The Intuition, Part 3

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Audience: I have known psychics who are very accurate in looking into the future and how could that possibly be, reading the aura that is around you now?

JJ: I am saying that when they are contacting a dead person they do that through the aura. When they are trying to read the future they usually get that from their own auras unless they are trying to read the future of another person.

Audience: Wouldn’t a person using a psychic ability have to use a spiritual connection somehow to be able to get to the spiritual stuff?

JJ: Yes except I have never met a really accurate psychic.

Audience: I have, I have met psychics who have told me the basic stuff like I was going to be happily married.

JJ: That is tuning into how you feel, that is the feeling nature. I have had a number of psychic readings and some of them hit a couple of things on the head and quite a few were really far off but the thing is that a stopped clock is right twice a day; so to pick out one or two things they might have said is not really a test. There’s this guy that has a million dollar reward to anyone who can prove psychism and no one has been able to claim it yet. That is kind of interesting.

When we develop this psychism we need to realize it is not 100% accurate. It is not accurate but we can tune into our feelings and develop our relationships and this is an important thing to do while we are going through this particular phase. But as far as predicting the future I have often predicted the future not using psychism at all and just using common sense. You know people and you know how they are going to react and often times for instance when somebody meets a potential partner, and they fall crazy in love, they loose all perspective as to what is happening. They cannot see what is going to happen tomorrow in their relationship but somebody else that is fairly detached can look at him and say, you know after you are married to this person for about two months you will wind up hating each other because you are different in this way and you do not see it now because you are crazy in love. But once the dust is settled you will not be able to stand this person and it turns out to be true.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: You are not psychic, you just know the guy and you know that this gal will drive him crazy once he wakes up to the fact that he was just attracted for other reasons.

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: When the person is in love and he really wants it to work then he cannot predict his future at all and he is oblivious to what his future may be. Maybe a good friend can look with detachment and tell him very accurately what will happen. As the person progresses through the psychic world he learns to discriminate. Some of them learn to get fairly accurate because they can tap into the Akashic Records and they are actually in the higher astral and the thing is, it is a little bit like a kaleidoscope and you know how you turn it a little and you see jumbled up beautiful patterns? This is a little like what the psychic sees when he looks into the Akashic Records and he can’t sort out whether this piece belonged to yesterday or tomorrow or to this person or that person and he will make these predictions on what he sees and every once in a while he will get one that is really close and then other times he will be ten miles off and he can’t figure out why he just can’t get it right all the time because that would be kind of nice.

It takes a Master to go to the Akashic Records and read them accurately because if a person is polarized in the emotional world then he cannot read them accurately, but every once in a while he will get something right on. For instance, Jeane Dixon predicted the Kennedy assassination and I have never really seen the actual prediction. I kept hearing that for many years since she predicted it and after the event she told everybody how she predicted it but I never read it before hand. But lets take her word for it that she did get that one right on. I followed her career and read all of her prophecies and at least 90% of them did not come true. But she did get that one. She must have been looking at the Akashic Records and got that one right..

So every once in a while a psychic will get something that is right on, but what they get will be impressive enough to the feeling nature that people who are into the feeling nature will be impressed. Emotionally polarized people are always more impressed with psychics than people that are in the mental nature and that is because the psychics are very good at tuning into how you feel and saying things that are agreeable with your feelings.

I have seen psychic’s give a reading to a very strong feeling orientated person that I thought did not make any sense at all but they thought it was just wonderful because it struck their feelings just right.

So we go through this period where we develop our feeling nature and that includes not only psychic ability but also the ability to tune into other people and to develop our emotional intelligence. We have brain intelligence associated with the physical but then we have emotional intelligence associated with the feeling nature. People that are very emotionally intelligent are actors. Alec Baldwin is a good example.

Alec Baldwin is a very emotional guy and he has a very powerful emotional intelligence. His presence is very strong; Barbra Streisand is also a very strong emotional intelligence.

