Gathering 2004, Part 27

Gathering 2004, Part 27
Healing Magic

We’re going to do something fun now. Has everyone seen one of these before? (Shows a large crystal) There is an interesting account about the story of Christ, as it’s told about three centuries after His crucifixion. In many of the very earliest pictures of Christ He’s shown with a wand in His hand and He was healing by the powers of a magic wand. Others have Him with a scepter in His hand like a king. The early pictures have Him with a scepter or a wand, and there are stories that when He healed, He actually healed with the power of a wand. All the legends and the stories that we hear have a certain amount of truth. Do you think there is truth behind the story of a magic wand? Does it correspond at all to the fact that Moses had a rod himself? And Aaron? After all, Moses parted the Red Sea through the power of the rod.

(Note from transcriber: JJ pretends to let the large crystal slip from his fingers, but then catches it. The audience gasps in horror as they think the crystal is going to be shattered but then laugh like crazy when JJ catches it and they realize it was JJ’s strange humor.)

JJ: I was just thinking while I was holding the crystal, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I dropped it and it shattered all over?” Then I couldn’t resist almost doing that.

This is going to be our group crystal and we’re going to energize it with our energy. The teaching behind crystals is that they’re capable of absorbing energy. Ren told us what happened with his small crystal. Imagine what would happen if we gave him this big crystal! (laughter)

Ren: Can I explain some things? This particular crystal is called a smoky quartz. You see it’s shaped pyramidal? This is cut this way. It didn’t grow like this. This came from another crystal but it’s well cut and looks very nice.

JJ: How do you know it’s cut?

Ren: For one thing the edges are really sharp and they’re uneven and where they join right here they’re not precise which is kind of a way of making it look more natural. It’s been polished and cut. If you look at a natural one it doesn’t look like this plus there aren’t this many sides to a natural one.

JJ: I thought I had a natural one.

Ren: It is natural. It’s just been cut. It probably cost about $80.

JJ: When I looked on the internet, they were about $300 for this size.

Ren: If it’s natural, yea. This is what’s really interesting about this. You’ll see what looks like cracks or something on the inside. When this crystal was being formed water gets trapped over the course of time as it’s forming, very slowly. This takes a long time. As it’s forming the water is trapped and creates fissures inside the crystal. So this that you’re seeing here could be hundreds and thousands of years old. Smoky quartz is a pretty common crystal. The smokiness is caused by mineral content in the crystal as it’s being created. Potassium makes the amethyst. There’s another one called rose quartz. They do not know why it’s rosy colored like that. There is not a scientific explanation for why rose quartz becomes rose colored. They do know why this is smoky and they know why the amethyst is purple but they don’t know why a rose quartz is rosy in color.

JJ: Interesting. Are you sure this isn’t natural? What shape do you think it was before they cut it?

Audience: I have natural grown crystals JJ. They grow crooked.

JJ: This is about the closest to a large wand shape I’ve seen out of all I’ve looked at.

Ren: Being cut is certainly not going to affect its ability.

JJ: Okay, we’re going to energize this with all our energies. We’re going to sound the OM as we go along. First concentrate with it in my hand. OOOMMMMMMMM Visualize a light coming out of your third eye and going into the tip of the crystal. OOOMMMMMMMMMM Now you do the same thing. You hold it and touch it to your third eye at the end of the OM. OOOMMMMMMMMM OOOMMMMMMMM OOOMMMMMMMM

Now we’re going to do something else as we go along here. Since I can’t afford to give you each a crystal I’m giving you each natural wood. We’re going to use these as your mini magic wands. Wood is very good because it comes from a living source. We’re going to pass the crystal along and you can concentrate with your little magic wand and do the same thing and energize your magic wand with the power of the group energy. Do yours then pass it to the next guy so we get energized by everyone in the group. When you have the crystal, just do the crystal.

Audience: In the Wiccan culture whenever you energize or charm something you hold your left hand up to receive energy then it passes it to your right hand.

JJ: That probably helps a little but it’s not absolutely necessary. The main thing is the power of your thought. It will work better than anything. If you want to do the Wiccan culture of doing it, go ahead and do what feels natural.

Audience: Is this just symbolic?

JJ: It’s more than symbolic. You can charge up any substance. That’s the power behind seer stones that the early Mormons used. They had been charged with a certain type of energy.

OOOMMMMMMMM. When you touch it to your forehead try to see a light. Pass your wand to your right

(Transcriber’s note: it is interesting that the studies of Dr. Masaru Emoto have shown that water is strongly effected by thought. Since this is so it is only logical that other elements could be effected).

Last time we were together and had a meditation we heard some singing. We didn’t know where it came from. It was really weird. I thought it was Belema singing but she said it wasn’t her. It was like a presence was there singing with us. How many here were there last year? Did you hear the singing? We interrogated everybody and everybody said it wasn’t them. Now we hear OM but there doesn’t seem to be anyone saying it. It sounds like it’s in the kitchen. OOOMMMMMMM

Of course the purpose of oil was to stimulate the spiritual flow of energy for healing ceremonies in the ancient church. Now, let’s gather around Barbara. Put this on your third eye and others focus on the area she wants the healing sent to and touch her with your wand.

OOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM We, the servants of God, are sending you healing energy. Do you accept it? OOOMMMMMMMM

Barbara: Yes

Who is next?

Healing ceremony continues.

Susan speaks: We’re going to have class for five hours tonight. Just kidding. We’re going to have class until 8:30 then we’ll have some wine tasting in the back. We have some wines from Mount Pleasant Utah. The wines are dry and they do not have any sulfites. They’re organic wines. Plus Assaf has brought two wines from Israel for us to taste. Remember when we bring the wine out that this is wine tasting so just taste it. There isn’t enough to have lots but there is some boxed wine you can have too. After that we’re going to do karaoke. Peggy and Scot will be doing that for us.

Since we had this announcement about the floating cities and various places in the United States plus that many around the world that we’re going to be organizing in the next 20-30 years I thought it would be good if everyone got up for a few minutes and told why they thought were drawn to this gathering and what talents they think they have in order to make a city of Zion or a gathering place. What special gifts do you have in order to make that a reality? I’ll start. I told you before that my son in law and I are starting an energy company. One of the things we’re working on is a magnetic motor that will give the cities power so that we do not have to be on the power grid. So, that’s something I’m working on, alternative energy for cars, for houses and things that are used in alternative health. That’s what I’m doing to help bring forth the city of Zion.

Audience: Gives accounts of talents and experiences.

Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real. Iris Murdoch (1919 – 1999)

First Posted Aug 9, 2005

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Gathering 20004, Part 26

Gathering 20004, Part 26
The Avatar of Synthesis

At the last gathering we talked about the Avatar of Synthesis which is a great avatar that was prophesied would come and assist the Christ in His work and He would work invisibly behind the scenes. He’s such a great entity that He can only descend to the mental levels. Does anyone know what that means?

Audience: My guess it that He can only be perceived mentally through our minds. We wouldn’t be able to feel Him or to see Him.

JJ: Right, you could feel Him though because the mental body is linked to the emotional body. In other words, He can come and approach a group and work through the group by transmitting spiritual power or transmitting impressions or revelations and communicating things that will assist the Christ in His work. He’s basically come to assist in preparing for the Christ who would be here after He comes. He’s called the Avatar of Synthesis. DK tells us He has come from another solar system to assist us here. So we’ve written this Avatar Invocation. Last year we told everybody to think about the Avatar of Synthesis and hope that by this year perhaps we would be mentally prepared to receive impressions from Him. So let’s go through the Avatar Invocation. I’ll read over it first.

From the center where the Will of God is known, let purpose guide the little wills of men.

JJ: Have you heard this before? Where is it from?

Audience: The Great Invocation.

JJ: Right, that’s a line from the Great Invocation. The rest of it takes off from there.

Let the One Great Life manifest its Purpose and send fourth His Avatar.

Let this Master of Purpose come fourth and amplify our wills to synthesize them with his own, giving us power to serve.

Let the Avatar of Synthesis manifest to the group of which I am a part.

That we may prepare the Earth for the Lords of Light and Love.

Let Will and Power and Purpose manifest the Christ on Earth.

JJ: You notice the Great Invocation ends with ‘let light and love and power bring the plan on Earth’ but here we have ‘let will, power and purpose.’ That’s because the Avatar of Synthesis is on ray one, which is the ray of power. The scripture says, “Zion must needs be built by power.” What does that mean?

(audience comments inaudible)

Money is power. Spiritual power. We need spiritual power to have the new age come in and Zion be built. We also need power over the enemies of light and love. Scripture talks about Christ obtaining power over all His enemies and that last enemy that will be overcome is death. In between humanity conquering death and where they are now, they must conquer all of their other enemies. By conquering enemies it means to put the enemies in a situation where they have no power to harm because whenever any light tries to do something good there is always some enemy coming out of the woodwork.

Famous scientists to inventors to innovators of any kind to spiritual leaders all have detractors trying to stop them. Even Jesus was crucified. Whenever a light comes out of the woodwork to present a better way to do something or something innovative, something comes out of the woodwork to try to stop him.

