An Ocean of Problems

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Larry W. makes some good points that we must take into consideration concerning gathering on the seas, or Seasteading as it is called today.

(1) Someone must come up with a gigantic INITIAL INVESTMENT and then face constant maintenance far beyond that of land based buildings.

You are right, the investment would be large. This is why I have taught that we will need to have between 5,000-10,000 people interested before we proceed toward such an enterprise. If we were to start with even a view hundred it would most likely fail as it would lack the resources and funding to create a desirable quality of life and if the quality of life is not good then the project will fail.

I just watched the video Sterling recommended .

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It presented the idea of finding a small nation and buying our way into power and turning it into a free nation with no taxes that will gather freedom-loving individuals from around the world.

I have also considered this idea but there are several problems with it.

First one would need billions in capital.
Second – few people who have power are willing to relinquish it at any price. Most are willing to see their country destroyed before yielding it.

On the other hand, if one had the means and did find a country willing to give up it’s identity for a payoff then this could work. I just wouldn’t bet my grandmother’s operation money on this coming to pass.

A more viable alternative would be to purchase an island or large tract of land from a third world nation in need of funds and secure autonomy so the gathered people will have power to govern themselves within a designated land area. Even here the residents would need to be prepared to defend themselves from a possible warlord who may decide he wants to steal the fruit of their labors.

Thus the gathering force needs to be in the thousands and the financing in the billions before a new government can be created.

This is why the first major step will be a gathering under an already established government in areas such as Boise or Sterling’s Safe Haven in Utah. All one has to do to gather around like minded friends is to move until the greater gatherings come.

(2) A crew formed by spiritual development criteria rather than affinity for the sea or knowledge or skill of the sea presents ALL the problems of IGNORANCE. Ignorance on the part of a crew in building framing work, for example, is disastrous.

Yes this will be a problem but not insurmountable. If we can go to the moon then we can do this also.

(3) The right design and material presents vast problems. One promising plan I’ve seen used concrete boat shells. However, salt water is particularly harsh on concrete.

There are all kinds of possibilities and when the time of opportunity comes then I believe the technology will be there.

In fact there is some technology that may be feasible that has been around for a long time. A promising one is Pykrete. You can read about it here:

(4) Then you face the very real problems which these various Architectural firms are attempting to resolve. Mainly community planning.

That is an important point, for bad planning has caused many planned communities to be doomed from the start. However, there have been success stories in the past and it can happen again. I am not drawling up precise details or a new constitution because we are not ready for action yet. But when the time comes, and if I am still here, then I will see to it that the planning is concise enough so everyone will know what they are getting into.
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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 33

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Cities on the Ocean

So how do we build such a city? There are a number of ways that we have looked into and one of the materials that are a possibility is Pykrete and what that is basically is ice mixed with sawdust and then frozen. They were going to make a platform out of this on the great lakes just before the great war ended. You mix sawdust and water and it produces a substance that is almost indestructible. It has to be kept frozen. The idea was to use the Pykrete as the platform and then build on top of it. They were going to create a re-fueling station using this. They built a mock up in the great lakes and used a 1 HP motor to freeze a large platform.
Everything went successfully as planned. Keep in mind this was done with the technology of the 1940’s. After they got started it looked like they were winning the war and did not need it and discarded it.

There is another idea this Japanese guy invented a process where they can remove the minerals themselves from the water. He has a very simple process where he can remove the minerals from the sea and then use the minerals as building blocks like concrete and then build right in the sea with the minerals that are extracted from the sea. He has quite a plan drawn up for an island that can resist a category 5 Hurricane. He has posted the details on the Internet and it is quite interesting.

There are a number of different methods that can be used. Our good friend Rick on the Keys has created a new type of building block that is made from a synthetic and he claims that we can build structures that will float in the air and we could have floating cities above the sea and cities floating on the sea as well.

So there are a number of materials that we can examine and pick the one that would work best. There is definitely a lot of possibilities in taking minerals out of the sea and using them for building blocks. Before the building blocks are created there is quite a bit of gold that we could extract and also uranium. Another thing that is in the sea that can be sold are plants for medicine, more than you would find in rain forests. They say that the sea has an abundance of these as well and this could be sold along with the gold and uranium.

Right now they are doing experiments on extracting different types of secretions from the various plants down on the ocean floor and they say that they may even find a cure for many cancers down there. So there is a tremendous potential in farming different things from the sea. From raising things like salmon and different types of fish to extracting gold, uranium, minerals, creating building blocks and building the cities right there in the sea itself.

Wave power also has great potential. They are getting very close to converting wave power so that it can be used for commercial power. They have these buoys and put them at different levels in the sea and the motion is used to create electricity. In several places and off the coast of Scotland they are working on using this technology to power cities.

