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DK has a different take on the rising sign than orthodox astrology.  He states that this indicates the lesson in life that we need to learn.  Taking this into consideration I have examined a couple charts from Keys members.

Dan’s Chart

Dan’s info
Sept 6, 1963
Fredonia, ks
Unknown time, POSSIBLY early morning 2am-8am

First, let me say that anyone interested in getting some of the basic reading free can go to:

I ran Dan’s chart and first we note that his Sun is in Virgo. What is significant is that Uranus, Venus and Pluto are also there with Venus and Pluto conjuncting the Sun. All this energy in Virgo gives evidence that his rising sign is also there so I would guess he was born about 6 AM.

The Sun represents the personality you show to the world and the Keynote of Virgo is service. The sun in Virgo indicates Dan was born with a natural desire to serve and do something of value. The fact that his sun conjuncts Venus within 2 degrees indicates that he desires to serve in a creative way with some type of work he finds enjoyable. Then his Pluto conjuncts his sun even closer telling us that he feels a strong sense of purpose. He would have a sense that there is something in harmony with the Will of God that he is supposed to fulfill.

The Moon represents the emotions, your mother and the world of form. This is in Aries which tells us you have a restless feeling about just taking things easy and are always thinking of creating something new. When you get a feeling that something needs done you will impulsively forge ahead.

The Rising Sign. If this is indeed Virgo then it would mean that the main lesson you need to learn in this life is to gain an understanding of service that moves the will of God forward and service that does not. Since service is related to discipleship this would indicate you are to learn how to be a true disciple.

Here are some comments from the site about your sun and moon signs

SUN in VIRGO Extremely careful and cautious by nature, you value neatness and order above all else. You rigorously practice very high standards of living and conduct and you demand the same of everyone with whom you come into contact. At times, you are so supercritical that you are merely nit-picky. You are very good at practical skills and quite handy with tools of all kinds. You are also greatly concerned with hygiene, cleanliness and personal health problems. Very likely your health is much better than you think it is — don’t worry so much! Extremely methodical and analytical, you are a perfectionist — this makes you the perfect person to carry out highly detailed, precise operations. But, at times, you pay so much attention to details that you lose sight of the larger issues.

MOON in ARIES High-spirited and courageous, you are a fighter when your emotions are aroused. The degree of force and drive that you can bring to any effort sometimes surprises others. You have hair-trigger reactions to specific stimuli and tend to “let it all hang out.” You sometimes act before you think and do things on the spur of the moment, and that sometimes gets you into trouble. Your moods change quickly — you have quite a temper, but you don’t hold grudges. Very independent, with an extremely strong and forceful personality, you are known for being impulsive, careless, reckless, foolhardy, rash and daring.

Tom wrote: Sun sign: On the Aquarius/ Pisces cusp, but more in Pisces Feb.22 Moon sign: Capricorn Rising sign – Cancer Can you do a few quick comments on the above, thanks JJ.

Tom’s Chart

The fact that you are on the cusp shows your personality is influenced by both signs. If your chart shows your sun is in Pisces then that would be the major influence. This is the most potent emotional sign and it gives you a strong emotional intensity and the Aquarian influence can pull that desire energy into a quest for knowledge that can be applied to service and helping others.
Your moon in Capricorn will produce a desire in you to improve yourself and to accomplish all you can in this life.

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14 thoughts on “The Rising Sign

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  3. Here is what JJ Gave me a while back…


    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. It’s been over 30 years
    since I did this professionally so I’ll just give you a few

    The three most important points are the position of your sun, the
    ascendant and your moon.

    As you probably know your sun is in Cancer. This is the strongest
    influence in your chart, but if you read the astrology information in
    the newspapers you’d think it was the only influence. In reality it
    is about 25-30% of the total influence. The sun is the largest body
    in the solar system and the greatest influence, but not the only one.
    It represents the outer personality, but there are other more subtle
    influences that ad up to an even larger one.

