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Nov 25, 2012

Books I Have Read

A while back several expressed interest in Books I have read and I linked to a list of them. Quite a bit of time has passed since then so I just uploaded an updated list to the files section. It’s a PDF taken from Goodreads and some of the titles are cut off at page endings but most of them are there.

The books we read are a big influence on the formation of our lives so a list like this does give some insights into the reader.

As noted earlier the list is here:


Nov 27, 2012

Free Energy?

Here’s a site that claims you can build a free energy device for under $100 that was originally invented by Lester Hendershot.

I’d be interested in Sterling’s opinion (or anyone else with knowledge) on this.


Nov 27, 2012

Alternative to Seasteading (Click Here)


Nov 28, 2012

Steps to Zion

Ruth gave this quote: “If a group were to build an entire city after the order of the New Jerusalem, and the inhabitants themselves were seeking the New Jerusalem consciousness then the entire city could be filled with light. First, a highly refined spiritual light, and finally a materialized physical light so that from a distance others would see Zion as “a flame of fire by night” [See Isaiah 4:5.] as Isaiah said.

The New Jerusalem sequence also puts the forces within the city in harmony with nature so the inhabitants have the correct rain in their season, and have no fierce winds or great storms. The earth cooperates with the living city and brings forth an abundant harvest and dresses the city with beautiful flowers, plants, and smells to bring gladness to the heart of those who breath the scented air that permeates them.”  LINK

I thought that I should elaborate on this somewhat for clarification.

Sometimes when we speak of Zion seekers envision its creation as a one step process. That is a group of spiritual people will gather together and there it will be – a city of light perfectly run, drawing upon the powers of heaven.

The truth is the creation of Zion involves numerous steps over a fairly long period of time.

The beginning seed was initiated in the minds of prophets and spiritual people millennia ago and nurtured by many until the time of Jesus who also dreamed of its creation. But even he saw that the world was not ready for the gathering of lights. He exclaimed:

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

“Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.” Matt 23:37-39

Jesus wanted to gather the lights and create Zion but the darkness was too great even for this great soul to overcome.

Progress was slow over the centuries. The next major step happened with the discovery of America. The promise of building a better world was held out and those who sought for a greater society gathered there. The gathering in the new land did not yield perfection but it did lead to the creation of a greatly improved governing system, much more sensitive to the needs of the people than the authoritarian kings of the past.

In the new land there sprung up numerous spiritual movements that gathered seekers together. The most notable was Mormonism, which actively sought the creation of the Zion of prophecy. They had many problems and the vision of Zion has faded and now exists only as a dream in a fairly orthodox religion. Still, seeds of Zion were planted and yet lingers in the hearts of the faithful.

Today we stand at the threshold of the next step, but it will not be the final one. The next step will be similar to the one that created the United States with one main difference. The creation of this country was not a planned event but occurred rather naturally with the discovery of a new land.

The next stage will be a planned event. The lights will build intentional communities on land and on the sea. Just like the motivating factor that caused many to gather in America (the prospect of greater freedom and opportunity) even so shall it be again. Most will not gather with us for obvious spiritual reasons, but for the prospect of greater freedom and opportunities as well as associating with like minded souls.

This next stage of gathering will face many problems. Not all gathered will be pure in heart and some will create problems. Even so, the people involved, as a whole, will have the highest vibration of any group on the planet and will attract the attention of the Spirit of the planet. Even though the vibration is not likely to be high enough to create a visible light and guarantee safety in all situations the earth itself will take the group under its wing and insure is survival so long as the vibration remains at a certain frequency or higher.

After this next stage of the gathering is secure the lights will create a gathering from the gathered and seek to build the spiritual Zion. This will take a number of attempts to perfect and I dare not say how many years hence it will be but the time will indeed come that the ancient vision of the prophets will be come a reality.

Someone expressed concern about the safety of those first gathered. For instance, pirates could attack us at sea or a nation could turn on us on land.

