Gathering 2004, Part 38

Gathering 2004, Part 38
Gathering Comments

JJ: Ok, as you give your accounts, I want you to grab a microphone this time. We’ve probably been missing recording a number of good comments. Fortunately, what I can do is adjust the volume when I finalize the recording. I can capture some of the far away voices. Let’s go around and everybody just give their impressions. If you received anything interesting tell us about it. If it was just an impression, or a feeling – whatever it was just relate it.

I don’t feel like the Avatar of Synthesis came down directly, but I felt like he touched us with some of his energy. But there’s still a lot more to come. We’re just really preparing for the things – the spiritual endowments – to come. We’re like in the first grade. Our goal right now is to advance into second grade and get ready for the spiritual gifts that are yet awaiting us. When we just get together just once a year it’s really great, but what we need students to do is establish study groups in their area so they can work with attuning each other and getting unified-getting used to doing meditations and group work together. This will be a big aid in coming to the gathering. We will be able to assist and lend a lot of spiritual power to the group. But overall, I’m really pleased with this group. You’re all really good people. You all have really good intentions and desire to serve and a desire to follow the highest you know. I’m really proud of each and every one of you.

What I’d like is to pass the microphone around and have everyone who is willing to make a few comments. I expect that everyone has comments, except Ren, right?

Group: Laughter. (Ren usually has a lot to say about anything)

Account 1: Last fall I fell while I was trying to get to my car and get something. I stepped in a hole. It had been raining and I didn’t see the hole because it was full of water. It messed my ankle up. It was during that time when I was convalescing, that’s when you guys heard from me on the Keysters list. Anyway, so I was sitting in a chair there, and it was hurting; my ankle was hurting. When we did the Om thing, with the little sticks, it felt warm. It felt really warm right there. It felt better. So, that’s a testimony about that. And when Dan was doing the proxy thing for his wife (her name is Marcy right?), we were going “Ooooom,” and I was going “Maaaaaarcy”. I was trying to say her name with the Oms. I saw the image of her in my mind. I was wondering if I was really seeing a true image of her or not. So I (inaudible) her features: her blondish hair, greenish-blue eyes, fair skin-and he confirmed that. So I thought that was kind of fun. I hope it did make her feel better.

Question: Are you referring to the whole gathering? The whole period? Or just this…

JJ: Not particularly this one, but if you had something interesting happen during the process of the gathering. That would be great.

Account 2: Well I had something interesting happen 7 months ago in regards to the gathering. I was in bed one night. I was awakened about 1 or 2 in the morning with an incredible energy. I felt it was like the energy of the Avatar of Synthesis and I said: “Is this the Avatar?” And he kind of laughed and went: “No, you couldn’t handle that. I’m just a representative on his line,” I guess is how you’d say it. But I felt very strongly then that the Avatar would be a part of this gathering and that this is an energy that is building and that it has been building for many months. And that’s one of the reasons I was supposed to work at the inn, to anchor the energy here so that when you all came it would be here. So I thought that was something very interesting that they told me about 3 months after I started working here. That the reason I’m working here would be kind of a focal point for the group, so the energy can start gathering. I thought that was really interesting.

When we were in this last meditation I felt a lot of rocking. Last time in Nauvoo we were rocking this way. Well I was rocking toward the middle.

Comment: (inaudible)

Account 2: Yeah, kind of like that too, but more in. Like that. Before JJ said to picture the Christ, I felt this incredible warmth in front of me and up above. I felt that energy before JJ mentioned it. So I thought that was pretty cool. Just an incredible feeling like I could almost fall forward. Sometimes it was so far that the very tips of my toes were catching me. It was like, “Whoa, am I just gonna fall flat?” I don’t know. It was kind of like one of those trust games. Have you ever done that-a psychology game where they just let you fall in the arms of someone else? I thought, “Man, if I fall I hope somebody’s there to catch me.” That was the experiences that I’ve had. Thank you.

Account 3. I can register 2 experiences. One similar to the one I had in Wimberly, Texas where I could feel and actually see, I don’t know with what, but I could see when my eyes were closed I could actually see all the individuals and the whole group as one. The body, the form-not as something spiritual. I could actually see them. The whole structure-the physical structure-of the group. Now I think what I also felt was the warmth, a warmth that went through the hands of my neighbors. It probably went all over. But there was a stream of warmth there. Another thing I noticed: a thought occurred to me, “I expected something more than that.” When this thought occurred everything went worse-went backward. This is because I had an expectation. I put something from me into it instead of being a receiver. Then I immediately went back to the state of being a receiver. I came back and forth several times.”

Account 4: Yeah, I did a lot of that back and forth thing with expecting more and not sure what to expect. It’s kind of new to me. It was an interesting experience. That’s about it.

Account 5: Well, I’m kind of funny about these group ceremony things because I’ve studied a lot about cults, you know, things like that. How a group does things to bind the group. And I realize there’s good things, too, but every time there’s one of these ceremonial things I think, “Oh boy, a Mormon church again.” I was watching the group and being my skeptical self. Not being the avid joiner that I am I have a tendency to just sit and watch rather than participating as much as I could. As I was watching I did see a very definite and distinct light around JJ and probably 2 or 3 people on either side of him encompassed in this. I guess it’s the etheric because I don’t see auras. But I did see that.