    Your sun represents your personality – the image you present to the
    world and is in Cancer.

    Cancer is represented by the crab and is a water sign representing
    the emotions. The crab, as a whole, represents home and security –
    as well as emotional security.

    Security, home, family, stability will mean a lot to you in the outer world.

    Your ascendant, or rising sign, is the second most important and it
    represents your destiny – or what you are supposed to learn. This
    interpretation runs contrary to orthodox astrology but is what is
    taught by DK.

    Your rising sign is Capricorn. This tells us that even though your
    natural inclination is to achieve security and then play it safe that
    the is something inside of you that will not let you rest on a
    security blanket. Your life lesson is in Capricorn and that forces
    you to stretch yourself toward maximum achievement, even if
    significant risk is involved. Your greatest achievements in life
    will tax you to the limit and may be nerve wracking, but very
    rewarding because you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.
    You are supposed to learn accomplish the maximum amount with the
    talents you have.

    Your moon is also in Capricorn. The interesting thing is this
    governs the emotions, yet Cancer on the opposite side of the zodiac
    is also a very emotional sign. Another interesting thing is you have
    a very powerful opposition between your moon and sun. Your sun is 9
    degrees 11 seconds Cancer and your moon is 9 degrees 10 seconds
    Capricorn – about as close to an exact opposition as you can get –
    179 degrees 59 seconds. Mercury, which governs your mind. is also in
    close opposition at 10 degrees 34 seconds Cancer.

    What does this tell us? It tells us that even though your natural
    feelings gravitate toward home and security in the orthodox sense
    that when an opportunity comes to stretch yourself and expand that
    your emotional self will shift a tremendous attention in that
    direction. After this shift occurs you will have a conflict between
    going for emotional security and stimulating emotional adventure.
    The adventure will seem to be very upsetting to orthodox security in
    the home and family as well as common sense. Even so, you will feel
    like you must go with it.

    When you do take the emotional risk you will succeed if you take
    advantage of your inner passion governed by Mars. This will give you
    power and drive to stretch yourself beyond that which convention
    would dictate.

    Your life will be a great balancing act as your normal personality
    life has a lot of power and will help you achieve orthodox success in
    life as well as some recognition by your peers. Your keen mind
    directed toward practical results will be a big aid. You will have
    unusual opportunities come to you that will turn into a benefit

    Another thing that will assist you will be the discipline you will
    gather throughout your life as well as that instilled in you while
    you were young. This will be very helpful when you receive intuitive
    impulses that direct you in various directions. Often people do not
    follow a dream because they do not have the discipline and passion to
    take action but you will take action where others will just dream.

    Where you will have the greatest difficulty is following what you see
    as higher will. Higher will (or what you see as the will of God)
    will often guide you in directions contrary to what you seen to be
    what you feel and what your lower mind thinks makes sense. But if
    you can be faithful to higher will by using your never-say-die spirit
    you will experience great growth.

    I will save your chart and if you make it to the gathering I will
    tell you more in person.

    Overall you have an interesting chart.


  4. Cousteau Martell
    Sun sign – Right on the Cusp of Leo and Virgo

    Since you have a node in Leo this would indicate you have some karma linked to too much self-absorption in a past life. Thus you were born on the cusp with some residual Leo energies to subtly remind you of your past debt.

    Your moon is in Capricorn giving you a strong desire to forge ahead.

    I would suppose your main Sun sign is Virgo for your rising sign is Pisces showing your life lesson is around sacrifice and letting go which is much more in harmony with Virgo than Leo. This is a life to learn what does not work and let it go in preparation for a more productive next life.

    Sun: 21 degrees Taurus
    Moon: 03 degrees Libra
    Rising Sun: 27 degrees Cancer

    We need to look at these as a unit. Your personality is most strongly influenced by Taurus but your rising, or lesson, is in Cancer. In other words, you understand and appreciate the things of the earth and quality material things but your lesson is in emotional discovery and fulfillment instead. “Know thyself” needs to be a phrase ever on your mind. Because these to energies are so different you are given a Libra moon governing emotion to help you achieve balance in life while you learn lessons that may go against your normal grain.