For this reason the gathering on a new land should not commence until we have the numbers and the wealth necessary to insure our preservation. To prepare for this,like-minded groups will be created in various parts of the world and when circumstances are right and a critical mass is reached the next major step will begin.


Nov 28, 2012


Not all will achieve the high initiations during this earth existence. DK tells us that 60% of us will graduate when these planetary lessons are finished. To achieve this one needs to move out of emotional polarization to the mind or higher. The 40% who do not graduate will have to take many of their lessons over again on another planet while the rest will separate and move on. When this happens there still will not be a high percentage of fifth degree initiates but much more than now. As more people become initiates the circumstances for initiation may change some but the moving forward in consciousness will be essentially the same.

After the disciple has successfully circumvented the fourth initiation he has released himself from attachment which is the cause of most pain and from that point on doesn’t suffer the regular pain of humanity – unless he is in a mortal body. In that case, he is subject to normal physical discomforts.

Nov 29, 2012

Scary Video

This is the darndest prank I have ever seen anyone play. You have to watch this.


Nov 29, 2012

Common Sense

This may help explain to the Left why it makes no sense to borrow money the way our nation does.

Mr Brown wanted to get a lot of stuff but he didn’t have the money to fulfill all his desires. Then he received a credit card with no limit. The only negative was he had to pay the interest.

To get all the stuff he wanted he borrowed 40 cents for each dollar be spent and paid off none of the principle but only the interest. After a time he approached a crisis where even paying the interest was difficult and sought for advice.

Friend one told him that he must cut back on his spending and work toward balancing his budget. He should work toward paying for his desired stuff as he goes. The cutbacks will be difficult but necessary.

Brown tried this for a while and found himself struggling so he blamed his friend for giving bad advice.

Mr Brown sought out another friend. This friend sympathized with him and said, “I like lots of stuff too so I’d say don’t cut back but spend more than ever. The future will take care of itself.”

Mr. Brown liked this idea and spent like crazy.

Finally the credit card company became alarmed and cut off his credit. He could borrow no more. Furthermore, they demanded not only the interest, but payment on the principle.

This time Mr Brown had to make real cutbacks. He had to stop buying all his goodies and this life was miserable.

On reflection he blamed his second friend as a crazy man and recognized the first as the wise one.


Dec 3, 2012

In the Days of Noah

lwk writes: I don’t recollect JJ going into great detail about what follows in Matthew 24?

I have written some about the scripture in question. This first quote is from The Gathering of Lights.

Concerning the gathering Jesus gave another short parable. He talked about Noah and the days of Lot where the righteous were gathered out from the unjust and prophesied of the future: “I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord?…

They wanted to know where those who are the “elect” would be taken. Unfortunately, most born again Christians teach the unrealistic doctrine that they will be raptured into heaven, but Jesus said unto them: “Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be GATHERED TOGETHER.” Luke 17:34-37 Compare Matt 24:28.

The word “body” here is a symbol of the body of Christ or a group of those with the Christ consciousness and the “eagles” are a symbol of the Israelites (enlightened ones). In addition there is another correspondence here. “Body” comes from the Greek SOMA which is a derivative of SOZO. SOZO is the word that is translated as “save” throughout the New Testament,, but literally means deliverance.

“Eagle” comes from AETOS which is derived from AER which means flair” or “breath” and is the word from whence the modern word “air” is derived. Air is a symbol of the mind, of those who have risen above the emotional waters of life. The eagle is a symbol of freedom. The eagle flies through the air, or ‘the world of the mind and wisdom with great freedom. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”. The eagle is also a symbol of a free government. AETOS is a good word to correspond to Israelites for they live in the plane of the mind and love freedom of thought.

The core meaning of the scripture could read: “Where ever deliverance or salvation is, there will the Israelites be gathered together.”