Audience: Tony Robbins?

JJ: Yes he has good emotional intelligence but he also has regular mental intelligence as well. He is a good blend. But if you read what these emotionally strong people say where they are trying to use logic you find that they are not very logical at all. But they have such powerful emotional intelligence that when people are listening to them that it strikes their emotions in a very positive way and they feel intelligence there.

People at this stage have their attention concentrating on developing their astral emotional abilities and they are very good at it. A lot of actors epitomize emotional intelligence. They have to really learn to be emotional for one thing and very emotional people are drawn to acting because they get to really let their emotions out, cry and scream and do all kinds of weird stuff using their acting abilities. The higher their emotional intelligence the better the actor they will be.

Emotional intelligence is very good for becoming popular, developing friendships, especially the more superficial ones because people are very attracted to people who are emotionally intelligent. So we go through this period of developing our psychism and our emotional intelligence. After we have developed that to the maximum then what is the next step? There is one more step before intuition; does anybody know what this step is?

Audience: Silence

JJ: We develop the mind, to develop the mind you have to let your attention on the emotional go. This is why a lot of people that are very intelligent are really backward emotionally. They have let the attention on the emotions go. Picture Einstein when he was in college, that big hair he had and everybody else combed it back. He was probably just a really big nerd! But as evolved he retrieved his emotional intelligence from his past and he could bring it back if he wanted. But his attention was so much on the mind that he was probably just a big nerd as he was going through the lower grades and high school.

So you can kind of visualize somebody like that when they were young. Now what these people do is they shift their attention away from their psychic ability, their empathy, their emotional self so that the whole emotional self just kind of goes to sleep and they put it below the threshold of consciousness and then they develop the mind – how to reason, how to think, how to use wisdom, and this is different than brain activity. Many people can’t differentiate between brain activity and mind activity. What is the difference between the two?

Can somebody with good brain activity and somebody with good mental activity get the same grades in school?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: Why is that Wayne?

Wayne from the audience: Because they are dealing with the INs and OUTs of the logical process in both cases.

JJ: If you have good brain activity it means that you have a brain that is capable of memorizing well and functioning well so saying you have good brain activity is like saying I have a great computer and it can do anything I tell it to do. Now you can put a computer in the hands of somebody that is just starting to learn computers and you can put the same one into the hands of somebody that is a whiz at computers. Now if it is a simple calculation both will do equally as well, but if it is doing something that is really complicated then the computer whiz will do a lot better.

If we are fortunate enough to be born with a good functioning brain that gets lots of oxygen it does not matter how evolved you are; you can read that page and memorize what is on the page and then do the multiple choice and give the right answers. That is just memorizing and writing down what you memorized. So if it is just memorizing, that is just brain activity and it has nothing to do with the mind, emotional intelligence or anything except your physical brain. So the way they teach school today does not measure intelligence if what they are grading you on is material that you just memorized. Memorizing something does not show how you understand it or how you can apply it.

That is what always bugged me about school and that is probably why I came to this conclusion because I was never very good at memorizing tests. I always thought to myself, this is so useless because if I memorize it then in a few days I will forget about it. Why don’t they have us learn something and then apply it? This is what I was always thinking while I was in school – we are not applying anything. They are just feeding us material to memorize and most people that memorize it just forget it.

My wife, Artie got a lot better grades than I did when she was in school. She has very good short-term memory and I have a good long-term memory, I remember material that I read 40 years ago and the funny thing about Artie is we will watch a movie and two months later she will rent it again and I will say, dear we already rented this movie.

Audience: Laughter

Wayne from the audience: Careful now, she is going to remember this when she gets home!

Audience: Laughter

JJ: She’ll say, did I like it; and I will say yes you liked quite a bit and I remember the comment you made about it!

