Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 26

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Sometimes I am listening to something that is very interesting and I start to feel sleepy and say to myself that this is something you have to learn and it looks like sometimes that funny feeling when I get when I have my eyes closed and I am listening and it seems as though I am absorbing the knowledge better than when I have them open. I read where one of the great composers use to put out a notebook and pencil by his nightstand and then induce him self to sleep and when he began to doze off that he would see the musical notes that he then wrote down and that is how he created the music.
This world is just created the way it is and we are arms, legs, eyes and ears for God and we have to make the best of it. And for a lifetime or two life will seem to be unfair for one person and then it balances off and he may be a king in his next life or maybe like Donald Trump. You just do never know. So basically what illusion does is this: it tricks us into believing the wrong thing. If we believe that health and disease are just whimsical, if that is a foundation belief we may be able to forgive people and not be in denial of our emotions, but if we have this basic belief that life is not fair or God is not fair or things just happen for no reason, then we are headed toward illusion.

So we have to go back to our foundation beliefs and make sure these foundation beliefs are correct. Is man basically good, evil, neutral, or what? Is life fair or is it not fair? If we understand that we did not begin at birth then we will begin to understand that over the whole course of the life of the soul that life is extremely fair and all of us have equal opportunity in the end. Maybe in this troubled time you will not have equal opportunity but over the whole life of the soul there is complete equal opportunity.

Audience: Didn’t you say something, I do not know if it was in Eternal Words or one of your other books, John quickly tried to describe why the seeming injustice, basically saying when you look at a person’s situation you are seeing just the tip of the iceberg, you can’t see their full paradigm at that time so to sit there and call it unfair is a gross miscalculation.

JJ: Yes I do not remember the exact dialogue but I think that something like that went on. Okay, are there any more questions before we close? One more thing about the sinuses I thought I would say; is that when you have problems with the sinuses it usually has to do with ideas, Lorraine has lots ideas and a real idea person. I get lots of ideas and I had sinus problems when I was younger. If the person has lots of ideas then the problem is that the sheer number scatters his energies. It’s because you can only do so much and only put your attention on so much at a time.

So if you are an idea person you have select one idea and put energy into it until that idea manifests. If you half a dozen ideas and try to make them all manifest then you will fail on all of them. I have a nephew, not Curtis but another one who had all kinds of ideas and always running them by me. He was always struggling and finally he came up with a new idea and I said you should really go with this one. The idea was to create web pages for Realtors. He lives in Salt Lake City. I said this is practical, it is something that you would be good at and you could make some money off of this. It was quite some time ago when no one was really providing this service for the home market yet. So he was the first one in Salt Lake to do this and now it is a thriving business.

He still calls me up and says, I have got this really great idea and I usually tell him that he needs to concentrate on this real estate thing and get it going good for if you scatter yourself too much you will loose it. So he is focused on that and it is hard for him because he still gets many ideas. Fortunately several of his last ideas were formed around his original idea so this doesn’t divert his energy too much. He had the idea to build a model airplane and then put a video camera in it then fly it by remote control over the house and take video pictures of the home from the air and then put it on the web. He is the only one doing that but he could not find a plane so he had one built to fit his needs. That was great idea but it was in connection with his original idea.

He still gets ideas that are completely unrelated and would take his focus of his business, so whenever he asks me about his other ideas I would try to guide him back to his business because he is doing great with it. If he started something totally different than his business would not do quite as well unless he can let his first business coast on automatic pilot.

Audience: He needs a woman.

JJ: Yes, he is a good looking guy but he is gay, women are attracted to him but unfortunately for the ladies he is not attracted to them.

Audience: I would like to ask about an underactive thyroid problems and how they manifest?

JJ: Yes, that is a good question. It could be related to both your heart center for the thyroid controls your metabolism. It could be not only be related to the heart but also your creativity because it is in the area the throat is in. You pointed out an interesting observation, that sometimes some abdomen problems are associated with eyes for instance. Some parts of the body where problems occur are created by another part of the body, which is interesting. But it is probably related to creativity in some way. Is your thyroid weak?

Audience: It had been a problem for some time and finally got diagnosed while I was attending school for acting.

JJ: My wife had an underactive thyroid when she was younger and she was taking Synthroid. Well she found out that there was natural remedy that was better for her for Synthroid destroys the thyroid. Do you take synthroid?

Audience: Yes

JJ: My wife has something that is much better for you. And it will help you thyroid revitalize itself.

Audience: See, I do not like just taking medications if at all possible because I am willing to do the work that it takes to help my body heal naturally.

JJ: You need to talk to my wife, she had a thyroid problem when she was younger and I think her creativity came to a slow crawl when she was younger because her Mom was very strict. Were your parents strict with you or did you have a constriction of your creativity when you were younger?

Audience: Yes, the church told me that I was wrong in wanting to pursue dancing and acting because those are considered almost evil.

JJ: Dancing may be more important for you than acting because dancing will actually help your metabolism regenerate somewhat. As a matter of fact in ancient Atlantis they used dancing as a means of healing.

Audience: Dancing and acting I find that I can express the best of my ability in.

JJ: So what you need to do is examine yourself and sense within what you need to do by experimenting with your creative forces and see what really feels good and when you find what feels good then do a lot of it. That is all for this session, it is time for us all to dine.

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 27

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JJ: We are going to begin the regression part here and I would like everyone to just get comfortable in your seats and relax. A good portion of you will go back and for those who do not at least you will have good relaxing time.

JJ: Take three deep breaths.

Audience: (Breathing in and out deeply three times)

JJ: Very good. Now close your eyes and see yourself walking along a path on a beautiful green field, the path is not very worn but it is pronounced enough that you can see the a pathway and tell it is leading somewhere. You are walking along and you enter into a beautiful forest with animals, birds, and insects, you feel the forest is friendly and nothing is going to harm you. You feel like you are one with nature, you are confident, you’re walking through the forest and you feel a flitter of sun rays landing on you and they feel warm and good as you are walking through the forest.

You walk along and pretty soon you come to a lake that is clear as crystal and you look into the lake see clear down to the bottom. You see fish swimming, some big fish, some small, and the water seems to be alive, the fish are alive, it so wonderful to look at the lake, you see a boat and you hop in and begin to row into the lake. When you look down you see the lake and is very deep and beautiful. It’s amazing how clear it is. It must be a mile down but it is clear as looking into the sky and this makes you feel very peaceful, the only wave is the slight wave from the boat. Behind the waves gather back again very peaceful and calm and you feel like you could be in this lake for a long time, because it is so peaceful and calm.

You feel an energy coming from the water itself. You put your hand over the edge of the boat into the water and feels cool, alive, and refreshing to the touch. It is like the water feeds you and moves your hand in the water and feels so very good. You continue to the other side of the lake that is not very far away. You are going over there and on the other side of the lake when you stand on the shore you will be able to look into your past. You will be able to go there and feel what you felt then, see what you saw then, hear what you heard then, and know what you knew then.

You are going to make 10 strokes with the oar and by the tenth one you will be on the other side and into your, past life. One stroke with the oar…two…three…you look at the shore and images begin to appear, you sense something, hear something, four…five…six…seven…eight…nine…and ten you get out and stand up on the other side and as you walk on the shore on the other side you are walking into your past life. Into life before this 21st century back into the past.

I am going to count to seven and on the count of seven you will be in the past, you will know who you are and be aware of what you were aware of then, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, your name is coming to you, you are aware of what country you are in, you are now aware of what time you are in, who is the person you love the most? Why were you born into this particular life? What did you learn? Start at the beginning and see this life clear to the end and ask your self what did I learn? What was the lesson I came here for?

Now you walk a little further and you come to a stairway, and the stairway will take farther into the past still, you are going down steps back into another past life, one, two, three, four, back into the past, five, further back, six, seven, it is becoming clear, eight, nine, ten. You know who you are; you know what your name is. Do you know why you are in this life? It is coming to you what you learned. What was your lesson? What did you achieve? You are looking at an interesting time period in this life, what happened? The vision of this time period is going before you and you can see it clearly.

Spend just a minute in this time period because you can see any part that you want from beginning to end and see what it is that you learned. See what it is that you can take with you into this current life. Take a look. Now I am going to count to three and it will take up into the present, you will feel really good, really relaxed and very peaceful, one, coming back to the present, two, almost here, three, you are in the present. It took Joe a minute to get here; you must have been really deep in there. How many had some experiences? Suzi did you have one?

Audience: (Suzi) Mine was pretty big, I got just a little bit.
Next member: I think I was in 1200 BC and I had some relationship to pharaoh, my name was Samuel. Compassion was the gift that I learned.

JJ: Compassion, that is unusual in ancient Egypt to learn compassion.

Audience: (Shirley) It is funny that you saw ancient Egypt because that is exactly what I saw. I was 15 year old, girl and I was breaking bread, and I got the lesson of learning the sense of community for that time. That was the only one I got.

JJ: Okay, Joe

Audience: (Joe) I was in a trance.

JJ: You looked like you were somewhere maybe you just cannot remember what you saw. You know if you go really deep, you cannot remember when you come back. Like she could not remember the future when she came back.

Audience: (Joe) I started to see all these colors and then I just do not remember any of it.