“Zion must needs be built with power.” Power must be given to the lights in order to neutralize their enemies. This is one of the purposes also of the Song of the 144,000, to protect the lights from negative forces, to surround them. By saying this as a group, and eventually thousands of people saying it will bring down light and love and power. Their enemies of that which is good will not be able to overpower them.

In every past age, sooner or later, the lights have always gotten overpowered. After Christ was crucified every one of the disciples except for John was killed. The church was prevented from manifesting the true spiritual powers it should have because it was overcome by the beast of the time. It’s been the same with every other attempt to create Zion upon the Earth. Let’s go through the invocation with a short pause between the stanzas.

From the center where the Will of God is known, let purpose guide the little wills of men.

Let the One Great Life manifest its Purpose and send fourth His Avatar.

Let this Master of Purpose come fourth and amplify our wills to synthesize them with His own, giving us power to serve.

Let the Avatar of Synthesis manifest to the group of which I am a part.

That we may prepare the Earth for the Lords of Light and Love.

Let Will and Power and Purpose manifest the Christ on Earth.

JJ: Can we put out the appeal to contemplate on this as we do our different types of group work? Contemplate on the possibility that the Avatar of Synthesis is coming. If we keep saying this invocation and thinking this, sooner or later we’re going to be picking up some very strong impressions.

Audience: Will He only manifest to a group?

JJ: He would prefer to work through groups but it depends. If it’s impossible for Him to work through a group He might work through an individual. His energy is so powerful it’s best He work through a group.

Audience: comment inaudible

JJ: When the gathering takes place on the ocean we’re going to have everybody in every nation in the world condemning it. Environmentalists will condemn it because we’re doing something to the ocean, whatever it is. The governments will condemn it. Everybody will condemn it but we will go ahead anyway.

Audience: When this is materializing and there are floating cities and this floating highway. . .

JJ: That’s why we have to start with a larger number than they can manifest against us. We’re not going to start with 50 people. We’re going to start with thousands of people going out there with power and strength and financing and everything we need to do it right. One problem is that the lights always try to do everything prematurely without enough power to do anything and wind up failing time after time. We’re so anxious. We see a vision. We want to manifest it and we take off half cocked, ill prepared and we fail again and again.

I’ve had enough failures in my life to really understand this principle well. (laughter) My failures that I’ve had in my own life in businesses and other things that’s I’ve done have prepared me to see that this has to be done right. Without doing it right, without laying the foundation, without the numbers, the financing, the people, the support we need, it would fail. Anyone who has tried anything like this has started small. Fifty people is the most I’ve heard of. Most of them have about 5 people interested in their ideas. I’ve come across about a dozen different projects to build their own nation somewhere. They don’t have enough people interested.

Dan: I need to clarify that the fifty people were physically working on projects but there were hundreds of people, maybe thousands, connected on the internet. There were a lot of people.

JJ: I didn’t realize it was that big. That still wasn’t enough though, was it? You could have billions of dollars and not do it right and waste it all if you have people who are not in harmony with each other. The harmony is the hard part. This is why we teach soul contact so much. If we have a core group with soul contact who feel through the spirit that we’re headed in the basic right direction then we won’t have so many problems. But if you get a bunch of hard core survivalists together and they all think different from the others it’ll be really hard to get them to merge.

The lower evolved people get some authority over them and they unite pretty well but you get people evolving up to the mental plane and all of them have different ideas. It’s really hard to get the intelligent people together and the only way to do it is through the soul, through the power of the soul, by them sharing the spiritual energy so they sense whether something is right or not.

They need to have that sense about it so even very strong independent people will cooperate. You’re an independent man but if you felt something stirring within you that felt right wouldn’t you think you should give it a chance? If you didn’t feel anything from the spirit and your mind told you that you could come up with a much better idea then we wouldn’t be cooperating. Many of these highly mental people have this problem. It’s a big competition as to who has the brightest ideas.

By the time we start this thing we’ll probably have twenty different constitutions written up by twenty different individuals who are trying to help us out and they’ll all be disappointed if we don’t use them. We’ll probably have about a hundred logos created for something. Now is not the time to create logos or a constitution. Now is the time to gather the lights. When the time comes that we have some power that’ll be the time to put everything together. Be thinking about what works now and what doesn’t work.

Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening. Dorothy Sarnoff

Posted Aug 2, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 25

Gathering 2004, Part 25
Creating Wealth

JJ: “Prepare ye for the coming of the bridegroom, go ye out to meet Him for behold He shall stand upon the Mount of Olivet, upon the mighty ocean even the great deep upon the islands at sea and upon the land of Zion.” D&C 133:19-20 How will He stand upon the great deep? It says that when Christ comes again, He will stand upon the mighty ocean. Is He just going to be standing on the ocean for us to look at or what? As we talked about in the last session, we’re going to build cities on the ocean and He will come and stand upon the cities.

Audience: It seems like it’s describing all the different places that He could be and it’s basically saying everywhere.

JJ: Not everywhere. He’ll have to come where people are prepared to meet Him. Also this isn’t just one time, it’s different time frames. For instance, we aren’t going to build anything in Jackson County Missouri in the immediate future. There may not be anything ready for Him there when He comes, as a lot of the Mormons expect. One place where the pure in heart can be gathered together is upon the mighty ocean where they can create a system of their own making, free from all the governments of Earth.

There is a reason why three quarters of this Earth is water. Is that by accident? Is it in preparation for the last days when every ounce of land is claimed by someone and this is the only place left for the lights of the world to gather together and meet?

D&C 16, 116 “It shall be said in days to come that none shall be able to go upon the land of ZION UPON THE WATERS but he that is upright in heart.” There are two ways to read this. You think of going to the land of Zion on the Earth across the waters. That’s the usual interpretation but there’s another way to read this, going to the land upon the waters, meaning the land of Zion will be built upon the waters and the pure in heart will go to the land of Zion upon the waters. We shall build the land of Zion upon the waters where Christ shall come and place His feet even upon the great deep, the mighty ocean.

I wasn’t going to reveal this for some time but I feel like we’re a little behind schedule and people need to have a vision of things to come. This will not be immediate. We will gather first in cities and build businesses, create wealth and eventually gather our wealth about twenty years from now and begin the construction of the land of Zion upon the waters. “A highway shall be cast up in the midst of the great deep which shall be a place for the redeemed to pass over.” We will build the highway. The land of Zion upon the waters will be a highway upon the waters. Eventually it will connect the continents. Eventually there will be a highway built clear across the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This will be the greatest construction project in the history of man. It may take a thousand years to complete. (Note from 2022: Enlightened people are presently laying plans to build cities upon the waters)

One of the purposes of the gathering is to gather the lights together so that they can create a system that has never been in existence before, better than any other system. When the operation of it has begun, the same thing will happen as when America was founded. People said, “We want to be more like America. Let’s make our constitution like theirs. We want more great freedoms like those people in America. They have all kinds of freedoms. We want freedom.” So the people of the various nations have demanded more freedom because of the gathering that took place in America. I’m not talking about the gathering of Mormons but the general gathering that created America, which was created with the gathering principle which is the principle behind all evolution.

The next gathering will be building a cooperative system which will incorporate the best of free enterprise, the best of capitalism but go beyond that and teach the principles of cooperation so that there will be no poor amongst the people, that are willing to work anyway, yet everybody will eventually be made rich. In America today only about 20% of the work force is working on creating wealth. The other 80% are moving the wealth around. They do nothing but move wealth, not create it.

Let’s say the average person works 40 hours a week and we decided to create a cooperative system where everyone shared in the manufacturing. This would mean everyone would need to work only 8 hours a week to create the wealth we now have. Imagine if we decided to double the wealth and work 16 hours a week. All the moving around of the wealth is done by volunteer work. The manufacturing is done by the citizens and we’d only need to work 8 hours a week to produce the wealth that we currently have. Of course, this presents an ideal to give us a rough target.

In foreign countries it could be as little as 5 hours a week because Americans are more productive than some foreign nations are. Imagine if we worked 30 hours a week and how much wealth we could have. We’d have so much wealth that it would be meaningless. There’d be so much wealth that you could pile up your wheelbarrow with stuff and take it home. If every citizen shared in the manufacturing working 16 hours a week could produce all the wealth that we wanted. Imagine if we doubled our wealth through cooperative living. It’s fascinating that only about 20% of the people are creating wealth and 80% are moving it around.

Let’s pick three people who have jobs. Ren, what do you do?

Ren: I drive the transit bus.

JJ: He’s not creating any wealth but he’s doing a necessary job in today’s society. There are necessary jobs then there is creating wealth. Who else has a job here? What do you do for a living?

Audience: I have a nursery and floral business.

JJ: A nursery creates a product and thus contributes to the wealth. If we concentrated on creating wealth and had volunteers who wanted to move it as a hobby then we could create a society with quite a bit of wealth. Larry, what percentage of people work in government, do you know? Is it 20-30%? That’s a terrific number. That doesn’t include public schools? Most of the people in government move wealth around. Managers move wealth around. A lot of people move wealth around.

