Answers through Principles

15 Feb 1999

Answers through Principles

Question for consideration:

Let us say that you were visited by an all knowing master, or God itself, and he told you that you could ask any question you wanted. What would you ask?

The reason I asked this is that we were talking about the importance of principles in relation to soul contact. I was interested in seeing if you would ask questions that would demand facts for answers or principles.

Actually you surpassed my expectations. Some facts could be used in answering some of your questions, but overall you have gone in the direction of principles with your questions. This is a good sign that you are heading in the direction of soul contact.

Below are some of your questions:

“Honestly.. I would ask him once and for all, what is the truth?”

Good question, the same one that Pilate asked Jesus. Interestingly, Jesus did not answer. Actually truth is based upon a principle. Can anyone tell us what that is???

“Only ONE question? I think I’d ask, who are you?”

You are in a league with Moses here. That is basically what he was asking when he wanted to know the name of God. And we now know the answer is that He is BECOMING what He DECIDES to BECOME.

Here is another response:

“How can I best serve?

“The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I had enough of a grasp of spiritual principles not to want to ask meaning of life type questions. I would be more interested in asking questions that would assist me live a life that optimized my service to the Grand Plan as I have a horror of missing opportunities to serve.”

This is a great answer. All true seekers want to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people and I am confident that this is a true feeling in this person’s heart. Now my question back to the group is this. What is the principle that will answer her question: “How can I best serve?”

Here’s another:

“I guess right now I’d probably ask God exactly what it is that I have done (in past lives perhaps, or this one) that is making this life so unbearably difficult.”

We have probably all wondered about this one. What is the principle that will answer her question?

“After getting past the easy ones, like: •Why me?• and after much contemplation, I think I’d ask: •How can I face & heal my karma of the past & present and complete my Divine Plan ASAP?”

The principle behind this answer is very close to Tracy’s question. First you apply the principle that reveals karma then you can see how to work it out.

“Next time I get to speak to God or other all knowing Masters, I’m going to ask, ‘what’s the WORD’? I’m sure I would receive the closest thing to it that I can handle. If I knew the Word, the word would be in me. I would be the WORD and all things would be possible. Or not, but that seems to be a big draw for me. I can’t think of any other question that would be more important to me.”

The WORD is also based on a principle and cannot be revealed as a fact. It could not be revealed as something like KAZAAM because that would make it a fact and not a principle. There is a hint about the WORD in what he said in the above.

“I have another one. If you want the word, it means you want the means to create. then what you need is hard occultism. Bardon (sorry, fan thing) gives the divine word in his ‘the true kabbala’”.

I would be interested in hearing what this version of the WORD is.

“How can all who are struggling to survive break the chains of bondage to achieve freedom and prosperity? Please be specific.”

This is also solved through a principle. I wrote briefly about it a couple days ago and the key principle to solve this problem is ATTENTION.

Here is a quote from that post: “The problem occurs when we do not understand the rules, and therefore, our ATTENTION is not on becoming a player. Instead, we are tempted to substitute rules of our own and play a game that we know we can win. This is not, however, what the Higher Self wants, and neither do we when we understand. Would Monopoly even be fun if there was no risk of landing on someone else’s motel and suffering loss? It is a great game because you take risks and there is a thrill when you win.”

We begin to win at the game of life when our ATTENTION is focused in one direction rather than scattered. The tortoise beats the hare because of ATTENTION.

I have included several questions in this post that should provide some good fodder for thought.

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