JJ: It would be interesting to do this with you individually to see if you did go somewhere.

Audience: I felt the same thing I was gone but I do remember an image and it was the earth from an outer space view.

Audience: (Annie) I also went to Egypt, my lesson was to teach and learn the sun.

Audience: (Dee) I do not know if this is fair but it just happened so quickly and I know I lived at the time of the crusades and I did see battle but it was like a mix with those in the crusades and Indians, the images were overlapping each other and I could not see myself but I saw fighting and then the other image was also fighting and I got some kind of name like bell or something like that and when you said go to the other time I went to where I was a little Dutch and then I saw some men who were laying on the ground who had been fighting and half of them had been killed. The message I got was to love your enemies. I know I was a man in the crusades.

JJ: Interesting

Audience: (Darlene) I think I was a cleaning lady in a previous life as it relates this lifetime. I have a feeling that this lifetime and that lifetime parallels each other and so it is for me to contemplate these same sort of circumstances. I was very good friends with someone there and the time when we went farther back I entered the fairy realm so I enjoyed that.

Audience: I only got one vision, I was a young man named Michael living in London, a very greasy and grimy part of town. I was working in a factory about ten years old and felt like my body was much older. I felt alone in the world, I just really did not have any hope that anything was going to change or that my life was going to get any better. It was quite interesting and I was orphan in the 1800’s and it was very dirty work.

JJ: Wayne, did you get anything?

Audience: (Wayne) No, I was myself going back until you said to figure out who I was and then the identity thing changed a little bit. When you had cross the lake I bumped against the shore of a rather splendid estate, a lot of square cut granite buildings and a series of long steps that disappeared into the water. I tied up the boat and was looking at the building as I walked into a room with a high vaulted ceiling with a man who was tall and slender standing within a few feet of a huge square cut chair. The chair was probably 3 feet across the seat, wider than you would want a chair, on each side was an arm and it took about 4 or5 steps up to reach the chair, so it was elevated from the surrounding floor with a square cut back covered in ivory with gold strips.

JJ: A lot of detail there.

Audience: Yes, I spent some time looking at that chair because it was an amazing piece that did not look like it was made for comfort. It was made for beauty, and standing next to it was this tall slender man with blonde hair about shoulder length. Lanky frame with a long neck, wide forehead and elongated skull, I could not see his eyes clearly but I knew they were blue, I was fascinated by the robe he had that barely came to the top of his feet and you got the sense that if he walked you would see his toes or sandals, it too was in a golden material, a golden thread of some sort stitched into this paisley pattern. He was standing there looking at me and me at him Then it was like I jumped from my mind into his mind and I knew things that he knew.

JJ: Was that you in a past life?

Wayne: Possibly but it was like my soul jumped into his body. Then I realized that I knew quite a bit about his history including what his parents looked like and about his personality. This reminded me of a dream I had years ago where I had seen King Solomon; this vision was Solomon standing in his palace and the water some sort of a mote that surrounded it. When I was in his head I could tell you what David looked like, what Sheba looked like, why he had a 1000 wives.

JJ: Tell us what the queen of Sheba looked like.

Audience: Wayne: She looked like Nefertiti, classic Egyptian. She had a head like Solomon, his being more masculine. Long thin nostrils, elongated eyes, elongated head. Long neck and body with thin shoulders, very delicate features. Maybe a 100 pounds and fairly tall and I felt I could ask Solomon questions about what he did and why while I was there.

Audience: Did you consider yourself a God at that time?

Audience: Wayne: No, not remotely, but I was a bit of an elitist the family that I was associated with was quite important for thousands of years. There was no lack of ego in Solomon and you had to be of some kind of importance to him, other than that you were just part of the herd. He was a bit arrogant but not unkind with it and very detached. He was a part of a family called Edamites and they were more or less traditionally known as descendants as the son of Adam called shim.

JJ: Very good Wayne. Did you get anything Sue?

Audience: Sue: Very little, I got the name Catherine Ann, the year 1100, a stone house of some sort in possibly England but I could not really tell what her purpose was in that life and then I morphed into another lifetime and went into it so deeply that I could not remember.

JJ: You possibly were back somewhere and so deep into it that I would have to take you back individually if that is the case.

Audience: Female member: Not much but the first time I got the name Bethany and it was an area like Germany and a city area and then France, no names and then I do not know where I went.

Audience: Female member: I was in the Philadelphia area the year was 1847 and something to do with Quakers and the name Sarah and after that I was gone.

Audience: Male member: I think I fell asleep and had little dream flashes but I don’t remember.

Audience: female member: the first one I was an Indian woman who was dressed in maybe 1930’s clothing. When you said, whom do you love, she had a husband that she loved and a little girl and they seemed to very happy. Then we went down the stairs and there was this young man, it was late 1700’s and he had dark hair and I did not get a name but he was very handsome, wealthy and it was in England. He was trying to marry in another wealthy family to a woman who was very nice and then it jumped forward and he was very mean and abusive to her then it jumped ahead again to where he was old and laying in a bed about to die from some illness. The message was to live your life being kind to others, this man died miserable and unhappy.

Audience: Is it possible for the same lifetime from the same soul, to be in two lifetimes to be on the same time?

JJ: You mean one person to be in two bodies at one time?

Audience: One soul in two bodies at the same time, yes.

JJ: We were talking about that yesterday, some people believe yes and some people believe no. I have not got a personal revelation on this. There is one train of thought that we are connected to an oversoul and from your personal over soul there are as many as 12 extensions and you may 6 different versions of you walking around the earth somewhere. If you ever, meet one it would be pretty much just like you except raised in different circumstances.

That is one belief system and we are checking to see if The Tibetan said anything about it and He only talks about the oversoul for all humanity. This definitely feels right with me, but I do not really feel that we have an exact duplicate of ourselves, I believe we are linked in different types of groups. Many people that are here right now are linked in some type of group linkage; it is more because of vibration though than it is the same person. Ultimately everybody on earth is connected to the same soul.

DK  says the souls of man are one and I am one. There is a oneness that links us all together and we are one but many so to speak. The best image you can see to convey this is space. Space is one, but in space there are billions of galaxies, solar systems, planets, entities, and yet it is all occupying one space. We do not say that rockets are going through spaces, the Starship Enterprise goes through one space not a billion spaces. It is only one space that occupies and only one soul occupied by many Monads which have developed into human beings. The Monads are like dots in cosmic space so to speak and your dot in cosmic space that has expanded into you.

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 28

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You seem like a pretty sensitive person, have you ever gone into the future?

Audience: I think I did once or twice but I really do not remember.

JJ: We took Shirley into the future and she came up with some fascinating stuff, let’s see what you might come up with. Okay, get comfortable and close your eyes. Visualize your body totally relaxing, first your legs are totally relaxing, you see a beam of light shining down your leg, tingling and relaxing every muscle in your leg, first your right leg and now your left leg, your right arm and now left arm, your face, your neck and all the rest of your body, this beam of light is shining all over your body relaxing every possible muscle. Now you feel yourself on this boat again in the middle of the crystal clear water. You look in the water and it looks so alive and clear and you see fish swimming down there and you are going to turn right and go to the right shore this time at the top of the lake. You get out of the boat on the shore and there is a stairway that goes up ten steps and after the ten steps it is going to take you into the future. Your soul can see into the future and understands the most probable lives that you will most likely have. You will go into the future and see everything as if it were in the present. You are going up the steps, first step, second, third, fourth, fifth, feel almost like you are lifted up, sixth, seventh, eighth, nine, ten, you are going into a future life and you know who you are.

Audience member: A woman, I do not get a name.

JJ: What do you see around you?

Audience member: It is like a city in a way but there are not tall buildings, it is more like you go underground and that is where the living spaces are.

JJ: Was there a war or anything like that?

Audience member: No it is a way to save the environment from harm by keeping less of an impact on the surface. There are a lot of plants and trees and that is really cherished and allowed to be the way it is. People can go up to the surface and commune there. Living underground helps with the heating and cooling of the living spaces.

JJ: How far into the future are you, what year is it?

Audience member: 2038 is what I am getting.

JJ: Has there been any earth changes?

Audience member: Oh yes, there are a lot less people.

JJ: Less people because of earth changes, war or both?

Audience member: It seems like both, lots of changes with the temperature or climate.

JJ: Is it warmer or colder?

Audience member: Warmer, tropical in a way.

JJ: Is that why they are living underground?

Audience member: Partly yes, yes.

JJ: Is there still quite a bit of technology or have we lost some of it?

Audience member: It is just different, it is like people decided to do things differently so some of the technology is not needed anymore, we just don’t want it or need it. It is simplified it seems like, yea.

JJ: Do people still have TV sets?

Audience member: I do not see that no, I am not getting many details about the living spaces, mostly just view from the outside. There are not many people outside but a few are meditating and things like that. Communing with nature.

JJ: Okay, very good. I am going to count to three and you are going to be in the present, one, two, and three. Thank you very much. There are just a few minutes left does anyone have any questions on this before we continue? Let’s end with a short get together. Annie, please come up here. You look into each others eyes and you share your souls with each other and you say something like this, Annie, I share with you the pure love of Christ, you and I are one. Say that back to me.

