Gathering 2004, Part 10

Gathering 2004, Part 10
Sharing Energy

JJ: During the break a number of people asked me questions about the energy. Does anyone else have any questions on it? When you looked into the other people’s eyes did you see something similar in everyone’s eyes?

Audience: Even though there are thirty or forty people here, there is only one of us. So, I always saw myself in other people’s eyes.

JJ: That’s a good point. He said he always saw himself in other people’s eyes.

Audience: I saw fear in some, a sense of uncomfortableness in others. I saw awkwardness but I also saw the light.

JJ: Yea, you see hope, you see worries, you see concerns, you see love, you see desire to be accepted. You see a lot of things when you look in other people’s eyes. The reason you can see them is that they’ve been in you at one time or another.

Audience: It’s a little awkward at first. My first reaction was to run. It was really awkward at first but once I got comfortable and had a reason to keep going. To me, I could do this forever. When we look into each other’s’ eyes the moment was there for an actual soul connection. It was rushed at first but then we slowed down and looked into each other’s eyes for a while. While we were doing that it felt like Barbara’s spirit and my spirit and energy were connected. I didn’t notice that with everyone but with her I did. People who had the experience with Barbara know what this is really all about.

JJ: James let’s have you and Barbara do the exercise and see if you notice any lightening with her.

James: I felt a little bit of a kick there! (laughter)

JJ: I can see why. Did you see the way Barbara was looking at him? What was different in how she looked at him?

Audience: An observation I made. . .for those of you who have seen The Last Samurai. Remember when he is battling and the young boy teaches him that his mind was here and his mind was there then the point where there was no mind and he taps into that. That’s what she does. She meets your eyes. You can feel it. The last person is gone, the next person is gone, the next breath is gone. She went to that place that I strive for in my meditation practice. That’s why there is that connection. She’s in the no mind place.

JJ: What I noticed was that she seemed really focused. When we do this sort of thing there is a lot going on around us but she stayed really focused plus what you said too. That’s why these two guys felt sort of zapped by her.

Audience: When we connected, I felt an effect like she was affecting me in a way.

JJ: That’s interesting. So you did it with Barbara too? Let’s get bumper stickers made, “I did it with Barbara”. (laughter)

Audience: It seems to me, in my experience when I was looking into someone’s eyes and going through this experience, I noticed that I had to drop any barriers that I had to get anywhere. I’ve experienced a lot of judgmental attitudes or beliefs and it seems that if I was to look at somebody who had just negatively judged me or somehow negatively influenced me, the only way I could do that is to look past the personality, past the barriers and look at the soul in order to transfer any energy. I don’t think you can transfer any energy, even spiritual, through these barriers. That was my experience in looking at people and people looking at me it seeing that in watching other people. It seems that when they throw all barriers and are willing to give that love there is more energy transferred because of the willingness to transfer that.

JJ: For either spiritual and romantic love, to circulate, takes a dropping of the barriers. If your feelings are hurt you might actually keep the romantic love but to heck with the spiritual love. You might want it but have a problem with that. Or you could have a problem with both of them if your feelings are hurt. If your feelings are hurt you must communicate them and let them go so the energy can flow again. If you pay attention to any relationship you’ve had, whether it be with your parents, your boss, your wife or your best friend, you will notice that sometimes the energy is just flowing. Even with a macho thing like a football team. Sometimes the energy just flows between the team mates like a brotherhood. Then sometimes it doesn’t flow and they don’t play as well. In a relationship with a loved one, a romantic relationship, you can be particularly, keenly aware of the energy flowing.

If anything interferes with that energy flow you’ll notice it. The problem is that even though you may notice it, we will often be tempted to deny it. We come up with all sorts of excuses. “It would be silly of me to bring this up because he’ll think I’m jealous and one thing will lead to another. So I just won’t say anything and I’ll just pretend that everything is cool.” Then this denial leads to her giving less energy then he’s picking it up and soon the energy goes lower and lower with less and less circulation.

The key to a happy relationship, whether it be romantic or spiritual or a brotherhood, is to keep the energy in circulation. Someone asked me about single people. What’s the advantage of having a relationship if the single guy has 100% in him and that’s the best a married guy can hope for?

The advantage is that the relationship starts the energy moving. There are a lot of people who are single and who are content. Content is the word for the single person. That’s about the highest he can achieve, contentment. He contents himself with studies and his work but he’s never on fire.

When the energy flows there is a movement of energy. When there is a movement of the energy it creates other sensations that are beyond what the single person can have. With this energy flowing, a person feels more motivated and wants to do more.

Probably the best example is when you visit a single guy and open his refrigerator what do you see? A can of beer and a couple pieces of bread? Isn’t that pretty typical? Maybe a TV dinner. What do you see when you open a married guy’s refrigerator? It’s teeming with vegetables and good things to eat. The difference is that the married guy is in motion. The single guy keeping his energy within himself doesn’t even leave to buy groceries. He’s not motivated. But if you get the energies circulating between two people things begin to happen. Magical things begin to happen. He and she will both do things that they’ve never done before. But, of course, if in the relationship the energy is shared with the wrong people or not returned then things go downhill and it is worse than being single.

Audience: Like static and dynamic.

JJ: That’s a good way to word it.

Audience: I still don’t quite understand the difference between romantic love and spiritual love I think it’s very important to see the pure love of Christ in other people. So, I want to have my spiritual love turned on. I want to have a smile on my face and share my love with others, even strangers in the grocery store but oftentimes that feeling that I’m trying to share, that spiritual love is mistaken and people think I’m trying to be sexual with them. So, am I doing something wrong? Are they doing something wrong?

JJ: That’s the way men are. If a woman gives us an inch we think, “Ah she likes me!”

Audience: Should I change that somehow? Am I responsible for that response?

JJ: You can control people’s reaction to you to a degree with your thinking. Tune into them and if it seems they are picking up too much then tune yourself down. If you pick up that they’re getting exactly what you intend then continue doing what you’re doing.

Do you ever meet someone and hope, “Boy, I hope he doesn’t want to be my best friend.” If you tune them out and don’t think about them you’ll probably never see them again. With other people you seem to like, they seem to keep popping up in your life. Energy does follow thought so it’s important that when you’re giving out energy of any kind, you follow it with your thought and your energy also follows your thought so you control that energy with your thought.

In a marriage relationship maybe you’re at work and for business purposes you need to have lunch with a good-looking person of the opposite sex. You might think, “I can control this so nothing would happen that would bother my wife.” So you don’t disturb her energy even if she’s thinking a little in illusion. You know you can control the situation. You don’t do anything to disturb the energy with your spouse. Many people may not understand their own limitations. Each one of us has our limitations. It’s like if each one of us in this room were to be tortured, we would all reach a point where we would do most anything. Everyone has their limitation somewhere up the road.

Even Christ, in the Garden of Gethsemane, pleaded to the Father, “Take this cup from me please.” He had reached His limitation. An Angel came and strengthened Him. We all have our limitations. Each us has to understand ourselves. As Shakespeare says, “Know thyself.” We need to know ourselves and know what our limitations are.

When a person begins to travel the path of enlightenment, the first mistake he makes, is that he thinks he has no limitations. He thinks he can handle any situation. Then he often ends up in situations where he finds out he doesn’t really understand himself or his limitations. As we progress along the path our limitations are removed. It’s a sign of our progress. But even the Masters have their limitations and even Christ has His limitations and He’s working on removing additional limitations. Finally, we’ll reach the end of our evolution where we have no limitations where we’ll be a pure manifestation of the reflection of God.

Whatever is reasonable is true, and whatever is true is reasonable. Georg W. Hegel (1770 – 1831)

June 24, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 9

Gathering 2004, Part 9
Sexual, Emotional and Spiritual Sharing

The second point we made is that you can fall in love with anyone. In other words, you can pull energy out of anyone if they’re willing to give it. All you need to do is to have a willingness of sharing energy and you can be a soul mate with anyone in the universe, if there is willingness on both sides to cooperate. You can take someone you just met.

Andy is in love with a beautiful woman back home, but if he decides Lorraine is hot and he lets down all the barriers and forgets about his wife, all of a sudden Lorraine is really something. If you let down the barriers and Lorraine shares with you and you share with her it feels really great. It would feel like no harm was done except Belema (Andy’s wife) would be sitting at home thinking, “I’m picking up something strange. What’s Andy up to?” She may not even say anything when you got home thinking it was silly of her to feel jealous.

The point is that if you dropped all of your attachments to anyone that you love romantically, immediately place them on a new person, and the other person is willing, and you overlook their personality, you’d feel like soul mates.

Artie and I have a lot in common. We think alike on a lot of areas. We have a lot of the same interests and like to kick back in the same way. That helps a lot. Of course, there is a lot she has to overlook in me. Common interests help a lot because you don’t have so much to overlook. When you do have a problem, you’ll realize the problem is little compared to what can be gained by overlooking it. If there are a lot of personality problems and a lot to overlook it becomes a lot harder. Then it requires a force of will to overlook the problems that can occur.

You can use that force of will to fall in love with anyone of an opposite polarity and share romantic energy. We feel a certain person is a soul mate because then we meet them, they will often say such nice things about us that we can only see their souls and we open up to them and experience that falling in love feeling. That falling in love feeling is releasing all the attachments to the personality, looking on the soul and yielding to the opposite polarity.

Audience: Let’s say there’s this good looking college girl. Thursday she goes out with Bob, Friday she goes out with Jim and on Saturday she goes out with Charlie. Say each of them feels great and the romantic energy is flowing. Do you mean to tell me that on the off nights these guys are going to feel a difference even though they aren’t around her or in her presence?