There are several different methods of using wave power. The point I am making here is that there are many ways for us to make money in the sea because of the technology that is developing and if there are ways to make money in the sea then we can build cities that will float upon the sea that will be self sufficient. The great part about building a city upon the sea is that we can have our own government, create our own rules and create something that has never been created before. By doing this we can also prepare for the cataclysmic events and the earth changes. When the earth changes come it is only a matter of time when we will have a large land mass rise up out of the sea. The people that are prepared to jump on that land mass and claim it will be the ones that will own it.

So if we build cities on the sea and close to us a great land mass rises then we will jump on it and it will be ours. We then use that landmass to create a new country. So this is something that someone needs to prepare for because it is only a matter of time before the earth changes causes new landmasses to appear and those who are prepared for this will own the land.

Audience: Are you saying that there are landmasses that are going to appear that are not there now?

JJ: Yes

Audience: So we are going to create a landmass?

JJ: We are going to create a landmass that floats upon the sea and then when a cataclysmic event happens and a new land mass appears we will be prepared to lay claim to new land that has risen from the sea. If we are not near it then I will go jump on it! (Laughter) Hopefully we will be near enough that we will be able to lay claim to it. The Atlantic Ocean would be the most desirable in most ways but you have a lot more bad weather there. The Pacific Ocean is called the Pacific because it means peace and it is much more a peaceable ocean. Some psychics believe that the land mass will rise up in the Pacific Ocean but I have not got a specific revelation as to where a land mass will rise up but I believe some will rise up within the next 150 to 200 years. I do not think the time is really close like many people do but I do believe it is going to be within this time frame and this will give us time to prepare for it. If a people are prepared to move and establish a government when a land mass rises up then they will have a big advantage over those who are not prepared for this.

Audience: We will not be here for this.

JJ: We can come back again. We can be here to begin building the cities in the sea.

Audience: Why do they have to build cities in the sea when we know there is a land mass coming and why would we abandoned them once we get them started?

JJ: We would not abandon them completely and we would send people over to claim the land and begin construction for a new country. We will have to have two gatherings, the first one will be sifting through the people who want to work hard, improve themselves, build and establish something new, the cities upon the sea. Then the second gathering will be a second sifting out and these will be the true lights that will be gathered on the landmasses. Later on there will another gathering with another generation and so on. Okay are there any more questions before we end this session?

Audience: Is it possible to build cities in the shallow parts of the sea?

JJ: In the shallow areas there is another possibility and we could build walls that were say a couple square miles that would hold back the seas and then we would have actual land to build on. There are quite a few areas in the oceans that we could that with the technology that we have today, especially with unlimited building blocks that we just build right out of elements of the ocean itself.

Audience: Do you have access to that technology?

JJ: The technology is all here, the technology for Pykrete to build the ice platform have been here since 1943 for instance.

Audience: You mean using sawdust?

JJ: There is plenty of sawdust that we could buy from half a dozen different nations if we had to. Sawdust is very easy to make, as you all know and you not need a high grade of wood to make it.

Audience: What about the refrigeration, how would that work and where would you put it.

JJ: The platform is refrigerated and then frozen and then you build on top of it as it is just like normal on the top. Imagine down below us, that there was 3 feet of ice; you would not even know that the ice was there. They have already done experiments with this during World War II and it would only take a one horsepower engine to keep a large platform frozen indefinitely. Imagine what we could do with 300 horsepower?

Audience: Who is steering this thing?

JJ: It would be anchored to the bottom of the ocean. We could also create ships that would sail around the world using these for commercial ventures. It would be cheaper to build a stationary island but for those with extra money we could build ships for trading and such. The proposed Freedom Ship has a route that takes about 2 years to circle the globe in a good weather route. The man who designed the freedom ship claims it can resist a tsunami or a category 5 Hurricane because it is so large and will support 50,000 people. He has quite q few people interested in it but he does not have the money to build it yet, I think costs are about 2 billion dollars to build it and he does have the funds. He sold a lot of cabins in advance but has not begun to build it yet and he may have to return the funds if he does come through one of these days as I believe he has the funds in escrow.

Audience: What about the molecule, are we going to have to wait to build a city before we create one of those?

JJ: No, the first molecule can be created when get the people that are ready. The principles in my book “The Molecular Relationship” will be the guiding principles of the new government that will be built. If you have not read this book, I suggest that all do because it has the guiding principles for the new age. Most people that read it find it very stimulating. We are just presenting the tip of the iceberg here and I would like all to know that all the problems can be solved as we have done for centuries and as we do everyday.

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