Audience member Annie: JJ, I share with you the pure love of Christ, you and I are one.

JJ: Okay, then we give each other a hug. We are going to do this with everyone in the room.

End of this session

JJ: We are going to talk about several aspects of the gathering, the cities of light and what type of government we will have once the gathering has taken place and whether it will be like the governments we have today or something different. We are going to recap the basics of the gathering. Often I have talked about what is called the gathering principle, what is the gathering principle, does anyone know?

Audience member Assaf: Evolution

JJ: Assaf is on the right track. The gathering principle does produce evolution, why?

Audience member: Creates a point of tension.

JJ: Yes.

Audience member Wayne: In the natural course of events, for instance one way you can say it is returning home from the source. We go out like all creation and then we come back in and on the incoming trip it is called the gathering. The gathering principle mainly refers to the gathering of humanity.

JJ: Wayne made a very good point. According to the science we all began with a big bang and all the particles of the universe scattered all over. Active intelligence then gathers all matter into the galaxies, stars and planets, then they live out their lives and finally they are gathered back home to the point of a singularity. Then there is another big bang and we begin again and that is kind of how the theory supposedly goes. So there is a scattering and a gathering, a scattering and a gathering and this is the way nature works is it not? Right now on the earth those people who are considered the lights of the earth – are they gathered or scattered?

Audience: Scattered

JJ: Scattered all over the place. Look how you guys are scattered all over. We had to have a gathering principle to be able to have intimate spiritual session like we have right here. Annie, all the way from Denmark, Assaf from Israel, Mindy from Sterling, Illinois of all places, Shelly from Olympia, Washington and that is really God’s country. Me, Artie, and Wayne from the big city of Boise, Idaho.

When we look at the beginning of the evolution of everything, after the big bang, subatomic particles were created, they gather together to produce bigger subatomic particles and these particles gather together until atoms are created and then electrons circling around the atoms and the atoms gather together to create molecules, and molecules gather together to create larger compounds and these gather together to create cells and life. The cells gather together to create small organisms, the small organisms gather together to create bigger life forms, these bigger life forms gather together to produce plants, the plants gather together to evolve and produce animals, the animals gather together and evolve to produce bodies for humans and we gather together and evolve to produce what?

Audience: God

JJ: To produce the Kingdom of God. But in between the beginning of man and the Kingdom of God there are a number of gatherings that take place for humanity. First of we began our evolution in a tribal family type living. We lived in large families and the families gathered together and they produced tribes. The tribes gathered together and they produced kingdoms. Then the kingdoms become so tyrannical that people did not really like living in them and they began to outlive their usefulness. So instead of kingdoms gathering together we had a different type of gathering, people gathered out of the kingdoms and came to a new land called the Americas and they wanted to build something better.

When they got here did they build another kingdom, or did they build something else? They created a democracy or a republic as it is technically called. This was created through the gathering of lights. Some of the most enlightened people on the planet got together and said the old ways are not good enough for us anymore and so they got together and wrote something like, We the people in order to form a more perfect union – they wrote the constitution, a declaration of independence, a bill of rights and all kinds of good stuff that made life a lot better for us.

But then just like when the kingdoms were formed everyone was enthused about them and at the later end of them they became crystallized and everybody wanted to move out of them. Now much of the world has type of democracy, many people are unhappy with the governments they are under and so again the same idea that gathered out of the kingdoms to form something better is happening again.

Many people are going to gather out of the competitive democracies to try and form something better. Because many of the democracies are crystallizing and becoming much more like the old kingdoms were. There are more and more laws, we have so many laws on the books it boggles the mind and if we were to enforce them all we would live in a sorry state. You know there are laws against spitting on the sidewalk, kissing longer than thirty seconds, laws against cars going more than 5 miles an hour through main street that they have been not taken off the books. When cars first came out you know, all kinds of weird laws were passed that are still on the books. Rather than getting rid of all the old laws we just keep passing new ones. What was that wrestler’s name, the Governor of Minnesota?

Audience: Jesse Ventura

JJ: Jesse Ventura came up with a heck of a good idea. He said we should spend two thirds of our time passing laws and then stop and spend a third of our time examining laws we can do away with. None of the lawmakers liked that idea, and why did they not like that idea? Why is it the people governing us do not like any ideas that shrink government?

It is because of the way they see their job description. They see their job description to exercise power, make laws and spend the people’s money. We do not see this, but they do and as soon as they get into power they sit around and figure out how to spend money. Then we grumble that they spend money as a whole but we pat the local guy on the back who is from our state who spends money and say, you did a good job so I guess we will put you back in because you brought some money to build us a bunch more parks and save the raccoons. But we hate this guy over in New York who spent all this money to save whatever is over there.

The public hates the idea that we are spending so much money as a whole but they love it when it is spent on them. And so we have this situation where each representative feels it is their job to spend as much money as they can and to spend so much they have to tax us to death and we let them do it. So they spend a lot of time sitting around figuring out how to tax us without us complaining too much. They tax us more and more and more and we grumble more and more and more but then we pat the guy on the back that comes home and brings money to build some useless project.

It is strange the way that goes. What people do not see is that it is silly of us to grumble about them doing their job well. Because we have given them the impression it appears that we want them to spend lots of money and we have given them the impression that their job description is to spend money. So why should we grumble when that is their job description?

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 29

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Everybody that takes a job no matter who they are wants to do a good job. When we send a person to congress, he feels and sees by the reality around him that in order to do a good job he has to spend lots of money and raise lots of money and that means he has to tax us a lot and spend as much money as he can. If he does that then he is basically doing a good job. And he is doing what everybody in the universe does and that is if he is given a job then he wants to do a good job.

The only way to change this is to change the politician’s job description and if we do not do this then it will continue the way it is and most likely get worse. People do not realize that politicians see spending money as part of a job description, and then of course we grumble about it. We complain that they are spending us into the poor house.

What we need to do is change their job description, instead of giving them the description to make laws, they should not only make laws but do away with bad or obsolete laws. Like Jesse Ventura says, keep laws that are pertinent but also go ahead and get rid of the laws that are useless. Spend maybe a third of the time going through all these laws that are on the books and eliminating out any that are not doing any good.

The second thing is to pay these guys a bonus if they spend less money. Put it as part of their job description to be conservative with spending money so they only spend money on the essentials and not boondoggles like this representative from Alaska wanted to spend 2 or 3 billion on a bridge that 50 people would use. And this was crazy. Fortunately there was so much public outcry due to the media attention that they stopped this bridge to nowhere as it was called.

The argument for it was that it was going to bring employment to some people. Well, duh, if you build a tower out in the middle of nowhere you are going to give some people employment until the tower is completed.

We see that there are certain things being done that we do not like. We see that the average person spends 50% of their money giving in various taxes. In ancient Rome the slave gave a third of his money to the master. We give over 50% on the average if we figure in all the hidden taxes. So what is the difference between us, and the Roman slaves?

As far as money goes the only difference is because of technology we have it easier than the Roman slaves. We have cars, TVs, computers, so even though we are paying 50% of our earnings to the state we are better off than even the Emperor was in those days. That is something to be thankful for when you think about it. We are better off than kings were a couple hundred years ago. Could a king in England get a fresh orange for breakfast? Probably not because by the time it got to London it would have spoiled. Think of olden times and it was hard to ship food products long distances without the food spoiling. What we ate tonight was pretty simple but it was as good as a king would eat one hundred years ago. So it is amazing when you think that the average person today has 50% of their money taken away by the government and in the days of the Roman Empire the slave who had his own business had to give less than this to his master and then he could do whatever he wanted with the rest. He could expand his business or whatever because he was making his master money. The master was and the slave were happy, so it is amazing when you think about it.

In an ideal society I think that people should have to give 10%, which is actually written in the Bible. In ancient Israel they gave 10% to run everything and 10% took care of all the needs of the government at the time and this was voluntary. That was enough to finance everything they needed and I think this could be done today. I think the most we would ever have to tax say in an emergency would be 20%. In times of peace 10% should pay for everything that we need. What do we need and where should the taxes go? Let’s put away defense because if we were under a great threat then we would have to go more than the 10% but let’s say outside of some type of defense that required extensive means what would we do with the 10%?

Audience: Maintenance

JJ: Much of that could be done by voluntary work. If we were in a gathered place, let us say we were all living here we could make assignments to take turns with maintenance. We would not really have to pay for that. With medical, 90% of what a doctor does could be done with a small amount of training. The mistake they make in socialists countries is they just expect everybody to do their share and of course they do not. So whatever you do there has to be a system set up if one does not do the assigned task then he will not get A, B, or C or has to pay out of his pocket. That is good motivation.

Audience: You have to be guaranteed the work will be done.

JJ: Yes. For instance with medical bills, medical expenses are extremely high. Everybody complains about big oil but when I had the accident with my hand in 1958 my hospital bill for my room was $8 a day and gas was 39.9 cents a gallon and it stayed that way for quite a while. The last I heard a hospital room is $1300 to $2000 a day. If gas were to have gone up the same amount as a hospital room from when I was in the hospital then gas would be $60 a gallon. So my question is why is everybody complaining about big oil instead of big hospital? When you look at it from this aspect big oil has kept costs down 30 to 40 times better than big medicine has. Is this complaining not misplaced?

