Leaving Pisces and Facing Scorpio

Leaving Pisces and Facing Scorpio

As far as the thirteen (12+1) goes I’ll add this. In the Piscean Age both the Light and Dark Brotherhoods used this number. Jesus, as we know, was the thirteenth in the molecule at that time.

The thirteenth stands for the voice of authority and for the good guys this is the voice of Christ. Since Jesus was the physical representative of the Christ he became the visible thirteenth at that time.

Even though the Christ Principle has no form, there is always one with form who represents the this principle on any planet with intelligent life. On earth he is presently the master who descended into the body of Jesus at his baptism.

During the Piscean Age the thirteenth was allowed to be represented by physical form because the people of that age could not see beyond an authority figure.

When Joseph Smith organized the LDS church he had a governing body of 12 plus a trinity representing the thirteenth. Quite a few members of the church were against the creation of this first presidency and for good reason. The church was created just as the Aquarian Age was dawning where authority would be de-emphasized. What the physical representation of the thirteenth did then was to create a very Piscean and authoritative church which will be out of place in the Aquarian Age.

In this the new age the thirteenth will not have a physical representative. Instead the thirteenth will be seen as the invisible Christ principle which is inside of us all. Through soul contact then all of us become subject to the one infallible authority. The highest teacher will be one of the visible twelve/twenty-four and will be seen as a lesser authority than the voice of the soul.

Those stuck in Piscean consciousness will continue to place emphasis on the visible thirteenth and will never progress beyond the outward authority even though they may deceitfully preach inner authority to obtain disciples.

Comment: In the chapter of The Lost Key that you posted the bad guy makes a surprisingly good argument as to why the left hand path is desirable which is kind of unnerving.

A lot of this will be addressed in the next visit with John. In Chapter 19 the Dark Brother got to present his side which was deceiving. The burden is always easier on the side of light when the whole is considered. My character in the book had such a hard time on earth because he was paying off debts from a distant past where he assisted the Dark Brothers. If he hadn’t made such a serious mistake then his sojourn here would have been much easier.


Thought I would make a few comments about the discussion on astrology. DK tells us that there are three levels of interpretation based on the consciousness of the person in question.

The first is called orthodox. This is astrology as the world knows and understands it. He tells us that this is not founded so much on the accuracy of the placement of the stars and planets as it is a thought form created by humanity over the ages. Because the thought form is so well established the power of regular astrological interpretation can be quite accurate on average individuals.

When a person becomes a disciple his actions will often run counter to thought forms and thus a standard astrological reading will often miss key points in his case. Djwhal Khul thus gives us a new set of ruling planets for disciples.

The next stage up is the Hierarchy within the Brotherhood of Light. Their astrology charts are interpreted with higher principles still.

As far as Scorpio or any other sign being a negative one let me make two points.

(1) First we all progress through the zodiac in our various births and each sign that we are born under has lessons for us to learn. Just because you are born in a certain sign does not make you good or evil. All it does is subject the pilgrim to unique influences. (2) The sign we are born in is called the sun sign and the sun is the greatest influence but only exerts about 25% of the influence of the chart as a whole. To understand the other 75% dozens of other factors and influences must be examined. (3) Each sign has its positive and negative aspects. (4) All of us have some influence from Scorpio in our charts.

So why is it that Scorpio has been picked on by some as a sign to avoid?

Part of the reason is that Scorpio, more than any other sign has been associated with death and divorce. On the negative side Scorpios are seen as emotional, unpredictable, secretive and one who may turn on you unexpectedly.

Of course, Scorpio does have a negative side as do all sign influences, but that which scares some is it’s association with death. This concern is caused by a lack of understanding.

To understand Scorpio we must examine the core principle governing the lessons to be learned in this sign which is governed by Mars both esoterically and exoterically.

DK gives an important clue. First he tells is that Scorpio is a key sign where the seeker becomes the disciple. A key phrase is:

“Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant.”

Scorpio presents to the seeker a battle ground within the realm of the mind. When governed by this sign his soul will lead him into situations that will demand great courage. It does not mean he will face divorce and death in the normal sense, but in a spiritual sense he must muster the courage to face the feelings generated by death of the old way of doing things and he will face the feelings generated by friends and family who divorce themselves from him as he moves ahead of them on the path.

The most important courage to be obtained in Scorpio is the power to face your feelings of fear and dread at the no win situations which occur in life. When the seeker learns to face all feelings of dread and yet continue on the path with love and hope then he has crossed the threshold and moves beyond the negative aspects of this sign toward becoming a true disciple.

Dec 8, 2002, 2002

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