    Mary Ellen
    Sun – Cancer

    This is interesting when not only your rising sign governing your lesson but your moon (emotions) Mercury (mind), Venus (creativity) and Pluto (will) are in Leo, the sign governing self fulfillment.

    Your Cancer Sun makes you desire home and emotional security yet this will not bring you contentment as you will have strong desires to just let go and concentrate on what makes you happy.

    It is indeed your key lesson to discover what it is in life that brings you fulfillment and makes you happy. The temptation at times may be to escape your responsibilities and just let go and smoke some pot, have wild sex and travel but the key is to find fulfillment in life while still using common sense. The key to fulfillment will be found in learning, creativity and willing yourself to learn some skills you will enjoy using.

  5. As I said earlier a full astrology reading can take 40 pages or more. I only have time to give a few comments relating to three placements in the charts here – the sun, moon and ascendant. Particular attention is placed on the ascendant (the rising sign) because the meaning of this was the most valuable piece of astrological data revealed by DK.

    Larry W
    Sun – Pisces
    This sign governs the passing age and the keynote was sacrifice. It is no surprise that Larry got caught up in the LDS church which has a lot of this energy. This is an idealistic sign and Larry has high ideals. It is also an emotional sign and Larry has strong feelings.

    Moon – Capricorn
    The Capricorn moon energies gave Larry a strong desire to excel and move forward. This helped to make him unsatisfied with the Piscean teachings of the church ad look for something higher.

    Rising sign – Leo

    This is very fitting in this Trinity. Leo governs self fulfillment. His means that it is his lesson in life to learn exactly what it is that makes him happy and brings fulfillment. So his lesson is in the opposite direction of his original personality energy of sacrifice and often giving up that which brings him fulfillment. His real lesson centers on fulfillment, not sacrifice.

    Bil Trodlier
    Sun sign: Cancer
    Cancer is a water sign like Pisces and have a lot in common and it is interesting that at the 2008 gathering, Larry and Bil shared a room and talked all through the night.

    A cancer sun likes to gain some trust before he shares his emotional self and becomes vulnerable, but there is lots of feeling to share. Cancers are very attracted to home, security and family.

    Moon sign: Virgo
    This is an earth sign giving his practical Cancer self even more grounding and practicality. This is the sign of the nurturer and Bil will have a natural desire to help others.

    Rising sign: Sagittarius
    It is interesting that this sign, a fire sign, takes us in a lot different direction than either Cancer or Virgo. This energy pushes the seeker away from security into risk taking so he can achieve new heights. Bil is very naturally security conscious so taking risk is very hard for him (especially in his younger years) , but his soul will be nudging him regularly with the slogan CARPE DIEM, or seize the day.


    Blayne’s sun is in Capricorn and this seems very fitting from my knowledge of him. Capricorn is symbolized by the mountain goat struggling to climb the mountain of achievement. I know he has indeed had many struggles in his life, but keeps bouncing back with raw determination.

    Moon – Taurus. The person under the Taurus moon is naturally attracted to luxury and comfort and this doesn’t seen to fit the Blayne I know. If something does not fit then the rest of the chart usually gives a satisfactory explanation – which we will not go into at this time. A Taurus is often conservative and this does fit his emotional self.

    Rising sign: Sagittarius.
    This is the same as Bil but plays out differently. Here the Sagittarius rising will push Blayne to change the direction of his struggle. It will move him away from the old mountain he was climbing to a new one and cause him to risk giving up all that brings him comfort to achieve new heights.

    Since his sun is in Sagittarius he will have a natural desire to achieve and improve himself.
    His cancer moon may cause him some conflict because this causes his emotional body to strongly desire security and stability.