The Salvation Army makes extremely efficient use of the money given to them by using volunteer workers. Their volunteers move it around without being paid. The Mormon Church does pretty good at this too. They move wealth around that’s given to them for the poor and different things. A lot of the churches are able to do this. Some are fairly effectively, others not. It’s possible to produce a system where the manufacturing can be done working much less time than we work now and producing more.

Audience: JJ: Are you talking about working for someone or being self employed?

JJ: You can be self employed and produce wealth or work for someone else and produce wealth.

Audience: inaudible questions

JJ: You can actually get by without a real estate agent. If you want a house and we have a cooperative system that says you can have a house, we have a volunteer who can show you a house if you want. It could happen very quickly.

Audience: I’m having some trouble with your definition of wealth in that I see only two basic areas for the production of wealth. One is through renewable resources and the other through fossil fuels.

JJ: Whenever you build a house you’re creating wealth. Whenever you manufacture a car you’re creating wealth. When you farm you have commodities that are wealth.

Audience: If I plant one seed I can grow enough for a loaf of bread. In other words I can produce enough food to feed 128 people in America. The definition of creating wealth is a little difficult to pinpoint for each person. It’s ambiguous.

JJ: Wealth is anything you buy in the store or anywhere else that’s worth money. You create these things. Another thing we can do is that we will also be having people create wealth for us because we will be innovative and have people who aren’t even part of our group do manufacturing for us also. The manufacturing we need that can’t be done anywhere else we can do ourselves. It wouldn’t take many hours to create everything that we need.

Audience: So what you’re saying about creating wealth is taking raw material sand putting them together to create something worth value to someone else then getting the money from them to buy more raw materials to create more amassing more. We’re actually becoming productive because we’re creating an item someone else considers valuable.

JJ: Right. When we are gathered we’ll also use common sense. We’ll concentrate on creating the wealth that is practical for us to create. If another nation can make widgets so cheaply that it would be spinning our wheels to make them ourselves so we’ll buy the widgets from them. Then we can eliminate making the widgets together and make something more ingenious than other people are doing. We’ll apply practical business concepts. The basic point I wanted to make is that theoretically it will not take that many hours to create the wealth that we’ll need for us.

Audience: I think one of the big reasons that’s being implied where we’ll have this extra time on our hands is that we’ll be working to create necessary goods rather than the excesses that we have. We won’t need a police force or lawyers.

JJ: Lawyers can be volunteers. We don’t need to pay a lawyer a million dollars to solve a case.

Audience: There is such a mountain of things we don’t need like advertising. There is so much that we now pay for that we really don’t need in a perfect society.

JJ: Anyone would be free to advertise but a lot of it won’t be needed. If everybody knows they can go get a house, who needs to advertise it?

Audience: The 3M principle is that you need to manufacture, mine or make new technology.

JJ: We’ll be concentrating a lot on new technology and also a lot on sales. We’ll be acquiring things from different nations and being international salesmen. We’ll train a sales force to do things that have never been done before. We’ll do it all from the ocean and all the profit we make will be tax free.

Audience: So people like doctors and teachers are volunteers?

JJ: Not doctors. We’ll still train them but many of the things doctors do can be done by volunteers. Many times you go to a doctor and he writes out a prescription. You could train someone in a month to write out that prescription and study the symptoms. There are certain specializations that will require a lot of training like now. There are a lot of things that doctors do that could be done by an intern. Same with attorneys.

Audience: If I understood you correctly we’d be doctored by volunteers.

JJ: We’re going to put a lot of concentration on prevention and natural healing so we won’t need nearly as many doctors as we do now.

Audience: Soil, cows, chickens, pigs?

JJ: We’ll have to farm and produce our own goods. If we use the minerals from the ocean as nutrients to farm with we’ll make tremendously nutritious food.

Audience: How can you have soil in the ocean?

JJ: We’ll bring it in rom the land and add nutrients from the minerals in the ocean. We’ll ship it in. We’ll also do a lot of hydroponics and buy soil.

Audience: One reason I think we’ll never create a society like that in the near future that will not require doctors, lawyers and police men is that it would be a lot more productive. . .

JJ: I never said we wouldn’t need doctors. We wouldn’t need as many.

Audience: Doctors today support all the people who make insurance claims and insurance companies. If the doctor took care of the patient while the nurse filled the prescription and another nurse took care of the minor things he’d be so much more productive.

JJ: I was reading about a doctor that got so fed up with all the paperwork that he switched to cash only. A lot of his patients were people who already had insurance that were willing to pay cash even though they had insurance just because they were getting much better care.

Audience: We’ll still need policemen even if we don’t think we will.

JJ: Yea, we’ll still need police, though not as many.

Audience: Even in a close to perfect society there are people who are ill with very complex psychological things but since often we don’t know the implications couldn’t someone arbitrate?

JJ: A lot of the things attorneys do can be done through arbitration but we’ll probably need professionals in a number of areas yet. Whatever the need is that’s what we’ll do. In other words, a lot of people make plans saying it’s going to be this way. I’m not saying that because you cannot perfectly plan any new enterprise. You need a basic idea. We want minimal doctors, minimal attorneys, minimal police force but how much we need will depend on circumstances. In the creation of anything there is trial and error.

When you see something isn’t working, you try something else until it does work. That’s why you have to do. When you have these organizations where you have some prophet saying it’s going to be this way and no other way it never works because it doesn’t allow for imperfections or correction. It doesn’t allow for dissolving an old system and creating a new.

That’s what made America so prosperous. Through trial and error they figured out what worked and what didn’t. There needs to be a certain amount of trial and error.

Audience: inaudible comment

JJ: Basically freedom was allowed to work and this always has to be the case.

No, nobody will be working for free. Everybody gets paid. I don’t have time to explain it all now. Eventually I may write a book on how I see it working. It’ll be in steps. The first step is the molecular business. I’ve already written that. That’s a bridge step because people need incentive and that still allows incentive. We can’t get into a truly cooperative society until people see how it works. It needs to be started with a lot of old-fashioned incentive to cause people to work.

Audience: I can see what you’re saying actually being manifested in the world right now. Computer software, for example. A lot of computer software is being made literally by volunteers and now big corporations like IBM use it and sell it. There is a lot of software out there now. In fact, most all the software on my website was created by volunteers so it cost me very little.

JJ: That’s what makes things work, when the guy at the bottom of the totem pole has power to add input. He’s often the one with the best idea. Any other questions on this before we switch topics? We’ll be talking more about it, maybe later on so formulate any questions you might have.

Music has charms to soothe the savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak. William Congreve (1670 – 1729)

Posted July 31, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 24

Gathering 2004, Part 24
The Vision of Gathering

Audience: Think of the powers we’ll have when this happens. Think about our evolution, the disciples’ evolution by the time the gathering comes. The first part has already happened and the second part is overshadowing. By the time Zion happens we will have had our powers for quite some time. If our powers are going to evolve into something we don’t have right now, we’ll be able to protect ourselves.

JJ: Right. After the gathering takes place upon the waters then a number of Earth changes will take place. There will be new lands raise up out of the waters. When the new lands raise up the gathered lights will be the first ones to step forward on them and claim them. They will be the only people prepared to claim the new lands that will rise up.

Audience: When you mention 2030 are you referring to the building on the ocean or the first gatherings on the land?

JJ: The plan is to begin the building on the ocean between 2025 and 2030. If the lights are not ready it will be commenced by innovative thinkers from the best of humanity.

Audience: How long will it take until we’re ready?

JJ: The exact future is nearly impossible to predict. We will physically gather when conditions are favorable. Until then gathering on the internet is the alternative.

Audience: Are we going to have to guess?

JJ: You won’t have to guess. We’ll tell you. We’ll make an announcement on the Keys about it, “the first step of the gathering has arrived.”

Audience: Are you going to tell us where to go?

JJ: Probably Boise will be the first place.

Audience: Where is this place in the sea that’s surrounded by water?

JJ: Probably somewhere off the coast of Central America. If we could acquire an island of significant size that we could buy and make a deal with the government that we could have complete ownership of it and establish it as our own country we could use it as a base and expand from there.

When we begin building this we’ll make a tremendous amount of money just from tourism. It’s not going to be a religious society. It won’t be like the Amish or the Mormons. The difference between America and the new land will be like the difference between England and America was. Some people will be pretty religious, some people will not. They’ll gather there because of the idea of greater freedom and of making something new that’s never been done before. That will attract people from all areas, religious people, new age people and irreligious people. We’re not going to discriminate between these.

The gathering is a sifting process. Jesus mentioned this. He said, “The kingdom of heaven is like a net that is thrown into the sea and gathers fish of all type.” At the end of the age, you throw away the trash fish and keep the good fish but you keep doing this over and over and over and you keep getting better fish all the time. When Zion is built upon the waters there will be people of all types gathered there. On the average they’ll be a few steps above the average person in the other nations. They’ll be some bad dudes there as well that will need to be handled. Then the time will come that we’ll leave the gathering there and leave it to whoever wants to be in charge and we’ll gather again to somewhere else. There will be several steps in the gathering until the true Zion will be built. Who knows, it’s possible it might even be built in Missouri after it’s destroyed and the final gathering takes place. You never know.