Audience: Laughter

JJ: She has a good short-term memory but she does have a good long-term memory for things that I have done wrong though!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: For some reason that is built into the female nature! They never forget certain things like that! Her and I together using both of our memories, work very well together! I am good long-term and she is good short-term. Now when you are taking tests in school and if you have a good short-memory than you will do pretty good. When I usually learn something and do get it memorized then I remember it the rest of my life but it takes me quite a bit of work to get it stored in my brain, but once it was in there it stays. Artie has a good short-term memory so she got mostly A’s when she was in school and she would stay up all night and cram and get a good grade on her test the next day.

So the tests in school basically just determine how our brain is functioning. They do not test our abilities and this is where the educational system needs to be revised.


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The Economy – One Last Chapter

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My friends. I have not yet gotten around to publishing my book – Molecular Politics because it needed one more chapter dealing with our monetary system. After a lot of reflection and study of the subject I am finally ready to write it. Here is the first installment.

An Out of Control Economy

We have to do something about our out-of-control borrowing and spending or this time period will mark the real beginning to our troubles instead of the end of a financial downturn.
There are several things on which the vast majority agrees. The problem is there is major disagreement on how to proceed with these agreed upon problems.

(1) The weakened dollar needs strengthened.

(2) The government spends too much and the federal budget needs some common sense control just as a family budget does.

(3) We do not want to borrow so much that our children and grandchildren will become poor debtors.

(4) It is dangerous to borrow so much money from countries that are potential enemies, let alone from friends.

(5) We pay way too much interest on borrowed money, currently around $450,000,000,000 a year and if interest rates or the debt ceiling changes this could go way up. This is an insane situation.

(6) There is far too much waste and fraud with taxpayer’s money.

(7) There is too much frivolous spending and political paybacks that add to the wasted spending.

Almost every politician gives lip service to these causes of financial problems but few will support any kind of action to solve them


Because any time there is a cutback in spending some individuals and groups will feel threatened with loss. – then, after that threat occurs, these people will lash out in every conceivable way at the politicians who tried to be fiscally responsible.

We do not see many attempts at fiscal restraint in the federal government because representatives are not limited by a balanced budget amendment. The case is different with many of the states, however, where a balanced budget is required.

Therefore when we had the financial disaster that started in 2008, even though all governments were short of funds, the federal government borrowed and spent more than ever. A shortage of funds provided no incentive to conserve spending for politicians were terrified of voters complaining of cutbacks.

On the other hand, some states were forced to make cuts in spending whether the politicians wanted to or not.

In my home state of Idaho we have a balanced budget amendment. Since we were hit hard by the Great Recession like everyone else action had to be taken. Governor Butch Otter had to look at ways to increase revenue and cut spending.

To increase revenue he proposed a one-penny increase in the gasoline tax. When he did this you’d think he was ordering a pound of flesh from each of us. Both conservatives and liberals cried foul and the proposal was dead in the water.

Then to offset cuts made to parks and recreation Otter increased various fees for camping, registration and services. Again there was a outcry, especially from senior citizens who had to pay more to enjoy Idaho’s beautiful campgrounds.

He then talked of turning some underfunded campgrounds over to private enterprise who would keep them open for a profit.

This time there was great suspicion from the Left who does not trust that business has the public interest as a priority.

Because of the budget shortfall Otter found he had to look at every possible avenue of spending when considering cuts. Finally he had to look at the sacred cow of education. He cut education by about 7.5%. He explained that this was not as bad as it sounded because the percentage of the budget dedicated to education actually increased. The problem was that the budget itself was much less because of shortfalls.

Again, there was a major outcry, especially from those involved in education. Letter after letter appeared in local papers making known their displeasure and painting a very undesirable picture of our governor. Here are a few things they said.

(1) We should have used our reserve account for emergencies to keep education fully funded.

The trouble with this idea is hard times are continuing and the reserve account may soon be gone no matter what we do.

(2) The governor was accused of supporting funding for his pet projects while leaving education out to hang.

