Gathering 2004, Part 19

Gathering 2004, Part 19
Principles of Creation

The next gathering was after Columbus discovered the new world. A new world was discovered which no one knew about. When word got to the old world that there was a new world, what happened? People said, “Hey, we can go and create a better life for ourselves in this new world. We can have freedom from religion and freedom from the king and do our own thing.” People who were interested in something higher, in freedom and gathered out of all the kingdoms. Instead of gathering together to create new kingdoms, this time the gathering was out of the kingdoms. People gathered out from all kingdoms of the world to come to the new world to create a better life for themselves.

Audience: inaudible question on the Roman Empire

JJ: The Roman Empire was run by Caesars and emperors and by absolute authority. The kingdoms were run by absolute authority but many people came to the new world with the idea of escaping authority, and because of this the movement gathered together people in one location who wanted to escape authority. Then when they wanted to formulate a government, they began to talk about new ideas. They thought, “We didn’t like having a king. He threw a lot of people into prison and took away freedom. Let’s create something better.” So they put their heads together to create something better. They created a system where there was greater freedom.

Eventually, as they create this system with greater freedom, it came into conflict with the kingdom world. Thus we had the great Revolutionary War between England and America. Whenever there is evolution the old way tries to destroy the new way. The old way is always threatened by the new way because the new way will actually destroy the old way. It destroys it through attrition because when a new and better way is found everyone forgets about the old way and joins the new way. Those on the old way want to prevent the new way from happening. When the colonies wanted to be free England said, “No, you have to go by the old ways.”

Audience: This is true in religions as well. (inaudible) What we have now will one day be replaced with a higher system.

JJ: Right. It happens with everything. Even with Galileo inventing the telescope; he could prove for sure the earth was not the center of the universe. The Pope said, “Oh yes it is the center of the universe and you need to recant that or else.”

Audience: Hopefully we’re evolving higher instead of destroying ourselves.

JJ: Yeah. We tend to go two steps forward and one step back. That’s the way evolution goes. We’re in danger of going back to the Stone Age. There is a danger there but hopefully we can transcend it.

So, the next step was creating a more democratic system where people had some say in the government. They fought the Revolutionary War and broke off. Interestingly enough, after we broke off, England adopted the ways of the new country so now England is fairly democratic in itself. The Monarchy is pretty much in name only.

The third step in our social evolution was the creation of a more democratic society or a constitutional republic as it’s technically called where there is input from the people voting. People have an opportunity to have a voice with freedom of speech and opportunity to make changes in their government.

An important principle to review is that the consciousness of God concentrates where the creation is taking place. Think on that. That’s where the consciousness of God has His attention. In the beginning of time His attention was on creating atoms, then molecules, then cells. Once creation is perfected then they operate like a computer program. The life form, which composes these smaller particles, is transferred to a higher form until we eventually get to humankind. In the physical universe, as a whole, where is the attention of God concentrated now? Humankind. Throughout the universe this is where the consciousness of God is. Have you ever heard the statement, “As above, so below”?

Audience: Could you repeat what you just said?

JJ: Okay, the consciousness of God is concentrated on humans and we are the consciousness of God for the universe. Suppose you were the one life which is God. Everybody imagines God as a being up on a throne somewhere, but suppose you were this being on a throne and you had the whole universe before you. Wouldn’t you want to avoid doing the same thing over and over and over again? This is the idea of heaven of the regular Christian. They go to heaven then they worship at Jesus’ feet and sing songs and play harps and they do this over and over.

Audience: If we’re all at the same level in the universe including the most advanced of mankind and that’s where God is focusing His consciousness, that’s very interesting. I always thought time was rather linear and there have been planets that have reached our stage of advancement years ago and we’re just following along.

JJ: That’s what everybody thinks. They think we’re duplicating everything that’s been done before and we’ll be gods in the future and have children. It doesn’t quite work that way. Wouldn’t that be boring? If you came up with a philosophy that produces boredom you’ve come up with a philosophy that’s not from God because God is not into boredom. God has designed everything and everybody to be interesting.

For example, look at sex. Isn’t that a fascinating subject? Yet, who made it? God made sex the way it is. God made male and female, our bodies, our minds so that we can have these fascinating experiences. When you look at everything that is made through the life, which is God, you find a God that is not a static being. He doesn’t want to do the same thing over and over. He is into the game of Monopoly.

Audience: What about the Planetary Logos, the Solar Logos and all these logos and the consciousness of God?

JJ: They’ve all gone through the human kingdom.

Audience: So all the planets throughout the universe are all at the same level as we are?

