understand or see all the truths taught by a teacher.

Many have asked me where I get various teachings. It matters not where I get them. If I try and make you think they are from the infallible mind of God, then I set myself up as an authority or a part of the power of the beast.

What matters is you read them, contemplate them and take that which registers with your soul. If something does not so register then you are under no obligation to accept it.

One thing to keep in mind, as far as the Book of Revelations goes, is it has to be interpreted using the Law of Correspondences and it has several levels and layers of meanings. One cannot say that one interpretation is the only one. The main thing to look for is to see if the interpretation fits in with the law of analogy.

If one has a different interpretation than I then I may ask a similar question. Why do you think your interpretation is correct?

In my life I have found no teacher with whom I agree 100%.

Teachings that have assisted me upon my journey have been the scriptures, the teachings of Joseph Smith, A Course in Miracles, Djwahl Khul through Alice A. Bailey and a number of others. I have points of disagreement with them all but this does not negate the fact that I have had many things from these past fallible teachings confirmed by my soul so I see the principle behind them, which principles are eternal words that shall never pass away.

One of the biggest problems a true teacher will have with students is caused by his virtue of allowing the freedom of thought. If the student is black and white in his views and feels that if one thing the teacher gives out is wrong then all is wrong he will eventually fall away from the teacher. Eventually every true student will find a flaw in a true teacher.

The test is always this. Can he look beyond the flaw and see the good, the beautiful and the true and true and not let it pass away from his consciousness?

The flaw seen in the teacher may be one that is projected from the mind of the student or it may be a true flaw. Either way, the truth is true in the other teachings and needs to not be rejected, but embraced.

I was  asked about the place in the scheme of things between Adam, Christ and the Ancient of Days

There have been many Adams. The Christ was the last Adam around 6000 years ago, but the first was the Ancient of Days or the Planetary Logos who incarnated 18 million years ago.

“And the first man of all men have I called Adam, which is many.” Moses 1:34

Response to a reader about infinity:

If the universe is infinite then how could it be expanding? If the universe is bigger today than it was yesterday then it is bigger than infinity today if it was infinite yesterday. How can something be bigger than infinity?

What makes you think everything is already created? There is nothing that gives evidence of this.

Why do you think that God is not expanding nor is capable of growth?

Do you have any reason other than someone told you so?

It is a fact that everything in the universe with form has a specific number of particles. You cannot find anything that has an infinite number of particles. This idea of the infinite cannot proven let alone imagined.

People only believe such because they have been told to believe it.

When you contemplate reality seeing all life as being unlimited makes much more sense. This gives opportunity for eternal progression. Without eternal progression you have eternal boredom and eternal boredom equates to lifelessness and death.

Question: After so many years, this is still confusing. When we pray to the One God or the Father, who is it? The Ancient of Days or the Solar Logos?

JJ: When a cell needs assistance it sends forth a cry for help, or a prayer so to speak. Sometimes the need is sensed by a fellow cell, sometimes by a group of cells, sometimes an organ and sometimes the whole body if the need is felt by a large enough number of cells.

Even so, the body of the one God is the universe. Our prayers ascend up to the one God, but they are heard and answered by the various parts. Sometimes a prayer or need will be sensed by a fellow human (in or out of incarnation), sometimes a group (an organization), sometimes the Solar Angel, sometimes a Master or higher.

When we pray we send our prayers up the pipeline to the consciousness of the one God and if the prayer is one of faith it will be heard and answered by one of the many lives of God in touch with the Oneness Principle.

The greater lives such as the Masters and above spend little time in tuning into or answering any individual prayer, but will tune into group need and seek to respond to that and the various members of the groups respond to individual need. The greater the life the greater the greater in number will be the groups in which he will deal.

To sum it up we can say that you do not pray to any individual entity whether it be Christ, the Solar or Planetary Logos, but to the one God. In doing this your prayer will ascend according to its note and vibration to be picked up by one of the reflections of God who is in tune with the whole.

There art two cardinal sins from which all others spring: Impatience and Laziness. Franz Kafka (1883 – 1924)

June 20, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 38

Gathering 2004, Part 38
Gathering Comments

JJ: Ok, as you give your accounts, I want you to grab a microphone this time. We’ve probably been missing recording a number of good comments. Fortunately, what I can do is adjust the volume when I finalize the recording. I can capture some of the far away voices. Let’s go around and everybody just give their impressions. If you received anything interesting tell us about it. If it was just an impression, or a feeling – whatever it was just relate it.