Interestingly, the scriptures tell us that one of the main purposes of the gathering is deliverance, and possible physical as well as spiritual protection. How much protection we will need depends on the free will of man and the steps he takes towards peace in the near future. If he is wise then the deliverance talked of will be of a spiritual nature, but if he is not and there is a World War III or earth changes, then a physical deliverance will be necessary.

This second is from The Literal Gathering: An examination of the Greek words involved here will give us further light on the interpretation. In the scripture Jesus compares his coming with the days of Noah, that the people were unprepared then and adds: “so shall be the coming of the son of Man. then two men shall be in the field; one is taken and one is left… Two key words here are “taken” and “left”. Taken here comes from the Greek word PARALAMBANO which literally means “to accept or receive into a close relationship”. The word “left” comes from the Greek APHIEMI which literally means “to send away”. Thus if we translate the scripture according to the true meaning we have: “Then two men shall be in the field; one shall be received into full fellowship (By the Christ) and the other one shall be sent away.” This agrees with the inspired Version which says that the unworthy “should be cut off from among the people” in that day. …

This is all reiterated in the parable of the Virgins which follows the rapture scripture: “And then, at that day, before the Son of man comes, the Kingdom of Heaven shall be likened unto ten virgins, who took their lamps, and WENT FORTH (Gathered together) to meet the bridegroom. And five of them were wise, and five of them were foolish. They that were foolish took their lamps (meaning they did all things that were physically necessary they built cities and gathered together) and took no oil with them (they were not spiritually prepared and depended on others for their strength); but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps (these had the Holy Spirit and light within them). While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Then all these virgins arose and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out (Stay with us and teach us for without you to lean on we cannot stand.) But the wise answered, saying, lest there not be enough for us and you, go ye rather to them that sell and buy for yourselves. (We will retrogress and loose the Spirit if we stay any longer with you. Go and find other teachers to help you prepare). And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; (Notice that he came when only the five wise virgins were gathered) and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage; and the door was shut. Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, Ye know me not. Watch therefore; for ye know neither the day not the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.” Matt 25:1-12 Inspired Ver.

Dec 4, 2012 Hanging by a Thread lwk writes; Just curious, are you still of the belief that events will somehow save the United States, that the “Constitution will hang as if by a thread,” but will be saved by the Mormon church (White Horse Prophecy)?

JJ I’ve always believed the day would come that the Constitution would hang by a thread. It has been fragile for a while and is yet hanging by several threads. Perhaps the re-lection of Obama will bring it to the brink where it will hang “by a single thread” as predicted.

I haven’t had faith that the Mormon church and the authorities in it would do much to save it but there are many members who are willing to stand up for the Constitution and would help to save it if the opportunity presents itself.

It almost looked like the prophecy could come true in the immediate future with Romney running for president and Glenn Beck rallying the troops but apparently the Constitution has to be shredded a bit more first.

I do not know the exact fate of the United States but I do know that the good principles of the Constitution will be suppressed more as time goes on and will be reborn in greater power than before by those who value the principle of freedom in their hearts. These people will be members of all faiths. Mormons will participate but I see this as being under a universal banner of freedom lovers.

lwk Does not that prophecy itself predict a great loss of life too (as in the days of Noah?). Why are we not seeing now events leading up to that?

JJ There will be times of great turbulence but not sure how far away the next one will be. Prophecy rarely works out the way people expect so it is best to be open to all things and follow the path that makes the most sense and registers well with the soul.

When the time comes for an opportunity for the pure in heart to gather then you will know that the time of great turbulence for the world is at hand.


Dec 6, 2012

White Magic Links

Colin asked about the White Magic links. Some of the old links do not work since I created the new site for freeread. To get to the writings on white magic first go HERE

Next scroll down and open the following archive numbers.

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Dec 7, 2012


Ruth asks: My daughter does not believe in God etc, and has no Hope and is very depressed, so how does one reach out to those who feel like this to make them have Hope in God?