Audience: When you have life-threatening situation you do not even think about the cost.

JJ: If we have this part of our costs going up 30 and 40 times faster isn’t there something wrong with this picture? Where is the problem? Most of the problem is the government interferes and this creates an even bigger problem than before. Instead of fixing the problem government makes it worse and it ends up costing more creates more fraud, bureaucracy and more expenses. Every time the government steps in it creates a tremendous rise in cost and we end up paying for it. They keep trying to step in and take over with oil. Remember with Nixon and Jimmy Carter how they stepped in and put in price controls and then the price of gas doubled. So, if they could just step out and leave us alone we would be a lot better off. As a matter of fact Wall Street always says it is a blessing when congress is not in session because stocks always do well. But when they go back in session it scares everyone and we never know what they are going to come up with.

Audience: I think one thing we have left out of the medical equation is that medicine has made a lot of improvements since 1958. They can save lives because they have the technology and know that they did not have back then.

JJ: Right, they do have more expensive equipment and for those of us who do not use this equipment we still have to pay for it because say if you went in for a broken finger then they have to factor in the cost for the equipment. So one has to pay for all the expensive equipment that they do not use and those who do use the expensive equipment have really got to pay through the nose. That is just one-way they charge and there are additional expenses but they are not 30 to 40 times a high.

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 30

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Audience female member: Well, yes but keep in mind medicine is a business and as far running a business goes between the medical community and the pharmaceutical community they are doing a really good job that business is very profitable and that is what they are in business for. They are supposed to be profitable. I applaud the work that they are doing.

JJ: Instead of putting all this money in prescription drugs for people my age, if they would put it in preventive medicine, herbs, organic foods, and encourage people to go toward prevention this would cut down our costs tremendously.

Audience female member: That would not help business.

JJ: The pharmaceutical companies would really fight against this of course. Instead pumping our kids full of drugs we could have them get some exercise, get the blood flowing, get correct hormones in the brain, encourage them to eat right with buying the right foods when they are young.

Audience female member: People have become more sue happy too and they want to sue doctors for everything and the malpractice insurance costs have now gone way up.

JJ: This sue happy trial lawyer society not only forces medical costs to rise but also forces the price of everything else to go up. Back when I was young you could not sue major corporation because they had so much power that there was no way you could even begin a law suit with them. Now, all the big attorneys are going after the big boys and consequently are driving our costs up and our selection down.

Some of the products are no longer produced because the companies making them were sued out of business and no one will make them anymore out of fear of being sued. So, this not only causes prices to go up but also causes shortages. A while back we had a shortage of flue vaccine and the reason was that our companies are afraid to make them because of lawsuits. There have been lawsuits over vaccines in the past and so we have shortages of them because of this.

Everyone was blaming the government over that but it was really for the wrong reason. The government in the past had not stopped the lawsuits and this caused the problem. We’ve had an amazing number of lawsuits, and the point is this; we have all kinds of problems developing in our society that in a better society that could be built, such problems would not even exist.

We should not be a people that are sue happy, the ones that sue everybody to win the lottery. For instance, this smoker a while back sued Phillip Morris, and received a reward of $10 billion for one guy! Now let us suppose that a jury wants to reward $10 billion for a large amount of people who got lung cancer. That wouldn’t be quite so bad, but why give it to just one person?

The attorneys program into the jury that they should send a message to the other tobacco companies and all companies for that matter and of course the attorneys receive a big chunk of the money anyway. They try to sue restaurants over unhealthy food when it is the individual’s responsibility to eat right and take care of our selves. In the ideal society there is no reason why the people should be sue happy.

John Stossel did a story on a house he built in a flood zone and he did not have insurance on it because they would not insure him. A big storm blew up and destroyed his place and FEMA gave him the money to replace it. So you can build a home in an area that is known for floods, mud slides, or what have you and if something happens the taxpayer will reward you for your own stupidity. For those of you not familiar with FEMA it stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency, a government run agency. He said he really felt bad about taking the money but they just dumped the money in his lap and he said well, I guess I will take it. He said that he deserved to lose the place because it was a bad decision but “if the government wants to come in and give me money to replace why shouldn’t I take it!”

People are disgruntled about a lot of things in our government and much of it is not because people are bad. It is because when people are in a certain system they will take what is given them. John Stossel really did not believe in the government doing that but when the it comes and dumps money in your backyard it is pretty hard to wrap it up and send it back at them knowing that if you do not take it then some other person who made a bad decision would take it or it would just be wasted somewhere else.

So it is the society that we have created that is the problem, not the people. About two thirds of the money that goes to the government is wasted. I have heard a statistic a few years ago that it costs about 60 or 70 cents on the dollar to give out food stamps and welfare money. So you spend 70 cents to give away 30 cents and the rest goes to administration. Look at the teachers, many school districts in the U.S. spend $10,000 per student, which is pretty close to average. This means that in an average class of 25 students, $250,000 is spent to educate those 25 students. How much of the $250,000 goes to actually teaching the students? Maybe $40,000 if they are lucky – the rest goes to all other costs, say bus drivers, health insurance for teachers unions, and compensation, and a large portion goes to administrative and to pay for exotic vacations and conferences, bonus’s and so on.

Just of how simpler it was in the old west, they put up a school building that the locals built themselves, hired some gal to teach the kids, paid the teacher x amount and 100% went right to the teacher to teach the children. That is what you call effective. Let’s say she was getting $20 a month back in those days. That was the town’s only expense. When you read some of the tests that they gave back 100 or so years ago it is amazing how hard some of them were. They really learned what was going on in the world. They were pretty good at math, they all learned to read and all they had was one teacher, teaching in a one, room schoolhouse teaching all the kids from miles around. No big overhead of administrators and things like that, it was very, very simple.

Today’s education could be vastly improved if they used computers to teach the kids, but teachers and their unions are resisting this. You could have an entire course taught on the computer with the teacher acting as a guide and making sure they go through it. By having the computer teach you to read, and math and science and things like this under the encouragement of the teacher, and with the teacher answering difficult questions that computer that cannot handle, one teacher could about 50 or more students. As a matter of fact when I used to go to school I did not like being in a class with less than 30 students, I thought the larger the class the better because I could have more friends, and I felt it did not interfere with the teaching at all.

I remember when I was a young child they were talking about the idea of small classrooms and I hated the idea. Yet they are making classrooms smaller and smaller. When I was kid going through school I could not see the advantage in having a class under 30 students. Of course it does it make it less work for the teacher the fewer students they have in a classroom. There are so many trouble makers now and this explains why the teachers want smaller classrooms and if you have a smaller class you have less trouble makers and this probably one of the big reasons that teachers are pressing for smaller classes. When I was young my average class was around 32 and I personally liked that number because there was about one cute girl for every ten students (Laughter) and if you had a class over 30 you got at least 3 really cute girls in the class! (Laughter) That was how my math worked when I was young student.

Audience Female member: plus you could get away with more things because the teacher did not notice it.

Audience Female: When I was a kid they had an experiment that they call charter school now but there was an open class and basically all the kids were in that one classroom and you worked at your own pace. When you were ready to do the math, you went and got your math work and you kept track of where you were so you could move on.

Kind of like self-educating, because the teacher was always in the room if I had a question on any subject. We were all in the fourth grade. They have a classroom now that is similar, and it is called, I cannot remember but it is self pace and you educate yourself, I think it is one teacher for 50 kids and this way the kids learn at their own pace.

We need to experiment and one of the things we will do to lay the foundation of a new society is to experiment without worrying that we are going to offend some authority that is going to be out of a job. The problem with experimenting today is that legal problems hold us back. We have the beast of authority being offended and clamping down and saying no you cannot do that. And this creates a major problem for any kind of change that would bring about a better society.

Audience Wayne:
Two points on teaching regarding something I wrote years ago. I reasoned out that the best form of teaching is one on one. I figured out two ways that one on one could be applied in public schools and one of those ways would be to invite older retired people as teacher assistants and let them tutor a child, the other is to have children teach children. The children could be rewarded in two ways, the child learning and the child teaching. By doing this you intermingle two grades say, third and fourth together. The other thing is to teach learning principles to students and to have the older kids help the younger.

JJ: Yes, they do that in colleges today, many of the professors get their students to a lot of the teaching and they sit back and relax. The point is the biggest problem we have in our society today to improving it is that we do not have enough experimentation. We get in a rut and no one wants to make a change, the guy who does want to try and experiment to see what works, gets jumped on and shut down.

People have an automatic resistance toward change. Especially if it is going to affect their power or their paycheck in any way or they may loose their job. Let us look at the oil companies again. If Susan over here developed a new energy source that could run a car say for a penny a mile do you think oil companies would say, hey that is really great! No, they would try to do everything within their power to stop her and put her out of existence.

