Reliable Sources

Reliable Sources

The Question: Obviously revelation through soul contact is accompanied by a very positive feeling. Why do you suppose many Mormons and other Christians are deceived by what they think is the Holy Spirit guiding them?

We received some good comments on this. Brevity dictates that I limit myself to one. Livs made an interesting post.

She wrote:

    Over the last year I have contemplated this very question. Two people I am quite close to have experienced what they consider a life changing revelation. It has led one to a sort of born again Christian revival, and another to an ‘I am a New Age Guru,’ Love and organic food, feel good revival. While they are both convinced their revelation is ‘the real deal’ they both have almost an edge of desperation around it.

    Both of these people had experienced their revelation at a very low point in their life. Both were desperate and suicidal. They desperately needed something to believe in, and they got it.

    The other common feature is that both have psychic tendencies. One now uses it to receive instruction from ‘higher beings’. The other uses prayer and ‘fellowship’ to protect herself from them.

    During my contemplation of this, I thought back to a time I feel sure I have received impression through the soul. At the time I was not in a crisis, I was indulging my hobby, looking around my local New Age book shop. I felt drawn to JJ’s free read of The Immortal. Now I have experienced what I now know to be high astral/emotional excitement before. But the ‘high’ I received from The Immortal was quite different. It was like light and love with the intensity of the sun was shining inside me. Even though it was intense, it wasn’t the same as high emotion; it was – more harmonious and uplifting.

    When I speak to my two friends about spirituality, nothing they have shared with me is anything new. It’s kind of just rehashed stuff. When I am on The Keys many times I read a post that expands my understanding of something – it’s enhanced, added to, and that’s just from my class mates!

    My final litmus test was to give them each a freeread. And you guessed it, nada, nothing!

    So, in the final analysis I guess once again, you get what you’re looking for. If you want a highly emotional ‘saviour’ to come along and rescue you, then viola. But, like that ex Mormon guy wrote, one day you wake up and realize you want to grow up.

JJ: One thing I find interesting here is that her friends received their revelation during a crisis when they were at a low point in their lives. Livs received her connection while she was at peace with herself.

It is true indeed that many emotionally based people seek some kind of sign or revelation from God when their life is not going right. If anything at all seems to come then it helps to give them enough purpose to continue.

Generally, any revelation from this point in consciousness will be very colored with glamour and delusion, but if it gives the seeker enough purpose to continue it may be worth it.

The ironic thing is that those who were depressed and listless often want to preach to others about how to live their life after getting some kind of sign or message.

Perhaps the most famous contemporary person I know that claimed to receive a sign from God after reaching the end of his rope in a depressed state is Neale Donald Walsch. As you know, he began receiving messages from what he thought was God, turned his life around success wise and wrote “Conversations with God.”

If a person wants a true revelation of a high nature he needs to put his mind in a state of peace. If he is depressed and at the end of his rope there is nothing wrong with seeking guidance through the soul, but the strong negative feelings at work will often distort any revelation that comes. Because he is influenced strongly enough by the emotions to be depressed he is likely to get his revelation from the emotional body with a strong influence of glamour.

The typical religious person will think that all revelation or answers to prayer will either come from God or from the devil. If they agree with him then it is God, and if not, then the tricky devil is whispering in the guy’s ear.

What they do not realize is that the answers, signs, feelings, etc. do not come directly from God or the devil. Instead, for most of the standard bearers of religion, they come from their emotional bodies. The higher parts of our emotional bodies can produce quite high and rapturous feelings that can make the seeker believe quite strongly that he is having direct intercourse with God.

Until he makes contact with the soul, he can only associate his highest feelings with God. Finally, the day will come that new feelings will manifest – the feelings caused by interplay of spirit and matter making soul energy. When this day comes whole new vistas open up to him.

To understand revelation it is important to review the principle called The point of tension. There is another closely related to it called The Vacuum Principle which will be discussed shortly.

Earth Changes

Question: Are we going to see abrupt earth changes in the near future?

In the past the landmasses have usually risen or sank gradually giving the inhabitants time to relocate. Even so, many of them did not take heed and sank with their country as in the case of most of Atlantis.

Then there have been other times that the earth changes have been very abrupt.

When the gathering takes place, it will catch the attention of the consciousness of the planet itself, and she will seek to nourish it and protect it as a mother does the baby in the womb. If the gathered lights are not threatened with extinction, then the earth changes could take place over a hundred years or so with slower changes following. On the other hand, if the gathered lights are mortally threatened by their enemies, then abrupt changes could take place. An abrupt change would accomplish two things.

[1] It would destroy and frustrate the enemies of light and love.

[2] A new land would come forth to create a place of refuge and gathering for the lights.

Question: Why do we never get a visitation from our past selves before this universe began?

Our memory is only capable of going back to the lives of the current extension of our monad. This encompasses only a small cycle of many cycles within this current universe. To regress beyond a few million years one must ascend in consciousness to identify with the monad. The monad provides a door to the more distant past within this universe which is many billions of years old. Only an advanced master cold open this door.

I do not want to get into time and space as it is too vast of a subject at present.

As sight is in the body; so reason in the soul. – Aristotle

April 12, 2007

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