A couple of other things: I had the same experience as Susan when JJ talked about Christ coming I did feel a light and a presence right before. I felt that it was above the air, and then he mentioned that it was above the air. So I was in tune.

Account 6: You feel that you’ve possibly reached a level of achievement as far as spiritual growth goes, but coming here and listening to JJ makes you feel like you got a ways to go. It might be harder than you can imagine. It’s a humbling experience.

Account 7: I, too, feel I have a long ways to go. But we’re at least starting, and that’s a good thing. I felt when we were all holding hands and rocking back and forth, I could see what was going on, too. I looked around and I just felt this incredible warmth and peacefulness on everybody’s faces. When you had mentioned visualizing Christ in the center of the room, floating, I saw that so clearly with his white robe and how he looked at every single person. He acknowledged every single person. I remember thinking, “He saw my face. He knows who I am.” And it was just a really comforting feeling.

Account 8: I had like what I expected, a really positive experience being here. It was incredible getting to know every one of you. This last ceremony underscored all the feelings that I’ve had during the short time we’ve had together. I guess if I had to say it in one word was I felt a “peaceful merge”. Those are the only words I can think of. The real word was merge. It was really nice.

Account 9: I feel like I shared the same feelings as Suzy and James that it was very peaceful. I keep thinking the word corruption, I didn’t feel any corruption of the spirit that went around. I didn’t feel any snags. It was just a smooth, circulating warmth going around the room. It was very nice.

Account 10: As for the gathering as a whole I was really surprised by the fact that there were so many people here that I felt some sort of familiarity with, like we were related. I don’t know. I just feel a real connection with several of you, and that was surprising to me. As well I had good conversation with a bunch of you, but in particular, Bryan and I. He really helped me in seeing some things that I am struggling with. So I wanted to say thank you to him. As far as the meditation, at first I had some ego involvement, kind of a messiah complex type of a problem. Once I was able to get beyond that I saw in my mind’s eye a plane descend on the whole group and then spread out over the world. I know you’ve mentioned before, JJ, that the Avatar of Synthesis will probably be a group experience rather than an individual. But I didn’t really understand it before. After that occurred to me in my mind’s eye I can see it’s probably not going to be an individual thing, it’s probably going to be a group thing. That was a big part of it for me.

Account 11: As most of you probably know I came to Manti as a driver and came expecting to fly fish during your conference. In the discussion with Bil the evening that we arrived I told him I wouldn’t be in the gathering. I also had that visit with the management at the motel. But by gathering time the opportunity was presented to sit through your conference. Dan has provided me with reading material over the last several months from JJ’s writings and your group. I would just say now that in my limited understanding of my ring-pass-not, if my understanding is correct, it really has been expanded through the last several days. The meditation period was the frosting on the cake.

Account 12: This is probably kind of different, but when JJ said about the Avatar of Synthesis, I just felt an increased presence of the Holy Spirit right here. I just felt a sweetness and a comfort. Then I felt like, “Be quiet”. I didn’t say anything more after that. The Lord started to speak to me and brought to mind my aunt Helen who is no longer on this plane.

She was a very beautiful spirit and I was told that many, many times. In fact, I brought her into the church when I was there and the missionary said, “We have never baptized a more beautiful spirit than her.” But to make a long story short, she had had many different experiences. She had seen the heavens open, Christ, the angels, and everything. She had a stroke and she couldn’t really speak well, but she would say, “Beautiful, beautiful,” and other things.

When she was very young she suffered a great deal. Someone had appeared to her, a doctor, and asked to help her. She was scared, so she didn’t receive the help. Many, many things happened to her and almost all of her life was spent in suffering and service. I was told she was extremely high-beautiful. But was I was told now was that she was on the fifth level. But before she died, I won’t get into why, something happened where she kind of liked turned the other way. She went one way, and was believing in helping, then she kind of turned and wasn’t. I have to tell you. She ended up being pushed down the stairs. She fell all the way down the stairs and died instantly. And it was just an awful, awful-like a silence. There was nothing. I just thought she never attained what she wanted to because of that. That came to my mind that that’s where she had been, and that’s what happened to her. She’s back down to the fourth, she didn’t make the fifth level. And it’s sad because she was just a beautiful spirit.

Account 13: Generally, I’m very happy about the whole meeting, getting to meet a lot of new people, and make new friends. Like I said, I also hope I’ll be able to help establish a global connection, an energy field. For the exercise we undertook, saying the Oms this last time was very relaxing for me. I felt very good saying it more than I had felt earlier. I also found it much easier to visualize the Christ in the midst of us and his acceptance of every one of us. It was also easy to mentally picture the first words we said to each other, “I see the Christ in you.” You know what I’m talking about-seeing the soul. I saw everybody’s positive aspects. Perhaps this is actually the consciousness I’ll go back with the positivity in each and every one of us. If we can maintain that consciousness, remain there, it will be very, very easy. And I saw the willingness of the Christ to strengthen us (inaudible). So I felt that as well. Thank you.

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First posted Oct 8, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey

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