The trouble is that if there is no way to make a lot of money on it then they will be totally against it. It is not so much that the oil companies are bad for doctors and other professions are the same way. There are people out that claim to have a cure for cancer, I know one guy who says he has a cure for cancer and has cured a lot of people, so he tells me, and what did the medical establishment do to the poor guy? They put him in jail. He has been in jail a number of times. But, he keeps plugging away and now he is in his older years and works under the radar. He has learned his lesson, but in the beginning when he created his cure he was quite open with it and naïve, and boy did he learn his lesson.

Many people claim to have cures for diseases but we cannot use the word cure. If anybody just uses the word cure the beast will rise up and come after him and seek to destroy him. So it is not that the oil companies or medical establishment that is evil. It is just part of human nature that we have to understand that is what exists among humans in the society that we have. So what we would need to do if Susan created an alternative energy source is to introduce it very slowly so it is not a threat to the oil companies. Let us suppose oil companies were destroyed tomorrow because of a free energy source that was discovered. We have some drops here that we can put into water and it will make it just like gas and Susan is going around selling these drops. Believe me, her life is going to be in danger.

So what we need to do is to develop some type of system where the big oil companies are not going to be destroyed over night, maybe she charges a lot of money at first for these drops and then as time goes on she charges less and less. Now maybe she will be accused of being greedy but she will be competing with the big oil companies on price and would not be destroying the big oil companies. Susan really wants to give it away almost free though. She wants to sell a bottle of these drops for 10 cents. Well she is going to destroy the big oil but what will happen is big oil will raise up and destroy her and then nobody will get it. They will suppress the invention so no one will wind up getting it.

So what she needs to do is price her invention so that it does not destroy the oil companies. What happens if the oil companies were destroyed by this overnight? Millions of people would loose money overnight, millions would not be able to retire because there stocks are now worthless. Millions would loose jobs and there would be an increase of the homeless all because she is giving away stuff for free. So in the short run it would create a big upset, and this is one of the things that DK tells us, He says one of the big mistakes that disciples make is they get over enthused and tackle the powers that be and become a threat to them.

They get over zealous. The disciple needs to learn to interject his ideas in the most non-threatening way as possible to the powers that be. When I read that it made a lot of sense to me and I thought, you know, look at some of the great scientists and innovators. They have had tremendous difficulty because they threatened the powers that be. Galileo, Nicolas Tesla, are just a couple of examples where they got just a little over zealous, but sometimes there is nothing they can do and thankfully some have risked their lives and many have become martyrs.

There have been times like in the Middle Ages if you even did one small offensive thing you were often burned at the stake or something like that. We are fortunate that we live in an age where torture for innovative ideas is not done as much. You know some of the powers back in the dark ages had torture chambers in their basements. Imagine eating breakfast upstairs and some poor guy being tortured downstairs, it is really sad when you think about it.

Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 31

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JJ: Okay let’s get back to the gathering principle. The gathering principle is that the cream of the crop is gathered and produces something new. The people came out of the kingdoms and came to America and when they got here they did not want a duplicate of what King George, France, or what the rest of Europe had. They wanted a system where there was freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, so they created this system where there was much more freedom of movement. What we did was evolve from the tribal system to the kingdom system to the competitive system and this is what we are in right now and in many ways it is not competitive enough. We have not really lived through it completely but we are foreshadowing the next system and what is the next system?

Audience: Co-operative system

JJ: Correct, the co-operative system. The co-operative system is foreshadowed in a lot business we see among us. For one thing we see that employees are becoming more involved. The suggestion box began how long ago, maybe in the early part of the last century. Now we are at the point where they are listening more to the employees at the bottom. Employees at the bottom are now getting the option to buy stock and this makes the employees owners. And this is the way it should be in the co-op system where everybody is an owner. Boise, as you know, is the headquarters for Albertson’s, one of the largest supermarket chains in the world. Until recently Albertson’s in Boise had a goal to monopolize Boise since it was their hometown. They put a lot work, energy and money to make sure that they controlled Boise. They chased out Safeway, Smith’s, they put just about every competitor out of business and it reached a point in Boise where all we had was Albertson’s and a couple little tiny independent stores.

If you wanted to go shopping you had to go to Albertson’s and the prices were very high. People would come from California and say, the prices are higher in Idaho than they are in California, I would say that is because Albertson’s has a monopoly here in Boise because it is their home turf. Well a chain started and it was called WINCO. It is interesting that all the employees had stock and were co-owners, had good health insurance, were treated very well. And the great part about WINCO was their prices were very reasonable, if you took two shopping carts full of the same kind of food one from Albertson’s and the other from WINCO, the WINCO cart would be much cheaper.

It took a while for people to catch on, but now the place is packed with shoppers and now what is Albertson’s doing? They are lowering their prices and coming up with all kinds of schemes, Fred Meyers and Wal-Mart has also come in and so Albertson’s is fighting for their life in Boise where a few years ago they had a monopoly.

What was interesting was what toppled this authoritative grocery store was a small co-operative grocery store. People getting together and deciding to make the employees part owners so they would get more involved. I do not know how this involvement made the prices so much cheaper but you could go to Albertson’s and get oranges for say 90 cents a pound and you would find them at WINCO for 40 cents a pound. The difference was amazing in the price. So this is new system that can come in and beat the competitive system. Now there is competition involved but you have this co-op as the main thrust which toppled this large grocery store chain, Albertson’s.

So co-operation will be the main difference between now and when the new age is fully in. Co-operation will cause the cost of living and expenses to go down so much that we will have a lot more time to the things we like. One of the problems that we have is most people have many creative things that they would like to do but you do not have the time because you are concentrating on making money. Imagine if we could make all the money we needed just working 20 hours a week. If we could do that then we would have the free time to do the other things that we would like to do and when you think about it the products that really add to the value of our civilization are manufactured by about 9% of the people of the world. The manufacturing say of this microphone adds to the value of our civilization. Susan is a real estate agent and she is not adding to the value of anything what she is doing is taking the value and moving it around. Many of us do this in our jobs. We take the things that are backed by hard value and move them around. We have an enormous amount of our employees moving wealth around or working in a bureaucracy that governs wealth. Anyone know what percentage of Americans work for the government? I think it is somewhere around 30%. Do what it is in Denmark Annie?

Annie: More than 30% and those who make $45,000 a year they have to pay 60% to 65% in taxes.

JJ: Probably more than 30% work for governments in most of Europe and that accounts for a big chunk of taxes that is taken out of your income. We are taxed today more than the slaves in the Roman Empire had to pay. It is amazing Annie is so cheerful. So we have about 30% of the people watching, taxing and figuring out how to tax the wealth more and spending the wealth – figuring out how one part of society can benefit another. They do not create wealth or increase wealth. They just try to figure out what to do with the wealth that others create. Many of the bureaucracies are created to just appease somebody. Even in a regular business like HP or Micron could be streamlined and not have so much bureaucracy. The longer a company is in business the more bureaucracy it has. The newer business has a streamlined bureaucracy and the older business operates more like the government does.

Then I think that there is about 5% in farming that are making something that is worth something and about 9% in making something else that is worth something. So you have about 14% of the population making something that is worth something and the rest just moving it around and trying to control it. Let’s say everybody that is moving wealth around or controlling it make something that is worth something and we share that responsibility. We could have double the wealth we have with just working 20 hours a week, especially with the technology we have and new technology is being developed all the time that is decreasing the amount of labor that is needed. If we keep up at that pace then in a few years we would only have to work 10 hours a week. But let’s suppose we only had to work 20 hours a week. Then we could have time to do what we want.

Many people do not want to spend their time writing or reading books, a lot of people would like to contribute to society in another way like using Wayne’s idea of helping with education, or helping with doctors in medical support – doing something that does not require a lot of training. Others could make sure the parks are clean, the point being that if we only worked 20 hours a week many people would be happy to volunteer their time to help in a lot of ways.

Now the Mormon church which I have criticized in the past does one thing that I find very interesting and that is they get a lot of volunteers for labor, and many of the people work 60 hours a week at a regular job. They have these church farms and it is all done by volunteer labor. Teaching is all done by volunteers and preaching is all done by volunteers.

Volunteers do all the jobs of the church, and it is not always efficient but it always gets done. They have a welfare system that is completely volunteer labor so where it might cost the government a dollar to give away a dollar, it costs the Mormon Church zero dollars to give away a dollar. They have a lot of faults in many ways but in this way they have set an example of what can be done with volunteers. These are volunteers that are working like crazy at other jobs. Imagine if we had a society that only had to work 20 hours a week or less and then had all this free time. Instead of having an attorney come in and charge all this money we could have volunteers who could run the legal system and negotiate and settle all kinds of problems. There are all kinds of ways that would save money and would bring our taxes way down and the money that we do give in taxes could be spent more efficiently. That is just a few ideas to start with.

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 32

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JOne of the differences between the government in the new age and the old age will be the coming government of the new age will be self-correcting. The problem with all the governments in the past whether they be kingdom, or republic or whatever they may have been is that they get together and at first replace the old system and maybe the new system is a little bit better or worse, but as soon as the new system gets put into place it begins to get a strong bureaucratic structure that follows the mark of the authoritative beast. It controls with strong authority and it gets more and more restrictive of its citizens until it crystallizes and strangles the people more and more until it collapses. This happens again and again and again.

