Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 32

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JOne of the differences between the government in the new age and the old age will be the coming government of the new age will be self-correcting. The problem with all the governments in the past whether they be kingdom, or republic or whatever they may have been is that they get together and at first replace the old system and maybe the new system is a little bit better or worse, but as soon as the new system gets put into place it begins to get a strong bureaucratic structure that follows the mark of the authoritative beast. It controls with strong authority and it gets more and more restrictive of its citizens until it crystallizes and strangles the people more and more until it collapses. This happens again and again and again.

Most of the governments in the Americas and Europe are fairly new historically speaking but they are in the process of implementing more regulations and laws and the citizens are becoming more and more strangled and restricted. Right now in the U.S. the average person is taxed over 50% if all taxes are considered. In Denmark they are taxed about 60% for income tax and then a sales tax on top of that. In most of Europe it is worse because they have older governments than we have and they have learned to get even more out of its citizens than we have but we are not that far behind. A lot of people say, you know Europe pays $6 a gallon for gas why shouldn’t we. Annie, how much do they sell gas for in Europe?

Annie: 10 krone, what is that about a dollar and half and a liter is about a third of a gallon of gas.

JJ: So overall a gallon of gas in Europe is usually twice as high as it is here and in most places. People said that in Europe before the price of gas went up so much, why shouldn’t we have to pay higher as well. Now that the price of gas is rising they are not saying that so much anymore. It is not a logical argument to say because another country is paying more for something that we should pay more as well.

How far is it from one end of Denmark to the other?

Annie: Generally like 400 kilometers. So people do not have to travel as far.

JJ: That is a good point. So what happens is all these governments get tighter and tighter and more restrictions until there is some type of collapse unless there is some type renewal, which does not happen very often. It could happen if enough enlightened people organized in one country and it could be revitalized but they would have to go against the beast of authority there, which is always in control and makes it very difficult.

The way most governments are renewed is if they collapse and on the ashes of the old government a new one is built and two thirds of the time a new is built and is worse and maybe a third of the time a new one will be better. So what we want to look at is how long before these governments in the U.S. and Europe collapse under their own weight. People have made guesses. Some say 50 years, 100 years, but most people that have thought about it say that unless something reverses the trend that we are in, the governments of the Europe and the U.S. will collapse.

Probably the communist government in China will collapse and be replaced by democracy for a while. The government of the Soviet Union collapsed or was transformed and it is better than the one before but it has not matured yet so we have to wait and see where it is going how long it will last.

Audience: There is something I always wondered and maybe you know the answer to and it is this, you were talking about the tax rate of 50% here in the U.S. and I was wondering what the percentage was when we rebelled against King George.

JJ: It was much less. We rebelled against the tax on tea in the Boston harbor and it was just a couple pennies on the dollar. I can’t remember exactly what it was but when I found out that it was such a small amount – that people today would not even grumble about. But they were being taxed with out being represented and it made them mad. The taxes of King George were a lot less than the taxes we pay today. But it is like the story of the frog being boiled in water. You put a frog in a pot of boiling water and it will jump out and not come back, but if you put the frog in a pot of cool water the frog will stay. Then you slowly turn the heat up and before the frog is aware he gets boiled to death. This is the way we are, the government slowly raises taxes and fees and by the time we realize it, it is too late to change anything. What is interesting is that the taxes of king George were much lower than we have today but King George turned up the heat too fast. If the Founders knew what we were taxed today they would be rolling over in their graves.

The problem with the gathering today is that some government controls everywhere. The Dutch or somebody controls Greenland, Iceland has their own government so we cannot go there. The only place we could go unmolested is Antarctica and that is 60 below zero. There is one place that we could go and it covers three quarters of the earth. Is it possible that three quarters of the earth is covered in water for a reason? Was that part of a Divine Providence to prepare a place for the gathering in the last days? It is entirely possible; the international waters are the only place to gather that is not under the control of any government.

Audience: The United Nations is trying to put controls in place for the oceans.

JJ: Yes, they are trying to come up with schemes to control the oceans and that is why we must move the process of the gathering along. If we can get cities built on the oceans and establish them as nation states before they gain control then we can have an in road to expansion and declare ourselves free from all the governments of the earth.

Audience: We would have to develop our own government and become a nation. How many people would that require? There is a guy who had his own little oil well offshore and so he deemed himself a nation but he did not have rules and a government and people to govern so they denied him nation status.

JJ: There is this other guy who has a nation. He went and claimed a platform off of England that was left after the great war and he is recognized as a nation and has his own banking system. It is a floating island and he makes money banking. He may have a couple of dozen people out there and he is recognized as a nation state.

Audience: They had a show on Discovery where they built a ship big enough to be a city. It is called Freedom Ship.

JJ: that is not built yet though. It is a planned project that has not materialized yet, and it is suppose to house 50,000 people. If it is a ship it has to be linked to some nation and I do not know what he is going to do but maybe he will try to be linked with a country where he has to pay the lowest taxes.

In order to produce a gathering where we are going to build a city that floats upon the sea, we are not talking about 5 or a dozen people, my first step is to get my books permeating society so that we can get about 10,000 people and more people interested in this because if we try to this with a small amount of people it will amount to nothing. It would be a great first step we can get something like the Di Vinci Code to grab attention. Let’s suppose Dan Brown wanted to build a city on the sea and he wrote a book about it. He could probably get plenty of people interested in this as popular of an author as he is.

So, the first step is to permeate society with the idea. The people that we get will not be all metaphysical and it will be like when people first came to America. The call was sent forth and the saying was that the streets of America are paved with gold – come to America and have a new and better life. So people that just wanted a new and better life got on a ship and came to America.

So when we build the cities of light, the call will go forth to come to the cities of light and you will have freedom, you will not be taxed 50%. It will be 10% and it may be even voluntary. We haven’t got all the details worked out but when the time comes we will have the basic details worked out and it will be much better than it is now. And when they see that there is a new system of government that supplies more freedom than we have ever had before in a time when we have more technology than we have ever had before many people will fall in love with this idea. Many already have. They say, if there was a place where we could gather to have maximum freedom, minimum taxes, maximum light, maximum education, if we work to put together a system like they did with America making it better than the kingdom governments it would attract thousands and eventually millions of people.

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