The Mormons believe Zion will be built in Missouri. Their early prophet, Brigham Young, said that Missouri would be completely wiped out and their final gathering place would be there. I don’t have any information on that for sure.

Audience: I take that as anywhere where people are pure in heart.

JJ: Right. Zion is the pure in heart. The people that will come will be people who have pure intent to serve or to better themselves. They won’t be perfect.

Susan: The good news is that my Son-in-law and I have been working with people who work with desalination so that you can take ocean water and turn it into potable water. We’re also working on magnetic motors and other sources of energy that will be perpetual type power so we don’t have to have pollution and fossil fuels.

Audience: Things that aren’t allowed in America because they are being repressed but they could be allowed in the new nation.

JJ: When the gathering takes place and we’re free from all the governments of the Earth then if we create a new power source we don’t need to worry about anyone stealing it. We can develop it ourselves and we may even develop ways to supply power to the various nations.

Audience: JJ, could you explain the pixels that Rick created for those who can’t conceive building a nation on the water?

JJ: Rick has come up with what looks like a good foundation building block. Overall, I see the individual housing units built something like Lego’s. Everyone know what Lego’s are? If you want a house or a place to live in Zion upon the waters we’ll build it here. We’ll have people hired and participating that are going to be members of the gathering. We’ll have giant construction crews building them here. They’ll be floated out to the floating city and linked up, one link up after another until we get a whole city.

Audience: So out there we would have our houses, our businesses, we build our own hospitals with our own healing techniques that we want with vibrations and colors. We can have our own schools, our own police force, our own sewer system.

JJ: Storms will be problem but fortunately we’ll be able to move around. When we see a storm on the satellite system we’ll be able to move out of its way. We’ll have a power source. It’ll be like a giant ship or they can unlink too. We’ll also eventually build cities that float in the air. That’ll be a tremendous tourist attraction. We may build them in the ocean but they’ll actually float in the air. Rick came up with some good ideas on that too. I never told him how this was going to work but he’s been thinking in the right direction.

Here is a link to some of the gatherings that are in the planning stage as of August, 2022

My son, observe the postage stamp! Its usefulness depends upon its ability to stick to one thing until it gets there. Josh Billings (1818 – 1885)

Posted July 28, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 23

Gathering 2004, Part 23
The Next Gathering

Assaf: So the gathering, where will it take place?

JJ: That’s a great mystery, isn’t it? I haven’t told the group in all this time but I’ve decided to tell you today. Would you like to hear? Lorraine got it through her own inspiration, didn’t you Lorraine?

Lorraine: Well, you’ve given clues.

JJ: I’ve given several clues but Lorraine is the only one who’s gotten it in this room. And that guy in prison got it. I know Susan has really been wondering about it. (Actually, she already knew)

Audience: There is a guy on the internet who is developing a new system. He’s building an island in the Gulf of Mexico and he’s creating a new nation that nobody has any claim on. It’s called the New Utopia. My guess is that you’re going to do something similar.

JJ: There are a couple people doing that. One guy wants to be king. He’s not going to gather very many because if you go there you have to call him King and he’s the sovereign there. That’s going backwards. We don’t’ want to establish a kingdom. You don’t want to call me King JJ, do you?

The first step in the gathering is the internet. But we have a long way to go yet. Eventually, we are going to need some type of breakthrough where the idea gets a lot of international attention.

When millions of people are affected then we’ll have power to gather people in various cities with one major area as a focus.

Finally, the gathering will take place on this earth in a place that’s been reserved for this purpose since the beginning of man. It even speaks of it in the scriptures. Remember the scripture I told you about, “a highway shall be cast up in the midst of the great deep.” I said that had more than one interpretation. What’s the other interpretation?

Here is another scripture: “Wherefore, prepare ye for the coming of the Bridegroom; go ye, go ye out to meet him. For behold, he shall stand upon the mount of Olivet, and upon the mighty ocean, even the great deep and upon the islands of the sea, and upon the land of Zion.” D&C 133:19-20 When Christ comes again where shall He stand?

Audience: comments inaudible

JJ: Let’s look at it again. “upon the mighty ocean, even the great deep.” How will Christ stand upon the ocean when He comes?

Audience: comments inaudible

JJ: No, what good would that do if there is nobody there? What’s Christ going to do standing out in the middle of the ocean? How is He going to stand in the ocean? He will stand on the highway that is cast up in the midst of the great deep. What is the highway that will be cast up on the midst of the great deep?

Audience: comment inaudible

JJ: No, it will rise up in the ocean but first a highway will be built. We are going to build the highway. We’re going to build a highway in the midst of the great deep then when Christ comes He will stand upon it. Let me read you this scripture. This scripture has dual meanings. Something similar is said in Isaiah but this is clearer.

“Behold, I, the Lord, in the beginning blessed the waters; but in the lasts days, by the mouth of my servant John, I cursed the waters. Wherefore, the days will come that no flesh shall be safe upon the waters. And it shall be said in days to come that none is able to go up to the LAND OF ZION UPON THE WATERS, but he that is upright in heart.” D&C 61:14-16

Many think that people will be crossing the ocean coming to the land of Zion and will have to cross the waters and that’s the land of Zion upon the waters but let’s read it another way.

“None shall be able to go up to the land of Zion upon the waters.” Interpreting this another way we could say that the land of Zion shall be upon the waters. Notice the dualistic meaning. It says only the pure in heart will be able to go to the land of Zion upon the waters.

Audience: chatter inaudible

JJ: But we’re not upon the waters. The land of Zion is wherever the pure in heart gather. In the days of Joseph Smith America was called Zion but Zion is wherever the pure in heart gather. The pure in heart are to gather in the land of Zion upon the waters. It’s an interesting statement, isn’t it? America isn’t upon the waters. There is no land upon the waters right now. We’re referring to something we’re going to build. We’re going to build the land of Zion upon the waters. The Gathering of Lights will build the land of Zion upon the waters and it will be a highway cast up in the midst of the great deep.

Imagine that we have the United States here and Europe across the waters. Imagine we have a highway that connects the two across the ocean, a highway composed of homes and businesses and cities that stretch from one place to the other. Now imagine over here we have California and we have Japan and we build another highway that reaches clear across the Pacific Ocean. Eventually those two highways will connect the whole Earth so the whole Earth will be like one land. The prophecy is the whole Earth will be one land but perhaps this is going to happen differently than what everyone thinks. Not that the oceans will be dried up but that they’’ be connected by the highways cast up in the midst of the great deep.

Audience: inaudible comment

JJ: It’s not there yet. We have to build it. It won’t be concrete. Matter of fact Rick had inspiration on this and we wish we had him here today so he could show us the building materials he designed. He’s creating some of the perfect building materials that we may need. What we’ll do is to create floating cities and connect the floating cities one to another. The ocean is the only place that we can go where we will not be under the power of some authority, where we can put together a type of system that will be totally different than the world has ever seen before.

Audience: inaudible comments

JJ: No one owns the ocean. In international waters if some island were to sprout up and you were to go put a flag on it, then you’d have your own country.

Audience: Submarines go everywhere. If the Soviet Union were to bring submarines in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean others will complain.

Audience: I think there is a 20 mile area where anything 20 miles off the coastline is intternational territory.

JJ: They can go on international waters. Anybody can. But sometimes with some of the unfriendly nations if you go too close in international waters they get upset like the Chinese did with us when they took our plane down.

Audience: Powerful countries could somehow take it but the power of God would protect it.

JJ: Right. The scripture says a person will have to be pure in heart to go up to the land of Zion upon the waters.

Audience: Doesn’t that also imply that those in the cities. . .

JJ: Right and this is what’s going to happen. We’re going to gather first of all the most intelligent people into the cities in the various gathering places. There will be one main gathering place on land with numerous smaller ones linked. Then at a time when many of the governments are collapsing and suffering financial distress with their systems taxing people more and giving people less. If they continue on this route the economy around the world is going to go downhill. Then when we get enough people together, we will go build floating cities and on these floating cities we will gather the greatest lights of the Earth including many of the greatest scientists.

There will be a lot of different ways we can make money on these things. It also says in the prophecy in the scriptures that the nations of the world will bring their gold and silver to Zion. Once a new nation is established where there is virtually no taxes and tremendous opportunity for financial investment the nations of the world will bring their gold and silver there. We’ll also have a lot of medical facilities not governed by all the restrictions that we have here. If we have a cure for cancer we can say, “Hey, we have a cure for cancer” and not worry about being sued or imprisoned.

Assaf asks how can we make sure only the pure in heart will be gathered in these cities. You don’t make sure. You put out the call. How do we know that everybody who came to America was pure in heart? Everybody wasn’t. There was an opportunity signaled and the opportunity gathered the people. It’ll be the same this time. Not everyone who goes to the floating cities will be pure in heart, but overall they’ll be head and shoulders over the average person sitting in the nations left behind.