I don’t feel like the Avatar of Synthesis came down directly, but I felt like he touched us with some of his energy. But there’s still a lot more to come. We’re just really preparing for the things – the spiritual endowments – to come. We’re like in the first grade. Our goal right now is to advance into second grade and get ready for the spiritual gifts that are yet awaiting us. When we just get together just once a year it’s really great, but what we need students to do is establish study groups in their area so they can work with attuning each other and getting unified-getting used to doing meditations and group work together. This will be a big aid in coming to the gathering. We will be able to assist and lend a lot of spiritual power to the group. But overall, I’m really pleased with this group. You’re all really good people. You all have really good intentions and desire to serve and a desire to follow the highest you know. I’m really proud of each and every one of you.

What I’d like is to pass the microphone around and have everyone who is willing to make a few comments. I expect that everyone has comments, except Ren, right?

Group: Laughter. (Ren usually has a lot to say about anything)

Account 1: Last fall I fell while I was trying to get to my car and get something. I stepped in a hole. It had been raining and I didn’t see the hole because it was full of water. It messed my ankle up. It was during that time when I was convalescing, that’s when you guys heard from me on the Keysters list. Anyway, so I was sitting in a chair there, and it was hurting; my ankle was hurting. When we did the Om thing, with the little sticks, it felt warm. It felt really warm right there. It felt better. So, that’s a testimony about that. And when Dan was doing the proxy thing for his wife (her name is Marcy right?), we were going “Ooooom,” and I was going “Maaaaaarcy”. I was trying to say her name with the Oms. I saw the image of her in my mind. I was wondering if I was really seeing a true image of her or not. So I (inaudible) her features: her blondish hair, greenish-blue eyes, fair skin-and he confirmed that. So I thought that was kind of fun. I hope it did make her feel better.

Question: Are you referring to the whole gathering? The whole period? Or just this…

JJ: Not particularly this one, but if you had something interesting happen during the process of the gathering. That would be great.

Account 2: Well I had something interesting happen 7 months ago in regards to the gathering. I was in bed one night. I was awakened about 1 or 2 in the morning with an incredible energy. I felt it was like the energy of the Avatar of Synthesis and I said: “Is this the Avatar?” And he kind of laughed and went: “No, you couldn’t handle that. I’m just a representative on his line,” I guess is how you’d say it. But I felt very strongly then that the Avatar would be a part of this gathering and that this is an energy that is building and that it has been building for many months. And that’s one of the reasons I was supposed to work at the inn, to anchor the energy here so that when you all came it would be here. So I thought that was something very interesting that they told me about 3 months after I started working here. That the reason I’m working here would be kind of a focal point for the group, so the energy can start gathering. I thought that was really interesting.

When we were in this last meditation I felt a lot of rocking. Last time in Nauvoo we were rocking this way. Well I was rocking toward the middle.

Comment: (inaudible)

Account 2: Yeah, kind of like that too, but more in. Like that. Before JJ said to picture the Christ, I felt this incredible warmth in front of me and up above. I felt that energy before JJ mentioned it. So I thought that was pretty cool. Just an incredible feeling like I could almost fall forward. Sometimes it was so far that the very tips of my toes were catching me. It was like, “Whoa, am I just gonna fall flat?” I don’t know. It was kind of like one of those trust games. Have you ever done that-a psychology game where they just let you fall in the arms of someone else? I thought, “Man, if I fall I hope somebody’s there to catch me.” That was the experiences that I’ve had. Thank you.

Account 3. I can register 2 experiences. One similar to the one I had in Wimberly, Texas where I could feel and actually see, I don’t know with what, but I could see when my eyes were closed I could actually see all the individuals and the whole group as one. The body, the form-not as something spiritual. I could actually see them. The whole structure-the physical structure-of the group. Now I think what I also felt was the warmth, a warmth that went through the hands of my neighbors. It probably went all over. But there was a stream of warmth there. Another thing I noticed: a thought occurred to me, “I expected something more than that.” When this thought occurred everything went worse-went backward. This is because I had an expectation. I put something from me into it instead of being a receiver. Then I immediately went back to the state of being a receiver. I came back and forth several times.”

Account 4: Yeah, I did a lot of that back and forth thing with expecting more and not sure what to expect. It’s kind of new to me. It was an interesting experience. That’s about it.

Account 5: Well, I’m kind of funny about these group ceremony things because I’ve studied a lot about cults, you know, things like that. How a group does things to bind the group. And I realize there’s good things, too, but every time there’s one of these ceremonial things I think, “Oh boy, a Mormon church again.” I was watching the group and being my skeptical self. Not being the avid joiner that I am I have a tendency to just sit and watch rather than participating as much as I could. As I was watching I did see a very definite and distinct light around JJ and probably 2 or 3 people on either side of him encompassed in this. I guess it’s the etheric because I don’t see auras. But I did see that.

A couple of other things: I had the same experience as Susan when JJ talked about Christ coming I did feel a light and a presence right before. I felt that it was above the air, and then he mentioned that it was above the air. So I was in tune.