JJ: No, but humans throughout the universe is the creative force in the universe. Humanity, right now, is at the midway point between matter and spirit. You have spirit on one end and matter on the other. In between is where the creation of God is taking place. Right now it’s in the human kingdom for this physical universe. You’ve heard the statement, as above, so below? That’s right with a twist. Most people use this in this way. They think, “An atom is probably like a solar system. Then we go larger and our whole universe may be just some pimple on some guy’s nose.” So we may be part of some guy’s pimple which is part of a bigger human being. Then he’s part of a bigger universe and it keeps going on and on forever.

That’s not how it works yet a lot of theories tell us that. That’s not ‘as above, so below.’ For one thing a solar system isn’t exactly like an atom. An atom is much more perfected than a solar system. An atom has reached a state of relative perfection. The various solar systems and various planets have much imperfection in them. They’re in an elementary state of their progression. A solar system has a nucleus with planets circling around it and an atom has a nucleus with particles circling around it but they’re different so, as above, so below is true, but with differences. That’s the key principle because as it says in the scriptures, “The Lord says, “Behold I make all things new.” I created a new heaven and a new earth. I do new things. I do things you’ve never seen before.”

So, when God creates and He shifts His attention from the lower to the higher, He’ll incorporate all the good elements that have been previously created then He will add new ones. When God shifted attention from the vegetable kingdom to the animal kingdom, the animals could do everything the vegetables can do and more. Humans can do everything the animals can do and more. Everything that’s within the vegetable, mineral and animal kingdom is in us in some way but we can do more. In other words, God didn’t want to create animals over and over and over again and leave it at that. He said, “I want to create something better than an animal. What could be better than an animal? A self-conscious being, someone more like me.” So He creates human beings.

Audience: Where does the Monad come into that? Did He create Monads then create human beings or did He create human beings and Monads were already there?

JJ: Monads are part of God so to speak so when we talk about God creating, we’re also talking about Monads creating.

Audience: So you’re talking about the physical body then? God created the physical body of man.

JJ: We are gods now. All creation has taken place in the past the way it’s happening now. We are representatives of God in the universe and how do we create? If you want to know how God creates ask how we create. Bill Gates wants to create the perfect word processing program so he starts out with version one. There are lots of flaws so they’re corrected and version two is next. Then version three and what version are we up to? Eight or nine now? With each version they’re working out bugs. After you create a new version they work out the bugs within the version. That’s like the way that God creates. God creates the same way we do because He creates through us. For instance, we get together and create a car, then create a better car until we get a car so good that it does everything we want it to do until improvement becomes almost impossible.

We can have facts without thinking but we cannot have thinking without facts. John Dewey (1859 – 1952)

Posted July 15, 2005

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Gathering 2004, Part 18

Gathering 2004, Part 18
Why We Gather

JJ: Atoms gather together to create molecules and molecules gather to create cells. After the cell is created the atoms and cells still maintain their individual existence but are united to create something greater than themselves.

Atoms of hydrogen and oxygen and carbon, they still exist. An atom can exist for billions of years in the same form, the same shape, the same state of relative perfection but because they’re in relative perfection they needed to seek experience, something of interest and something higher than themselves. The little electron going around in a circle playing with the proton could be really bored to live that experience over and over for eternity. They want to go to something higher now because they have reached perfection.

So the atoms are seeking consciousness in the cell. They’re identifying with the cell as a whole and as a cell is being created, they’re having fun with molecules by sharing consciousness with them in creating the cell. They don’t have any fun anymore if they limit themselves to their own creation because they understand everything about it.

Audience: It sounds to me that what you’re saying is these atoms and these molecules have reached the potential for their enjoyment. They are being fulfilled completely, and in that fulfillment they cannot be fulfilled any more at their level so therefore need to rise in consciousness. Yesterday you talked about the male and female energy where we have one unit and we’re moving things around trying to find this balance and we have this spiritual love to give. If we can find the right balance and somehow find the right organization to reach everybody’s needs with this unit we will have achieved. Is that correct?

JJ: Repeat that last sentence again.

Audience: If we can achieve the ratios, the numbers or whatever to provide full fulfillment for every member or individual for that group and make it stable, that will be the next big thing.

JJ: Yes, it allows us to move on to the next big thing. When I was a kid we didn’t have very much money. I could never get enough money for all the chocolate I wanted to eat. Finally, I got enough money that I could buy all the chocolate I wanted and ate a bunch, but pretty soon I didn’t want it anymore. I hardly ever eat it now but these candies they give us here at the motel are super good so I did eat a few of them. It’s the same with a lot of things. You really want something, you eat a lot of it then the novelty wears off and you want to move on to something else. This happens to the life forms when they reach perfection. What they had was good but now they want something else. They’re tired of the chocolate they had. The chocolate was great but they perfected their chocolate and it can’t get any better so they want to move on.