Most of the governments in the Americas and Europe are fairly new historically speaking but they are in the process of implementing more regulations and laws and the citizens are becoming more and more strangled and restricted. Right now in the U.S. the average person is taxed over 50% if all taxes are considered. In Denmark they are taxed about 60% for income tax and then a sales tax on top of that. In most of Europe it is worse because they have older governments than we have and they have learned to get even more out of its citizens than we have but we are not that far behind. A lot of people say, you know Europe pays $6 a gallon for gas why shouldn’t we. Annie, how much do they sell gas for in Europe?

Annie: 10 krone, what is that about a dollar and half and a liter is about a third of a gallon of gas.

JJ: So overall a gallon of gas in Europe is usually twice as high as it is here and in most places. People said that in Europe before the price of gas went up so much, why shouldn’t we have to pay higher as well. Now that the price of gas is rising they are not saying that so much anymore. It is not a logical argument to say because another country is paying more for something that we should pay more as well.

How far is it from one end of Denmark to the other?

Annie: Generally like 400 kilometers. So people do not have to travel as far.

JJ: That is a good point. So what happens is all these governments get tighter and tighter and more restrictions until there is some type of collapse unless there is some type renewal, which does not happen very often. It could happen if enough enlightened people organized in one country and it could be revitalized but they would have to go against the beast of authority there, which is always in control and makes it very difficult.

The way most governments are renewed is if they collapse and on the ashes of the old government a new one is built and two thirds of the time a new is built and is worse and maybe a third of the time a new one will be better. So what we want to look at is how long before these governments in the U.S. and Europe collapse under their own weight. People have made guesses. Some say 50 years, 100 years, but most people that have thought about it say that unless something reverses the trend that we are in, the governments of the Europe and the U.S. will collapse.

Probably the communist government in China will collapse and be replaced by democracy for a while. The government of the Soviet Union collapsed or was transformed and it is better than the one before but it has not matured yet so we have to wait and see where it is going how long it will last.

Audience: There is something I always wondered and maybe you know the answer to and it is this, you were talking about the tax rate of 50% here in the U.S. and I was wondering what the percentage was when we rebelled against King George.

JJ: It was much less. We rebelled against the tax on tea in the Boston harbor and it was just a couple pennies on the dollar. I can’t remember exactly what it was but when I found out that it was such a small amount – that people today would not even grumble about. But they were being taxed with out being represented and it made them mad. The taxes of King George were a lot less than the taxes we pay today. But it is like the story of the frog being boiled in water. You put a frog in a pot of boiling water and it will jump out and not come back, but if you put the frog in a pot of cool water the frog will stay. Then you slowly turn the heat up and before the frog is aware he gets boiled to death. This is the way we are, the government slowly raises taxes and fees and by the time we realize it, it is too late to change anything. What is interesting is that the taxes of king George were much lower than we have today but King George turned up the heat too fast. If the Founders knew what we were taxed today they would be rolling over in their graves.

The problem with the gathering today is that some government controls everywhere. The Dutch or somebody controls Greenland, Iceland has their own government so we cannot go there. The only place we could go unmolested is Antarctica and that is 60 below zero. There is one place that we could go and it covers three quarters of the earth. Is it possible that three quarters of the earth is covered in water for a reason? Was that part of a Divine Providence to prepare a place for the gathering in the last days? It is entirely possible; the international waters are the only place to gather that is not under the control of any government.

Audience: The United Nations is trying to put controls in place for the oceans.

JJ: Yes, they are trying to come up with schemes to control the oceans and that is why we must move the process of the gathering along. If we can get cities built on the oceans and establish them as nation states before they gain control then we can have an in road to expansion and declare ourselves free from all the governments of the earth.

Audience: We would have to develop our own government and become a nation. How many people would that require? There is a guy who had his own little oil well offshore and so he deemed himself a nation but he did not have rules and a government and people to govern so they denied him nation status.

JJ: There is this other guy who has a nation. He went and claimed a platform off of England that was left after the great war and he is recognized as a nation and has his own banking system. It is a floating island and he makes money banking. He may have a couple of dozen people out there and he is recognized as a nation state.

Audience: They had a show on Discovery where they built a ship big enough to be a city. It is called Freedom Ship.

JJ: that is not built yet though. It is a planned project that has not materialized yet, and it is suppose to house 50,000 people. If it is a ship it has to be linked to some nation and I do not know what he is going to do but maybe he will try to be linked with a country where he has to pay the lowest taxes.

In order to produce a gathering where we are going to build a city that floats upon the sea, we are not talking about 5 or a dozen people, my first step is to get my books permeating society so that we can get about 10,000 people and more people interested in this because if we try to this with a small amount of people it will amount to nothing. It would be a great first step we can get something like the Di Vinci Code to grab attention. Let’s suppose Dan Brown wanted to build a city on the sea and he wrote a book about it. He could probably get plenty of people interested in this as popular of an author as he is.

So, the first step is to permeate society with the idea. The people that we get will not be all metaphysical and it will be like when people first came to America. The call was sent forth and the saying was that the streets of America are paved with gold – come to America and have a new and better life. So people that just wanted a new and better life got on a ship and came to America.

So when we build the cities of light, the call will go forth to come to the cities of light and you will have freedom, you will not be taxed 50%. It will be 10% and it may be even voluntary. We haven’t got all the details worked out but when the time comes we will have the basic details worked out and it will be much better than it is now. And when they see that there is a new system of government that supplies more freedom than we have ever had before in a time when we have more technology than we have ever had before many people will fall in love with this idea. Many already have. They say, if there was a place where we could gather to have maximum freedom, minimum taxes, maximum light, maximum education, if we work to put together a system like they did with America making it better than the kingdom governments it would attract thousands and eventually millions of people.

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 33

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Cities on the Ocean

So how do we build such a city? There are a number of ways that we have looked into and one of the materials that are a possibility is Pykrete and what that is basically is ice mixed with sawdust and then frozen. They were going to make a platform out of this on the great lakes just before the great war ended. You mix sawdust and water and it produces a substance that is almost indestructible. It has to be kept frozen. The idea was to use the Pykrete as the platform and then build on top of it. They were going to create a re-fueling station using this. They built a mock up in the great lakes and used a 1 HP motor to freeze a large platform.
Everything went successfully as planned. Keep in mind this was done with the technology of the 1940’s. After they got started it looked like they were winning the war and did not need it and discarded it.

There is another idea this Japanese guy invented a process where they can remove the minerals themselves from the water. He has a very simple process where he can remove the minerals from the sea and then use the minerals as building blocks like concrete and then build right in the sea with the minerals that are extracted from the sea. He has quite a plan drawn up for an island that can resist a category 5 Hurricane. He has posted the details on the Internet and it is quite interesting.

There are a number of different methods that can be used. Our good friend Rick on the Keys has created a new type of building block that is made from a synthetic and he claims that we can build structures that will float in the air and we could have floating cities above the sea and cities floating on the sea as well.

So there are a number of materials that we can examine and pick the one that would work best. There is definitely a lot of possibilities in taking minerals out of the sea and using them for building blocks. Before the building blocks are created there is quite a bit of gold that we could extract and also uranium. Another thing that is in the sea that can be sold are plants for medicine, more than you would find in rain forests. They say that the sea has an abundance of these as well and this could be sold along with the gold and uranium.

Right now they are doing experiments on extracting different types of secretions from the various plants down on the ocean floor and they say that they may even find a cure for many cancers down there. So there is a tremendous potential in farming different things from the sea. From raising things like salmon and different types of fish to extracting gold, uranium, minerals, creating building blocks and building the cities right there in the sea itself.

Wave power also has great potential. They are getting very close to converting wave power so that it can be used for commercial power. They have these buoys and put them at different levels in the sea and the motion is used to create electricity. In several places and off the coast of Scotland they are working on using this technology to power cities.

There are several different methods of using wave power. The point I am making here is that there are many ways for us to make money in the sea because of the technology that is developing and if there are ways to make money in the sea then we can build cities that will float upon the sea that will be self sufficient. The great part about building a city upon the sea is that we can have our own government, create our own rules and create something that has never been created before. By doing this we can also prepare for the cataclysmic events and the earth changes. When the earth changes come it is only a matter of time when we will have a large land mass rise up out of the sea. The people that are prepared to jump on that land mass and claim it will be the ones that will own it.

So if we build cities on the sea and close to us a great land mass rises then we will jump on it and it will be ours. We then use that landmass to create a new country. So this is something that someone needs to prepare for because it is only a matter of time before the earth changes causes new landmasses to appear and those who are prepared for this will own the land.

Audience: Are you saying that there are landmasses that are going to appear that are not there now?

JJ: Yes

Audience: So we are going to create a landmass?

JJ: We are going to create a landmass that floats upon the sea and then when a cataclysmic event happens and a new land mass appears we will be prepared to lay claim to new land that has risen from the sea. If we are not near it then I will go jump on it! (Laughter) Hopefully we will be near enough that we will be able to lay claim to it. The Atlantic Ocean would be the most desirable in most ways but you have a lot more bad weather there. The Pacific Ocean is called the Pacific because it means peace and it is much more a peaceable ocean. Some psychics believe that the land mass will rise up in the Pacific Ocean but I have not got a specific revelation as to where a land mass will rise up but I believe some will rise up within the next 150 to 200 years. I do not think the time is really close like many people do but I do believe it is going to be within this time frame and this will give us time to prepare for it. If a people are prepared to move and establish a government when a land mass rises up then they will have a big advantage over those who are not prepared for this.

