Gathering 2004, Part 39

Gathering 2004, Part 39
Final Comments

Below is the last installment from the 2004 Gathering. It may seem hard to believe to those who attended, but the number of words in the teachings is equal to a whole book, and that’s not counting the parts that never got recorded.

Actually, some of the best material did not get recorded and that was the words spoken in the healing circle. It’s awkward to work with a microphone in that circumstance but we are considering going out of our way to get more on record next time.

Account 14: My personal experience at the circle was that, evidently I know that I had a block in my throat chakra, and I felt it be removed. Not all of it I’m sure. I’m sure I still have somewhat of a block but at least it’s more open than it was before. So that was very tingly. It was kind of a painful one that had gone to my sinuses, actually, because it was blocked for so long. It was kind of painful. But then I can feel it in my third eye more, so that was a good thing. And then when Christ gave us the blessing of what is inside of him is also inside of us, it was like a little taste of what was going to happen in the future. Not a really big taste, but enough of a taste to know that I would recognize it again if it were to happen. I kept vacillating between feeling really, really light-so much so that I couldn’t even feel my neighbors holding my hands to feeling really, really heavy. And my feet hurt because I weighed six hundred pounds. Then I’d go back to being light again. So, that was it.

Account 15: I was just going to share some background about myself. This is the beginning of my fifth year returning to the word and scriptures. I was going down, my guess, the wrong path. And I was brought back to the right path. So, I feel like an infant when meeting everybody in this group because some of you have some years and years and years of study of the word, the scriptures. I’ve only been doing it now for five years. Yesterday, thank you all very much, you all gave me a positive shock, and from that period on I walk a lot lighter. It seems as though when I closed my eyes in the past, it was dark. When I closed my eyes everything was just dark. Today, after the meditation, when I close my eyes it’s not dark anymore. So, that’s me.

Account 16: Well, this has been very uplifting to me. During the meditation I felt a great warmth. When I had my eyes closed, I had a vision of bright light. This is kind of all new to me, but I felt a great warmth and energy and peace. This whole seminar has been quite an eye opener and enlightening to me.

Account 17: I have a hard time talking about this. I’m grateful for the experience. I was able to kneel at Christ’s feet and anoint his feet when he was in the center with us. And I’m grateful for that.

Account 18: I was lucky enough to be standing close enough to JJ to be in that white light. I was feeling a few times there just a little overpowered almost to the extent of tipping over as Susan said and I ended up opening up my eyes and pulling myself back together, physically, so that I could stay focused. With my eyes shut it was a beautiful feeling of white light and the peace and the love that I felt circulating from everybody was wonderful. I think we all shared that-the whole seminar, the whole time that we’ve been here. It’s awesome to see all of us-different ages, different countries even, different personalities-and yet we all have this affinity with each other. And that’s just awesome, JJ, that you brought us all together. Thank you.

Account 19: As usual I really enjoyed the gathering and getting to connect with some people that I hadn’t known before. The circle experience was like most of you said. For me it wasn’t extremely intense, but it was just peaceful and warm. Sort of like Assaf and JJ talked about sending out a flame and receiving it back. I could see the whole group with my eyes closed. I consciously could see each face around the circle and feel it return back to me. And that was a really awesome feeling. Thank you.

Account 20: As I think I said, maybe the other day, one of the neat things to gathering is meeting old friends. But the other side of the coin is meeting a bunch of people you have not met before and finding out just how much you like them and just how much light and love and all these sorts of things that they also radiate. I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit.

Account 21: Well, Susan’s been telling me about JJ’s books for years, and I’ve been really afraid to read them. People have given them to me and I just do not open that book, because it’s probably some other weird group, you know, some religion or something. So I think I’ll go home and read it. I do have it. So, I’m really glad I was here, and I love the association with people. I think that’s what all of us are longing for-just getting together; like minds and all of that-is just so nurturing, I guess you could say. Sometimes we get out in the world and we feel like we’re all alone in the way we think and feel. Then we get together as a group and find out that we all love each other, and we know each other. And our spirits connect. So, I really felt like that was what I came for. I made some really good connections with people here. I’m happy that I came. And we had fun. Thank you.

Account 22: I want to thank JJ so much. You’ve answered a lot of questions that I’ve pondered for years. You’ve helped a lot. It was a privilege to be next to you with this first meditation I’ve ever been through. I saw lots of lights go sparking off everywhere. Warmth was there. It was great meeting all of you. We’ll have to get together with you Vegas people. So, don’t leave without the phone number, ok? Thank you.