The trouble with this argument is that no governor is squeaky clean enough to escape this accusation. Since values are a matter of opinion then those hit by cuts will always think money is not fairly spent or distributed.

(3) The governor was accused of being anti education or hating education.

I don’t think this is true of any governor in the union and is a cheap shot.

(4) Many liberals voiced this cut and dried, yet simple criticism. The governor and legislators lacked guts enough to just raise taxes enough so cuts in education will not be necessary.

Even if the conservative governor was willing to do this he would have been crucified by his own party and may have lost his bid for reelection.

What do we learn from this reflection on state and federal spending?

We see that one of the reasons the federal government overspends so much is they see what happens to State leaders who do support legitimate spending measures and then get attacked for it. It just seems so much easier for them to borrow more money, supply the needed funding and be done with it.

Except this time round we are reaching a critical mass in borrowing. Even the general public, which usually does not pay much attention to financial matters, is waking up to this and demanding action.

The problem is that many will complain no matter what cuts are made.

So far we have presented some ideas of what can be done to restore financial security, but this will not be enough. Sooner or later we will have to apply one more all-important measure – a reform of the monetary system.

Some think that this is wishful thinking, but I submit that it can be done and will present a plan that can turn this country around and head it in the direction of its true destiny – the economic light of the world.
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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 30

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Audience female member: Well, yes but keep in mind medicine is a business and as far running a business goes between the medical community and the pharmaceutical community they are doing a really good job that business is very profitable and that is what they are in business for. They are supposed to be profitable. I applaud the work that they are doing.

JJ: Instead of putting all this money in prescription drugs for people my age, if they would put it in preventive medicine, herbs, organic foods, and encourage people to go toward prevention this would cut down our costs tremendously.

Audience female member: That would not help business.

JJ: The pharmaceutical companies would really fight against this of course. Instead pumping our kids full of drugs we could have them get some exercise, get the blood flowing, get correct hormones in the brain, encourage them to eat right with buying the right foods when they are young.

Audience female member: People have become more sue happy too and they want to sue doctors for everything and the malpractice insurance costs have now gone way up.

JJ: This sue happy trial lawyer society not only forces medical costs to rise but also forces the price of everything else to go up. Back when I was young you could not sue major corporation because they had so much power that there was no way you could even begin a law suit with them. Now, all the big attorneys are going after the big boys and consequently are driving our costs up and our selection down.

Some of the products are no longer produced because the companies making them were sued out of business and no one will make them anymore out of fear of being sued. So, this not only causes prices to go up but also causes shortages. A while back we had a shortage of flue vaccine and the reason was that our companies are afraid to make them because of lawsuits. There have been lawsuits over vaccines in the past and so we have shortages of them because of this.

Everyone was blaming the government over that but it was really for the wrong reason. The government in the past had not stopped the lawsuits and this caused the problem. We’ve had an amazing number of lawsuits, and the point is this; we have all kinds of problems developing in our society that in a better society that could be built, such problems would not even exist.

We should not be a people that are sue happy, the ones that sue everybody to win the lottery. For instance, this smoker a while back sued Phillip Morris, and received a reward of $10 billion for one guy! Now let us suppose that a jury wants to reward $10 billion for a large amount of people who got lung cancer. That wouldn’t be quite so bad, but why give it to just one person?

The attorneys program into the jury that they should send a message to the other tobacco companies and all companies for that matter and of course the attorneys receive a big chunk of the money anyway. They try to sue restaurants over unhealthy food when it is the individual’s responsibility to eat right and take care of our selves. In the ideal society there is no reason why the people should be sue happy.

John Stossel did a story on a house he built in a flood zone and he did not have insurance on it because they would not insure him. A big storm blew up and destroyed his place and FEMA gave him the money to replace it. So you can build a home in an area that is known for floods, mud slides, or what have you and if something happens the taxpayer will reward you for your own stupidity. For those of you not familiar with FEMA it stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency, a government run agency. He said he really felt bad about taking the money but they just dumped the money in his lap and he said well, I guess I will take it. He said that he deserved to lose the place because it was a bad decision but “if the government wants to come in and give me money to replace why shouldn’t I take it!”