Audience: We will not be here for this.

JJ: We can come back again. We can be here to begin building the cities in the sea.

Audience: Why do they have to build cities in the sea when we know there is a land mass coming and why would we abandoned them once we get them started?

JJ: We would not abandon them completely and we would send people over to claim the land and begin construction for a new country. We will have to have two gatherings, the first one will be sifting through the people who want to work hard, improve themselves, build and establish something new, the cities upon the sea. Then the second gathering will be a second sifting out and these will be the true lights that will be gathered on the landmasses. Later on there will another gathering with another generation and so on. Okay are there any more questions before we end this session?

Audience: Is it possible to build cities in the shallow parts of the sea?

JJ: In the shallow areas there is another possibility and we could build walls that were say a couple square miles that would hold back the seas and then we would have actual land to build on. There are quite a few areas in the oceans that we could that with the technology that we have today, especially with unlimited building blocks that we just build right out of elements of the ocean itself.

Audience: Do you have access to that technology?

JJ: The technology is all here, the technology for Pykrete to build the ice platform have been here since 1943 for instance.

Audience: You mean using sawdust?

JJ: There is plenty of sawdust that we could buy from half a dozen different nations if we had to. Sawdust is very easy to make, as you all know and you not need a high grade of wood to make it.

Audience: What about the refrigeration, how would that work and where would you put it.

JJ: The platform is refrigerated and then frozen and then you build on top of it as it is just like normal on the top. Imagine down below us, that there was 3 feet of ice; you would not even know that the ice was there. They have already done experiments with this during World War II and it would only take a one horsepower engine to keep a large platform frozen indefinitely. Imagine what we could do with 300 horsepower?

Audience: Who is steering this thing?

JJ: It would be anchored to the bottom of the ocean. We could also create ships that would sail around the world using these for commercial ventures. It would be cheaper to build a stationary island but for those with extra money we could build ships for trading and such. The proposed Freedom Ship has a route that takes about 2 years to circle the globe in a good weather route. The man who designed the freedom ship claims it can resist a tsunami or a category 5 Hurricane because it is so large and will support 50,000 people. He has quite q few people interested in it but he does not have the money to build it yet, I think costs are about 2 billion dollars to build it and he does have the funds. He sold a lot of cabins in advance but has not begun to build it yet and he may have to return the funds if he does come through one of these days as I believe he has the funds in escrow.

Audience: What about the molecule, are we going to have to wait to build a city before we create one of those?

JJ: No, the first molecule can be created when get the people that are ready. The principles in my book “The Molecular Relationship” will be the guiding principles of the new government that will be built. If you have not read this book, I suggest that all do because it has the guiding principles for the new age. Most people that read it find it very stimulating. We are just presenting the tip of the iceberg here and I would like all to know that all the problems can be solved as we have done for centuries and as we do everyday.

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 34

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Group Meditation

Starts out with the group singing: “I Am Becoming.”

JJ: Okay, let’s join up male, female as much as possible.

Audience: Aummmmmmm

JJ: Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna, to God and the lamb, forever and ever, and ever, amen, amen and amen, let’s do this in a normal voice first and then louder the second time and even louder the third and then a moment of silence, during the period of silence you contemplate receiving and sometimes you receive and sometimes you will just get fired up. Okay let’s do this.

Audience: Completes this task and after remains in silence while contemplating receiving.

JJ: Did anyone get any impressions that they would like to share?

Audience: I saw something before we started that was funny, I saw some kind of bike in the water that someone was pedaling, there was this big leaf and as the person was pedaling it was a motor or propeller. It was made of something really rustic and was like a paddle boat but more like a bike. Then there was like a cone in the middle and everyone was sending energy to the middle of the cone.

JJ: Maybe this is how we will navigate around the city.

End of session

Audience: Aum, for a couple of minutes.

JJ: Concentrate not only on seeing but also hearing beyond the normal range. Hearing the voice of the spirit spoken by the Master Himself. Here the voice spoken, which says, come up higher, hear this voice and concentrate in a moment of silence.

As this voice registers with you, you feel yourself being lifted up and coming up higher. And above you is a point of light and as you raise yourself up you enter into the point and go through the point. As you go through the point you enter into a great light and on the other side is the city of the New Jerusalem, shining with great light and all the colors of the rainbow represented and shining all around it. There are 12 doors, 12 entranceways guarded by angels and you are gravitating to one of the entranceways. You are standing before one of the doorways and there are two angels, one on each side, the angels feel your vibration and tell you pass through and they smile.

The city is composed of matter where thoughts materialize and de-materialize. When you first enter through it just seems to be filled with a cloud of light and whatever you think begins to form. First of all we all want to meet together and as we think this we see everybody in this room gathering together in a circle again.

We want to see the Master who called us here. He materializes in the center of the circle. And chairs appear before us and we all sit with the Master sitting in a chair in the middle. We have all gathered around Him. He looks at us one by one as if He is reading our minds, our souls and our thoughts. And He says to us, I am going to introduce you to your Solar Angel,  a higher reflection of yourself. It can guide you wherever you want to go and will answer any question that you feel is pertinent to ask.

He raises His right arm and as He raises it a number of angelic beings descend to all members of the group. You look at your Solar Angel and you see a unique entity that seems very familiar to you. When you look at your Solar Angel you feel tremendous love and you understand that your Solar Angel has passed through every possible thing that you are now passing through. He understands every problem that you have, every hope and every dream. He has been through these things and He has overcome. He knows that you can over come. He knows that you have your doubts, your difficulties but He knows that you will overcome because He has been there and He rose above all things, Now look at your Solar angel and ask Him what advice do you have for me? Are you going to be with me; are you going to help me? Are you going to be accessible? Contemplate the next minute or two communing and being one with your Solar Angel.

Now your Solar Angel looks at you and raises His hands up placing one hand on your head and one hand upon your heart center which is between your shoulder blades on your back and you feel a burning within your heart that is stimulating energy circulating within your head. He says to you, “I give unto you the blessings of the most high, the power to overcome is within you and will be with you always and I will be with you always. I am awakened and you are awakening, you are as my child and I am as your parent and I love you with a parent’s love and I will never be far from you. You are never far from any of these beings like myself – we are all connected – we all help and we all assist. When humanity does this same thing then the kingdom of God will be upon the earth as it is in heaven.”

JJ Repeat after me; “Let the will of God manifest on earth as it is in heaven.”

Audience: “Let the will of God manifest on earth as it is in heaven.”

JJ: “Let me ascend in consciousness even as is my solar angel.”

Audience:  “Let me ascend in consciousness even as is my solar angel.”

JJ: “I love my fellow human beings even as my solar angel loves me.”

Audience: “I love my fellow human beings even as my solar angel loves me.”

JJ and audience: Aum…..

JJ: The solar angel opens the door and you look out this door and you see planet earth, He says, behold the people are waiting for what you have to offer them. They are crying out for help and yet they know not what they want. You must discern what they want and need and give it to them. Humanity knows not how to elevate itself and it must learn through trial and error, but you see a little more than the average person out there and you can help. If every child that contacts his solar angel does his part then everyone will be assisted and everyone will ascend in consciousness. Heaven and earth will eventually be one.

JJ & Audience: Aum…

JJ: Concentrate on the union of heaven and earth that which is in heaven manifesting here on the earth in harmony as we sound the three great sounds of the Aum.

JJ & Audience: 1st sound beginning of ideas.

JJ: This symbolizes the beginning of the ideas of God. His original idea is that all creation will enjoy His presence and be as if heaven is everywhere.

JJ & Audience: 2nd sound the power to bring these ideas forth.

JJ & Audience: 3rd sound a consummating sound, finishing the sound of the word.

JJ & Audience: Final sound.

End of meditation

JJ: We will send the microphone around and listen to what you have to say about your experience.

Audience: Female member: I was saying everything you were saying and I saw the door and I was floating, the door was a triangular shape. When I went in there a bright mist and everyone appeared and the chairs were floating and they were half egg shape that we fit perfectly on. I saw my solar angel and of course it was the same one that talked to me and that was it.

Male member: I saw a lot of what you were explaining and at some point my physical body started to react to it, getting hot and sweaty and I had to sit down.

JJ: It probably stimulated your chakras.

Annie: It felt like I was on fire and I often do that, and I just kept standing. When we were holding hands I thought this is really safe and secure and a really good place to be, and it was.

Female member: The message I got was that I am still I am only with a higher consciousness. My solar angel was still – I was only with a higher consciousness and more experience.

Male member (Wayne): I get kept getting ahead of the story line and then you would say something that would make me repaint the thing and that happened a few times and then I followed the story line, I met the guards and one was a greeter and the other an usher and I was instructed to rebuild my body and then try it on like a suit of clothes. Then when the solar angel came, it was a test of the initiation because I looked more like the solar angel than I did in my old body. Then the solar angel was a long way from perfection and I was told that I still had work to do and that when I cleansed myself completely then I would be more representative of my solar angel. It was a pleasant experience.

