Beginnings and Endings

Beginnings and Endings

A reader challenged the teaching that if there is a beginning there must be an end by stating: “I can write a poem that did not exist before, and ever after it exits.”

You gave the poem a form just as a musician gives a song a form, as I mentioned earlier. In other words, the idea which is eternal incarnated into the body of words of form on a piece of paper, a computer or some other form. Such form has a beginning and end, but the idea or basic concept has no beginning or end.

It may seem that when the poet writes the poem that this is a beginning to its existence and that it will have no end. Now the poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade is here and it is here to stay. Not quite. There will come a time that every piece of paper, every computer and every brain it is recorded upon will be no more. There will also come a time that the Charge of the Light Brigade, as happened in our history, will have no relevance to anything. When this round, world, system ends the poem will be no longer in incarnation, yet the idea will remain. Then in some future creation there will be a similar charge of a Light Brigade and another one like Tennyson will capture the idea out of the higher planes and give it a new incarnation.

Even so, the eternal essence, which is you, will find some type of incarnation worlds without end.

Then he gives another example: “I can shine a laser off into space and its energy continues on without end, though it definitely had a beginning.”

The light will not continue without end. The photons of which it is composed will eventually land somewhere and change form. Then at the end of the universe all light will be transformed in a great black hole to prepare for another creation. The basic essence which creates light never had a beginning, but the form (photons) has a beginning and end.

Then he gives a third possibility: “I can learn to do something that I didn’t previously know how to do, or conceive of something that wasn’t previously within my scope (or “ring-pass-not?), and assuming my memory isn’t erased that knowledge will not end.”

Actually the apostle Paul disagrees with you. He says, “…whether there be prophesies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease, whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.” 1 Corinthians 13:8

The idea behind all knowledge is eternal, but our need for its use is temporary and passes in and out of incarnation. When we need knowledge, we acquire it in our brains. When the need for it no longer exists then we let the knowledge go. As we go from point to point in our journeys through this universe, we have an unlimited number of beginnings and endings, but as long as form is involved the form, or incarnation of an idea, has a beginning and end.

Next, our friend gives this example from Jesus of a beginning with no end:

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” Matthew 24:35

When heaven and earth pass away then all the written and spoken words of Jesus will also end, but the ideas and principles behind the words are eternal and will manifest again. When a new heaven and new earth are created, then another teacher will proclaim such words as, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

The fact that we lose all our memories of experiences when we incarnate in a new life is representative of what happens on a vaster scale in the universe.

He ends with this interesting question: “Does something that has happened ever stop being in the past?”

This is probably the best challenge to this principle I have seen. The reason behind the beginning and ending principle is form itself. At the end of the universe when there is no more form, time and space there will be only the eternal now with no past or future as we understand them. All things that have form have a beginning and end for sooner or later all form changes shape or loses its shape and is reduced back to its eternal idea.

There is no argument that every event and experience have a beginning and end. If you ride a Ferris wheel there is a beginning and end to that ride. There is also a beginning and end to the Ferris wheel that created the ride. But it seems that there was a beginning to the experience or even of the ride itself, that event will continue to exist as a memory in time and space.

To determine whether an experience in time and space has no end as a memory of an event in the past one must ask if it is created and sustained by form. The answer is yes. All events in the past can only be recalled by reconstructing form through the power of mind, pictures or symbols. All such forms begin and end. Time itself has a beginning and ending with the creation and dissolution of the universe. What is eternal about an experience is the point in time and space in which it occurred. All points in time and space originate in the formless eternal worlds. What happens at these points has a beginning and end and after the time and space of this universe comes to an end even reconstructing the memory will have an end.

The question to ask at this point is an old one. If an event occurred in time and that time has passed away and there is no one to recall the event, does the event still exist in the past?

This recalls the logic in the Course in Miracles and other teachings that I find somewhat sophomoric. It goes something like this: This world is created by illusion. Therefore, the experiences we think we have had did not happen. If they did not happen then they are not eternal.

I look at it like this: This world is created on illusionary principles, but the power that created it is real and the experiences we have are real. The principle of experience itself never had a beginning and will not have an end and thus the effect of all experience does not have a beginning and end. The form of all experience has beginning and end but each experience is linked to all other experience making each point in time and space part of an eternal chain.

Time and space which is eternity as we know it had a beginning.

Question: “It is recorded that our Solar and Planetary Logos once evolved through the human kingdom. Are these two Great Beings considered to be individuals or are they something else, i.e., a group life that is beyond our/my present awareness?”

These are two individuals who are in charge of a great Hierarchy. Many there are who assist them and share their consciousness through the Oneness Principle, but each of these has a job and stewardship as individual entities according to their ability to serve. You could say then they live as individuals as well as a group mind.

Question: What is the eternal part of ourselves that evolves?

It is the monad endowed with intelligence and the power of decision. The monad is our originating point in this universe and beyond this point is the mystery of our timeless past.

Question: How is it that we can exist as individuals yet be a part of a higher entity?

The principle will work with us (ages from now) just as it works for the cells, atoms, and molecules in our bodies. They have achieved relative perfection and the only way for them to progress is through a greater life, such as us. The tiny lives in your body are providing a vehicle of consciousness for us and eventually become one with the greater lives of which they are a part. We will do the same thing and eventually see through the consciousness of Christ, the Planetary Logos, the planet itself and beyond.

Very few of us will become a planetary Logos in this universe but all who follow the highest they know will join with the higher consciousness and share a oneness with them and assist in the great work. Even though there will always be hierarchy we will have an equality beyond which we can presently understand. Which cells in your body are the hierarchical leaders? You know not for all share an equality.

Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby. Ruth E. Renkel

July 4, 2006

Copyright by J J Dewey

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