JJ About all you can do is wait for an opportunity to plant some seeds. My son Joseph went through numerous struggles with his belief system and there was little I could do to help. Finally, he started asking me some questions and a window of opportunity was open. I took it and he’s now moved forward and even comes to the gatherings. I’m still waiting for that window with my other kids.

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Keys Writings, Part 5

This entry is part 7 of 34 in the series 2011C

Friction Among Friends
Aug 15, 2011

When my friends have friction between themselves I attempt to not take sides unless someone’s does something quite egregious. My plan in this case was to just let the interplay do its job and work itself out while I concentrate on other things, but this last post by Ruth kind of forced my hand, as I believe some of her statements need some comment.

Ruth: I am going to get it all of my chest, once and for all.

Now I have tried to change my writing style many times over the past few years to suit those here who are easily offended, and still I am called a brow beater etc. no matter how I write. Please Note: I do not write things with the intention of brow beating.

JJ It appears to me that your approach and writing style in dealing with others has been pretty much the same over the years. You have always been oversensitive when the slightest criticism of you surfaces. This has not changed and because of this perhaps your efforts in between criticisms have not been noticed as you desire. When you talk of metaphysics, however, you have displayed an increase in knowledge and it is obvious that you have been doing a lot of thinking. You are to be commended on this.

Ruth: However, when I stuck up for JJ on the Sealed Portion group, he seemed to be okay about how forceful I was in my defense of him and his teachings?

JJ My approach here and on the Sealed Portion has been the same. Sometimes when you have stood up for me either here or there I think you are doing a great job and other times I feel a little uncomfortable with your zeal. Then there are times you make mistakes about my thinking and I will correct you.

I am criticized more on the Sealed Portion list so standing up for me there is probably more helpful.

Ruth So perhaps I have become confused over the years between the approach that I took there on how I initially attacked what I saw as illusion in people’s posts (I was not attacking the people personally), compared to how I attack illusion here, and because I could be that way on the SP group and it was okay with JJ, so when I write on here to some degree in the same way, then it is intimidating to some people who are his closest friends and that’s a No No.

JJ I don’t see much difference in your interactions between the posting here and on the Sealed Portion. You have had endless conflicts with John Crane there and some with a few others. That group is not nearly as active as this one so a comparison is a little like apples and oranges.

Ruth BTW, see how easy it is to defend JJ? When I defended him, I was called his clone and called a blind follower.

JJ Some called you this at the Sealed Portion. I do not recall it happening here.

Ruth Yet he allows men in this group to attack me in front of everyone else, and he says nothing. I have seen this happening for some time in this group. The men are allowed to be emotional or call people names etc, but the minute I do anything that even smacks of emotionalism, I am the one they come after.

JJ We have a thing here called freedom of speech. I do nor allow or not allow. Those who are not moderated can say what they want. You’ve done your share of attacking and others attack you. If I were to condemn all who are participating in the conflict I would have time for nothing else.

You started the ball of attack rolling when you said: “I would rather see the book a best seller instead of bickering over it’s cover. How can we as a group get this book out there into the public eye, rather than sit here and debate how the cover is too loud etc?”

Some interpreted this as an attack on the whole group for merely giving their opinion that I had asked for. They do not see themselves as “bickering” over the cover. This type of lecturing just rubs some people the wrong way.

To this Dan responded: “Maybe you should think about sitting down, shutting up and just letting others express themselves without all the browbeating ”

It is true he could have been more diplomatic, but he responded there in a similar manner as you probably would have if the shoe was on the other foot.

True I could have stepped in and done some scolding, but it would have just added fuel to the fire on both sides.

Ruth I truly understand that JJ has to distance himself from the inner conflicts of emotionalism here.

JJ I don’t think you do or you wouldn’t complain about me not stepping in.

Ruth: Playing favorites is not balancing the energies or dynamics of the group. I don’t think he is even aware that he does it. It’s called a blind spot, yes?

JJ You might ask yourself why you are the only one who thinks I am playing favorites – that I unjustly pat others on the back while ignoring you.

