Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 28

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You seem like a pretty sensitive person, have you ever gone into the future?

Audience: I think I did once or twice but I really do not remember.

JJ: We took Shirley into the future and she came up with some fascinating stuff, let’s see what you might come up with. Okay, get comfortable and close your eyes. Visualize your body totally relaxing, first your legs are totally relaxing, you see a beam of light shining down your leg, tingling and relaxing every muscle in your leg, first your right leg and now your left leg, your right arm and now left arm, your face, your neck and all the rest of your body, this beam of light is shining all over your body relaxing every possible muscle. Now you feel yourself on this boat again in the middle of the crystal clear water. You look in the water and it looks so alive and clear and you see fish swimming down there and you are going to turn right and go to the right shore this time at the top of the lake. You get out of the boat on the shore and there is a stairway that goes up ten steps and after the ten steps it is going to take you into the future. Your soul can see into the future and understands the most probable lives that you will most likely have. You will go into the future and see everything as if it were in the present. You are going up the steps, first step, second, third, fourth, fifth, feel almost like you are lifted up, sixth, seventh, eighth, nine, ten, you are going into a future life and you know who you are.

Audience member: A woman, I do not get a name.

JJ: What do you see around you?

Audience member: It is like a city in a way but there are not tall buildings, it is more like you go underground and that is where the living spaces are.

JJ: Was there a war or anything like that?

Audience member: No it is a way to save the environment from harm by keeping less of an impact on the surface. There are a lot of plants and trees and that is really cherished and allowed to be the way it is. People can go up to the surface and commune there. Living underground helps with the heating and cooling of the living spaces.

JJ: How far into the future are you, what year is it?

Audience member: 2038 is what I am getting.

JJ: Has there been any earth changes?

Audience member: Oh yes, there are a lot less people.

JJ: Less people because of earth changes, war or both?

Audience member: It seems like both, lots of changes with the temperature or climate.

JJ: Is it warmer or colder?

Audience member: Warmer, tropical in a way.

JJ: Is that why they are living underground?

Audience member: Partly yes, yes.

JJ: Is there still quite a bit of technology or have we lost some of it?

Audience member: It is just different, it is like people decided to do things differently so some of the technology is not needed anymore, we just don’t want it or need it. It is simplified it seems like, yea.

JJ: Do people still have TV sets?

Audience member: I do not see that no, I am not getting many details about the living spaces, mostly just view from the outside. There are not many people outside but a few are meditating and things like that. Communing with nature.

JJ: Okay, very good. I am going to count to three and you are going to be in the present, one, two, and three. Thank you very much. There are just a few minutes left does anyone have any questions on this before we continue? Let’s end with a short get together. Annie, please come up here. You look into each others eyes and you share your souls with each other and you say something like this, Annie, I share with you the pure love of Christ, you and I are one. Say that back to me.

Audience member Annie: JJ, I share with you the pure love of Christ, you and I are one.

JJ: Okay, then we give each other a hug. We are going to do this with everyone in the room.

End of this session

JJ: We are going to talk about several aspects of the gathering, the cities of light and what type of government we will have once the gathering has taken place and whether it will be like the governments we have today or something different. We are going to recap the basics of the gathering. Often I have talked about what is called the gathering principle, what is the gathering principle, does anyone know?

Audience member Assaf: Evolution

JJ: Assaf is on the right track. The gathering principle does produce evolution, why?

Audience member: Creates a point of tension.

JJ: Yes.

Audience member Wayne: In the natural course of events, for instance one way you can say it is returning home from the source. We go out like all creation and then we come back in and on the incoming trip it is called the gathering. The gathering principle mainly refers to the gathering of humanity.

JJ: Wayne made a very good point. According to the science we all began with a big bang and all the particles of the universe scattered all over. Active intelligence then gathers all matter into the galaxies, stars and planets, then they live out their lives and finally they are gathered back home to the point of a singularity. Then there is another big bang and we begin again and that is kind of how the theory supposedly goes. So there is a scattering and a gathering, a scattering and a gathering and this is the way nature works is it not? Right now on the earth those people who are considered the lights of the earth – are they gathered or scattered?