Audience: When you think about the people who will be attracted to this kind of thing they won’t be the nay-sayers. The people low in evolution will not want to go to the next gathering. They’ll want to hold on to the old ways. So we’ll gather the best of the people because they’ll be able to think forward and not backwards.

Audience: What’s the time frame JJ?

JJ: It should be started by around 2030.

Audience: You said this has to happen before Christ will return?

JJ: Yes. Hopefully we can start it around 2025-2030.

Audience: What about Independence, MO?

JJ: Nothing is going to happen there for some time. Once the gathering takes place upon the waters then the big test will be how the nations will handle it. It says in the scripture it calls the church of God a woman, in the book of Revelations. It says the Earth helped the woman. In other words, when there are enemies to the forces of light the Earth will help them. When the intelligence that is the Earth sees that there is a gathering taking place where there will be a new step in evolution, the Earth will assist us. The Earth assisted Moses so he was able to part the Red Sea and drown the Egyptians, the Earth helped the gathering to prevent the enemies of the gathering from stopping it.

Life is a dream from which we must wake before we can dream again. Robert Jordan, The Fires of Heaven

Posted July 26, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 22

Gathering 2004, Part 22
Unification Difficulties

In the last general gathering the lights were gathered out of all of Europe and gathered to America. These people who were more enlightened got together. They said, “We don’t like the old system. Let’s create a new system.”

What if this same thing happened again? If those who were the most enlightened were gathered out and got together, would they do the same thing? Would they say, “We don’t like the old system. Let’s create a better system”?

Audience: If they didn’t, what would be the purpose of the gathering? If they don’t want to make a change, then why bother?

JJ: So, the question is how will this gathering take place? There are several ways it’s taking place. In the book of Isaiah it’s said that a highway will be cast up in the midst of the sea, a way for the redeemed to pass over. It says in the scriptures that the sea stands for the multitudes of the peoples of the Earth.

So a highway will be cast up in the midst of a sea of people. Water is a symbol of emotion. The highway on the sea stands for something that is on the plane of the mind, above the emotions. But what was Isaiah talking about? He was talking about several things. Ancient prophets always spoke on several levels. Do we see any super highway like this anywhere?

Audience: the internet

JJ: The internet, right. Is the super highway affected by emotion or is it only affected by looking at it mentally? It’s entirely mental. It doesn’t matter how mad you get at your computer. You have to get mental and punch the right keys to make it work. You operate entirely from the mind, even though many express great emotion. Only by hitting the right keystrokes can the correct effect take place.

So it’s a super highway that is above the plane of the emotions. The emotions have no power over it. The only thing that has power over it is the mind, which is symbolized by air. The highway is in the air on top of the water, or above the emotional level.

This is one of the steps of the gathering of the last days, the gathering through the internet. We’re all gathered here through the internet, aren’t we? Without the internet we could not be gathered here. This of course, is just a very small portion. Eventually the internet will pave the way for millions to gather on the plane of the mind then meet in the physical. A highway will be cast up in the midst of the ocean, a way for the redeemed to pass over.

Audience: I have a question on that prophecy. It talks about coming from the North. I can understand the sea of people but how does the North fit in.

JJ: It talks about the ten tribes coming from the North. The word, ‘north’ stands for ‘as far away as the eye can see’ according to the Hebrew. They shall come from as far away as you can imagine them coming from on the Earth.

Audience: In Hebrew the word is more like ‘hidden.’

JJ: I need to be careful what I say with a Hebrew expert here. Assaf says ‘north’ means hidden. The ancients looked on the horizon as far as they could see. When they couldn’t see any further, it was hidden. That’s another way of looking at it.

Are we just going to gather on the internet or will there be a physical gathering, do you think? We’re physically gathered here for a few days and it’s nice to rub shoulders. Where can we gather so we can get together and create our own system of doing things? It’s impossible right now, isn’t it? You’re nodding your head like you understand. Will you tell us a little about your background?

Dan: I went down to Costa Rica to create something like this so I know what you’re talking about. It didn’t work out. It was internet based. It was called Lai*** Faire City.

JJ: In Cost Rica?

Dan: That’s where it was based. The whole concept started years ago when they wanted to buy a piece of land or an island or somewhere where people could go and have their own free market, free enterprise, capitalistic system that was not imposed upon by other governments. When I got involved they hadn’t found any land. No one would sell them any land so it evolved into an internet based country. They had supposedly created this, kind of like Iran’s system where they went up in the hills to a hidden spot where they could be by themselves.

They supposedly had that all set up and it was set up so it couldn’t be imposed upon by the rest of the state governments in the world. When I got down there I found that wasn’t the case. What I tried to do was to build that protection system. As far as physically there were probably about ten programmers and as many as fifty people doing various things.

JJ: That’s a lot better than most of them.

Dan: Due to human failure, I don’t want to blame it on one guy but there was mismanagement at the very highest.

JJ: Too many chiefs and not enough Indians sort of thing?

Dan: One chief wasn’t a business man. He came by his money almost by happenstance rather than working his way up. He wasn’t a people manager and he knew nothing about the internet or programming computers and he was trying to manage all these people. There was no boss who knew what was going on so it failed. Everybody was fighting for their own way and there was nobody there to pull them together to unify them so it failed.

JJ: So it fizzled and everyone went back home?

Dan: No, there are still some parts of it that exist. The financial part, the digital money and that sort of thing which is called the digital monetary trust still exists in cyberspace. There are a few other pieces. There is still a bulletin type community where people can get together and talk and discuss capitalism and free market and that sort of thing but as far as having one place where it’s all pulled together, as far as I know that’s no longer there. Some of the programmers and individuals might have gotten together after it fell apart and started building their own communities. I got out of it so I don’t know.

JJ: I had a feeling you had an interesting story to tell by the look on your face. I’ve found there have been quite a few attempts at such a gathering. A lot of independent thinking people have the gathering idea. They want to gather together and create a community where they can be totally independent from every nation under heaven and make their own laws and their own rules. One problem has been that a lot of them have an Ayn Rand consciousness. They’re very independent souls. They’re very independent thinkers and it’s hard to get two or three of them to cooperate. Isn’t that what you found? They’re very independent.

They’re very independent and it’s hard to get half a dozen of them together because they argue so much. Each one will think his ideas are better than the others’. They don’t want anyone telling them what to do so, if a leader steps forward and starts giving directions they’ll rebel against him. I’ve met a lot of these people. They’re good people, but they’re just really independent. They’re at a certain state of evolution where they have a lot of the rebel in them. They would’ve made good soldiers during the Revolutionary War and would’ve been a great benefit to George Washington, but not so much in today’s world. They’re stuck in the past somewhat. They’re stuck in the Revolutionary war time while we moved ahead.

The next step will include all the free market and capitalistic market and democratic society but we’re going to go a step farther to produce a cooperative society. In the cooperative society it will be a step higher instead of trying to re-establish that which was done in the past. We’re going to incorporate all the good and go the extra step.

When neither their property nor their honor is touched, the majority of men live content. Niccolo Machiavelli (1469 – 1527), The Prince

Posted July 21, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 21

Gathering 2004, Part 21
The Soul of the Universe

It’s interesting that man is the soul of the universe. We are the conscious creators. Altogether there are twelve creative hierarchies. Humanity is one of them, but human beings are the creative hierarchy for the physical plane. The deva lives are also a creative hierarchy but they are not directly working on the physical plane the way we are. There are other hierarchies on other spheres that do creative work but we are the creative hierarchy for the physical plane. We are the soul of the physical universe. You have your soul and the universe as a whole has a soul, and that soul is us.

Audience: You said our soul is made of little life-forms. If man is the soul of the universe what’s the name of the little life-forms in our soul? Are they devas?

JJ: They are tiny lives interplaying between spirit and matter. Everything in the microcosm has already reached the end of its evolution so they’re almost like little computer programs where their consciousness is shifted up to us where we are the new creators allowing the lower to share consciousness with us. The soul between spirit and matter in us is an interplay of life-forms through which the Solar Angel works. This is an actual being that has evolved on another solar system that has long since passed away.

Let’s get back to the gathering. The third step was the evolution of a democratic society, the capitalistic system, free enterprise – freedom is the key word among the third great step in evolution. What’s the key word for the next step?

Audience: Business or abundance.

JJ: Think of the Aquarian Age. For the gathering, what will be the keynote do you think? Yes, cooperation.

Cooperation is the keyword for the next step.

Audience: comment inaudible

JJ: Yes, it is. Those who are now sold on free enterprise, capitalistic system and democracy really value their freedom. They will have a fear of losing their freedom as we switch to a cooperative system because they compare the cooperative system with Stalinist communism. We look at communism and think it was bad. What is wrong with communism as it was practiced by the old Soviet Union and the Chinese Empire today? Right, limited free will. They see a concept that they think is good and they’re trying to implement it by force. This method is always a source of evil.

