Higher and Lower Feelings

26 Dec 1998

Higher and Lower Feelings

Let us wrap up an unfinished subject: The Solar Plexus and the Heart. We asked about the difference between the two energies and never completely covered the answer.

I find it interesting that humanity as a whole, as well as many New Agers, tend to lump all energies that stir emotions as feelings from the heart.”

Every time I see someone give the advice of “follow your heart” in a movie, the advice would be more accurately worded as “follow your solar plexus.”

The fact is that there are two prominent feeling energies that can stir us to action and these we often term the higher and lower emotions or the heart and solar plexus. Those who are not familiar with the centers may just call them something like higher and lower feelings.

Basically, the solar plexus is a reflection of the heart energies and as a reflection it turns everything upside down. Thus when a generation is polarized in this lower emotion they “call evil good, and good evil; they put darkness for light, and light for darkness; and put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isa 5:20) as the prophet Isaiah declared. The scriptures further say: “There is none that doeth good, no not one.” (Psalms 14:3) Even Jeremiah declared that “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, [and] according to the fruit of his doings.” (Jeremiah 17:9-19)

He, of course, was not speaking of the real heart energies, but the solar plexus which most people of that time identified as the heart.

When a person or group is thus controlled by the solar plexus they see everything, even truth written clear as crystal, as a reflection or reversed into illusion and thus set themselves up to retain the mark of the Beast.

There are many illusions about the lower feelings of the solar plexus chakra, even among students who have studied the centers. This is one of the main reasons it is so difficult to shift away from the mark of the Beast.

There are two main illusions of the solar plexus that need corrected.

  1. Many just identify this center with the “lower feelings,” but there are higher and lower feelings in the solar plexus itself. Many of the feelings from the solar plexus are positive and are thus mistaken for heart energies.
  2. The feelings of the solar plexus are not decreased, or negated, as you evolve, but increased.

ILLUSION 1 Students just identify this center with the “lower feelings,” but there are higher and lower feelings in the solar plexus itself. Many of the feelings from the solar plexus are positive and are thus mistaken for heart energies.

When talking about the solar plexus many teachers make reference to what we normally call the “negative” emotions such as anger, hate, greed, envy etc.

Then there are those who see another negative aspect of the energy of this center as being selfish love and that is generally as much credit as this center gets. But beyond these feelings the mission of the solar plexus is to point us toward the heart center in a positive way. One way it does this is to present an ideal before our consciousness. As we discussed earlier this ideal may work itself out in either a positive or negative experience depending on our point in evolution.

The second positive mission of the solar plexus is to deliver to us bridge energies of love which is not entirely selfish, and not true spiritual love either. It is a love which is still grounded in self, yet holds before the seeker the ideal of the Love of Christ.

The person grounded in this higher solar plexus love and feeling will say yes yes to all teachings of Christ consciousness, love and sharing, but in real life his decisions will reflect the persistent dedication to self.

Thus we have among both the religious and the New Age people a lot of idealist teaching, but not much practical doing in the mission of love. They sense what should be done but do not have the wherewithal to do it.

Those who sense this divine reflection often enter a world of the greatest illusion because they are brought to this point by an “I found it!” dogma of some kind.

Example One: A guy was in a personal crisis and attended a revival and the ideal of Jesus was presented to him and this stirred the higher solar plexus feeling with a touch of heart. This feeling was so good that he feels that he has found the ultimate God and dedicates his surface life to Him..

Example Two: A New Ager is at the end of his rope and has several coincidences happen that lead him to a guru. The guru seems to read his mind and gives him what appears to be inspired advice. The man thinks it is God who has to be speaking through this teacher and now he thinks he has “found it.” He has faith and love in the guru not because of soul contact but because of outward signs. Outward signs, no matter how synchronous they may be can be a mark of the Beast if they are not verified by soul contact.. And why is this? Because the final faith is in a power or happening “out there” rather than the God within.

To fully understand the illusion created by the solar plexus which perpetuates the mark of the Beast one must realize that the energy of the centers unfold gradually like that of the petals of a flower unfolding before the rays of the Sun. In fact all the centers have lotus petals which do unfold. The petals of the solar plexus reaches up toward the heart symbolizing the fact that it’s mission is to transmit the lower energies to the higher so personality love and spiritual love can both be used for the good of the whole or the One.

The problem that occurs in many people of good will is that the solar plexus may be 80% open whereas the heart may only have one or two of its twelve petals unfolded. Thus the heart does not have the power to transmute all the lower energies and most of them are thus reflected back to the lower self and directed to selfish purpose.

One of the main purposes behind the teachers of the race is to guide these lower energies of general humanity (and also many aspiring disciples) into an avenue of harmlessness and for this reason the masters have, in times past, given out commandments and scriptures that make men conscious of the responsibility of their actions.

If a person has not transmitted the lower energies into the higher the “go with the flow” idea will be a total disaster in the end. It is like going with a flow of wind that is blowing you off a cliff.

When the person centered in the solar plexus speaks of love he sees it in only one dimension. Love is just love. But when one who has the energies of the heart in an unfolded condition, he can see that love is multi layered and when he hears another speak of love he seeks to discern the level of love that is resting in his consciousness so communication can be complete.

In the end love is One, but in its discovery it is many.

Illusion 2. The feelings of the solar plexus are not decreased, or negated, as you evolve, but increased.

As the energies of the heart unfold the energies of solar plexus do not just disappear, but are instead unfolded to an even higher degree. Thus, as a person evolves, the lower energies play about with more power than ever before and the disciple needs more strength of will to direct them intelligently than ever before.

This is evidenced before as us we see that many people of power and intelligence seem to have no power to resist temptation that many average people seem to be able to handle. These seemingly overwhelming lower energies in otherwise great people can cause their whole life’s purpose to fall down around them.

How many times have we read about some religious leader who gathers all the beautiful women to himself, for his own use and abuse, just to satisfy his lower nature?

The challenge for the workers of light is to learn to discern between the higher and lower energies and not confuse the two, for if they do they will be inclined to think that God, the Higher Self, or whatever, is directing them toward the path of carnal activity.

The mission of all seekers is this. Examine yourself in all honesty and try and discover where you are on the path. If you know where you are you can then become aware of your next step. If you do not know where you are then your next step will be in the dark and you will have to bump into several dead ends before you again find your true way.

Finding your place on the path is extremely difficult for many because the beginning seeker will often think he is on his last life and ascension is just around the corner. Because he is looking about a thousand steps ahead of where his attention should be his progress comes to a stand still and the mark of the Beast remains intact.

The question I leave you with is this.

What if you are not sure of your point on the path or where your next step should be? What should you then do? How can you take the next step if you are not sure where it lies?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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