JJ: You’d rarely go out with someone one night and share romantic energy and go out with someone different the next night and share a large amount of romantic energy again. That may happen with sexual energy, which is different from romantic energy. Usually only one or two people are involved at a time. In the dating game a person may go out with four different people in one week and maybe share no romantic energy because their just looking. If you’re just looking, you can go on a date and share no romantic energy. You can even have sex without sharing romantic energy.

Audience: That’s called the interview process. (laughter)

Audience: I’m having trouble formulating this question. You’re talking about spiritual and romantic love. I have a problem understanding it from a male point of view. I have an idea of what romantic love is and you’ve explained some of that. I have an idea of what spiritual love is. But women have explained to me is that when they have an orgasm a great number of them have this spiritual experience. I’m sorry but I don’t have that spiritual experience. I hear it’s an out of body experience, I hear these names invoked.

Audience continued: It’s just not that spiritual for me. I have an idea of spiritual love. I love a person’s soul; we say the song together. But then there’s this other part where they’re having this spiritual experience. So, this woman has this experience that’s far greater than mine and I’m hoping essentially to ride the waves. Do you have anything to add to this?

JJ: When the male and female are in perfect rapport, they can share each other’s experiences. If you tune into her and she’s having a spiritual experience, you can have it with her, if you’re sensitive enough. Men are kind of callused that way at times. Women tune in to us in that way easier than males tune into them. The males need to let down the walls somewhat.

Audience: Is there some exercise I can do for that??? Somebody help me out here.

Audience: I’m not about to write a dummies guide to whatever you’re asking but I will tell you that it’s possible.

JJ: I didn’t mean this to be a course on sex tonight. Both of you can tune in to each other and visualize yourself in the other person’s body and imagine what the other person is feeling. This exercise is on a focus of attention and attention is the key word here. Put your attention on the other person, especially the man needs to do this. The man needs to put his attention on the fulfillment of the woman and if the woman is fulfilled and if he can tune in to her feelings, he’ll get that spiritual experience as well, as a reward for tuning it.

Anyway, the romantic energy is a different energy. It’s awkward to call one spiritual and the other not spiritual because all is spiritual from a higher point of view. But the main point is that there are two kinds of energy. Sharing one is very tricky. Sharing the other is very easy, like sharing your lunch or secretary.

Audience: What’s the first key? So far there have been three keys. The first is decision and as far as the percentage of energy going to your partner or the lack of it if you’re sharing it with someone else. So what is the first key? If a person is at fault, when they say, “I do” they’re exercising the first key, decision. As a human being, what percentage of your mindset is behind that decision?

JJ: That’s a good point. After you marry or commit maybe you discover you’ve been hurt several times in the past and even though you’re marrying this person you’re giving them only 70% of your romantic energy. You’re holding 30% on reserve keeping a backdoor for yourself in case it doesn’t work out. You don’t want the full-blown hurt of giving your all in a relationship. Many people are that way. Few people give the actual 100% at the time they’re married. It works up to that over time in learning to trust. It takes a lot of trust to give 100% of yourself.

My outlook has always been this. I might as well give 100% because I can only be hurt so much anyway. They can hurt you as much as they want but you will still survive so you might as well risk everything in a chance to get everything. That’s the only way you’re going to get it.

Normally, we find that one person gives maybe 70% and the other gives 90%. So the female giving 90% is experiencing a partial vacuum. She’s having 20% of her energy bounce off into the universe so she feels out of balance. She knows he’s not having an affair so she’s not worried that way but he’s still not giving her everything she needs. She can’t quite figure it out or how to get it. She maybe just doesn’t understand that he has fears about giving everything. Maybe he’s too macho to give everything yet he has his reasons behind it.

It’s pretty complicated. A lot of things enter in to prevent an equal sharing. There are other relationships where they each give 70% and they’re content. The relationship isn’t really on fire because they’re keeping 30% within themselves. They feel balanced. They’re the type like the yuppie couple with the house and dog and they don’t argue much. Their relationship is a little flat, but they accept it. The balance is there but not the fire or depth that could be there. They may not even realize there could be more depth of emotional sharing. The ideal relationship is when both people give 100%. Then there will be fire. There will be depth. There will be intensity of feeling and a lot of joy to be had in each other’s company.

Audience: The whole thing behind decision is being self-aware. How many kids between 19 and 30 are self-aware enough to understand decision when they say, “I do.” This is the whole key. It’s being self-aware so that when you make a decision that’s where it stands. Then the secretary will not be a problem.

JJ: Some people enter into it 60-70% committed then it rises to 90 but then it may drop back to 60-70 once they start seeing all the faults. We’re going to do an exercise to demonstrate this. We did it at another gathering. I think it was the McCall gathering. What we’ll do is we will concentrate on sharing spiritual energy with each other, not emotional energy. That’s too dangerous. We’re going to share spiritual energy. We’re going to concentrate on looking beyond the personality. This should be easy to do since a lot of people here don’t know other people very well. Since you don’t know the other people too well it’s easy to overlook anything wrong because you aren’t aware of it. I’m aware of Artie’s faults so when I look at her I’ll overlook those. It isn’t very much, of course. I’ll see the Christ within her. Look at each other’s eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul.

JJ talking into Artie’s eyes: “I share my spiritual energy with you through the pure love of Christ. You and I are one.” Now say it back to me.

Artie: I share my spiritual energy with you through the pure love of Christ. You and I are one.

JJ: Then give a hug or some sharing. Now, do that with every person in the room. No, let’s do it with twelve people since there are so many people here and it’s too many to do it with everyone. Get together in groups of twelve and do this then we’ll meet back here.

The job of the artist is to deepen the mystery. Sir Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626)

Posted July 23, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 8


Gathering 2004, Part 8
Romantic and Spiritual Love

Susan: It’s been suggested that I give you a little history on the Keysters and why we got together and how we started. I believe it was Rick back in 1998 who decided to start an internet group and asked JJ if he’d start posting and teaching. They wanted more information than what was available in Books I and II. So, Rick started the group and invited people from others groups that he knew. He got that started and rolling. It was originally on the SpiritWeb site. When that was shut down we moved over to yahoo groups. So that’s how the group got started. When I first got on the group in 1999, I was the 108th person to join. I checked the other day and there were 362 people.

JJ: Welcome back. We’ve been talking a some on soul mates and what a soul mate is. The main point we covered is that anyone can be a soul mate and that you can fall in love with anyone. There are two basic types of love. One is spiritual love, the other is romantic love. What’s the difference between the two?

Audience: Sex

JJ: That enters into the equation but you can have sex without having either romantic or spiritual love, just for the thrill of it. Let’s talk about some of the differences between the two types of love. Spiritual love embraces several different levels. Say you are in love with a person romantically and a friend asks you, “May I borrow your woman for a few days so I can kick around with her and do things with her?” You think, “No, not in a million years! Do you think I’m crazy? Of course, you can’t have my woman.”

On the other hand, if you have a secretary who you really like and you think she’s wonderful and your friend asks, “Can I borrow your secretary for a day so she can do typing and filing for me?” “Sure, no problem.” Why is there a problem with one and not the other?

Even the most hard-nosed liberal person who believes they’re free and loose, would have reservations about having his girlfriend or wife borrowed by somebody to have sex with him and to bring the guy pleasure. Even the most irreligious person has a problem with this. Why is there a big problem? If he’s my best friend why not let him have my woman and play around with her for a few days then bring her back just as good as she was before, maybe even more experienced. Why not? What’s the reasoning behind this?

Audience: We have on unit of romantic energy and if we share it there is less left for our partner. If the wife gave some to another person it would take some away from the husband.

JJ: Right. We have one unit of romantic energy. To be fulfilled each person must maintain one unit of the romantic energy. If you have less than one unit you’ll feel off balance.

Spiritual energy is different because it flows through everything. With spiritual energy going through your secretary, you like your secretary and you appreciate her on a higher non-physical, non-emotional level. You can share her and it’s no big deal because you’re not losing any emotional energy. The higher energy is always there. You always have 100% of it. So you never lose anything emotionally when you loan your secretary. But when you loan your girlfriend or wife to your best friend you have something to lose.

We covered this a little in the first gathering. I didn’t realize that when I said we’d cover it in this one so we’ll add a little additional light and information so we’re not repeating ourselves. It has been five years ago since we talked about this. Each person has one unit of romantic energy. Here’s the way it works. If you’re single with your one unit and don’t have any relationships with the opposing energy. If you’re a male, that would normally be female energy. If you have no relationship going on you keep that one unit within yourself. It’s all there so you feel okay. You may feel like you’d like a relationship in your life but not for lack of energy. You have one unit floating around within you.

Then you meet someone and you think, “Oh man, I really like this lady.” You give her half of your energy. If she gives half of her energy back to you, you both still have one unit of energy. Say you meet someone you like and giver her 70% of your energy. She likes you and thinks you’re okay but not that great so she gives you only 30% of her energy. Is something off balance? You’re giving 70% of your energy and getting 30% back so you’ve got a 40% deficiency. You’re feeling off balance. This turns you into Fatal Attraction. You follow her around wanting more. “Let’s go out more. Let’s do more things together.” She’s thinking, “Back off, you’re coming on too strong for me.” She goes down to 15% of her energy being given to you. She’s okay. She’s getting the 70% that you’re throwing at her but since she’s only sending 15% to you she can only take in 15%. So, the rest is going out into the universe. She’s still at a 100% within herself so she feels balanced, but just upset over the obsession. You’re throwing out 70, getting back 15 so you’re now missing 55% and feeling really unstable. This could turn you into a Fatal Attraction who follows her around too much, gives her too many flowers, too many candies and too many dates. Pretty soon she either gets closer or she gets turned off.

