Gathering 2004, Part 34

Gathering 2004, Part 34
Mastering Your Dweller

JJ: If you meet your dweller, you’ll know it. In each lifetime you’ll undergo in miniature the progression you’ve undergone before. From birth until approximately age 21, if you’ve overcome maya, glamour and illusion in previous lives, you’ll overcome them again. It won’t be as difficult this time.

Where you meet the real difficulty is when you reach where you left off. Then taking the next step is really difficult. When a person encounters his dweller again it will be very difficult for a period of time because the dweller is a life form whose body is composed of every negative thought you’ve ever had in maybe a thousand lifetimes. Your dweller is an entity of low vibration whose body is your negative thoughts and fears in all your lifetimes put together. When you reach a point where you can overcome illusion with logic and reason and touching the intuition, then the dweller will die.

He wants to live so he attacks you one last time and tries to give you one tremendous illusion that will pull you back. A popular one used is, “Who do you think you are?” That’s a mantra used by the dark brotherhood to try to stop disciples from using their logic and reason and intuition to go to the next step.

Audience: What if you think you don’t qualify?

JJ: Most of us aren’t trusted by the masters, but that doesn’t mean we don’t serve. We have to do a lot of service before we’re accepted into their auras.

The key is to serve. This would be a good time to read a quote I have. Larry posted this. It’s called “The Servant.”

“If you follow the highest you know there will come a time when you will be visited by a Presence, either visible or invisible. It will come at a time that you least expect it and a time when perhaps you feel the least prepared spiritually, but it will come.

To dream and wish for the experience will only delay the happening. But if you take the highest you know and go forward in the vineyard of the Master and serve with no end in sight, in season and out of season, in good times and bad. If you serve with love in the dark of night with the same strength as in the light of day, if you continue with loving service through the fiery darts of hate, malice and betrayal and above all if it appears that even your Master and your God seem to completely ignore you as if you do not exist… Through all this you will continue to serve with the highest you know. You continue even if God himself seems to be your enemy putting every obstacle possible in your path and laughing at you as you stumble and fall. You rise up and continue.

The time comes that it will not seem to matter to you any more if friends, God or the Masters approve of you or not. It matters not if you are some great chosen one or are looked upon by the Master as the least and most needy of the brethren. You will now serve for the sake of selfless love alone because the need is out there and you sense the need. When this stage is reached in your being one of the Great Ones will take notice and speak: “Behold, the servant! He has become as one of us. Let us invite him into the circle of higher friendship, brotherhood and service.”

JJ: It’s hard for me to read this because it puts me in the frame of mind that I had when I received it. The key is to go and serve even if you feel like God Himself is your enemy. Continue to have that feeling that you will serve no matter what. Sometimes you’ll feel that way on the path. Sometimes you’ll feel like God and a bunch of pranksters created everything to pull a joke on you. Even that has to be ignored. You have to get back and look at your fellow man who is in need. It doesn’t matter what God or your master, your father, your mother, or your loved ones think. There are people out there who are in need of service. When we have this attitude, we can overcome maya, glamour and illusion and follow the path until we obtain mastery over all things.

Audience: What are your recommendations when we meet the dweller?

JJ: Read Book III for that. It tells you to use the principle of attrition because if you try to fight your dweller, you will lose.

You want to know about the blood and the bread. To eat the true spiritual bread, we must overcome the maya. We must negate the control of the physical over us. To eat of the spirit or the blood, the blood represents the spirit, we must negate the power of the ego over us. Then we can partake of the true spirit.

Those who have overcome glamour can have many wonderful spiritual experiences and eat of this spirit, the bread and the manna and the blood of Christ so to speak. Then the final hurdle is overcoming illusion, not the final but the main hurdle. After that is the fourth initiation which is called the great sacrifice. The story of Abraham is representative of someone who has taken the great sacrifice as is Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. For great sacrifice, we must reach a point as Christ did where He said, “Not my will but thine be done.” He wanted the cup to be removed. He wanted the cup to be removed but He still went along with something that was very difficult for Him to fulfill, the Purpose of God. This is a major step to overcoming death.

There are several stages to overcoming death. When a person reaches the fifth initiation, he becomes a master and he has power to regenerate himself so that he can extend his life as long as it is needed. Some of the masters are 500 years old or so. Djwahl Khul, who we study quite a bit, is about 300 years old.

They will not live forever. They will shed their bodies at appropriate times. Maybe they’ll be reborn to serve among us or go to higher spheres where they will not need their bodies. Then there is the sixth initiation and the seventh. The Christ Himself is becoming a seventh-degree initiate. The seventh-degree initiate has power to let his body be destroyed then rebuild it again. That’s something that even most of the masters can’t do. They can regenerate the body.

That’s even given in story of Abraham. In the Hebrew it indicates that Abraham’s body was regenerated. That’s why he was able to father children at an advanced age. Remember when the angel came and told him he would have a child. Sarah laughed because it was so ridiculous because they were beyond their years. Abraham and Sarah were regenerated so that they could have a child. The Bible actually calls Abraham a God. It doesn’t say that in the English translation but in the Hebrew, it calls him an Elohim at one point. The reason he was called a God was because he was actually a master and a master can go through regeneration or extend his life or his body for as long of time as is useful.

The seventh-degree initiate has power to have his body destroyed or to re-create any body he’s had in a past life. The memories of all our past lives are in us. The memories of the construction of all our past bodies are within us. Once you reach a certain degree of advancement, you can reconstruct them at any time you want.

Audience: How do you retain memory of one lifetime to the next? Do you have to do that?

JJ: It’s called continuity of consciousness. The first step in that is being able to intuit. When you intuit your past, an important thing, instead of remembering in detail who you were, you intuit various lessons from your past though not necessarily all the details. If individual identity is required, it will be given to you. If it’s not needed, you can have the power to intuit it. If it’s necessary, you can be given all your past lives. When Buddha reached enlightenment, he was said to see all his past lives.

The key to continuity of consciousness is to not lose any intelligence that you had in past lives. That’s the important thing. It’s more important than remembering the details. You need to have continuity of consciousness of your intelligence so your intelligence will rise with you in the resurrection, so to speak, so the resurrection or what rises will be born again.

There are two resurrections. One is the resurrection of life and the other is the resurrection called “judgment” in the Bible or krisis. Krisis means decision or correction. A decision that brings correction is the definition I give it. You have the resurrection of eternal life, which is what Christ attained and the resurrection of correction and decision where we go back and make further decisions and correct ourselves and work out the corners of reincarnation.

All of us have undergone the resurrection of krisis but we haven’t achieved the resurrection of life yet. The true resurrection of life is where you overcome your limitations. The last enemy to be overcome is death then you’re removed from limitations, as we understand them. Of course, you discover new ones later on. You discover limitations you didn’t even know you had.

It is easier to live through someone else than to become complete yourself. Betty Friedan

Posted Sept 27, 2005

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