Account 6: You feel that you’ve possibly reached a level of achievement as far as spiritual growth goes, but coming here and listening to JJ makes you feel like you got a ways to go. It might be harder than you can imagine. It’s a humbling experience.

Account 7: I, too, feel I have a long ways to go. But we’re at least starting, and that’s a good thing. I felt when we were all holding hands and rocking back and forth, I could see what was going on, too. I looked around and I just felt this incredible warmth and peacefulness on everybody’s faces. When you had mentioned visualizing Christ in the center of the room, floating, I saw that so clearly with his white robe and how he looked at every single person. He acknowledged every single person. I remember thinking, “He saw my face. He knows who I am.” And it was just a really comforting feeling.

Account 8: I had like what I expected, a really positive experience being here. It was incredible getting to know every one of you. This last ceremony underscored all the feelings that I’ve had during the short time we’ve had together. I guess if I had to say it in one word was I felt a “peaceful merge”. Those are the only words I can think of. The real word was merge. It was really nice.

Account 9: I feel like I shared the same feelings as Suzy and James that it was very peaceful. I keep thinking the word corruption, I didn’t feel any corruption of the spirit that went around. I didn’t feel any snags. It was just a smooth, circulating warmth going around the room. It was very nice.

Account 10: As for the gathering as a whole I was really surprised by the fact that there were so many people here that I felt some sort of familiarity with, like we were related. I don’t know. I just feel a real connection with several of you, and that was surprising to me. As well I had good conversation with a bunch of you, but in particular, Bryan and I. He really helped me in seeing some things that I am struggling with. So I wanted to say thank you to him. As far as the meditation, at first I had some ego involvement, kind of a messiah complex type of a problem. Once I was able to get beyond that I saw in my mind’s eye a plane descend on the whole group and then spread out over the world. I know you’ve mentioned before, JJ, that the Avatar of Synthesis will probably be a group experience rather than an individual. But I didn’t really understand it before. After that occurred to me in my mind’s eye I can see it’s probably not going to be an individual thing, it’s probably going to be a group thing. That was a big part of it for me.

Account 11: As most of you probably know I came to Manti as a driver and came expecting to fly fish during your conference. In the discussion with Bil the evening that we arrived I told him I wouldn’t be in the gathering. I also had that visit with the management at the motel. But by gathering time the opportunity was presented to sit through your conference. Dan has provided me with reading material over the last several months from JJ’s writings and your group. I would just say now that in my limited understanding of my ring-pass-not, if my understanding is correct, it really has been expanded through the last several days. The meditation period was the frosting on the cake.

Account 12: This is probably kind of different, but when JJ said about the Avatar of Synthesis, I just felt an increased presence of the Holy Spirit right here. I just felt a sweetness and a comfort. Then I felt like, “Be quiet”. I didn’t say anything more after that. The Lord started to speak to me and brought to mind my aunt Helen who is no longer on this plane.

She was a very beautiful spirit and I was told that many, many times. In fact, I brought her into the church when I was there and the missionary said, “We have never baptized a more beautiful spirit than her.” But to make a long story short, she had had many different experiences. She had seen the heavens open, Christ, the angels, and everything. She had a stroke and she couldn’t really speak well, but she would say, “Beautiful, beautiful,” and other things.

When she was very young she suffered a great deal. Someone had appeared to her, a doctor, and asked to help her. She was scared, so she didn’t receive the help. Many, many things happened to her and almost all of her life was spent in suffering and service. I was told she was extremely high-beautiful. But was I was told now was that she was on the fifth level. But before she died, I won’t get into why, something happened where she kind of liked turned the other way. She went one way, and was believing in helping, then she kind of turned and wasn’t. I have to tell you. She ended up being pushed down the stairs. She fell all the way down the stairs and died instantly. And it was just an awful, awful-like a silence. There was nothing. I just thought she never attained what she wanted to because of that. That came to my mind that that’s where she had been, and that’s what happened to her. She’s back down to the fourth, she didn’t make the fifth level. And it’s sad because she was just a beautiful spirit.

Account 13: Generally, I’m very happy about the whole meeting, getting to meet a lot of new people, and make new friends. Like I said, I also hope I’ll be able to help establish a global connection, an energy field. For the exercise we undertook, saying the Oms this last time was very relaxing for me. I felt very good saying it more than I had felt earlier. I also found it much easier to visualize the Christ in the midst of us and his acceptance of every one of us. It was also easy to mentally picture the first words we said to each other, “I see the Christ in you.” You know what I’m talking about-seeing the soul. I saw everybody’s positive aspects. Perhaps this is actually the consciousness I’ll go back with the positivity in each and every one of us. If we can maintain that consciousness, remain there, it will be very, very easy. And I saw the willingness of the Christ to strengthen us (inaudible). So I felt that as well. Thank you.

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First posted Oct 8, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey

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