Evil is created when you see something that is good and you try to implement it by force. Matter of fact, nobody thinks they are evil, even Hitler. Hitler saw something he thought was good and he tried implementing it by force. He thought he knew what was good better than anyone else did so he thought, “I’m going to do the greater good and the only way to get this good out there is to force people to do good.”

This is always the source of evil in our current society. Back thousands of years ago this was sometimes good because the mentality of the people didn’t understand freedom, so this type of government was actually the highest good in certain times of our history. Maybe thousands of years ago Hitler could’ve been seen as a good guy. Maybe he would’ve been the best they had, but not today. Not today, because people understand the principle of freedom. When you understand the principle of freedom you do not want someone, some do-gooder, forcing you to do good. The evil that comes out of forcing others to do good is much more powerful than any good that transpires by being forced to do good.

When the Soviet Union tried to force people to do good, the leaders were thinking that because theirs was the best system, forcing people to do what is right would insure they’d have the greatest productivity. But did they? They weren’t able to feed themselves. They were starving to death. We had to keep giving them grain. Even though they were our enemy we fed them half the time. Nobody had incentive to work because, “We’ll have the other guy work. Why should I work? I don’t get any more benefit if I work hard than if I don’t work hard.”

Audience: I was wondering about kibbutz. It’s a way of life.

JJ: How much of Israel? They have a community living type arrangement where everyone has to cooperate?

Assaf: I was born in a kibbutz and grew up there.

JJ: Do they have much incentive in that system? This is always the case. When you’re in a system where you’re forced to do good, incentive disappears because you’re only incentive then is to get out of being forced to good. It’s like a teen-ager. If you try to force them to be good they rebel. The best thing to do with a teen or a human being is to dangle a carrot in front of him then he’ll be much more motivated.

Now, just because they were trying to force people to do good, and it failed, does that mean that everything in a communistic society would be evil? What if we had a society that was free and motivated, yet we also had a sharing principle of some type at work? There’d be no poor. This is what the scripture says about Zion and also about the early Christians. It said in the Book of Acts  that each person gave everything they had to the church and they shared it and there was a cooperation. Then about Zion it said there were no poor among them, that everyone was taken care of. How did that work? The people were not forced to do good but some type of system was put into play where there was enough motivation that abundance was created and freely shared.

Audience: I think the difference is in the communistic system the motivating force was fear and in the Zion system the motivating force needs to be love. The two are direct opposites of each other.

JJ: Yes. On the other hand, the early Mormon as well as different religious communities have tried to get a communal thing going, as well as the early hippies. They all fizzled out. None of them worked. The early Mormons were sincere about trying to follow the principles in the scriptures. But there was always some powerful authority that rose up and started dictating to everyone what to do. They’d have to do it his way or be punished or thrown out. Pretty soon the motivation all went downhill.

Audience: There was an honor system . . because one of the people in Peter said you have lied to the Holy Ghost after they gave a portion of their goods. They did not give what they should’ve.

JJ: That was a fairly small group and it worked for a while. They gave what they had and they shared it. What we’re doing now is we are evolving to a higher system. How are we evolving? What signs have we seen of cooperation at play in our evolving society?

Audience: Workers own share in the company in which they work. Audience: How about free trade?

JJ: The companies are sharing more. It used to be that companies never bought health care for their employees. Now they’re buying health care and giving them sick pay, unemployment insurance.

Audience: That’s because they’re forced to. It’s a requirement. It isn’t that they want to.

JJ: They’re doing a lot through their free will also. Some things are forced by the government then it takes government assistance to make it work. The things the businesses do on their own like WINCO groceries in Boise is completely owner operated and owned. Every employee is an owner to some degree. It works really well. They have the best prices in town and really good service and products. Many businesses are voluntarily giving stock options to people. The business world is evolving into a more cooperative society, without force. If the government will stay off their backs and help them and allow them to evolve, we’ll see businesses evolve into what Karl Marx dreamed about, except without the use of force. Every man will have according to his needs. It’s a nice slogan but it didn’t work the way they wanted it to when implementing it by force.

One of the problems we have in our evolution is that the old ways are always fighting the new ways and you can’t put new wine in old bottles. Our society, as it is, will evolve up to a certain extent. It’s evolving up to where companies are becoming more cooperative and sharing more with their employees, but there are a lot of things that aren’t changing. For great change to be made there has to be a gathering. Another gathering has to happen-the fourth gathering.

Being Politically Correct means always having to say you’re sorry. Charles Osgood

Posted July 20, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 20

Gathering 2004, Part 20
Masters of the Universe

JJ: As above, so below. The soul of us is what? What is our soul?

Audience: It’s the midway point between matter and spirit.

JJ: Right. Within us is an interplay between matter and spirit and that is soul energy. That interplay is actually tiny little life-forms interplaying and creating. The interplay between spirit and matter creates all things. It creates our bodies. It creates the earth. It creates all things physical. Without that interplay there can be no physical creation and physical form.

Audience: I heard that the earth is the garbage can of the universe because it is the worst place to go yet it is highly desirable to complete our progress here. We are also sent to other places, other universes, for other experiences. How does that tie into what God is doing? With these other people in these other places?

JJ: For one thing the Earth isn’t the worst place to go. There’s a lot worse. A couple million years ago it was worse than it is now. Mars is a lot worse than this. Have you seen pictures of Mars? It’s a bunch of red sand and you choke on the air because you can’t breathe it.

Audience: I’m talking about where there are people.

JJ: There are all kinds of different places in the universe. There are places that are completely controlled by the dark brotherhood. Imagine what Earth would be like if Hitler dominated the whole thing. Some planets are dominated by Hitler-type figures. Most of them escape that in their evolution. They escape the conquest and the Brotherhood of Light overcomes the Dark Brotherhood. There have been some close calls. Where there is complete domination of a Hitler-type figure for a long time, it’s followed by destruction of most of the people on the planet or somethimes the entire planet. Some people theorize that the asteroids were once a planet that was blown up.

It’s an interesting fact that within us is an interplay between spirit and matter. The interplay between spirit and matter in the universe, right in the midway point where spirit and matter are interplaying, is the human kingdom. We’re the ones in charge, in the universe, of creating and putting the universe into form. We’re just barely getting started. There are interesting forms out there discovered by the Hubble telescope but not formed by high intelligence. They’re pretty much random creations. Evolved humanity like us is actually pretty rare in the universe. A lot of planets have elementary life-forms.

What makes this earth a little different is the Hierarchies that govern our solar system sent high intelligences to come assist us in our evolution. Without this assistance we’d still be almost like the savages. On many other planets they’re still in the savage state. This planet is different because we’ve had assistance. The Sons of Mind were sent to us to assist us in our evolution. These are basically our Solar Angels. Not all planets have this as the case. Because of this we’re one of the more progressed planets, relatively speaking.

Audience: But there are higher planets than us? There are more advanced beings that can travel.

JJ: Right and our Solar Angel is higher than we are.

Audience: So you call those Solar Angels that would be on another planet?

JJ: The Solar Angel doesn’t have a physical body.

Audience: What about on Sirius?

JJ: Sirius doesn’t have kingdoms like we do here. The life-form isn’t in actual physical matter. They’re in higher etheric matter. There are different physical matters but in this solar system the other planets do not have physical life like we do, but they have etheric life. On Sirius there are very advanced beings and the Brothers of Light but they’re in more refined matter than we are here.

Audience: An example is the beings that helped the Egyptians build the pyramids were from another star system. We didn’t do that. They came and assisted with space craft.

JJ: That’s what a lot of people think.

Audience: Do you believe we’re evolving to a more simplistic type of situation or do you think it’s becoming more complex?

JJ: More complex. Everything will get more complex like a molecule is more complex than an atom and a cell is more complex than a molecule.

Audience: But we aren’t evolving backwards?

JJ: We’re evolving into greater complexity because we will understand simplicity. To make more complex things you need to understand the simplicity of things. The computers are getting more and more complex but the whole foundation of them is the binary system, which is composed of two things, a plus and a minus. Combinations of plusses and minuses create everything on our computers no matter how complex they are. To understand the complexity you have to understand the binary system of plusses and minuses.

So to create the complex you need to understand the simplicity. If you don’t understand the bare bones simplicity of things then you cannot create the complex that works. Many Harvard professors are unable to create anything usable because their mind operates on a complex level so they have too many facts going through their mind so they can’t do anything practical. If they had to run a business they’d probably fail because they have so many complex things going through their mind that they only see complexity whereas the guy who is innovative like Bill Gates who quit college saw things in simplistic ways and ended up created very complex systems.

Audience: Why would you say that we’re in charge of the whole universe when there are others watching us?

JJ: We’re the creators in the universe. The beings who are above us still work through us in the creation of physical things.

Audience: They’re watching us so we don’t blow ourselves up.