People are disgruntled about a lot of things in our government and much of it is not because people are bad. It is because when people are in a certain system they will take what is given them. John Stossel really did not believe in the government doing that but when the it comes and dumps money in your backyard it is pretty hard to wrap it up and send it back at them knowing that if you do not take it then some other person who made a bad decision would take it or it would just be wasted somewhere else.

So it is the society that we have created that is the problem, not the people. About two thirds of the money that goes to the government is wasted. I have heard a statistic a few years ago that it costs about 60 or 70 cents on the dollar to give out food stamps and welfare money. So you spend 70 cents to give away 30 cents and the rest goes to administration. Look at the teachers, many school districts in the U.S. spend $10,000 per student, which is pretty close to average. This means that in an average class of 25 students, $250,000 is spent to educate those 25 students. How much of the $250,000 goes to actually teaching the students? Maybe $40,000 if they are lucky – the rest goes to all other costs, say bus drivers, health insurance for teachers unions, and compensation, and a large portion goes to administrative and to pay for exotic vacations and conferences, bonus’s and so on.

Just of how simpler it was in the old west, they put up a school building that the locals built themselves, hired some gal to teach the kids, paid the teacher x amount and 100% went right to the teacher to teach the children. That is what you call effective. Let’s say she was getting $20 a month back in those days. That was the town’s only expense. When you read some of the tests that they gave back 100 or so years ago it is amazing how hard some of them were. They really learned what was going on in the world. They were pretty good at math, they all learned to read and all they had was one teacher, teaching in a one, room schoolhouse teaching all the kids from miles around. No big overhead of administrators and things like that, it was very, very simple.

Today’s education could be vastly improved if they used computers to teach the kids, but teachers and their unions are resisting this. You could have an entire course taught on the computer with the teacher acting as a guide and making sure they go through it. By having the computer teach you to read, and math and science and things like this under the encouragement of the teacher, and with the teacher answering difficult questions that computer that cannot handle, one teacher could about 50 or more students. As a matter of fact when I used to go to school I did not like being in a class with less than 30 students, I thought the larger the class the better because I could have more friends, and I felt it did not interfere with the teaching at all.

I remember when I was a young child they were talking about the idea of small classrooms and I hated the idea. Yet they are making classrooms smaller and smaller. When I was kid going through school I could not see the advantage in having a class under 30 students. Of course it does it make it less work for the teacher the fewer students they have in a classroom. There are so many trouble makers now and this explains why the teachers want smaller classrooms and if you have a smaller class you have less trouble makers and this probably one of the big reasons that teachers are pressing for smaller classes. When I was young my average class was around 32 and I personally liked that number because there was about one cute girl for every ten students (Laughter) and if you had a class over 30 you got at least 3 really cute girls in the class! (Laughter) That was how my math worked when I was young student.

Audience Female member: plus you could get away with more things because the teacher did not notice it.

Audience Female: When I was a kid they had an experiment that they call charter school now but there was an open class and basically all the kids were in that one classroom and you worked at your own pace. When you were ready to do the math, you went and got your math work and you kept track of where you were so you could move on.

Kind of like self-educating, because the teacher was always in the room if I had a question on any subject. We were all in the fourth grade. They have a classroom now that is similar, and it is called, I cannot remember but it is self pace and you educate yourself, I think it is one teacher for 50 kids and this way the kids learn at their own pace.

We need to experiment and one of the things we will do to lay the foundation of a new society is to experiment without worrying that we are going to offend some authority that is going to be out of a job. The problem with experimenting today is that legal problems hold us back. We have the beast of authority being offended and clamping down and saying no you cannot do that. And this creates a major problem for any kind of change that would bring about a better society.

