Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 26

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Sometimes I am listening to something that is very interesting and I start to feel sleepy and say to myself that this is something you have to learn and it looks like sometimes that funny feeling when I get when I have my eyes closed and I am listening and it seems as though I am absorbing the knowledge better than when I have them open. I read where one of the great composers use to put out a notebook and pencil by his nightstand and then induce him self to sleep and when he began to doze off that he would see the musical notes that he then wrote down and that is how he created the music.
This world is just created the way it is and we are arms, legs, eyes and ears for God and we have to make the best of it. And for a lifetime or two life will seem to be unfair for one person and then it balances off and he may be a king in his next life or maybe like Donald Trump. You just do never know. So basically what illusion does is this: it tricks us into believing the wrong thing. If we believe that health and disease are just whimsical, if that is a foundation belief we may be able to forgive people and not be in denial of our emotions, but if we have this basic belief that life is not fair or God is not fair or things just happen for no reason, then we are headed toward illusion.

So we have to go back to our foundation beliefs and make sure these foundation beliefs are correct. Is man basically good, evil, neutral, or what? Is life fair or is it not fair? If we understand that we did not begin at birth then we will begin to understand that over the whole course of the life of the soul that life is extremely fair and all of us have equal opportunity in the end. Maybe in this troubled time you will not have equal opportunity but over the whole life of the soul there is complete equal opportunity.

Audience: Didn’t you say something, I do not know if it was in Eternal Words or one of your other books, John quickly tried to describe why the seeming injustice, basically saying when you look at a person’s situation you are seeing just the tip of the iceberg, you can’t see their full paradigm at that time so to sit there and call it unfair is a gross miscalculation.

JJ: Yes I do not remember the exact dialogue but I think that something like that went on. Okay, are there any more questions before we close? One more thing about the sinuses I thought I would say; is that when you have problems with the sinuses it usually has to do with ideas, Lorraine has lots ideas and a real idea person. I get lots of ideas and I had sinus problems when I was younger. If the person has lots of ideas then the problem is that the sheer number scatters his energies. It’s because you can only do so much and only put your attention on so much at a time.

So if you are an idea person you have select one idea and put energy into it until that idea manifests. If you half a dozen ideas and try to make them all manifest then you will fail on all of them. I have a nephew, not Curtis but another one who had all kinds of ideas and always running them by me. He was always struggling and finally he came up with a new idea and I said you should really go with this one. The idea was to create web pages for Realtors. He lives in Salt Lake City. I said this is practical, it is something that you would be good at and you could make some money off of this. It was quite some time ago when no one was really providing this service for the home market yet. So he was the first one in Salt Lake to do this and now it is a thriving business.

He still calls me up and says, I have got this really great idea and I usually tell him that he needs to concentrate on this real estate thing and get it going good for if you scatter yourself too much you will loose it. So he is focused on that and it is hard for him because he still gets many ideas. Fortunately several of his last ideas were formed around his original idea so this doesn’t divert his energy too much. He had the idea to build a model airplane and then put a video camera in it then fly it by remote control over the house and take video pictures of the home from the air and then put it on the web. He is the only one doing that but he could not find a plane so he had one built to fit his needs. That was great idea but it was in connection with his original idea.

He still gets ideas that are completely unrelated and would take his focus of his business, so whenever he asks me about his other ideas I would try to guide him back to his business because he is doing great with it. If he started something totally different than his business would not do quite as well unless he can let his first business coast on automatic pilot.

Audience: He needs a woman.

JJ: Yes, he is a good looking guy but he is gay, women are attracted to him but unfortunately for the ladies he is not attracted to them.

Audience: I would like to ask about an underactive thyroid problems and how they manifest?

JJ: Yes, that is a good question. It could be related to both your heart center for the thyroid controls your metabolism. It could be not only be related to the heart but also your creativity because it is in the area the throat is in. You pointed out an interesting observation, that sometimes some abdomen problems are associated with eyes for instance. Some parts of the body where problems occur are created by another part of the body, which is interesting. But it is probably related to creativity in some way. Is your thyroid weak?

Audience: It had been a problem for some time and finally got diagnosed while I was attending school for acting.

JJ: My wife had an underactive thyroid when she was younger and she was taking Synthroid. Well she found out that there was natural remedy that was better for her for Synthroid destroys the thyroid. Do you take synthroid?

Audience: Yes

JJ: My wife has something that is much better for you. And it will help you thyroid revitalize itself.

Audience: See, I do not like just taking medications if at all possible because I am willing to do the work that it takes to help my body heal naturally.

JJ: You need to talk to my wife, she had a thyroid problem when she was younger and I think her creativity came to a slow crawl when she was younger because her Mom was very strict. Were your parents strict with you or did you have a constriction of your creativity when you were younger?

Audience: Yes, the church told me that I was wrong in wanting to pursue dancing and acting because those are considered almost evil.

JJ: Dancing may be more important for you than acting because dancing will actually help your metabolism regenerate somewhat. As a matter of fact in ancient Atlantis they used dancing as a means of healing.

Audience: Dancing and acting I find that I can express the best of my ability in.

JJ: So what you need to do is examine yourself and sense within what you need to do by experimenting with your creative forces and see what really feels good and when you find what feels good then do a lot of it. That is all for this session, it is time for us all to dine.

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