JJ: But we’re doing the creating. The Solar Logos doesn’t come down here and build a house. He doesn’t build a city. He hasn’t built any computers. We do that. We receive inspiration from lives more advanced than us. I’m not saying there aren’t lives more ancient than us. There have been past solar systems, many of them, where people have passed through the human kingdom. Solar systems are created and destroyed and created and destroyed but each time there’s a new creation a new round of human beings are created that are a little more advanced than the ones before. We’re going to do better than the Solar Angels that are guiding us. Meanwhile they are also moving ahead. There are higher lives ahead of us that guide us but we’re now the ones in charge of creating in the physical universe. We’re the creators of the universe. We’re going to do the physical creating and splice the genes and create new universal DNA.

We’ll even create new life-forms.

Audience: Is this creating that we’re doing on the physical plane where it seems that the Solar Logos or these other more advanced life-forms that are inspiring us somehow can’t affect the physical plane like we can?

JJ: They probably could, but their attention is elsewhere. They have other things that they’re doing, more exciting in their mind than what we’re doing. Our job is to be creators. We’re the new creators on the block and we’re going to be the ones who are going to mold the whole universe. We’re going to eventually move star systems and planets. Eventually we may go to Saturn and take the moon called Titan – it’s a little like Earth – we’ll move it out of its orbit and move it into the orbit that Earth is in so it will be a twin balancing us off. We’ll send a bunch of people over there and it will be like a Garden of Eden. We’ll actually move planets someday and move entire star systems. That’s the destiny of man. Millions of years from now we’ll be like gods compared to what we are now. If we think we can create now wait until we get near the end of our evolution. We will give form to the entire universe.

One thing that bothers scientists is they say the universe is expanding and there isn’t enough matter in the universe to draw it back in. They think that if there’s enough matter and gravity to draw it back into itself it could collapse into itself and we’d have another bang and things would keep going. But they’re worried that there isn’t enough gravity so it looks like the universe is going to expand forever and pretty soon everything will waste away and poof, we’ll never have another universe. But they leave out one ingredient in the equation. What is it? Humanity. We will eventually be able to control the forces of nature and be able to move planets and star systems wherever we want and actually give shape to the whole universe.

Audience: It seems to me that the most complex thing we can create is a child or an offspring yet it seems we really don’t have a clue how that’s being done. Is that really us creating that?

JJ: No, that’s not us that is creating in this case. The design has already been created. Having a baby is really like us going to buy a new computer because the work has already been done. The design of that baby is already incorporated and the creative process has already taken place.

Now the creative power is us as human beings giving us power to create new things. Look at what we’ve done lately. We’ve created computers and cars and microwaves and we’ll continue to do that and more. People on other planets that are near our state of evolution are doing the same thing. Some other people on various planets are near the same state of evolution we are.

There aren’t too many who are capable of space flight the way people think. Most that are capable of space flight are in the higher etheric matter. Most of the space ships people see are not on the actual physical plane but on higher etheric matter. The planet Venus has people on it but not in the physical. It’s etheric. We have seven levels of physical matter. There is regular physical matter, liquid and gas. Those are the three on the physical level then above that we have four ethers that are invisible. We have the physical, ethers, the astral and all kinds of different dimensions and spheres. Many planets that we don’t think are inhabited physically have inhabitants in their higher spheres. The Ancient of Days came from Venus and He came in etheric matter. He still lives in etheric matter in Shamballa. He’s not in the actual physical even though He has incarnated a couple of times.

Audience: So when we’re visited by aliens, these are not physical? They’re etheric?

JJ: Most of them. Physical ones come only once every few thousand years. Some of the supposed aliens are implants from thoughtforms of various spiritual brotherhoods, some on our side and some not on our side. We don’t want to get into all that, but the truth about UFOs is different than what a lot of people think. The true benevolent brotherhood visiting us here in the physical is a fairly rare occurrence. They usually come at the beginning of a new period of evolution to help us develop our next great step in evolution.

Audience: Inaudible comment.

JJ: We’re at a new age. It’s possible aliens could come sometime within the next thousand years again. I doubt if they’ll come in the next hundred or so years. I know everybody is expecting them to materialize right around the corner. They’ve been predicting that ever since I can remember. My gut feeling is that they’re waiting for us to develop space travel on our own before they come and meet us again.

Audience: Is the Christ part of that?

JJ: No. He won’t come in a space ship or anything like that. We talked about the Second Coming quite a bit. It’s in three stages. One is the establishing of the teaching of the Christ consciousness, which a lot of people understand now. The second is where Christ works by overshadowing various disciples and working through them. The third is He comes in a body of His own. It’s not determined if that will be necessary. It’s not given out exactly how that’s going to transpire. A couple things have been given out.

We adore chaos because we love to produce order. M. C. Escher (1898 – 1972)

Posted July 19, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 19

Gathering 2004, Part 19
Principles of Creation

The next gathering was after Columbus discovered the new world. A new world was discovered which no one knew about. When word got to the old world that there was a new world, what happened? People said, “Hey, we can go and create a better life for ourselves in this new world. We can have freedom from religion and freedom from the king and do our own thing.” People who were interested in something higher, in freedom and gathered out of all the kingdoms. Instead of gathering together to create new kingdoms, this time the gathering was out of the kingdoms. People gathered out from all kingdoms of the world to come to the new world to create a better life for themselves.

Audience: inaudible question on the Roman Empire

JJ: The Roman Empire was run by Caesars and emperors and by absolute authority. The kingdoms were run by absolute authority but many people came to the new world with the idea of escaping authority, and because of this the movement gathered together people in one location who wanted to escape authority. Then when they wanted to formulate a government, they began to talk about new ideas. They thought, “We didn’t like having a king. He threw a lot of people into prison and took away freedom. Let’s create something better.” So they put their heads together to create something better. They created a system where there was greater freedom.

Eventually, as they create this system with greater freedom, it came into conflict with the kingdom world. Thus we had the great Revolutionary War between England and America. Whenever there is evolution the old way tries to destroy the new way. The old way is always threatened by the new way because the new way will actually destroy the old way. It destroys it through attrition because when a new and better way is found everyone forgets about the old way and joins the new way. Those on the old way want to prevent the new way from happening. When the colonies wanted to be free England said, “No, you have to go by the old ways.”

Audience: This is true in religions as well. (inaudible) What we have now will one day be replaced with a higher system.

JJ: Right. It happens with everything. Even with Galileo inventing the telescope; he could prove for sure the earth was not the center of the universe. The Pope said, “Oh yes it is the center of the universe and you need to recant that or else.”

Audience: Hopefully we’re evolving higher instead of destroying ourselves.

JJ: Yeah. We tend to go two steps forward and one step back. That’s the way evolution goes. We’re in danger of going back to the Stone Age. There is a danger there but hopefully we can transcend it.

So, the next step was creating a more democratic system where people had some say in the government. They fought the Revolutionary War and broke off. Interestingly enough, after we broke off, England adopted the ways of the new country so now England is fairly democratic in itself. The Monarchy is pretty much in name only.

The third step in our social evolution was the creation of a more democratic society or a constitutional republic as it’s technically called where there is input from the people voting. People have an opportunity to have a voice with freedom of speech and opportunity to make changes in their government.

An important principle to review is that the consciousness of God concentrates where the creation is taking place. Think on that. That’s where the consciousness of God has His attention. In the beginning of time His attention was on creating atoms, then molecules, then cells. Once creation is perfected then they operate like a computer program. The life form, which composes these smaller particles, is transferred to a higher form until we eventually get to humankind. In the physical universe, as a whole, where is the attention of God concentrated now? Humankind. Throughout the universe this is where the consciousness of God is. Have you ever heard the statement, “As above, so below”?

Audience: Could you repeat what you just said?

JJ: Okay, the consciousness of God is concentrated on humans and we are the consciousness of God for the universe. Suppose you were the one life which is God. Everybody imagines God as a being up on a throne somewhere, but suppose you were this being on a throne and you had the whole universe before you. Wouldn’t you want to avoid doing the same thing over and over and over again? This is the idea of heaven of the regular Christian. They go to heaven then they worship at Jesus’ feet and sing songs and play harps and they do this over and over.

Audience: If we’re all at the same level in the universe including the most advanced of mankind and that’s where God is focusing His consciousness, that’s very interesting. I always thought time was rather linear and there have been planets that have reached our stage of advancement years ago and we’re just following along.

JJ: That’s what everybody thinks. They think we’re duplicating everything that’s been done before and we’ll be gods in the future and have children. It doesn’t quite work that way. Wouldn’t that be boring? If you came up with a philosophy that produces boredom you’ve come up with a philosophy that’s not from God because God is not into boredom. God has designed everything and everybody to be interesting.

For example, look at sex. Isn’t that a fascinating subject? Yet, who made it? God made sex the way it is. God made male and female, our bodies, our minds so that we can have these fascinating experiences. When you look at everything that is made through the life, which is God, you find a God that is not a static being. He doesn’t want to do the same thing over and over. He is into the game of Monopoly.

Audience: What about the Planetary Logos, the Solar Logos and all these logos and the consciousness of God?

JJ: They’ve all gone through the human kingdom.

Audience: So all the planets throughout the universe are all at the same level as we are?

