Experience and Revelation

Experience and Revelation
The Principle of Experience

The Question: What is experience and what is its purpose? Is anything more real than experience?

Actually, experience is the only thing vaguely understood by the human mind that is real. There may be things above our understanding that are real, but experience is the only thing to which we can relate which we can say is real.

All matter is composed of empty space and all form changes. Our lives are like a very structured dream and our dreams lack structure, but they both accomplish the same thing. They give us experience. It matters not that the experience is created by a mental daydream while awake, a sleeping dream or a life incarnate. Experience is experience and it is the one thing in our journey which is real.

If experience in a dream is not real, then neither is this life or even experience in a formless heaven. This thought is worthy of contemplation.

The principle behind experience is this:

It is the life force interplaying with form, motion and/or intelligence.

The quality of experience is determined by the intelligence that is behind the forms, aspects or qualities in motion.

The Principle of Revelation

Question: What is revelation and what are its three sources? How does one go about receiving a revelation?

When we speak of revelation, we speak of the seeker receiving intelligence which is beyond that gained by regular learning and reason.

It is true that reason alone can produce revelation of sorts in that the seeker puts together pieces of the whole and sees a greater picture. Many people do this to some degree. What few people do is receive true revelation from intelligence beyond the power of the concrete mind.

One could say that there is one source of revelation which is the soul, for this opens the door for all higher knowledge. Even so, let us subdivide it into three main categories.

[1] Soul contact that reaches the solar angel and the world of spirit. This would include the still small voice.

[2] Reaching the plane of Buddha, or the intuition, and downloading quantums of intelligence and principles.

[3] Contact with a Master or higher life that sends the seeker knowledge, usually through the science of impression.

DK gives some great information on the subject of revelation:

“In connection with the sixth hint, I pointed out that revelation-induced by right orientation and right thinking-is part of the training of the initiate. Many thus in training delay their progress by not recognising the revelation when it arises above the line of their spiritual horizon.

“You will note that the hints themselves frequently deal with the nature of a hint, because a hint is in reality and when properly considered, the seed or germ of an intended revelation. The Master knows well what is the next revelation which will be in order for the disciple in training; through hints He sows the seed of revelation, but it remains for the disciple to discover that which the hint is intended to produce, and to nurture the seed until it flowers forth in the beauty of revelation.

“In seeking to elucidate these hints for you I am not doing work which you should do. I am, in fact, only marshalling for your benefit the ideas, information and concepts which are already to be found in your subconscious mind-placed there through meditation, study and experimental critical living. Having done that, I leave it to you to proceed alone and unaided towards the moment of revelation. You talk of a series of initiations, but the Masters talk in terms of a series of revelations, and Their work with Their disciples is to prepare them for revelation. Bear in mind, brother of mine, that revelation is hard to take and to hold-a point oft overlooked. It is exhausting to the personality of the disciple, but it is of no service unless the personality recognises it; it is excessively stimulating and the initiate passes through three stages where a revelation is concerned: First comes the stage of ecstacy and of supreme recognition; then darkness follows and almost despair when the revelation fades and the disciple finds that he must walk again in the ordinary light of the world; he knows now what is, but it is at this point that his test lies, for he must proceed on that inner knowledge but dispense with the stimulation of revelation. Finally, he becomes so engrossed with his service, with aiding his fellowmen and with leading them towards their next revelation that the excitement and the reaction are forgotten. He then discovers to his surprise that at any time and at will-if it serves his selfless interests-the revelation is forever his. Ponder on this.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Pages 388-389

In the LDS church they are taught to pray for a confirmation as to whether a thing is true. The belief is that if the thing prayed about is true then they will get a warm feeling about it.

This method has been disappointing to many Mormons as many got a warm feeling about a romantic love only to wind up hating and divorcing them later. Others thought something was confirmed to be true only to find it to be false later.

Many fall away from the church and become fairly cynical of the warm feeling approach to truth. Here is a comment from one member of a group which largely consists of Ex-Mormons.

“The most deceiving impression is that warm fuzzy confirmation.

“Today, I call it ‘the bum’s rush.’ It can cause us to toss aside common sense, our instincts, our gut feelings. When these clash, what we think we knew from the bum’s rush is raised above all else, including common sense. Our understanding and action from it is often translated into obey your church leaders.”  Funny how that works.

“As a devout Mormon, I would not even consider the possibility that it could be misleading. My entire outlook and philosophy was based on it.

“Eventually one gets beyond it and sees that it’s a symbol… a token… a sign… that we mistook for what it symbolizes. It was a staple of the preparatory gospel that we once lived. Not bad, but not good either. It was good for us once, when we are clueless and lost, but we eventually want to grow up.”

Question:  Obviously revelation through soul contact is accompanied by a very positive feeling. Why do you suppose many Mormons and other Christians are deceived by what they think is the Holy Spirit guiding them when it obviously is not?

No man is free who cannot command himself. – Pythagoras

April 8, 2007

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