Let’s see what happens when a person has an affair. Two people are happy together. They’re sharing energy. The guy has a good looking secretary who is real nice to him and dresses nice. He’s quite attracted to her and is leaking out about 20% of his energy to her. The wife has been giving 100% to him and is now getting only 80% in return so she’s losing about 20%. She feels off balance about 20%. So, she says, “Is something going on with that cute secretary?” She feels suspicious but doesn’t know exactly why. She might feel bad about asking.

He says, “Of course nothing is going on.” Maybe he’s telling the literal truth except maybe the secretary is pulling the energy out of him. He’s being extra nice, opening doors and buying her gifts. It leads to the wife feeling suspicious. She feels the difference in energy. She feels out of balance and he’s telling her it’s all in her head. The more she puts pressure on him and brings this up the more he gets turned off. Pretty soon he’s giving 30% to the secretary and starts asking her out to lunch. So he’s taking her to lunch and they start getting closer.

She shares some intimate details and they get closer still. Pretty soon he has an affair with her. Now he’s giving the secretary 80% and the wife 20% so the wife is about going crazy. He’s denying it all. He’s telling her nothing is going on and he’s not having an affair. He blames her for creating the problem and tells her it’s all in her head. But she knows something is driving her crazy because she’s losing all this energy. She’s getting 20% even though she’s giving him 100% and she’s feeling really warped and out of balance.

Romantic energy is different than spiritual energy. If it’s shared it has to be reciprocated. If it’s not reciprocated so both couples are near the 100% level there will be little emotional fulfillment. They will be out of balance.

Most relationships are out of balance. With a lot of out of balance relationships the people don’t admit they’re out of balance. You hear a lot of them say, “We never argue. We never have an argument. We are always calm.” People like that are often suppressing. They might be out of balance, but they’re pretending their life is okay. Usually, the couples who have a good relationship do have an occasional argument and release some emotion but in the process the sharing is consummated. It’s consummated by complete honesty.

Another problem with romantic energy is that people think, “If I share the romantic energy and nobody knows about it, nobody gets hurt.” They don’t realize that the spouse who is depending on him to get energy in return will feel a loss. So, it does affect him or her. They don’t understand it. They can’t explain it. The relationship gets out of balance. Communication begins to break down but no one knows why. The person who gets blamed for it is usually the most innocent one.

So, the romantic energy is different from spiritual energy. In spiritual energy we can have a harem of a dozen secretaries or a dozen taxi drivers or whatever and we can share them with our friends and feel good about it. We’re happy to share things that are on a higher than emotional level. Sharing there is good. You can’t share too much. You can’t lose anything. When you share on the higher level there is never a loss in energy. But when you share on the emotional level there is a loss of energy.

More than ever, the creation of the ridiculous is almost impossible because of the competition it receives from reality. Robert A. Baker

Posted June 22, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 7

Gathering 2004, Part 7
Sex and the Soul

Audience: If we are all potential soul mates why do we have to deal with so many conflicts?

JJ: Let’s get back to the Throw Momma from the Train gal. How in the world could you fall in love with her? Each of us is capable of falling in love with any other human being. What that takes is to remove all the barriers. The reason we’d have a hard time falling in love with the Throw Momma from the Train gal, is that instead of seeing her soul we could be seeing her personality, her cussing, she’s fat and ugly. We see lots of personality things. If your attention is on the personality you cannot fall in love with that person.

Sometimes one might meet a person such as an ax murderer or something, but he comes off very charming and the person falls in love with him because he has not revealed anything negative about himself. Many who are scammers like these guys we read about that pretend they fall in love with these rich women and the rich women, because he flatters them all the time, they fall in love with him. He takes her money then moves on to the next one. There are schemers like this.

When she’s looking at this guy she doesn’t know he is a schemer. He’s only presenting the best part of himself so when she looks at him she sees no personality. She only sees his soul. She doesn’t know he’s going to take her for everything she has because she’s looking beyond the personality and she falls in love with him. Once she finds out she’s been had she will then only see the personality.

Audience: If I want to see past the personality how can I tell if this is personality or if this is soul? How do you know what is true soul?

JJ: You can do look past the personality with anyone. Remember when Jesus was on the cross and said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” These guys were showing a lot of personality. They condemned Him, they spit on Him, they whipped Him and they cursed at Him but He didn’t see any of that. He looked only on their souls. How was He able to do that? He focused. He put His attention on it. It doesn’t happen by accident. It has to be through putting your attention on it. If you’re with a woman like that Throw Momma from the Train lady, that seems to have no redeeming value at all, you can even do that with her. Put all of her personality out of your mind, look on her soul and you can have a feeling of love towards her. That’s the secret of being able to love anyone. Focused attention. It doesn’t happen by accident though. It happens through the force of will, by willing yourself to put attention beyond the personality. So if someone offends you, don’t put any attention on the offense. Put your attention only on their souls.

I remember when I was living at the fire station up in Northern Idaho when I was going to college. This friend of mine kept doing these really crazy things for about a week. It was a little irritating but I thought he probably didn’t mean anything. I ignored him until he came to me and said, “Do you know what I’ve been trying to do? I never see you get mad at anybody so I’ve been trying to irritate you all week long. You keep ignoring me so now it’s irritating me!”

My wife understands me in this way that people can do real crazy stuff around me and I don’t notice. I’m kind of oblivious anyway. (laughter) I don’t notice her new hairstyles until she asks.

I thought it was funny that he was trying to irritate me for a week and I hardly noticed that he was doing anything. On the other hand, we can often catch ourselves noticing very small insignificant things about the other person. We can fall in love with someone and they can do no wrong until you’ve been married two or three months and the hot sex isn’t quite as hot anymore and the person starts to do irritating things. He doesn’t clean up after himself or brush his teeth enough. You start noticing these things and when you notice these things it takes your attention away from the soul.

By the time you’re married to this guy about a year he’s become the most irritating person in the entire world. Then you wonder why you fell in love with him when he has so many little problems. The person doesn’t realize they can go right back to where they were before by overlooking the personality and shifting attention back to the soul. This is what a good marriage counselor will do; try to shift attention away from the little irritating things. Often it can be very small things that destroy a relationship and take attention off the soul onto the personality. It doesn’t matter who it is.

Phillip could fall in love with any female in this room. The females are a lot easier for Phillip to fall in love with because he had a positive male energy charge and they have a negative female charge. So as far as romantic energy you need to fall in love with someone who has a charge opposite but similar to your own. With gay couples, one will have a little different charge than the other person. One will be male in the relationship and the other will be female even if both of them are female or male. As far as energy goes in any relationship there is a male and female energy, sending and receiving. As far as romantic energy goes, you’re capable of falling in love with anyone. So Phillip is a young guy. He may look at Dee who is a little older and say,” She’s too old for me.” So that rules it out because he’s looking on the personality. He’s not looking at the young beauty underneath.

Audience: I would think there would be some kind of connection, the connection of companionship to fall in love. We’re looking for some companionship too.

JJ: I didn’t mean to insinuate that’s the only reason behind relationships but this is one of the advantages of sex and one of the reasons God made sex as pleasurable as it is. When two people are engaged in sex and it’s enjoyable, can they think of anything negative about the other person? It’s almost impossible. During sex you can only think about loving the other person. This is one of reasons sex is made the way it is because it forces us to put attention beyond the personality.

Going along with this is an interesting Bible reference. It says, “This is eternal life that they should know God.” It also says, “Adam knew Eve and begat Abel.” The word ‘know’ is the word for sex in the Bible and the word ‘know’ is used for knowing God. This is eternal life that you should have sex with God. So sex opens us up so that we can only be extremely positive just as when you feel the Holy Spirit you can only feel positive toward God. If you ever feel the Holy Spirit you will not look up at the sky and say, “God, why did you curse me this way?” You’ll feel so positive that you can’t think of anything negative to say about God. If sex is pleasurable you cannot think of anything negative about your companion. Unless the lights are on. (laughter)

Health food makes me sick. Calvin Trillin (1935 – )

Posted June 21, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 6

Gathering 2004, Part 6
The Lessons of Sacrifice

JJ: According to Theosophical teachings, if you have unfinished desires, unfulfilled desires, you will gravitate to the basic idea of heaven where your ideas are fulfilled and that will be heaven to you. Then once all your desires have been fulfilled and you don’t need it anymore maybe you’ll awaken and move onto something higher or prepare for another life.

Audience comment: What are devas?

JJ: Devas vary from very small lives to great lives, they’re the builders of the universe. They’re the building lives that give form to everything there is and many angels are also called devas.

Audience comment: It sounds like devas build our desires. Is that why it’s called the devachan?

JJ: Yea, there is a certain amount of truth to that, that the devachan is built out of desire energy out of the deva lives. We don’t actually directly create them. They gravitate to us. Your whole body is built of little deva and elemental lives. They have gravitated to you. You pull the pieces together.

Audience: You’ve talked in the past about how we’re moving out of the age of sacrifice and into the age of service. How does that reconcile with talking about being willing to sacrifice to achieve enlightenment? To me, that sounds rather old-age-ish.

JJ: The reason she’s saying this is that the keynote for the Piscean Age was sacrifice. The keynote of the new age is something different. That doesn’t mean we leave behind sacrifice. We take the best of the old age and incorporate it in the new. We see the negative part of sacrifice in the religions today. People give a lot of money to their minister and the minister uses it for a  comfortable living and to build stone buildings that really don’t do a lot for anybody. Jimmy Bakker misused all the money he had. People are blindly sacrificing, getting little in return and the money gets misused.