Audience: Scattered

JJ: Scattered all over the place. Look how you guys are scattered all over. We had to have a gathering principle to be able to have intimate spiritual session like we have right here. Annie, all the way from Denmark, Assaf from Israel, Mindy from Sterling, Illinois of all places, Shelly from Olympia, Washington and that is really God’s country. Me, Artie, and Wayne from the big city of Boise, Idaho.

When we look at the beginning of the evolution of everything, after the big bang, subatomic particles were created, they gather together to produce bigger subatomic particles and these particles gather together until atoms are created and then electrons circling around the atoms and the atoms gather together to create molecules, and molecules gather together to create larger compounds and these gather together to create cells and life. The cells gather together to create small organisms, the small organisms gather together to create bigger life forms, these bigger life forms gather together to produce plants, the plants gather together to evolve and produce animals, the animals gather together and evolve to produce bodies for humans and we gather together and evolve to produce what?

Audience: God

JJ: To produce the Kingdom of God. But in between the beginning of man and the Kingdom of God there are a number of gatherings that take place for humanity. First of we began our evolution in a tribal family type living. We lived in large families and the families gathered together and they produced tribes. The tribes gathered together and they produced kingdoms. Then the kingdoms become so tyrannical that people did not really like living in them and they began to outlive their usefulness. So instead of kingdoms gathering together we had a different type of gathering, people gathered out of the kingdoms and came to a new land called the Americas and they wanted to build something better.

When they got here did they build another kingdom, or did they build something else? They created a democracy or a republic as it is technically called. This was created through the gathering of lights. Some of the most enlightened people on the planet got together and said the old ways are not good enough for us anymore and so they got together and wrote something like, We the people in order to form a more perfect union – they wrote the constitution, a declaration of independence, a bill of rights and all kinds of good stuff that made life a lot better for us.

But then just like when the kingdoms were formed everyone was enthused about them and at the later end of them they became crystallized and everybody wanted to move out of them. Now much of the world has type of democracy, many people are unhappy with the governments they are under and so again the same idea that gathered out of the kingdoms to form something better is happening again.

Many people are going to gather out of the competitive democracies to try and form something better. Because many of the democracies are crystallizing and becoming much more like the old kingdoms were. There are more and more laws, we have so many laws on the books it boggles the mind and if we were to enforce them all we would live in a sorry state. You know there are laws against spitting on the sidewalk, kissing longer than thirty seconds, laws against cars going more than 5 miles an hour through main street that they have been not taken off the books. When cars first came out you know, all kinds of weird laws were passed that are still on the books. Rather than getting rid of all the old laws we just keep passing new ones. What was that wrestler’s name, the Governor of Minnesota?

Audience: Jesse Ventura

JJ: Jesse Ventura came up with a heck of a good idea. He said we should spend two thirds of our time passing laws and then stop and spend a third of our time examining laws we can do away with. None of the lawmakers liked that idea, and why did they not like that idea? Why is it the people governing us do not like any ideas that shrink government?

It is because of the way they see their job description. They see their job description to exercise power, make laws and spend the people’s money. We do not see this, but they do and as soon as they get into power they sit around and figure out how to spend money. Then we grumble that they spend money as a whole but we pat the local guy on the back who is from our state who spends money and say, you did a good job so I guess we will put you back in because you brought some money to build us a bunch more parks and save the raccoons. But we hate this guy over in New York who spent all this money to save whatever is over there.

The public hates the idea that we are spending so much money as a whole but they love it when it is spent on them. And so we have this situation where each representative feels it is their job to spend as much money as they can and to spend so much they have to tax us to death and we let them do it. So they spend a lot of time sitting around figuring out how to tax us without us complaining too much. They tax us more and more and more and we grumble more and more and more but then we pat the guy on the back that comes home and brings money to build some useless project.

It is strange the way that goes. What people do not see is that it is silly of us to grumble about them doing their job well. Because we have given them the impression it appears that we want them to spend lots of money and we have given them the impression that their job description is to spend money. So why should we grumble when that is their job description?

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