    But, his rising sign is in Libra, which means that his lesson will come from balancing the impractical parts of his personality with his desire for security and feeling emotionally safe. Don’t ask me how to do this because your lesson will be learned in discovering this for yourself.

  6. JJ quote:
    When this happens [sun and rising signs the same] it means that the person’s self identity has illusion in it and he must look below the surface to find deeper meaning governing what he is, his purpose in life and how to go about achieving it.

    Any help you can give me on the specific nature of this illusion? Or how I might go about rooting it out? Many of you (other than JJ) have “observed” me, I’d appreciate any insights anyone might have as well (public or private).

    Unfortunately, part of the learning process is discovering your own illusions. I think that the reason for this is if we are not ready then having them pointed out just makes the seeker angry. I’ve had this happen before. Your situations look something like this to me.

    This is a life to discover the workings of the soul and establish a strong thread of contact. Before that thread is established you will be in much more illusion than after it is created. If you are successful you will understand your self much better than when younger and will have a greater sense of purpose and have a better idea as to how to be an effective servant for your own needs and others.

  7. More Readings

    Robert Robinson
    Like Dan your sun is in Virgo. Assuming you are on the path of discipleship this would mean you transmit the energies of service and nurturing to stimulating soul contact within yourself so you can assist others through whatever talents you possess.

    Your moon in Taurus tells us that you like the comforts of life as well as quality of life. You will like helping others achieve success.

    Amazingly your rising sign is also Virgo – like Dan’s. There’s only one chance in 144 I’d get two of these in a row.

    This would indicate a destiny to learn the difference between real soul contact and those feelings generated by your emotional self.

    Sharón is next and since I have met her numerous times in person I can see somewhat how the three major influences affect her.

    Her sun is in Libra, the sign of balance. This is an air sign governing the mind and she indeed has a perceptive mind. She is quintessentially Libra in that she doesn’t take strong sides in an argument unless her mind and judgment tells her it is essential. She doesn’t like arguing just for the enjoyment of it. Normally she can deal with people of different belief systems and work with them cooperatively.

    My friend Wayne was a Libra and he was very easy going unless and non confrontational unless he decided someone deserved it – then watch out.

    Like Robert, her moon is in Taurus and the same would apply which is… she likes the comforts of life as well as quality of life. She will like helping others achieve success.

    This kind of ties in with her rising sign which is Pisces. This means that her lesson in life is to learn everything in her makeup that isn’t working for her and to let it go. If she is able to do this she will make a big leap forward in her next life. Since she is naturally attracted to the comforts of life and quality things she may find herself sacrificing many things she really enjoys to follow the impulses of her soul. She will know when she is making the right sacrifices because it will touch a harmonious note with her soul.

    Her Sun sign is Taurus so here we have the influences of Taurus applied to the personality as a whole rather than centered on the emotions.

    A Taurus personality is usually practical, earthy, sensual and has a strong desire to be successful. The disciple in Taurus works on opening the third eye to learn the intuition. He or she struggles to put spirit and matter in their right place.

    Ruth’s moon is in Sagittarius. This gives her an even stronger desire to succeed in life in her desired goals.

    Assuming her rising sign is cancer then her main lesson would be to discover how her entire emotional makeup works and channel the desire nature toward constructive ends. There are probably feelings that are part of a blind spot that need to be uncovered and understood. Once you understand your emotional self and channel them with the soul your aspirations in Taurus and Sagittarius will be fulfilled.

    Keep in mind that a full reading could run 40 pages or more, but these are the three most powerful, but are also influenced by many other things in the chart.

    1. Thank you for doing this for us JJ. It is very helpful. Thrice I have given up my home to be a gypsy in order to follow my soul’s impulses. Plus, my comforts, belongings, have often gone into storage for years at a time so that I could work and live abroad to gain that experience. Interesting to realize that that is part of the original plan for this lifetime. I had always thought it was to teach me that I owned my belongings, and that they did not own me. Thank you for this added insight.

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