I do not believe this to be true and I would guess that most here feel the same way.

Have I not given you enough pats on the back? Is that the problem here?

I am always on the lookout for good things being said here and I know I’ve said numerous good things about you from time to time.

On the other hand, there are many good things said and done here that I just do not have time to comment on – like the group fast and Song that shows so much initiative. Often my positive comments to others come not because they had the best post but because their comments were going in the direction I was thinking.

Ruth I have poured my heart and soul into this group, regardless of how others have treated me over the years.

JJ I know you have and you are appreciated. Also your daily quotes are appreciated by many.

Ruth: I don’t think it would make any difference now how I wrote. The thought form is there and people only see that, so it would not make any difference if I wrote fancy pancy or lovey dovey, they only see what they want to see.

JJ It always makes a difference how you write and speak. This has nothing to do with any thoughtform. I don’t think any individual in the group has much of a thoughtform built up on the Keys. If you return good for what you see as evil then soon good will return to you. Instead, at the slightest whiff of an attack you attack back.

When someone disagrees with you, you need to ask yourself how you can respond in such a way that you appear poised and unruffled and in control of your emotions.

Dan, you were disrespectful to me. Blayne you were disrespectful also to me earlier. Whatever you say about me is also in you. Mirror effect I think they call that.

JJ And Dan thought you were disrespectful to the effort of the group. I do not recall any problem with Blayne.

Ruth If I had dared to say to you “to think about sitting back and shutting up”, boy would I have copped flack. Funny how you seem to be able to be rude to me, but if the tables were turned I would get slammed for it.

JJ If you had used the same wording in the same circumstance I wouldn’t have scolded either of you.

Ruth I call a spade a spade and I am not going to change that or live a lie or in an illusion just for the sake of pleasing a few people here and catering to their whims because they do not like my personality.

JJ You can be polite and considerate without living a lie for crying out loud. This is what I try and do – just follow my example.

Ruth Isn’t that what you teach JJ. To live the Truth and stand up for what we believe in and dispel illusions? To have courage and balls and not fear to trespass where Angels tread.

JJ I teach that we should tell the truth and release our feelings in a harmless manner. We are among friends here. There is no reason to play the victim or see enemies. I can’t think of anyone here who would not respond well to kindness. They do not need or want harsh spades but a friendly queen instead.

Ruth So here’s to good group dynamics where there are no favorites and that every one of us gets a pat on the back from JJ when we make a good point or say something he approves of.

JJ There’s a lot of good things said and done here that receive no pats on the back. If I gave to everyone who deserved then I would be giving out so many they would be meaningless.

That said, let me end with this. You are among friends here and should see them as such. This is as nice of a bunch as you will find on the internet. Don’t worry so much about setting them on the straight and narrow but concentrate on giving your views without complaining or playing the victim or seeing others as being favorites while you are overlooked. Let go of all this astral stuff and come up higher and enjoy your time here.

Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 15, 2011

Blayne: Bottom line is the GDP number along with all the other rosy numbers given out today are a joke and to put it mildly fuzzy math unless you believe government credit expansion, stimulus and make work programs with ever increasing unserviceable unsustainable debt is growth.

JJ Same type of joke as the GDP numbers during the depression of the 1890s if you read the except I gave. People really suffered. Part of the reason for the illusionary growth was the over extension of government projects taking away dollars to employ the common folk as illustrated in my last post.

The high unemployment with no safety net was not a myth by any means. The situation was much worse than what we are enduring now.

The trouble with Murray’s writings is he is selective in his facts leaving out anything that doesn’t fit his bias.

Aug 16, 2011

Seasteading has taken a step forward with Paypal founder putting up money to move the project ahead. Check out these links:\ artificial-libertarian-islands-140840896.html\ e-paypal-facebook-internet-success#ixzz1VCNep352

Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 16, 2011

I was talking about the depression of the 1890s and you talk about the economy of the 1880s. Does not compute.


Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 16, 2011

Blayne: Considering that it was mostly an agrarian society and 80% of people owned and lived on farms, unemployment rates were confined mostly to cities or high populations areas where most of the jobs where and the banks were also to run their fiat schemes and so only a small percentage of the population had jobs. In fact in those days it was considered an insult if you were asked who you worked for cause it meant you could not make your own way.

JJ This doesn’t make any sense. So if you were looking for a job in those days and you were not a landowner and you travel to a farm community looking for work and seek an honest job the people told you that you were pig vomit because you were not making your own way???

If this was the case (which I doubt) no wonder the unemployed went to the cities.

Whatever the case the depression of the 1990’s saw unemployment around 20% and a whole army of the unemployed marched across the United States from the West Coast to Washington DC seeking relief. This was no myth and the suffering was comparable to the Great Depression.

By the way you, still haven’t given any historical examples of a free-for-all currency that worked to support your money plan. What makes you think it would work when the closest example we have was the dark ages of England after the fall of Rome?

Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 17, 2011

You (Blayne) give nothing to contradict anything I have said about the depression of the 1890s and as you can see below your data refers to the 1870s and 1880s when we were talking about the 1890’s. Throughout our history we have had cycles of growth overall. That is not in question. Even within cycles of growth there are a lot of problems with the economy and distribution and flow of money etc.

Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 17, 2011

Blayne Of course I have but you continue to ignore them. We had them up till 1913. You yourself referred to them in message #52924. And I have shown that despite our problems we were prosperous and that period contained the two decades of the greatest growth and in American history! All during a time of competing free market currencies.

JJ Our money system before 1913 was not like the system you advocate. The government set the price of gold and silver and coined it and that is not in your plan and is anathema to your plan. From 1860-1913 the government had a universal currency which had to be accepted. This is in total opposition to your plan. During these golden years most of the money was created by fractional banking and this was the main currency – totally different than the results you expect from your plan. You can’t even give one decade anywhere in the world where your system was successfully in play yet you expect us to believe you are presenting something workable.

On the other hand, I have numerous given examples covering many centuries where there was successful debt free fiat money which gives evidence a successful fiat money can be created today.

Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 17, 2011

Blayne: We have been talking about the 1870’s through the 1890s

JJ We’ll I’ve been talking about the 1890s so any disagreement you have with me in this discussion should cover that period. I try and cover one thing at a time for the sake of clarity.

Blayne: I have given several references covering the 1890s recently and before.

JJ You didn’t give any information supporting your case about the 1890s in your last post.

Blayne Of the two Rothbard quotes I gave in this new thread one of them covers that period. You have continued to ignore them and make statements of denial and claim Murray is selective but never specifically showing where he is selective.

JJ Yes, he is selective. He paints with a broad brush and ignores the depression that occurred which was most severe from 1893-1897. The money stock declined 5% from 1892-1896. “From 1891 to 1896 net national product in current prices fell at an average rate of roughly 1 per cent per year.” Freidman Monetary History, Page 97

In addition to this Rothbard ignores the money velocity of this period. This is the speed with which money changes hands. You can have a large money supply but if it does not change hands then it is as if it does not exist. On page 94 of Friedman’s book he gives a chart illustrating a large drop in the velocity of money during your mythical depression. This by itself could have created a depression. This low velocity is cause by a number of things. High unemployment, restrictions on loans, lack of faith by the people in the system etc.

Blayne: So now you are finally admitting it was a time of growth and not a depression. Well I guess we are making some progress…

JJ You need to read materials that present the full data rather than part, because they are trying to prove a point. Friedman is one of t he fairer ones. The data and historical accounts reveal that there was indeed a depression with the unemployment reaching 20%.

And by the way, during the 1890’s only half the population did farm related work.

Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 17, 2001

Blayne People were NOT forced to use government currency. Most of the money was fiat because they could print and that is what caused the problems. They were free to use any currency they pleased and you yourself have admitted there were hundreds of currencies. That is a free market and pretty close to what I advocate.