True sacrifice is when you are willing to give in a way that what you give will be used fruitfully. That’s the true lesson of sacrifice. That’s what we were supposed to have picked up over the past two thousand years, how to do that. In reality there is no such thing as sacrifice for when the true principle is followed for a sacrifice is merely an exchange for something desired.

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius and the keynote of this age is service. So, we must take the idea of sacrifice and incorporate it with service. The idea of this age is when we sacrifice we use that sacrifice to serve and create a cause and effect so that everything comes back to us. Jesus talked about this when He said, “I have come that they might have abundance.” He came so that we could have the abundant life. The abundant age He was talking about wasn’t during the Piscean Age. He was looking forward into the Aquarian Age.

The Aquarian Age is the age of abundant life where we will serve and be recompensed for our service. Business is evolving into this. Just a few centuries ago businesses were very selfish. There was slave labor and labor of young children. Conditions were so bad that most people lived only to the age of thirty and died terrible deaths. Now the service is reciprocal. People are getting stock options. They are participating. Many businesses are employee owned with employees having a voice. In the Aquarian Age businesses will evolve, despite the fact that it’s condemned by so many people, it’s evolving and will evolve into a great service for humanity where people will serve then get a recompense for their service.

It will be a very exacting recompense unlike in the Piscean Age where you gave everything and didn’t get much back except maybe in heaven somewhere. Jesus sent His apostles out, they all got killed and drug through the streets and they didn’t seem to get any reward at all. But He said, “In the kingdom of heaven” speaking of the future Aquarian Age, “you will get your reward.” All these guys will come back and have a fairly fruitful time in the Age of Aquarius.

Audience comment: inaudible

JJ: No, the kingdom of heaven is being born again until you achieve enlightenment and higher consciousness. The people around Jesus when He was here will receive a recompense during the Aquarian Age. They didn’t get much in the Piscean Age. They got killed and didn’t get a lot of personal benefit out of anything. They served and they sacrificed, many of them appropriately so. Sacrifice is really a payment. You’re paying for something that is important to you. Christ talked to them about the kingdom of heaven and they made a sacrifice as payment for the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is not only in the next world but it is to materialize in this world. The kingdom of heaven which is within, of course, will be within many people. If it’s within many people then it also becomes without. So, we’ll have the kingdom of heaven within and as people who have the kingdom of heaven within gather together, you’ll have the kingdom without.

Audience: Do you correlate the seven bodies, the physical, etheric, astral, mental etc. with the bodies we are wearing. The base chakra would relate to the etheric body, the solar plexus to the astral. . .

JJ: The devachan would be like higher solar plexus in connection with lower heart energies. The Christian who dies after leading a good life, believing in Jesus, will go to some devachan where he will have dreams of being in heaven and serving Christ and things like that. A lot of people who have these near-death experiences see a devachan type thing. If they’re a Christian they always meet Christ. If they’re a member of another religion, they’ll meet that guru. Why is this? In the near death experience the Christ that they meet is created by their own soul. What they see is not the real Jesus. They’re seeing a composite Jesus. When Jesus is speaking to them it’s really themselves speaking to them. That’s why He seems so familiar. “I met Jesus. I knew Him immediately. I didn’t have to ask. I knew it was Him.” The reason they have this sense of knowing is because they’re meeting themselves, the Christ part of themselves.

Seek not to follow in the footsteps of men of old; seek what they sought. Matsuo Basho

Posted June 18, 2005

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Gathering 2004 Friday Part 5

Gathering 2004 Friday Part 5
After Death Consciousness

Audience: Is the Solar Angel like the guardian angel?

JJ: The Solar Angel keeps track of you, but you also have a guardian, which is usually a soul more advanced than yourself. There are also entities in the spirit world which assist humanity and are different than the Solar Angel. These are people such as you and me. For instance, if you died, you might want to check in on your son. There is a little interplay but there isn’t as much contact with the dead as people tend to think but there are times when it is allowed to happen, especially when a person hasn’t been away from his body for a very long period of time. After a person is dead for a fair amount of time he ascends through the etheric and up through the astral and up through the higher mental where souls dwell and prepares to be born again. It’s usually only a short time after a person dies that he maintains some type of attention on the earth life.

Audience: How short is the period of time?

JJ: It depends on the person. For a fairly evolved person it’s almost zero. For an average person it could be a longer period of time. When you die you’re still in your etheric body for a period of time. Depending on how earth bound you are determines how long it will happen before that dissolves. Then you go to the astral world then your astral body disintegrates. Finally, you go to the world of minds and that is folded up. Your consciousness follows these bodies as high as your consciousness is. If you’re not on the plane of the higher mind your personality will then go to sleep as your soul essence goes through these worlds.

After you die you go through a series of ascending through various worlds. When you reach the point where your consciousness can’t handle it anymore your personality, or ego self, goes to sleep and you wake up as a higher part of yourself in the soul realm.  Then you’re reborn later subject to different rays creating an altered personality.

We try to raise our consciousness up. The key and what we want to attempt is that we want to have a continuity of consciousness. That’s what each of us should seek so that we can have this continuity of consciousness throughout the whole time of life after death until we’re reborn again. For most people the continuity of consciousness will end. For the lower evolved person will have very little residual personality consciousness after he dies. For a highly evolved person his consciousness will continue until he is reborn again.

Audience: So you feel that at some point in time a person who is moving through these realms breaks off his communication and their connection to the earth?

JJ: Yes. For a lot, it isn’t broken off consciously. Right after death one is in the etheric body. During that time they’ll be aware of everything on the earth. Depending on where their consciousness is, their etheric body eventually will dissolve and break down then they’ll be left in their next body, which is their astral/mental body. The connection to the earth is much more difficult while in the astral body. While in the etheric body they’re capable of maintaining some type of communication but the higher up they get the much more difficult it is to communicate with people upon the Earth unless it’s some very evolved soul.

Audience comment: Inaudible.

JJ: I’ve had several people close to me die and I’ve felt communications with them three or four days then it ended. Others of you may have had similar experiences. They eventually move on. One of the reasons for this in the scheme of things is that if you’re able to look back on your wife and see her really upset, instead of moving on and concentrating on other things you’ll think, “I need to do something to help her out and help cheer her up.” All of your attention would be back on your loved ones.

Our attention is directed to the other worlds so we can assist there. We go into a semi-dream state called the devachan. Many people do who live a good life go there. It’s actually a dream state where all our dreams and wishes are fulfilled. When it’s experienced a person doesn’t realize they’re actually dreaming. In this particular sphere they fulfill everything that wasn’t fulfilled upon the earth. If you wanted to be a famous rock star, there in the devachan could be like Elvis or one of the Beatles and have a lot of adoring fans. You would experience all these things there. This kind of prepares you for your next life. There are kinds of different worlds. There are also hells in the astral because there are people who die in a real negative state of mind and will go to negative spheres for a period of time until they realize the illusion and wake up.

Audience: So once you leave earth you have a choice? You have a soul review or whatever? Do you believe in a soul review?

JJ: Right. Shortly after you die you have a merging with your Solar Angel. You see every effect you had in your life in your life review. After your life review you lose most of your past life memory. You take the three main lessons of that life with you. So, as you move into the higher worlds you have just a real fuzzy memory of what your life was like. This is so you can focus on the next step you’re supposed to take.

If you go to the devachan you may incorporate a lot of your life into your dreams but you won’t realize you’re dreaming. Houdini may have gone to the devachan and thought he was giving the combination, that special code he was supposed to give to the psychics, it’s quite possible he went to there and dreamed he gave it to them, thinking he gave it to them, but he didn’t in reality..

Audience comment: inaudible

JJ: It’s heaven. It’s the heaven everybody talks about but it’s just a dream. To really achieve enlightenment as the Buddha talked about you need to go above the devachan, above heaven.

Audience comment: inaudible

JJ: There is so much to write about that I probably won’t get it all done. Fortunately, a lot of other people are writing a lot of good stuff too. The devachan is covered in theosophy, and also somewhat in the Alice A Bailey writings. I think it’s also from Hindu writings. When you achieve enlightenment like Buddha did, he went to a plane above the devachan. When you’re concentrating on pure service to humanity you don’t need the  devachan heaven. You bypass heaven because you don’t really need it. You don’t really need to fulfill fantasies or the ego’s desires. This is what the Buddha achieved. The devachan is still in the worlds of form. We have the physical, emotional or astral, the mental and the above this is what Buddha is where achieved consciousness.

Audience: So in this dream state we’re just dreaming and we relive our fantasies until they come to a conclusion then eventually move on from there? If it’s just dream state and eventually we see the end of it, couldn’t we through meditation experience our fantasies and play them out here and now?

JJ: If you achieve a real successful life and achieve the goals that you really want then you may not need the devachan.

Audience: Can’t we visit those fantasies through meditation?

JJ: You usually use meditation to escape fantasy rather than to enter it. Your dream state at night is a little like a devachan. You often fulfill fantasies in your normal dream state. The life of God or the reflections of God crave experience to such a degree that we can’t even sleep without having an experience. We have experience even during the dream state. The life of God craves experience. Think on that. It’s an interesting thing to think about. We can’t even sleep without dreaming up new experiences.

Audience: Is the communication two way? Even as we are experiencing are those experiences communicated back to God? Is He participating in them?

JJ: He, through his Son aspect, has no experience outside of us. He experiences through us. He in His unreflected state is in a state of peace, oneness and bliss. That’s why The Son created us, so He can have a roller coaster ride.

Audience: inaudible comment

JJ: When you don’t care what happens to you. She asked the question, “How do you know when you’ve achieved enlightenment?” I replied, “When you don’t care what happens to you.”