The atoms move on. When they reach perfection their consciousness goes higher and they create molecules then they share the consciousness of the molecule because the molecule is a vehicle for exploration and experience that is greater than an atom. The life of God then goes into the molecules and they create cells and they share the consciousness of the cell because a cell can have a greater experience than a molecule.

The cell then creates other life forms and these greater life forms can have a greater experience than a cell. The various cells created the kingdoms of nature. Vegetables have more things happening than a rock. Vegetables have a feeling nature about them. The animal kingdom has the ability of motion, moving around is something a tree can’t do. So once the consciousness moves into an animal and can move around it doesn’t want to be a tree again because it’s much more fun to be in an animal that has the capacity of motion. Once the consciousness gets in to a human and can have self-consciousness, and also be a creator, that makes things all the more interesting.

When you look through a microscope at the microcosmic world it’s amazing the complexity there. Just to map the human genome took a tremendous amount of computer power and years of work. The complexity boggles the mind how the human gene was put together and we still don’t understand how it works or understand the DNA so understanding the cell as a whole is extremely complex.

For all those molecules to build one cell is like us building an artificial earth out of all kinds of intricate metals and glass and fibers and things. Imagine us getting together and building a whole earth. The complexity of a cell is enormous to the scientist looking through a microscope. Even Jesus commented on it. He said, “Consider the lilies of the field. They have more glory than Solomon ever dreamed of having with all his temples of gold and silver.” In other words, if you look at the lilies of the field under a microscope the glory of God is there. The intelligence of God is on display there.

So, here we are. We are the result of all types of gatherings. Over billions and billions of years all types of gatherings have taken place to create us as human beings. In the Molecular Relationship the next step is for human beings to gather together to create human molecules. This is what Jesus did. He gathered twelve males and twelve females together to create a human molecule. Oxygen and hydrogen by themselves produce rocket fuel. They’re two explosive ingredients in rocket fuel. When you join them together as H2O, or water, it produces one of the most stable compounds in existence. We then have water, which is totally different than either hydrogen or oxygen.

Jesus was a great chemist. He gathered together a molecule of twelve atomic units. One human atom is composed of a male energy and a female energy united in a stable condition. Jesus took twelve of these and He created a human molecule with properties totally different than they had as individuals. We talked about this a lot in the Molecular Relationship. That’s a gathering that leads us in our evolution as units.

Now we go back to the beginning of our civilization and apply the gathering principle there. What do you think the first human communities were like?

Audience: Tribes.

JJ: Tribes. Do you think that was it?

Audience: Family cells.

JJ: It was probably tribal families, right? In these tribal families they had children and the children had children. They kept them together for various purposes. For one thing, they had to be gathered together to survive. They were fighting giant beasts back in those times and they had to fight for their lives against the animal kingdom. DK says something interesting about the animals in this relation. He says that in the beginning of our evolution it was the animals that dominated humans and they killed very many of us. It was a common thing for humans to be killed by animals in the early civilization. He says that now we’re eating the animals and have domination over them. According to him it’s basically karma for the animals that we now eat them whereas they used to eat us. That makes sense.

First they gathered into family tribes then later they gathered into greater tribes. A tribe was a combination of a number of different family units that agreed with each other. They had to have some greater numbers in order to survive. They had to fight the animals and the other tribes and protect themselves so for protection a lot of people gathered together into larger and larger tribes. The tribes got so big and the tribes were fighting against each other so the idea of the next step in the evolution of the human family came to mind. What was this next step?

Audience: Kingdoms

JJ: A kingdom, right. A number of tribes got together one day probably before the days of Atlantis, back in Lemuria. They thought of the idea to get a bunch of tribes together to produce a kingdom. We’ll have one king over all these tribes and this king will have absolute power. This will control everybody and will produce stability and our kingdom will have power over all these tribes. We won’t need to worry about tribes attacking us because our kingdom will be able to put down any tribes out there. This is how the kingdoms got started.

Once the first kingdom got started a numerous other tribes that were getting squashed by the kingdom knew they needed to protect themselves from the big kingdom so other tribes gathered together to produce a counter force. Eventually a second kingdom arose then a third kingdom and so on.

Instead of having a lot of different tribes we wound up having a lot of different kingdoms. The kingdoms pretty much ruled the earth until the next gathering took place. So, the first gathering was gathering people into tribal units. The second was gathering people into kingdoms and the third gathering was what?

Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities. Aldous Huxley (1894 – 1963), Vendeta for the Western World, 1945

Posted July 12, 2005

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