JJ: No, but humans throughout the universe is the creative force in the universe. Humanity, right now, is at the midway point between matter and spirit. You have spirit on one end and matter on the other. In between is where the creation of God is taking place. Right now it’s in the human kingdom for this physical universe. You’ve heard the statement, as above, so below? That’s right with a twist. Most people use this in this way. They think, “An atom is probably like a solar system. Then we go larger and our whole universe may be just some pimple on some guy’s nose.” So we may be part of some guy’s pimple which is part of a bigger human being. Then he’s part of a bigger universe and it keeps going on and on forever.

That’s not how it works yet a lot of theories tell us that. That’s not ‘as above, so below.’ For one thing a solar system isn’t exactly like an atom. An atom is much more perfected than a solar system. An atom has reached a state of relative perfection. The various solar systems and various planets have much imperfection in them. They’re in an elementary state of their progression. A solar system has a nucleus with planets circling around it and an atom has a nucleus with particles circling around it but they’re different so, as above, so below is true, but with differences. That’s the key principle because as it says in the scriptures, “The Lord says, “Behold I make all things new.” I created a new heaven and a new earth. I do new things. I do things you’ve never seen before.”

So, when God creates and He shifts His attention from the lower to the higher, He’ll incorporate all the good elements that have been previously created then He will add new ones. When God shifted attention from the vegetable kingdom to the animal kingdom, the animals could do everything the vegetables can do and more. Humans can do everything the animals can do and more. Everything that’s within the vegetable, mineral and animal kingdom is in us in some way but we can do more. In other words, God didn’t want to create animals over and over and over again and leave it at that. He said, “I want to create something better than an animal. What could be better than an animal? A self-conscious being, someone more like me.” So He creates human beings.

Audience: Where does the Monad come into that? Did He create Monads then create human beings or did He create human beings and Monads were already there?

JJ: Monads are part of God so to speak so when we talk about God creating, we’re also talking about Monads creating.

Audience: So you’re talking about the physical body then? God created the physical body of man.

JJ: We are gods now. All creation has taken place in the past the way it’s happening now. We are representatives of God in the universe and how do we create? If you want to know how God creates ask how we create. Bill Gates wants to create the perfect word processing program so he starts out with version one. There are lots of flaws so they’re corrected and version two is next. Then version three and what version are we up to? Eight or nine now? With each version they’re working out bugs. After you create a new version they work out the bugs within the version. That’s like the way that God creates. God creates the same way we do because He creates through us. For instance, we get together and create a car, then create a better car until we get a car so good that it does everything we want it to do until improvement becomes almost impossible.

We can have facts without thinking but we cannot have thinking without facts. John Dewey (1859 – 1952)

Posted July 15, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 18

Gathering 2004, Part 18
Why We Gather

JJ: Atoms gather together to create molecules and molecules gather to create cells. After the cell is created the atoms and cells still maintain their individual existence but are united to create something greater than themselves.

Atoms of hydrogen and oxygen and carbon, they still exist. An atom can exist for billions of years in the same form, the same shape, the same state of relative perfection but because they’re in relative perfection they needed to seek experience, something of interest and something higher than themselves. The little electron going around in a circle playing with the proton could be really bored to live that experience over and over for eternity. They want to go to something higher now because they have reached perfection.

So the atoms are seeking consciousness in the cell. They’re identifying with the cell as a whole and as a cell is being created, they’re having fun with molecules by sharing consciousness with them in creating the cell. They don’t have any fun anymore if they limit themselves to their own creation because they understand everything about it.

Audience: It sounds to me that what you’re saying is these atoms and these molecules have reached the potential for their enjoyment. They are being fulfilled completely, and in that fulfillment they cannot be fulfilled any more at their level so therefore need to rise in consciousness. Yesterday you talked about the male and female energy where we have one unit and we’re moving things around trying to find this balance and we have this spiritual love to give. If we can find the right balance and somehow find the right organization to reach everybody’s needs with this unit we will have achieved. Is that correct?

JJ: Repeat that last sentence again.

Audience: If we can achieve the ratios, the numbers or whatever to provide full fulfillment for every member or individual for that group and make it stable, that will be the next big thing.

JJ: Yes, it allows us to move on to the next big thing. When I was a kid we didn’t have very much money. I could never get enough money for all the chocolate I wanted to eat. Finally, I got enough money that I could buy all the chocolate I wanted and ate a bunch, but pretty soon I didn’t want it anymore. I hardly ever eat it now but these candies they give us here at the motel are super good so I did eat a few of them. It’s the same with a lot of things. You really want something, you eat a lot of it then the novelty wears off and you want to move on to something else. This happens to the life forms when they reach perfection. What they had was good but now they want something else. They’re tired of the chocolate they had. The chocolate was great but they perfected their chocolate and it can’t get any better so they want to move on.

The atoms move on. When they reach perfection their consciousness goes higher and they create molecules then they share the consciousness of the molecule because the molecule is a vehicle for exploration and experience that is greater than an atom. The life of God then goes into the molecules and they create cells and they share the consciousness of the cell because a cell can have a greater experience than a molecule.

The cell then creates other life forms and these greater life forms can have a greater experience than a cell. The various cells created the kingdoms of nature. Vegetables have more things happening than a rock. Vegetables have a feeling nature about them. The animal kingdom has the ability of motion, moving around is something a tree can’t do. So once the consciousness moves into an animal and can move around it doesn’t want to be a tree again because it’s much more fun to be in an animal that has the capacity of motion. Once the consciousness gets in to a human and can have self-consciousness, and also be a creator, that makes things all the more interesting.

When you look through a microscope at the microcosmic world it’s amazing the complexity there. Just to map the human genome took a tremendous amount of computer power and years of work. The complexity boggles the mind how the human gene was put together and we still don’t understand how it works or understand the DNA so understanding the cell as a whole is extremely complex.

For all those molecules to build one cell is like us building an artificial earth out of all kinds of intricate metals and glass and fibers and things. Imagine us getting together and building a whole earth. The complexity of a cell is enormous to the scientist looking through a microscope. Even Jesus commented on it. He said, “Consider the lilies of the field. They have more glory than Solomon ever dreamed of having with all his temples of gold and silver.” In other words, if you look at the lilies of the field under a microscope the glory of God is there. The intelligence of God is on display there.

So, here we are. We are the result of all types of gatherings. Over billions and billions of years all types of gatherings have taken place to create us as human beings. In the Molecular Relationship the next step is for human beings to gather together to create human molecules. This is what Jesus did. He gathered twelve males and twelve females together to create a human molecule. Oxygen and hydrogen by themselves produce rocket fuel. They’re two explosive ingredients in rocket fuel. When you join them together as H2O, or water, it produces one of the most stable compounds in existence. We then have water, which is totally different than either hydrogen or oxygen.

Jesus was a great chemist. He gathered together a molecule of twelve atomic units. One human atom is composed of a male energy and a female energy united in a stable condition. Jesus took twelve of these and He created a human molecule with properties totally different than they had as individuals. We talked about this a lot in the Molecular Relationship. That’s a gathering that leads us in our evolution as units.

Now we go back to the beginning of our civilization and apply the gathering principle there. What do you think the first human communities were like?

Audience: Tribes.

JJ: Tribes. Do you think that was it?

Audience: Family cells.

JJ: It was probably tribal families, right? In these tribal families they had children and the children had children. They kept them together for various purposes. For one thing, they had to be gathered together to survive. They were fighting giant beasts back in those times and they had to fight for their lives against the animal kingdom. DK says something interesting about the animals in this relation. He says that in the beginning of our evolution it was the animals that dominated humans and they killed very many of us. It was a common thing for humans to be killed by animals in the early civilization. He says that now we’re eating the animals and have domination over them. According to him it’s basically karma for the animals that we now eat them whereas they used to eat us. That makes sense.

First they gathered into family tribes then later they gathered into greater tribes. A tribe was a combination of a number of different family units that agreed with each other. They had to have some greater numbers in order to survive. They had to fight the animals and the other tribes and protect themselves so for protection a lot of people gathered together into larger and larger tribes. The tribes got so big and the tribes were fighting against each other so the idea of the next step in the evolution of the human family came to mind. What was this next step?

Audience: Kingdoms

JJ: A kingdom, right. A number of tribes got together one day probably before the days of Atlantis, back in Lemuria. They thought of the idea to get a bunch of tribes together to produce a kingdom. We’ll have one king over all these tribes and this king will have absolute power. This will control everybody and will produce stability and our kingdom will have power over all these tribes. We won’t need to worry about tribes attacking us because our kingdom will be able to put down any tribes out there. This is how the kingdoms got started.

Once the first kingdom got started a numerous other tribes that were getting squashed by the kingdom knew they needed to protect themselves from the big kingdom so other tribes gathered together to produce a counter force. Eventually a second kingdom arose then a third kingdom and so on.

Instead of having a lot of different tribes we wound up having a lot of different kingdoms. The kingdoms pretty much ruled the earth until the next gathering took place. So, the first gathering was gathering people into tribal units. The second was gathering people into kingdoms and the third gathering was what?

Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities. Aldous Huxley (1894 – 1963), Vendeta for the Western World, 1945

Posted July 12, 2005

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