Audience: I think it could be worded a little differently. It’s not so much that you don’t care what happens to you but you let go of your attachments to things or your attachment to a form, for example the form I call myself.

JJ: Right. You’re right. Even Christ cared about things as enlightened as He was. What I mean is that you’re not attached to things so that if you see that something needs to be done for the benefit of humanity you will allow yourself to lose your life if necessary. Remember Christ said, “He that loses his life for my sake shall find it. And he that seeks to save his life shall lose it.” In other words, true enlightenment is when you’re willing to let everything go for the greater good. When you have that state of mind, when you’re willing to let everything go whether it be your wife, your kids, your job, your money, your house or your life itself, when you’re willing to let all that go for the greater good and sacrifice it then you’ve made a great step toward enlightenment.

Audience: comment inaudible.

JJ: Well, you’d be willing to do whatever is necessary for the greater good and hopefully none of us have to have that happen.

Audience: comment inaudible.

JJ: Yea, that’s a good point. Larry said maybe we’re just shifting our attachment from self to being attached to the greater good. That’s true. It’s a series of new attachments, perhaps we could say. We’re attached to our life then we switch our attachment to the greater good. Later on, we find something above the life of the greater good so we switch our attention and keep switching our attention until we get to the whole One Life.

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. Martha Graham (1893 – 1991)

Posted June 17, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 4

Gathering 2004, Part 4
Soul Mates

Audience: The rapture has been described in so many ways. Is that just something of a misguided interpretation?

JJ: The rapture isn’t going to happen the way people think of it, not unless there is a true end of the world, then there could be some salvage operation that would go on by the Hierarchy. The rapture is another topic and if we started on it, it could take an hour or so to cover it. I’ll just say this. You’re not going to be flying on a plane and all a sudden a third of the people are just gone because they’ve been raptured. (laughter)

They can wait a thousand years but you’re not going to see something like that happen. Not until we develop a Star Trek type technology and someone does it as a prank. Can you imagine Scottie saying, “I’m going to fake a rapture. I’m going to zap these people off this plane then boom the voice of God over there saying, ‘I have taken my people.”

Science could even simulate a Second Coming by sending a giant holograph into the sky with angels coming in clouds and everything. We’ll probably have the technology to do that in twenty to forty years and some guy having a good laugh could simulate a Second Coming and really get everybody’s motors going.

With the first coming of Christ, everyone expected Him to come just the way they’re expecting Him to come this time. They thought He’d come in a blaze of glory, zap all the enemies, gather the righteous around him and build the kingdom of God. But how many in the entire world were waiting for Him and expecting Him to come the way He did? The wise men did. They were close to being Masters. Teachings were passed down in Persia from Daniel the prophet about the coming of Christ and they understood it accurately.

Among all the people in Jerusalem maybe three or four people expected Him to come the way He did. Remember there is a story of one man who was very old. He said he wanted to see the Messiah before he died. That’s the only person in the Bible who we are told expected Him to be born as a baby. After He was crucified, there were only a hundred and twenty people who were His followers. It appeared He had a failed life despite all the miracles. Things aren’t always the way we expect.

I think we’re going to have a nice time at this gathering. I feel a nice vibration from the people here. I felt it for a couple days. Has anyone else had that feeling in anticipation? Last night when I went to sleep, I saw a lot of colors. There was a lot of violet color which is a good color of spirituality so I expect good things from you people. One of the most important things for a group like this is to feel harmonious with each other. Everybody here seems to have a good attitude. I don’t sense any negativity at all. The fact that I’ve been picking up a vibration a couple days in advance is really good sign that we have a very good group here. We always have good groups but my hope for each gathering is that we will be able to take each group just a little bit farther in spiritual vibration then we did the year before. We will eventually have some fairly interesting things occur.

Since the theme of this presentation  is soul mates, let’s get to that. We’ve been leading to that. The reason we discussed creation is to really understand whether or not there is a soul mate, or what a soul mate is, we have to first understand what we are. Since we are reflections of God, what would a soul mate be? We hear a lot of definitions of soul mate. One says in the beginning twin flames were created then separated and now we need to find our twin flame and that will be our soul mate so we can be our true self merged. There are several teachings thrown around on this.

Audience comments inaudible.

JJ: That’s kind of a general idea that your soul is your counterpart. What is a soul mate? First of all, is there such a thing as a soul mate?

Audience comment: Can a Monad have more than one reflection?

JJ: Well, a Monad is a reflection of God to begin with so the Monad is already out there. Monads are like potential gods. There are many Monads that haven’t developed into human consciousness the way we have, or consciousness at all. These need to be stimulated. So, as we develop and we enter into the kingdom of God, our job is to turn our own back on the progression that we could make and then help others because before we can move on we must help those who are behind us. That is the rule of things.

Audience comment: So are they sharing the same dream?

JJ: Is everybody sharing the same dream? Are we not all here?

Audience comment: Didn’t we separate polarities and now need to find our other polarity?

JJ: We have to enter into the world of polarities in order to experiience form at all. All form we see around us is caused by polarity. If you go to the formless worlds, you don’t have as strong as polarity as you do, but we never escape polarity entirely. Even in the beginning where there was just a singularity, there was the singularity and the possibility of creation. So there is a duality right there. Duality is never escaped in all eternity. There is always a duality even if you go back to the original point of creation, you have the singularity then you have the possibility of creation still making a duality.

What is usually viewed as transcending duality is not doing away with duality, but balancing the dualities so that you can use them from a vantage point of balance. That’s the true transcending of duality. We don’t ever really do away with dualities. They will always exist in one form or another. As long as there is creation, as long as there are worlds, as long as there is form, as long as there is appearance of more than one life, as long as there is more than one dimension, as long as there is more than one plane there is duality of some kind.

Audience: Can you explain what duality is?

JJ: It’s explained in the first chapter of my book, The Molecular Relationship. It’d probably take me awhile to go into that. In the beginning, we have the point of the singularity which is God and He projects the energy of purpose. Now DK [Djwahl Khul], who we study a lot in this group says something interesting about the point of pralaya which is supposed to be where we go back to our source and beyond dualities. He says, ‘This is not a place which is not but it is a place which is esoteric.’ The word ‘esoteric’ means hidden.

So, the point, pralaya, where we appear to be asleep, where the universe folds up and there appears to be no universe, no us, no consciousness, He says it is not a place which is not, it is a place which is esoteric. In other words, the originating point which is God is not a place of nothingness. It’s esoteric beyond our ability to comprehend what it is, but when we go there a higher part of our self will be able to comprehend it. There is probably some type of duality there. From our point of view, it is sleep, but from there this existence would be sleep. In all of life there is sleep and wakefulness. It’s the same in creation. In the universe of form we have creation then eventually everything dissolves and goes back to its source and it’s created again. So, there is a period of being asleep and a period of being active.

Let me throw out the idea that there are no soul mates the way everybody teaches. Why? Because we’re all soul mates. What does this mean if we’re all soul mates? Why is it then that people report, “Well I met this fantastic female, we struck it off and man, lightning struck and she’s my soul mate. We read each other’s minds, finish each other’s sentences and she is it. There is nobody else that could be my soul mate but her.” Is that true or not? Why not?

Audience: Could it be remembering a relationship in another life?

JJ: That’s generally what it is. If you have a positive relationship with a person in a past life and you died really loving each other, you’ll meet each other again, there will be a fire there and you’ll think, “Man, this is my soul mate. There is nobody in the universe like him or her.” On the other hand, if we say that everybody can be our soul mates, what does this mean? Phillip is a good looking guy here. Let’s suppose he meets someone like that Throw Momma from the Train gal. Could he be a soul mate with her? Could he fall in love with that Throw Momma from the Train lady? Does anyone remember her name? We can call her momma.

Audience comment: inaudible.

JJ: When Danny DeVito saw his mom in the movie, what did he see? Did he see her soul or did he see something else? She had personality up the yin yang, right? That’s what the movie goers saw, lots of personality in this gal and none of us liked the personality, did we? So, how could she be anybody’s soul mate?

Audience: You need to cut through the barrier that surrounds her called the personality.

Audience: She could be a reflection of him.

JJ: Right. All of us have souls which are reflections. Monads and souls are the reflection of God. Keep in mind that Monads help other Monads. The word soul has a lot of misuse. There are two ways of defining what soul is. Soul is that energy which is developed when matter and spirit interplay. Soul is neither matter nor spirit but it is the interplay of spirit and matter. For us to have soul contact, instead of contacting matter, instead of contacting spirit, we contact soul, that interplay of spirit and matter. This is the door that opens up to the spiritual realms. It’s the midway point, the point which is sometimes called the point beyond duality because it’s in between the dualities of spirit and matter. Where they interplay is soul. This is the door to the kingdom of God.

So what does it mean when people say, “Well, my soul told me this or my soul told me that.’? They talk about the soul as an entity. Even many of the great writings in scriptures and esoteric writings will write about the soul as if they’re talking about an individual. There is an entity which is called the Solar Angel. The consciousness of the Solar Angel dwells at the point where spirit and matter touch. The Solar Angel is a being who has progressed in the past solar system. He’s progressed through all the things that we’re now going through until it achieved relative perfection.

When someone achieves relative perfection, he will assist others to achieve it.

So, each one of us has a Solar Angel that works through the soul energy with our souls, where sprit and matter interplay to commune with us. Our job is to open the door of soul through meditation, contemplation, prayer, right living, to open that door and have our consciousness penetrate the soul until we can receive instructions from our Solar Angel, which is kind of like our personal God. When people receive instruction from their Solar Angel, they think they’re getting a revelation from God.