Female member: When we approached the city the light felt very warm and comforting, peaceful. What struck me most when we went in through this gate was that the city was alive, breathing, pulsating, this so alive. My solar angel told me all the things that you were saying.

Female member: I had an impression when we were first meditating after we did the song that the coming destructive forces would affect the animals as well and there’s got to be a way to help them as well as ourselves. When I was approaching the city I felt two angels and I saw my aunt Helen peeking out from behind the door before coming in and she was very spiritual.

Female member: I had some bodily sensations and when we opened the door and looked at the planet I could see we are a cry baby planet and it is something that felt familiar and I have always been concerned about humanity.

Male member: Somewhere in the meditation the fear that I had felt left me.

Male member: I just keep getting caught between here and there, I am not asleep I am in between. I am aware but that is all.

Female member: When we first started doing the meditations I noticed a lot of pain in my upper hips. It was as though somebody showed me how stand without pain finally. They positioned me correctly and this energy was pulsing, this energy was showing me how to move in my body. The next time we were doing the meditation I heard very clearly that I came in as a woman to learn to receive. And you are the queen and you will learn to receive. It has always been much more natural for me to send even though I am a female and I am here to learn to receive.

Male member: I got the impression to go forth and serve and be humble and there will be no limit to your joy and peace.

Male member Assaf: The main that experience I had was the fire in my chakra. Many years now I have had these problems with what feels like heartburn and burping and things of this nature, their work done on this when we were in the city, like a fire walking on it. That was my experience.

Male member: This was the first time I was really able to experience this and I feel most comfortable with this group than I ever have before with any other group.
Everything worked out right, mostly just a great feeling of peace and joy.

Female member: I did not feel connected at first until I was in the city and the room sitting in the chairs that were form fitting and floating. My solar angel was a new experience and he was a very pleasant fellow. He had a wonderful message of my own thinking, I am not a very emotional person and I felt a spark in my heart chakra and now I know it is there.

Female member: When we came up to the city I saw an old city and it was just so bright and seemed to be almost translucent. Then we came through the doors and I knew that Christ would meet me there and I felt a lot of fear, I wanted to pull away and leave and not stand before Christ, I saw my solar angel and she was before me and said fear not for this is the work that you are supposed to be working on right now in this moment. Do not be afraid of Christ, you are perfect and who you are supposed to be, stand and receive this blessing. When she touched me, I still wanted to run and did not want to look into Christ’s face and feel any judgment from Him. So when she touched me (Deep emotion in her voice) I felt all that go away and only love was left and I knew it was coming from The Christ and this changed me.

You talked yesterday about we need to go through our foundation belief system, see where we went off course and lay a new foundation, become as a child again and begin anew. I was raised in a Pentecostal church and all that goes with this, the old foundation beliefs of the religious mantra. She, my solar angel did not tell me with words but when she touched me she relayed to me that I have to let all of that go, those beliefs are not Christ’s. This was a healing for me and I really, really want to go back there.


Female member: We were all floating over the ocean and the city was up ahead on an island, it was beautiful, translucent with every color of the rainbow, we popped into the courtyard of this building and it was a rectangle building. When you said go through the door I started at door one and the group was already in there, the guards crossed their spears and I could not enter into door one so I went on to the next door, same thing happened, so kept going and I finally got in at door twelve. Everyone was already beginning. I ran to the chair, sat down and there was a fire pit in the middle of our group, Annie was across from me dressed in a long blue dress on with a headband, almost looked as though it was Native American but it was not – more of the Minoan artwork. Annie walked up and had this liquid and threw it on the fire and the fire went up really big and bright lights began to form, then I felt this bright light come down and permeate me and this was happening to all of us and then we floated up like a cross up into the this bright ball of energy. My body began to leave me and as it did lights began to sparkle as it faded away and fell to the ground and that was it.


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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 35

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JJ: I am glad you got in so you could share that with us. We had a New Jerusalem meditation on the keys and I think someone has it compiled somewhere and if anyone is interested you may want to go through it even though we have not finished it yet. It takes you quite a distance in meditation through the New Jerusalem.

Audience member: I think it is in the file section on yahoo groups.

JJ: One of the things we have taught much about is soul contact. To really be able to understand a principle one has to have soul contact. Let us go back to the temperature again. If you say the temperature outside is 95 degrees, you are given a piece of data and with that piece of data you learn only one thing and that is that in a certain place at a certain time the temperature is 95 degrees. But if you give a guy a thermometer or teach him the principle behind how it works than he can figure out what the temperature is at any time and any place on the planet that he wants to go. He can get millions of pieces of data with understanding this one principle. He can make many thermometers and place them all over the world and figure out the temperature everywhere on the planet. He could even send thermometers to Mars if he wanted to.

This is just what he can do with just one principle. To really see the principle behind things the person needs to be in contact with the soul. I call the language of the soul, the language of principles. The soul does not speak in data, but in principles, and this is where some of the psychics go astray because many of them just go after data. When they go after data and they reach the places in the astral area where there are certain recordings that are available. They are all jumbled up and unless a person understands a principle behind it he will get pieces of information here and there. This is why psychics are sometimes right and sometimes wrong. Sometimes that they will be right on with the info and sometimes they will be way off with the info. They do not understand the principle of why they are getting what they are getting. They understand what they are getting but they do not understand why.

Now this is the difference between a Master and the rest of us because the Master understands why He is getting what He is getting. The Master is touch with the higher worlds and the intuitive world which goes above the emotional, physical brain and astral mind. The intuitive world is where principles are spoken. The people that reside in these higher worlds can communicate in an instant because they are communicating in the language of principles rather than data.

Have you ever had an instance where you had an idea come to you and the idea was so profound that you felt you could write a book about it? You are touching the soul and bringing the higher concepts from the higher spheres. Now when you understand how things work then you are approaching the soul and the language of principles.

One of the greatest principles to understand, and this is incorporated and illustrated in the book, is the law of correspondences, does anyone understand this law and can you explain it?

Audience: Wayne: I have heard explained that as above so it is below. That patterns, repeat endlessly through nature.

JJ: I remember when I gave a class on this and the next day I saw my wife was out in her garden, and she looked like she was just having a wonderful time. She came in with a big smile on her face and she said I have been thinking about the law of correspondences and I have been looking at these flowers reminding me of this and that. Just being in the garden that day made her think of all kinds of truths by observing the plants and nature. I enjoyed hearing this from her very much.

JJ: A lot of this illustrates the correspondence of truth and this is illustrated in the book Eternal Words and it ends with what is called the grand tour. The main character is taken on a tour of what is below and what is above. I believe you will find it quite fascinating.

When the atomic scientists first started studying the atom they began to use the law of correspondences. They thought that maybe the atom is like a solar system. Their thinking was that if they took the sun and the solar system that maybe they would find something similar in the atom. They theorized that the atom had a nucleus like a sun and circled about something like electrons. Then when they began to look deeper they found that the atom was similar to the solar system but much more uniform, much more flawlessly put together. In our universe each sun is different from every other sun but every atom of hydrogen seemed like every other atom of hydrogen. This leads to a truth that needs to dawn upon us which is, “as above so below but not exactly.”

In the Bible God says, “behold I do all things new.” This is a scripture that all Christianity ignores because they say that God does everything the same. They look forward to a heaven of sameness with the same thing going on all the time and somehow we are going to be happy doing the same thing over and over again. But even if the same thing is fun, is it always fun doing it over and over?

When I was a kid I just loved Hershey bars and I thought I could never get enough of them. My dream was that my Mom would come home with a big pile of them and say, go for it! I can’t remember ever getting enough to fill me up. I was a little like a dog you know; you feed your dog, and we were just talking about this with the Wong’s, Have you ever given dog enough so that he was full? I have had several dogs and I do not remember the dog ever getting full. He can always take one more bite of something he likes and he could always find a space for it.

Anyway, when I finally started making my own money I started stuffing myself with all the sweets I could and got sick for a while and then I did not want any more Hershey chocolate anymore and I became more moderate. It was not that much fun to eat anymore. Now the Christians have these two contrasting scriptures, “I am the same yesterday, today and forever” and “behold I do all things new.” If we read it in context could they both be true? In other words God is the same yesterday and a dependable guy is what it means. We look at God, Christ or any advanced being, He is dependable, we can depend on Him yesterday, today and forever, but that does not mean that He is not doing something new.

There are new things going on all the time but the common belief, even in metaphysics and new age circles is that we are going to reach a point where there is going to be nothing new. We are going to incarnate so many lives and then after we get off the wheel of re-birth we are going to some Nirvana and have that bliss forever. Is that teaching any different from the Christian or any other religious teaching that after you finish your work that you go to this bliss forever? The only difference is that in Eastern teaching you go through many lifetimes and then bliss forever, and in the Christian teachings and many others you have one life and then go the bliss forever. There is not a lot of difference in the end product – that the way it is going to be – we are just going to go to a place where we have bliss forever whether we have one lifetime or a thousand or a million. However many lifetimes it is, in the whole scheme of things, it is like the snap of a finger. So when this is over are we just going into a static position forever?

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