Account 23: Let’s see. What I saw in the circle…. When I closed my eyes, when it adjusts and you start relaxing and get really peaceful, I felt a lot of heat from the circle being generated. I was almost sweating. When I shut my eyes I started to see this blue ball. I was thinking in my mind, “Is that what they mean by your third eye? Is that the third eye?” So I just watched this blue ball of light, then on the edge of the blue light was real dark-blue lightening bolts. Sort of like the cornea of your eye, you know? And then it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, until all I saw was just blue light that got brighter and brighter until it was almost ultra-violet. And that’s my experience.

Account 24:

Today, during the meditation, I felt a lot of energy coming into me and my body just kind of got really, I guess you could say, goose-bumpily or tingly-that kind of thing. I had a feeling of fullness. I could feel fullness and I could feel light. At one point I was swaying and going with the music. I started singing within my mind this Episcopal prayer that we would sing during evensong (sp?). It’s “Holy Mary Mother of God pray for our sins now in the hour of death. Holy Mary Mother of God, blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” And I just started repeating this over and over and it was like she appeared before me and I could make this choice – I could allow her spirit within me or not. And so I decided to allow it. Let me tell you I think I’m just nucking futs. Ok? I don’t have any explanation for any of this. I don’t understand it. I’m just simply sharing the experience. Does it mean anything?

Another member: Don’t hold back now. Don’t hold back.

Account 24: I don’t care. I don’t care if it means anything. This is what I experienced and I tend to be an emotional person and highly imaginative. This is my disclaimer. I’m done.

Account 25: During the meditation I felt what I might consider to be a typical or normal rush that you experience-the tinglies and what not. But that’s been kind of a common experience shortly after I came here, talking to individual people, various contacts we had. So that in and of itself wasn’t really unique for me. It’s been going on, is my point. It was just a continuation of my other experiences.

Dan mentioned our conversations briefly, and he needs to understand that I also learn when I talk to a person. It’s a two-way thing, ok?

I’d like to thank Larry for his kindness and understanding. I appreciate your words and your comfort that you offered to me. I enjoyed your kids, too. I really did. I want to just thank you all for participating. I haven’t forgotten my conversation with you either, JJ. It’s still not finished, correct?

JJ: That’s right.

Account 25 (continued): Alright. I want to thank those people that reached out and contacted me. And I want to thank everyone else for just participating and for making it a memorable experience. Thank you.

JJ: Thank you. Give everybody a hand in here.


JJ: Well, I guess all good things come to an end. If there’s a beginning there has to be an end. We had a beginning to this experience, and now we’ll have an end but we’ll carry forward the experience from the invisible endless realms forever. Right? Any of the principles we obtained here we’ll take with us-even take them with us to our next lives until we meet again. I appreciate knowing each one of you. You’ve been a really good group.

Like I said in the meditation I sensed the power of the Avatar from a distance. We aren’t ready for any full injection of the spiritual power of the first ray because it’s so powerful. It would be really overwhelming. I sensed a presence that’s waiting and trusts us just enough to give us recognition that we should move ahead. When we said, “Thank you” to Christ, that felt really nice.

We look on these masters and higher beings like they don’t need a “thank you.” But no matter who they are we should acknowledge thanks to God, to Christ, to all the servants.

I’ll leave with this one statement-the importance of the name of Christ. The name Jesus Christ means “anointed to deliver”. “Anointed to deliver” from what? The power of Christ delivers by reaching a helping hand to those that do not have what we have and pulling them up to where we are. And that’s what Jesus did when he came here. He attempted to grab onto us and pull us up to where he is. To take upon yourself the name of Jesus Christ means to do just that. This is what the scriptures say, to take upon yourself the name of Jesus Christ. When you have that name it doesn’t mean what it means in orthodoxy. It means to look and seek out the lost sheep, so to speak, that need a helping hand, grab a hold of them, and pull them up to where you are. And when you do that another who has taken upon himself the name of Jesus Christ will take a hold of you and pull you up to where he is. This is the chain that goes on eternally. There’s an eternal chain from the greatest hierarchy clear down to us. There’s a helping hand extending, pulling the whole chain up. In this vein I would say to the group to remember to take upon yourselves the name of Christ in the same way the great lives have, and seek to deliver those in need. Thank you very much.

Susan: Outstanding. Thank you. Well, I can’t believe that it’s at an end. It’s always sad to say goodbye. But J, our innkeeper here, said that we may not leave until the Rice Krispies are gone. So please take a napkin and help yourself and take some home, would you? And be sure and get your pillows back to the right place, if you would. And drive safely. Hope to see you next year at the next gathering. Bye.

I don’t know who my grandfather was; I’m much more concerned to know what his grandson will be. Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865)

First posted Oct 10, 2005

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