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. A. A. Milne (1882 – 1956)

June 16, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 3

Gathering 2004, Part 3
An Experience for God

The scriptures about God can be confusing and people get all kinds of interpretations. Was there one god or many gods? Elohim means gods yet the scriptures seem to indicate there is one God. It’s both. God is like a body. In your body you have an unlimited number of cells and particles and all these little lives that make up you, make up the one life that is you. You are omnipresent in your body. If you pinch your arm, you are present in your arm where you pinched it. If you pinch your toes, you’re present there too. You are omnipresent throughout your entire body.

God’s physical body is the whole universe. The whole universe is His body. Now keep in mind that there are numerous planes to the universe going all the way up to the formless universal Spirit. This universe of time and space was created by God the Son, as noted by John, calling Him the Word saying, “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” John 1:3

God is omnipresent in it so if He pinches the person called Phillip right here, He is present there. If He pinches John or makes John feel good, He is present there.

Our mission is to come down here and explore and give God a good experience. The experience you will give God will be different than any other being in the whole universe. That’s your mission. Your mission is to be different than any other being in the universe and to have a different experience. If we came down here and had the same experience God would be bored to tears, wouldn’t He? He’d say, “Well, I’ll check and see how I’m doing in John’s body or Artie’s body. Man, it’s the same experience. This is nothing stimulating.”

What makes the game of Monopoly, for example, interesting is that you never know what’s going to happen next. You never know if you’re going to land on a hotel or if you’re going to get hotels or whatever. You never know if you’re going to pass go and get two hundred dollars. It’s a fascinating little game because of all the perils built into it.

God has designed this whole experience as a great game. Each one of us is a player in this game and we provide a totally unique and different experience where His life can be omnipresent as it’s omnipresent through you. So, He comes down and experiences through you and your mission is to give God a great experience.

Audience: If God were outside of His body looking at it-what would the form be in your opinion? Would it be the form of a man?

JJ: It would be the form of the universe  of everything of which there  is nothing outside. If you’re looking for a physical form, it’s the form of the universe. The universe is in the state of being formed. The universe is actually fairly young. God is the combined intelligence of all of us together.

 The reason people think God is like a man up there sitting on a throne is because the Monads that have progressed faster than the others and have reached a certain point have turned around and decided to help the ones who are stumbling along like us. These are more like what in the East they would call Masters rather than gods. What the Easterners call Masters, the scriptures call gods, the Elohim. If we could all use the same language, we’d probably all be the same religion. We’re saying basically the same things in different religions.

Speaking about experiences, something that’s very interesting to contemplate, did you know that almost all the religions are anti-experience? If you go to your priest, minister or prophet and tell them you want to have a new experience they say, “Put a lid on it, man. Stay where you are. Relax. Be a good guy. Go to church regularly.” He counsels you not to have experience. “Stay away from that experience. This is really dangerous.”

Whereas, if you want to really please God you will go out and have an experience because that’s why He created you, to have an experience that will vibrate back to him and it creates a sweet savor in the presence of the Lord.

Of course, we want to exercise harmlessness as much as possible but it’s better to have a bad experience than no experience at all. The worst thing you can do is to have no experience. Remember the parable in the first book about the four guys that died. The first two made a decision and went along the path and the other two were afraid so they thought they’d just stay put.

Also remember the parable of the talents? A Master gave one guy ten talents, another guy five talents and another guy one talent. The guy with one talent went and buried it. He buried it in the Earth. He thought that would please his Lord, but the Lord came back and he demanded an account. “What did you guys do with the talents?” The guy with ten talents said, “I made you twenty talents.” The guy with five made ten. The Lord it is said was pleased with these two. The last one said, “Lord, I know you’re an astute man so what I did was to bury the talent but now that you’ve returned I’ve dug it up and here it is.” He thought his Lord would be happy. He’d played it safe. The Lord was angry with him and said, “Take the talent from this slothful servant and give it to him that has ten talents.

Audience question: One time when I was doing some energy work I had an experience and I wanted your input on this because of something you just said. I was showing someone how to do some energy work and I had them doing it on me. While this was happening, all of a sudden, the entire universe was inside me and there was nothing outside of me. I laid there experiencing it not really knowing what was happening. Was I experiencing what God experiences or the Monad?

JJ: You were waking up to the fact that you are a reflection of God. If you are a reflection of God, everything that is in God is in you. So you have everything in you. You have all the potential of God within you. Many people have experiences like this where they feel this unlimited potential or unlimited life where their body is the universe too. We have a whole universe represented in our little physical bodies. In a way it’s a reflection of a higher universe.

Audience: I think this has helped me with something I’ve had a real hard time getting my mind around, that the consciousness of God is always learning. Does He know everything? The way you were explaining it and also the experiences that everyone has, it’s really hard for me to think that God doesn’t really know what’s going to happen.

JJ: There are a lot of illusions about God. Just about everything you’ve ever heard about God is wrong. You’ve heard that God knows everything yet God doesn’t know anything. That probably makes a little sense to our Buddhist friend here. Because the consciousness of God is really removed from the worlds of form and knowledge (as we understand it) only occurs in the worlds of form, what is in the higher world is something that is higher than material knowledge. So really God doesn’t know anything unless He sends His consciousness down here to live through us. Only through us does He know anything. It’s pretty mind boggling, isn’t it?

God only knows what you know because you are a part of the mind of God. He knows what all of us know. Christ said, “If a sparrow falls to the ground God is aware of it.” Why is God aware of it? It’s because His presence is in the sparrow. The sparrow is having an experience for God and God knows what the sparrow knows. He doesn’t know what you know because He’s looking from afar, and He has a computer screen where He could see that John is being a naughty boy today and He can see it in my vision here. That’s not why He knows what John is doing. He knows what John is doing because John is Him. He’s a reflection of Him. As a reflection he has a link with all life.

Audience: But the future which we have not yet experienced?

JJ: If you don’t know your future, God doesn’t know it. Have you ever noticed that everybody who tries to be a prophet is always wrong? If we go back to the Bible days the prophets seemed to be pretty accurate but not always. Jonah was told to go preach to Nineveh but he didn’t want to go there because those Nineveh people skin people alive and they were really terrible people. So Jonah was terrified about these people in Nineveh, and he took off. Then the Bible says that God caused a big fish to swallow Jonah and spit him on the shores of Nineveh. Then he saw there was no way out so he decided to go give the message quickly and get out of there.

He goes into Nineveh and says, “Forty days will not pass that fire will come down out of heaven and burn you all up. You guys are going to get what you deserve.” This would be like Assaf going to the Palestinian suicide bombers and saying, “Allah is going to come and sweep you up and destroy you all. No more suicide bombers!” These were like the suicide bombers of the time. Then Jonah goes up on this mountain top where he could look down on Nineveh and he was waiting for the forty days to pass because God told him that they had forty days. He waited. The people in Nineveh got together and wondered if what he had said was true. “Maybe we ought to change our ways. We don’t want to be swept up by fire.” They actually believed him so they prayed in sack cloth and ashes and asked God to forgive them. After the forty days passed the scriptures says God decided to forgive them.

The fortieth day Jonah was waiting and no fire came down out of heaven and he grumbled about it and said, “What’s the big idea God? You made me out to be a false prophet. I told these people that they would die in forty days but they aren’t dying!”

A big gourd had grown up then died next to Jonah. God said, “Do you realize that you’re more concerned with that big plant that died after giving you shade then you are about these several hundred thousand people whose souls have been saved? Where are your priorities Jonah? You should be happy to be a false prophet.”

So even in the Bible talking about the prophets we have a false prophet of Jonah who gave us prophecy. He didn’t say to repent or you’ll be destroyed. He didn’t give them an out. He just said forty days will pass and you’re going to get it. He didn’t even tell them to repent. He just told them they were going to be destroyed point blank and it didn’t happen.

One problem with looking at the ancient works is that a lot of them have been doctored up so the ancients look a lot better than they really were. We usually only have recording of when prophets made accurate prophecies. There were probably a lot we didn’t hear about that fizzled.

Let’s go to our day and look at the modern-day prophets. There are a lot of sincere prophets out there and a lot of psychics. When is the last time you heard a specific prediction made that was correct? When is the last time you heard someone say, “I read Nostradamus and he’s predicting a famine next year.” Then the year comes without a famine. I saved some National Enquirers that used to have the predictions in year after year. It’s fun to go back ten years and read the predictions. ‘Elvis will surface at Caesar’s Palace and announce that he is still alive.’

Audience: Back in 1998 I was working for a born-again preacher. He gave me this pamphlet that was titled, Four Hundred and Fifty-Three Reasons why September Twelfth 1998 was going to be the Day of the Rapture. Everybody read it. It caught my eye because it’s my birthday. Unfortunately, and obviously as the time went by there must’ve been four hundred and fifty-four reasons why God decided to change His mind.

JJ: Almost every time someone makes a big prophecy around the internet, I take it and say it’s not going to happen. So far I’ve been right every single time so that makes me the only accurate prophet on the internet. (laughter) One thing going around awhile back was that Planet X was supposed to be a brown dwarf that was supposed to be here by spring on 2003. In December 2002 a lot of people were concerned about this and asking about it. I said, “Let’s see, a brown dwarf that’s supposed to be here in four months would need to be close enough that if we looked up into the sky, it would be almost as bright as the moon right now. For a brown dwarf to be close enough to be here within four months it would be much brighter than Venus and almost as bright as the moon. We’d look up and see that brown dwarf. So what does this mean? It means that no brown dwarf is going to be here in March of 2003.” I didn’t need to be receiving psychic impression to know that. It was pure science.

