Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 35

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JJ: I am glad you got in so you could share that with us. We had a New Jerusalem meditation on the keys and I think someone has it compiled somewhere and if anyone is interested you may want to go through it even though we have not finished it yet. It takes you quite a distance in meditation through the New Jerusalem.

Audience member: I think it is in the file section on yahoo groups.

JJ: One of the things we have taught much about is soul contact. To really be able to understand a principle one has to have soul contact. Let us go back to the temperature again. If you say the temperature outside is 95 degrees, you are given a piece of data and with that piece of data you learn only one thing and that is that in a certain place at a certain time the temperature is 95 degrees. But if you give a guy a thermometer or teach him the principle behind how it works than he can figure out what the temperature is at any time and any place on the planet that he wants to go. He can get millions of pieces of data with understanding this one principle. He can make many thermometers and place them all over the world and figure out the temperature everywhere on the planet. He could even send thermometers to Mars if he wanted to.

This is just what he can do with just one principle. To really see the principle behind things the person needs to be in contact with the soul. I call the language of the soul, the language of principles. The soul does not speak in data, but in principles, and this is where some of the psychics go astray because many of them just go after data. When they go after data and they reach the places in the astral area where there are certain recordings that are available. They are all jumbled up and unless a person understands a principle behind it he will get pieces of information here and there. This is why psychics are sometimes right and sometimes wrong. Sometimes that they will be right on with the info and sometimes they will be way off with the info. They do not understand the principle of why they are getting what they are getting. They understand what they are getting but they do not understand why.

Now this is the difference between a Master and the rest of us because the Master understands why He is getting what He is getting. The Master is touch with the higher worlds and the intuitive world which goes above the emotional, physical brain and astral mind. The intuitive world is where principles are spoken. The people that reside in these higher worlds can communicate in an instant because they are communicating in the language of principles rather than data.

Have you ever had an instance where you had an idea come to you and the idea was so profound that you felt you could write a book about it? You are touching the soul and bringing the higher concepts from the higher spheres. Now when you understand how things work then you are approaching the soul and the language of principles.

One of the greatest principles to understand, and this is incorporated and illustrated in the book, is the law of correspondences, does anyone understand this law and can you explain it?

Audience: Wayne: I have heard explained that as above so it is below. That patterns, repeat endlessly through nature.

JJ: I remember when I gave a class on this and the next day I saw my wife was out in her garden, and she looked like she was just having a wonderful time. She came in with a big smile on her face and she said I have been thinking about the law of correspondences and I have been looking at these flowers reminding me of this and that. Just being in the garden that day made her think of all kinds of truths by observing the plants and nature. I enjoyed hearing this from her very much.

JJ: A lot of this illustrates the correspondence of truth and this is illustrated in the book Eternal Words and it ends with what is called the grand tour. The main character is taken on a tour of what is below and what is above. I believe you will find it quite fascinating.

When the atomic scientists first started studying the atom they began to use the law of correspondences. They thought that maybe the atom is like a solar system. Their thinking was that if they took the sun and the solar system that maybe they would find something similar in the atom. They theorized that the atom had a nucleus like a sun and circled about something like electrons. Then when they began to look deeper they found that the atom was similar to the solar system but much more uniform, much more flawlessly put together. In our universe each sun is different from every other sun but every atom of hydrogen seemed like every other atom of hydrogen. This leads to a truth that needs to dawn upon us which is, “as above so below but not exactly.”

In the Bible God says, “behold I do all things new.” This is a scripture that all Christianity ignores because they say that God does everything the same. They look forward to a heaven of sameness with the same thing going on all the time and somehow we are going to be happy doing the same thing over and over again. But even if the same thing is fun, is it always fun doing it over and over?

When I was a kid I just loved Hershey bars and I thought I could never get enough of them. My dream was that my Mom would come home with a big pile of them and say, go for it! I can’t remember ever getting enough to fill me up. I was a little like a dog you know; you feed your dog, and we were just talking about this with the Wong’s, Have you ever given dog enough so that he was full? I have had several dogs and I do not remember the dog ever getting full. He can always take one more bite of something he likes and he could always find a space for it.

Anyway, when I finally started making my own money I started stuffing myself with all the sweets I could and got sick for a while and then I did not want any more Hershey chocolate anymore and I became more moderate. It was not that much fun to eat anymore. Now the Christians have these two contrasting scriptures, “I am the same yesterday, today and forever” and “behold I do all things new.” If we read it in context could they both be true? In other words God is the same yesterday and a dependable guy is what it means. We look at God, Christ or any advanced being, He is dependable, we can depend on Him yesterday, today and forever, but that does not mean that He is not doing something new.

There are new things going on all the time but the common belief, even in metaphysics and new age circles is that we are going to reach a point where there is going to be nothing new. We are going to incarnate so many lives and then after we get off the wheel of re-birth we are going to some Nirvana and have that bliss forever. Is that teaching any different from the Christian or any other religious teaching that after you finish your work that you go to this bliss forever? The only difference is that in Eastern teaching you go through many lifetimes and then bliss forever, and in the Christian teachings and many others you have one life and then go the bliss forever. There is not a lot of difference in the end product – that the way it is going to be – we are just going to go to a place where we have bliss forever whether we have one lifetime or a thousand or a million. However many lifetimes it is, in the whole scheme of things, it is like the snap of a finger. So when this is over are we just going into a static position forever?

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