Principles of Discovery – Part 9

Principles of Discovery – Part 9
Applying Principles

Truth is in harmony with spiritual principles; therefore, we discover that which is true through the application of those principles.

What principle(s) can we apply to discover the truth of this great subject?

Principle One:

If a thing has a beginning it will have an end, but if there is no beginning there will be no end. The opposite is also true. If there is an end there was a beginning and if there will be no end there had to be no beginning.

This means that if there is a beginning to us as intelligent individual entities that there will be an end. If there is a beginning to eternal life then there will be an end. If there is a beginning to us being gods then there will be an end.

I submit that that which you are never had a beginning in time and shall never have an end. As a human entity in a human body, you are one of the reflections of God, or as the Aquarian Gospel tells it, “One of the thoughts of God.”

Principle Two:

A life whether it be an atom, a worm, a man or a planetary Spirit evolves to relative perfection within its sphere. When this relative perfection is reached its progression on an individual basis comes to an end, but it uses molecular principles (see the Molecular Relationship) to enter a path of higher evolution.

How can you apply these two principles in discovering the great mystery? If you were not once an animal or a plant what have you always been and will forever be? When you reach relative perfection how will you continue to Become?

One asks: Relative to what? If you reach relative perfection, based on your perspective today, you will probably see much ahead to learn and do.

I have written quite a bit already on this subject, but I will add one more thing. Where there is not an agreed upon measure for ultimate perfection what is called perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

On the other hand, there are many absolute perfections that can be agreed upon. For instance, an absolutely perfect circle has all points on its circumference exactly the same distance from the center. But in physical reality there is no such thing as a perfect circle. There is not a planet in the universe with an exactly circular orbit. No one has ever created a perfect circle. What is the best we can hope for? The closest we can come to absolute perfection is relative perfection. In other words, we can create relatively perfect circles.

Once relative perfection is reached in the world of form the intelligence behind its creation recognizes it and begins to duplicate this perfection. For instance, a proton is relatively perfect. These particles are not absolutely perfect because each proton has a very slight differentiation from all others. Because the intelligence behind the proton recognizes the relative perfection of this unit it has created these relatively perfect particles by the same principles everywhere in the universe.

Humanity does the same thing as God does. When we reach relative perfection in creation others copy this perfection to the best of their ability. Our better bicycles, for instance, are made about as close to maximum efficiency as possible. As manufacturers approach relative perfection others follow. We will never create the perfect bicycle, but we will eventually get so close to perfection that it would be a waste of time to attempt any more improvement.

This is what Supreme Intelligence has done with the proton. Perfection is so close that any more attention on improvement is not worth the effort. God’s efforts are now much better spent working on humans. We are far from relative perfection on the physical plane.

What we are looking for here is the explanation of the missing link, so to speak, in evolution. When there is progression from one kingdom to another there is a quantum leap. For instance, an atom to a plant, a plant to an animal, an animal to a human and human to a member of the God Kingdom.

Let me give you a logical reason why the progression is something far different than the mere evolution of an individual life.

In your body there are trillions of atoms to compose your one physical life. If each of these evolved into human form the universe would have to expand an unreasonable amount to accommodate all the new humans.

Instead, the greater life is created without the loss of the identity of the atom. As was written in the Molecular Relationship atoms create molecules, molecules create cells and cells create plants and so on the progression goes.

We have established the first major point we are looking for and that is this. A greater life is manifested when smaller lives unite with higher purpose.

Why does this mean you were not once a slug? Are you a greater life in relation to the lower kingdoms?

Some have said that we did not come from the lower kingdoms but are an eternal thought in the mind of God. If so, what caused you to manifest here for the first time and what principle will draw a higher life than human?

To elaborate some more I will quote from a previous post: “The lowest of the formless worlds is a world of essential ideas. Consider the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles. Even before the formation of the Beatles, the essence of the song existed beyond time and space as an idea in the mind of God. As an essential idea it had no form. Then Lennon and McCartney tuned into this formless idea and brought it down into time and space and clothed it with vibration, vinyl and sheet music.

If every piece of form representing this song in this world were destroyed the essential idea would still exist in the formless worlds and take form again somewhere, sometime.

An important question is, how the creation of a molecule of 24 will create a greater life, where that greater life will come from and how it will get here. Does this greater life have a beginning or an end? What is our relationship to it?

The greater being that will come alive will of course be the sum of all 24 individuals but will also be given more energy and light from higher levels so it will indeed be more than the sum of the 24.

The phrase that a greater life being created by the “sum of its parts” and then being greater than the sum of its parts is often taught in metaphysical circles, but I will submit that this is a misleading phrase.

As a side note, I have found something very interesting in my pursuit of truth and that is if you hear a common phrase that is purported to be true you will often find that there is illusion behind it if the meaning is examined in the light of the soul. “Go with the flow” is a popular example that we have discussed earlier.

Technically the greater life is not created by the sum of its parts for it never had a creation.

Let us look at the simple molecule of water again which is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. Let us take one of these elements. Suppose we have oxygen packaged in unites of ten each and we start adding them together. 10+10+10+10+10 = 50 for example. We can keep adding these packages (parts) of oxygen and what do we get? Answer: More oxygen. And how much oxygen do you get? Answer: The sum of its parts. Now suppose you add big numbers like billions and trillions of oxygen atoms. What do you get? The answer is the same: More oxygen gas. No matter how many parts you throw in the result is the same material, only the quantity increases.

Now let us add different type of parts. Let us add two atoms of hydrogen to one of oxygen and what do you get? Is it just the sum of the parts which is three atoms?


Is it greater than the sum of its parts?

Not really because it is not the sum of anything for this new material, water, has properties not related to the sum of hydrogen and oxygen because it is so different from either of them. It was not created through simple addition as oxygen gas was, but through right combination, bonding, electrical exchange and other factors.

To understand this, we must accept the premise that the life of God flows through all things and even atoms and molecules are alive within their own sphere. Many seekers realize that life advances in stages and that the molecule is a greater life than the atom, a cell greater than the molecule, the plant greater than a cell and so on.

These greater lives are not manifested through a simple addition but the prerequisite is a unique combination of elements that will allow the life that has always been to express itself.

Even though the greater lives have always been they are not seeking to become what they have always been. If this were the case there would be no purpose in manifesting on the physical plane. Each life that manifests here does so in the hope of Becoming that which it has never been but without the loss of that which has forever been.

Question: What must be prepared for a greater life before it manifests and what is this process of the manifestation of a life called? This is the key word we are looking for.

“The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” — Confucius

July 3, 2006

Copyright by J J Dewey

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