I made this prediction and several people wrote me angry letters saying, “You’re not preparing people for this brown dwarf that’s going to show up! We’re all going to be destroyed and you’re not telling people. You’re going to be responsible for that.” I got some strange letters on that. After March and April of 2003, a lot of them began moving it ahead saying it got delayed a little bit, but it would be here in May and now here it is 2004 and it still isn’t here. They’re still talking about Planet X and it’s still behind schedule. There are still a lot of people waiting for it.

Have you ever noticed that among these people waiting for these doomsday type events it appears that they almost want doomsday to happen? Why do they want doomsday to happen? They think they are part of a special group that’s either going to be raptured by Jesus or picked up by aliens and taken to a better place. It’s the same type of mentality.

It’s the same type of thinking.

Audience: It seems that they’re excited that everyone else is going to get what they deserve.

JJ: You’re right. These other guys who don’t believe in the space alien are going to get zapped.

Audience: Is the negative thinking linked to the other people?

JJ: It’s a little bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. A lot of negative things happen in this world because there is so much negative thinking about doomsday and the end of the world. It does produce some scary things and makes people think about the end of the world but fortunately there is enough positive thinking people working to solve the problems. Remember Y2K? Everyone said that was going to be the end of everything. Larry, do you remember what I wrote about that?

Larry: You said it wasn’t going to happen.

JJ: Hardly anyone was saying that. I was going to write a crystal clear scathing thing about these people with the Y2K thinking, then I listened to Art Bell one night. He had a computer expert on who almost made me doubt my own impressions on Y2K. The guy was really convincing. He was telling how we weren’t prepared and it would take ten more years to get ready for it. He gave all kinds of details. I thought maybe I better not be too strong with this just in case. But it ended up that the impression I had received about it, that it wasn’t going to be any big deal, was correct.

From the totalitarian point of view, history is something to be created rather than learned. George Orwell (1903 – 1950), Essay: “The Prevention of Literature” (1946)

June 15, 2005

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Gathering 2004 Friday Part 2

Gathering 2004 Friday Part 2
Our Descent from Spirit

The basic principle tonight that we’re going discuss now is centered on soul mates. To know what a soul mate is, we need to know where we came from. In the beginning there was only God. God is the one great life that is composed of all the parts of the entire universe. He is the one great life. Science tells us that billions of years ago the universe didn’t exist at all as we know it. It existed as what is called a singularity. Steven Hawking speaks a lot about what a singularity is. Does anyone know what a singularity is? Do we have any amateur scientists around here?

Audience member: A singularity would be to put it simply, like a black hole, where you have matter which, by the effect of gravity, sucks into itself. It becomes indistinguishable.

JJ: A black hole is thought to maybe create a singularity but does anyone know what the singularity was at the beginning of time? Science tells us that everything in creation, that everything in the whole universe, the whole star systems and everything we see out there-they’ve found they’re all expanding out away from each other. Scientists try to go back in time and mathematically construct where they originated from a billion years ago, two billion years ago, and when they go back to the beginning, they find out that everything in the universe originated at one point. They call this point a singularity.

A singularity has no time, no space, no mass. There is nothing there that they can distinguish. From this point of nothingness, the big bang occurred. When the big bang occurred, a tremendous amount happened within the first few seconds. There was almost an infinite number of things happening including the formulation of the first protons and sub-atomic particles and electrons and things like this. It’s all created from the singularity of the big bang and shortly after this was a big expansion where the whole universe was created and sent out from this point.

This goes along somewhat with esoteric teachings that God occupies a point which is beyond time, beyond space, beyond mass and beyond anything that we can conceive. And in the beginning, He reflected Himself. He reflected Himself to infinity by creating an unlimited number of points. The reason I say unlimited is because there is nothing without a number to it. For instance, there is a number to the cells in your body. There are a tremendous number of cells in your body, trillions of them, but there is a specific number. There are a specific number of atoms in your body even though there are trillions and trillions of them. There is still a number. There are a number of planets in our solar system. There are a number of solar systems in our galaxy which numbers a couple hundred billion. There are a number of galaxies in our universe. Everything has a number.

You’ve heard in the past that there is such a thing as infinity. I’m here to tell you that this is an illusion. Physical creation is not infinite but it is unlimited. There is a huge difference. What’s the difference between infinity and unlimited?

Audience member: It would seem that infinity would keep going where unlimited would have an end point.

JJ: Right, or it can be expanded. See, if the universe was infinite, there would be no room for God to go. Think about that. If the universe was infinite, God could not expand. The universe itself is expanding. The fact that the universe is expanding means it cannot be infinite because if it’s already as big as it can be how could it get any bigger? So how could it expand? There is an interesting scripture which says, “The heavens, they are many, and they cannot be numbered unto man; but they are numbered unto me, for they are mine.” Moses 1:37

In other words, God knows the number of the worlds that He has created. The number is so big that we cannot even fathom the number but it says the mind of God knows the number of the worlds. That’s an interesting statement. When you take that statement and interpolate it into the fact the difference between unlimited and infinite, if the universe was infinite there would be no room for growth. If the universe is unlimited, that means we can grow forever. Interesting thought, is it not?

So, in the beginning of our consciousness we were a reflection of the mind of God with unlimited potential. This is what God Himself is, a being with unlimited potential that can expand forever. Forever and ever, worlds without end as the scriptures say. He can expand worlds without end and because we are made in the image of God, what does this say about us? We can expand forever and ever.

Doesn’t that sound better than a final reward of playing a harp forever? Or escaping the devil forever? Perhaps if you could sit down with Jesus he would say, “You’re really boring man. I’m going to go play with some gods over here while you play a round of golf.” I’ve often thought of that. These people who think they’re going to live forever with Jesus, a lot of them bore me and Christ is more intelligent than me so I can imagine how he might want to excuse Himself and rub shoulders with the gods, the masters and with people who have really accomplished something and advanced themselves to a high degree of development. In other words, the people that the Christ Himself would want to rub shoulders with would be people who realize they are unlimited, that they’re expanding without limitations and their expansion will go on forever.

Audience comment: When you say He’d rather hang out with gods, you’ve implicated an ego.

JJ: That doesn’t implicate an ego. The traditional view of an ego has nothing to do with unlimited expansion. The ego limits us. The ego develops a limitation around us so that we cannot see our unlimited expansion possibilities. Who you hang out with has nothing to do with whether you’re limited or unlimited. It’s just a matter of desire. I know Buddha taught that desire is to be extinguished but that depends on your definition of desire. Even the Buddha had a desire for enlightenment. Like attracts like. If you take the highest person on the planet, the Ancient of Days, the Planetary Logos, who does He hang out with?

There are three Kumaras that He hangs out with quite regularly and makes His plans with plus He has a council chamber. We’re not told who all is in the council chamber but the Buddha visits there periodically. He gets counsel from these extremely intelligent entities who have been on this planet and also entities from other planets that reside at Shamballa periodically. So, He hangs out with people who are stimulating to Him and will stimulate His consciousness so He can make the best plans for humanity and for the planet Earth and all the kingdoms on the planet Earth.

Then there is the Solar Logos of whom our Logos is a disciple. He probably thinks He’d like to get more counsel from Him and thinks, “He knows a lot of things that I don’t and understands a lot of things that I don’t.” This is the way we all think.

Look at your dog. Your dog is in a lower kingdom than yourself. When you come home doesn’t he wag his tail and isn’t he excited to see you? He’s just thrilled. Those in the lower kingdoms that have contact with the kingdom above them are just thrilled to be in their presence. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog in relation to man or a man in relation to a Master such as the Christ or the Buddha or the Christ or the Buddha in relation to the Planetary Logos. It’s a big thrill to be in the presence of someone that can stimulate you with higher personal knowledge and higher purpose.

Of course, if we could see into the higher kingdoms, we would see the way that they would talk and communicate probably wouldn’t make much sense to us. Just like the dog is in the room listening to you make plans about your business. He doesn’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about but he enjoys the vibration of listening to you. He’s still listening even though he doesn’t understand. He’s stimulated by it.

We kind of imagine what the Masters and the higher lives are talking about but we’re a bit like the puppy dog imagining what you’re saying. He probably thinks you’re talking about bones and things and how to get the next meal and where that meal is coming from. He probably thinks, “I wonder where this food comes from. It’s amazing! These guys are so magical! They just open this door and pull out this food then the next day they open it again and more food comes out. Where does it all come from?”

He’s probably pretty mystified by this. He thinks, “I’m limited here. This is the thing that matters most to me, food and they seem to have an unlimited supply. They don’t have to work for it. It just materializes for them. I just don’t understand how they do it.” Then we look at the Masters. They’re supposed to be able to materialize things. They just snap their fingers and they get what they want. Well, it’s probably a lot different than that. How we get the food for the dog is a lot different than how his consciousness understands it.

So, in the beginning God reflected an unlimited number of points, a certain number which is known only to the mind of God. It’s a big number. My theory on this is that it’s pi. Have you seen how big pi is? One time I printed out in the archives about six pages of pi. That’s only a small part of it. They’ve got it down to, I can’t remember how many numbers, I know it’s several hundred, possibly several thousand. But they’re still working on it with giant computers trying to figure out the exact number for pi. Now, if God knows the number of pi, He knows how to make a perfect circle. The scientists have figured a perfect circle out to hundreds of numbers and you figure that’s a perfect circle to the farthest reaches of the human imagination but that number is tremendously big. My theory is that the number of pi is the number of particles in the universe. We haven’t been able to find that number yet. One of these days the scientists may announce, “We finally have the last number of pi. There’s no farther calculation possible.” When they get that number, it’s going to be some magical number that exists in the mind of God, perhaps the reflections that He has made.

Audience question: You said particles? Could you elaborate?

