Dealing with Negative Forces

15 Feb 1999

Dealing with Negative Forces

I just noticed we reached exactly 144 members. This number may go up and down for a while like 100 did, but we are 1/1000th of the way to the magic number.

I see that the Clinton crisis has been averted through the acquittal. We had a more dangerous situation there than anyone realized because few knew how far Clinton would have gone to stay in office. If the Senate had made a decision to remove him he could have conjured up some type of executive order to suspend the will of Congress or just refused to leave. With 70% of the public support and 100% of the Democrat support along with a lot of wishy-washy Republicans, he had a better than 50-50 chance of altering the Constitution by decree. If such a move had been successful there would have been no election for the year 2000.

Believe me, many of the Brotherhood were in meditation deep to guide us through an aspect of this crisis that the masses were oblivious to. Now, because it would violate the will of the masses as well as both Democrats and Republicans to interfere with the future election, barring some unforeseen situation, we should move into the new century with the election process firmly in place.

A Dictatorship can only be set up when the will of the people allow it. The Brotherhood of Light always takes that will into consideration in guiding the events of the planet. Now we are in a situation where the will of the people will not allow any suspension of Congress.

There was no ideal outcome and no one is entirely happy about how things worked out, but events evolved so the election situation is as safe as could be expected.

After Clinton leaves office he will not disappear into the woodwork as have other presidents. Look for him to be working through the United Nations or possibly to lead them. Look for him to turn into an international roaming consultant of presidents and kings. Hillary has her eye on becoming the first female president of the United States, but I make no firm prediction in this area. There are too many variables. If I had to bet on it I would say she will not achieve this. (Note: I guess we’ll know soon on this one)

When we make a great effort to progress upon the path a vacuum is created behind us that tries to suck us backward at our weakest moment. If this negative force does not pull us backward it will create an attack when our guard is down at our most vulnerable point.

For instance, I have noticed that after a person receives a strong dose of soul contact he will almost always receive a strong negative pull within a period of three days after the contact. Then over half the time he will yield to the negativity and the soul contact will be as if it never was. Then if he resists the direct attack on himself, the negative force will often rest upon his friends.

My observation of this negative force is that it always follows after he who is making spiritual progress. I have concluded that it is a necessary thing that works in the end to stabilize us in the light. When we learn to stay focused in the light while a negative force pulling us back, with negative people and circumstances trying to distract us, then we finally reach a point where we have earned the right to stay permanently on out next plateau of consciousness.

When we slip and make mistakes but readjust and center back in the light, we can almost always on hindsight see what we should have done. We need to take strong note of this, and use the knowledge of the past to penetrate the future fog into the permanent light.

Working our way out of life problems is sometimes very difficult, but the experience gained is always a knowledge that you wouldn’t trade for a pile of books.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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