Audience Wayne:
Two points on teaching regarding something I wrote years ago. I reasoned out that the best form of teaching is one on one. I figured out two ways that one on one could be applied in public schools and one of those ways would be to invite older retired people as teacher assistants and let them tutor a child, the other is to have children teach children. The children could be rewarded in two ways, the child learning and the child teaching. By doing this you intermingle two grades say, third and fourth together. The other thing is to teach learning principles to students and to have the older kids help the younger.

JJ: Yes, they do that in colleges today, many of the professors get their students to a lot of the teaching and they sit back and relax. The point is the biggest problem we have in our society today to improving it is that we do not have enough experimentation. We get in a rut and no one wants to make a change, the guy who does want to try and experiment to see what works, gets jumped on and shut down.

People have an automatic resistance toward change. Especially if it is going to affect their power or their paycheck in any way or they may loose their job. Let us look at the oil companies again. If Susan over here developed a new energy source that could run a car say for a penny a mile do you think oil companies would say, hey that is really great! No, they would try to do everything within their power to stop her and put her out of existence.

The trouble is that if there is no way to make a lot of money on it then they will be totally against it. It is not so much that the oil companies are bad for doctors and other professions are the same way. There are people out that claim to have a cure for cancer, I know one guy who says he has a cure for cancer and has cured a lot of people, so he tells me, and what did the medical establishment do to the poor guy? They put him in jail. He has been in jail a number of times. But, he keeps plugging away and now he is in his older years and works under the radar. He has learned his lesson, but in the beginning when he created his cure he was quite open with it and naïve, and boy did he learn his lesson.

Many people claim to have cures for diseases but we cannot use the word cure. If anybody just uses the word cure the beast will rise up and come after him and seek to destroy him. So it is not that the oil companies or medical establishment that is evil. It is just part of human nature that we have to understand that is what exists among humans in the society that we have. So what we would need to do if Susan created an alternative energy source is to introduce it very slowly so it is not a threat to the oil companies. Let us suppose oil companies were destroyed tomorrow because of a free energy source that was discovered. We have some drops here that we can put into water and it will make it just like gas and Susan is going around selling these drops. Believe me, her life is going to be in danger.

So what we need to do is to develop some type of system where the big oil companies are not going to be destroyed over night, maybe she charges a lot of money at first for these drops and then as time goes on she charges less and less. Now maybe she will be accused of being greedy but she will be competing with the big oil companies on price and would not be destroying the big oil companies. Susan really wants to give it away almost free though. She wants to sell a bottle of these drops for 10 cents. Well she is going to destroy the big oil but what will happen is big oil will raise up and destroy her and then nobody will get it. They will suppress the invention so no one will wind up getting it.

So what she needs to do is price her invention so that it does not destroy the oil companies. What happens if the oil companies were destroyed by this overnight? Millions of people would loose money overnight, millions would not be able to retire because there stocks are now worthless. Millions would loose jobs and there would be an increase of the homeless all because she is giving away stuff for free. So in the short run it would create a big upset, and this is one of the things that DK tells us, He says one of the big mistakes that disciples make is they get over enthused and tackle the powers that be and become a threat to them.

They get over zealous. The disciple needs to learn to interject his ideas in the most non-threatening way as possible to the powers that be. When I read that it made a lot of sense to me and I thought, you know, look at some of the great scientists and innovators. They have had tremendous difficulty because they threatened the powers that be. Galileo, Nicolas Tesla, are just a couple of examples where they got just a little over zealous, but sometimes there is nothing they can do and thankfully some have risked their lives and many have become martyrs.

There have been times like in the Middle Ages if you even did one small offensive thing you were often burned at the stake or something like that. We are fortunate that we live in an age where torture for innovative ideas is not done as much. You know some of the powers back in the dark ages had torture chambers in their basements. Imagine eating breakfast upstairs and some poor guy being tortured downstairs, it is really sad when you think about it.