JJ: The tiniest particles in the smallest kingdom in this universe, which we go down to the atom, then the quarks then there are smaller particles than this. I’m going to write about the particles smaller than quarks in Book IV.

Audience: You mean the superstring theory?

JJ: A bit like that.

Audience: The idea about the particles being like a string?

JJ: Yeah, how many have been following Book IV so far on the internet? I’ve been posting it. We’re going to have a tour of the universe in a short period of time in the book. It’s going to cover a fairly significant section. It’s going to be quite fascinating and it’s going to present material that’s never been presented before, that I know of anyway.

So, in the beginning we have these points of reflection and each point of reflection is a universe unto itself. These reflection points we can call the Monad, for want of a better term. As far as we go back in esoteric knowledge of our beginning, we began as what is known as a Monad. The Monad is presented in various esoteric literatures as a window to another reality if we could see beyond that, but to keep it simple we will call our original points of reflection the Monad. These Monads are stimulated over a period of millions of years. Some Monads progress faster than others. As these Monads progress, they begin to develop intelligence. As they develop intelligence some of them progress a lot faster than others and the Monads cumulatively create the spheres, as we’re told in esoteric literature, there are seven spheres of creation.

There are the physical and above that the astral and above that mental and above that are four formless worlds. So, each of us are composed of seven bodies. The physical is the lowest and it’s actually two bodies. The physical body we see is an illusion. The real physical body is our etheric body. In the past I’ve shown you how to see it. You hold your thumbs up against a white background. Hold your thumbs about a millimeter apart and look at the space between them. Pull your thumbs apart slowly and look at the space between them. Try to look at the space between them and on the edges of your thumbs you’ll see a film. Does anyone see the film? That’s your etheric body. That’s your true physical body. It’s in the same shape as your current physical body.

On top of that you’ll have the astral body and beyond that the mental body. Above this you have additional bodies. Descent into matter has often been described like deep sea diver. A person who just goes a little way into the ocean can go in his swimming trunks. If he goes deeper, he’ll need a snorkel and if he goes deeper still, he’ll need to put on more and heavier outfitting. To go real deep he needs to use a steal tank of some kind, a submarine or diving bell.

The deeper you go the heavier water pressure causes a need for heavier and heavier bodies to protect the real you. The real you has descended from higher spiritual realms down through seven spheres into the physical and we’ve had to put on seven bodies to get down here. Each one gives stronger protection from the outside pressure, so to speak, than the ones before.

Right now, we’re in the densest world possible. To protect ourselves, our essences, so that we can dive down here we had to put on these seven bodies and finally the physical body to come down here and explore this world. These original Monads developed and they dived down into the worlds, then they go back up. They grow in intelligence until finally the ones that have progressed in intelligence more than the others start helping those that haven’t progressed as far. These helpers, they have called gods, but they aren’t the real gods. They are reflections of God who have realized their potential and are helping others to realize their potential and thus the scriptures have called them gods. But in reality, there is only one God.

Love is my Sword,
Goodness my Armor,
And Humor my Shield.
Unknown, epitaph for a loved one

June 14, 2005

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2004 Gathering Part 1

2004 Gathering Part 1
Ye Are Gods
Friday Evening, July 16, Manti, Utah

Thanks to Mindy Burge for the transcription

Susan Carter: Welcome to the Gathering of Lights! We have been planning this particular Gathering since September of last year so it is really exciting to see all of you here. I felt very privileged that we were able to have it in Manti again so we didn’t have to travel too far but we have some people who have traveled a long, long way and we thank you for coming. It’ll be a lot of fun. I don’t know that JJ needs an introduction but I’ll introduce him anyway. His name is Joseph John Dewey and he’s fifty something. His wife is Artie and she is the heart of the home. They live in Boise, Idaho. JJ and I met over the internet like you met him. We met November 25, 1999. So it’s been awhile. I met him in June and I and I was expecting this very loud, strong person because of the way he writes. When I met him I said, “Who is that? He’s a quiet man.” But he doesn’t write quiet. He writes with power and that’s why I think all of us are here; because of the power we feel. Our souls telling us there is truth in the words that he has written. So, I am very glad that he has a heart, a mind and a soul that are open to being taught so he could turn around and teach. I’m very appreciative of that… I’d like to now turn the time over to JJ.

JJ: Are we ready for a good time? Susan said I was soft spoken and all this time I thought I was a dynamic individual.

I’ve told the story before of when I was young and my favorite singer was Del Shannon. If you remember, he sang the song Runaway and his falsetto goes wa wa wa wa wonder. I tried to copy him. It was before the days when everyone had tape recorders. I never knew what my voice sounded like. I really studied his songs and memorized them. I thought I sounded just as good as he did.

One time my dad came home with a tape recorder he had borrowed from a friend. He said, “I want you to sing that song you’ve been singing, that runaway thing. Sing it in this.” So I sang it in the mike. Then, with a big grin on his face, he said, “We’re going to play this back to you.” He played it back to me and I was horrified. I didn’t sound anything like I thought I sounded. That really woke me up to the fact that I wasn’t going to be a rock star.

It is interesting how difficult it is for us to see ourselves as we really are. There are layers of who we are. Often when we first awaken, we awaken to our lack. Then there is another awakening. It’s an awakening to what we don’t lack. I was awakened to what I lacked. I lacked a great singing voice. I was awakened to the fact that I wasn’t going to be part of a new wave of rock stars that the world was waiting for. So I was awakened to the reality of what I lacked. Later in my life I was awakened to the reality of what I did not lack. What is that? What is it that we do not lack that we need to be awakened to?

Audience responds (inaudible)

JJ: And more than that? Jesus says, ‘Ye are what?’ So what do we need to be awakened to? The Bible says, ‘In the beginning God created us how?’ In His image. What does that mean? What does it mean to be created in the image of God? Relate that to the fact that Jesus said, “Ye are gods.” If you are an exact reflection of God, then what are you? You’re a god too. Is this something that we need to be awakened to? If you are awakened to the fact that you are a direct reflection of God-In the beginning God created man and woman in His image. In the image of God, created He them.

The word for ‘image’ in Hebrew is the same word that the word ‘photograph’ is derived. So it means we are like a photograph of God, an exact reflection of God with all the attributes of God within us. The scriptures speaking of Christ say He had the fullness of God within Him then they go on to tell us that we are the sons of God even as He is and as He is, we are supposed to be. “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect,” and all these different things giving us the idea that we are something more than human.

Remember the scripture saying that God created us a little lower than the Angels? Did you also know that it’s mistranslated? Do you have any idea of what it really says? Have you ever read the Hebrew for that Assaf? Where it says that God created us lower than the Angels?

Assaf speaking in background.

JJ: The word ‘angel’ comes from the word Elohim in Hebrew. What does that mean? God created man a little lower than the gods. So, we’re just a little lower than the gods but then we’re also called gods in the same area. The reason we’re referred to as a little lower than the gods is that we think we’re a little lower than the gods. We haven’t ascended in consciousness to our full reflection of God that’s within us.

Because we haven’t ascended in consciousness there, we are just a little lower than the gods. “What is man that God is mindful of him?”  He created him a little lower than the gods. “But we must descend below all things,” the scriptures say, “so that we may ascend above all things.” Christ, it is said, had to descend below all things so that He could ascend above all things. We are created a little lower than the gods, for practical purposes.

Not all of us can walk on water or do some of the things that Christ did. In other words, we are a little bit lower than the gods but our consciousness is capable of taking us back to fulfill the measure of our creation which is what? To be a reflection – to be in the image of God.

What is God anyway? What is it that we’re in the image of? Is it some resurrected being, the way the Mormons think? Or is that resurrected being, as the Mormons think, a reflection of God Himself?

In the scriptures, “God” is translated from the word ‘Elohim’ which doesn’t mean God. It’s actually plural. The English Bible says, “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.” It literally reads in Hebrew, “In the beginning, (even the word ‘beginning’ is a mistranslation but for practical purposes we’ll use it) the gods creates the Heaven and the Earth.” It’s an odd wording. It’s a plural word used with a singular verb-creates. Any idea why that would be?

What’s a plural word that is used with a singular verb that could be compared to God? We have an example right here  with our group. Do we say ‘the group is’ or ‘the group are’? The group IS but the group is more than one, right? In the beginning the council created the Heavens and the Earth. The council creates. The council is more than one, right? Elohim actually means a council or the group of gods got together and created the heavens and the earth, as it pertains to us anyway. Of course, there are many different hierarchies of beings.

Right above us is what we call the spiritual hierarchy of the planet. This is composed of Christ and His group of associates. Above Him is he who the Christ referred to as His Father in Heaven and these are the residents of Shamballa. This is the hierarchy which is above the kingdom of God. We have all kinds of different hierarchies. Above the hierarchy here we would have the Solar Logos which is an entity that presides over our entire solar system.

When the scriptures talk about the creation of the heavens and the earth, it’s basically talking about the creation of this solar system, not of the whole universe. For instance, there are a lot of misconceptions and misinterpretations of the scriptures as far as creation. It tells us, for instance, that Christ created the heavens and the earth but, it wasn’t the individual Christ here on earth that created the heavens and the earth, it was the principle of the Christ, or the Sonship, that did.

He, as an entity, represents that principle for this planet more perfectly than any other individual does, so He, has a position, called the Christ. On each earth that is peopled like this one, there is a Christ and a planetary Logos who is called the Ancient of Days who presides over the entire planet. Over us is the Christ and over Christ is the one we call the Ancient of Days that presides over this entire planet. So we have all kinds of different connections here.

The warning message we sent the Russians was a calculated ambiguity that would be clearly understood. Alexander Haig

June 13, 2005

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