JJ First let me say that I’ve always agreed that people had more monetary freedom in the old days.

Secondly, it may be close to what you advocate than the current system, but it is still not what you advocate.

You claim that if your system were to prevail that fiat money would fall by the wayside, but in this golden era it prevailed. Why did this happen if it was so close to your system?

Blayne Amazing… I just gave you 4 decades and you continue to be in denial…

JJ Which four decades? I do not know of one where we had a totally free money system with the government not being involved. According to Rothbard the last private gold that was allowed to be minted was 1848 so the latter half of the century did not meet your minting standard.

Quoting JJ On the other hand, I have numerous given examples covering many centuries where there was successful debt free fiat money which gives evidence a successful fiat money can be created today

Blayne And I have contradicted them with historical references that you deny and will I am sure deny again in response to this post…

JJ You made an effort, but I countered them all and I don’t think you convinced anyone. If you really effectively proved me wrong you would think I would have heard from some reader on the matter.

Re: The word Father in the song.

Art: I personally think the word “father” in the song has the potential to limit the power of this song. It sets up an incorrect assumption and brings up the wrong images in peoples mind who get stuck in the idea that God is some sort of Father(male) figure.

JJ I think I said this years ago but you can use either “Father” (comfortable for most people) or “Father-Mother” (more acceptable to others.) The important thing is that your thought is directed toward God, the Source of all.

Tally Sticks
Aug 18, 2011

Blayne, Tally sticks were more of an accounting or recording system for the most part. And I already posted how as soon as the King started using them like fiat money they suffered the same fate all fiat systems in history have. But nice try…

JJ First let me point out that what King Charles II did was a Ponzi scheme, which was a totally different animal than the tally stick program that had been successfully in place and financed the kingdom for over 500 years. To take a handful of years of recklessness by a king and discount a total of seven centuries of success is not a logical approach.

King Charles made the same mistake that our leaders do today. To borrow money he promised future tax revenues to investors. He then borrowed more and more until he essentially went broke.

Meanwhile, the tally sticks held by the people themselves never went out of use and the program continued after his death.

A Ponzi scheme can develop within any money system whether it be gold silver or fiat. The fact that Bernie Madoff abused the money system under his control did not make the dollar worthless, only his investment scheme was worthless. Neither did it negate the debts or credits of the investors in other areas.

Even so, the tally stick program still continued among the people during and after Charles and even helped to finance the Bank of England later on. Charles’ Ponzi scheme collapsed, but the tally sticks of the people held.

This fiat system was one of the most stable and successful money systems in the history of the world.

Re: Tally Sticks
Aug 18, 2011

Blayne: All fiat systems in history have ended badly.

JJ This is simply false. The Greek system lasted successfully for five hundred years and did not end badly but merely transitioned into a different system. The same with early Rome which had a very successful fiat system for another 500 years and was dropped for an inferior system.

The only bad thing about the end of the tally system was that the tally were used to finance an inferior system which became the Bank of England.

The American Greenback did not end badly for in addition to help end slavery and save the union, in the end each dollar in Greenbacks was worth a dollar in gold.

Blayne: Even if money managers are honest they cannot predict what the economy will do in the future even based on the past and it is always down hill from there!

JJ Under the debt free fiat system you do not have to predict the economy with any degree of exactness. Where do you get such an idea? Correction is built into the system so you adjust as you go. A simple computer program could manage it.

Even to today with an inferior fiat system figuring out how much money to issue is not much of a problem. The problem, which is ever present, is that Congress wants to borrow money like crazy making the idea of controlling the money supply moot for there is no control.

Blayne on the Tally Sticks I’d say it was more of an accounting system for goods and services for most of that time rather then a fiat system.

JJ You can’t have any fiat system without some type of accounting system built into it. But it was much more than just accounting. A tally stick was like a promissory note, not much different than a Federal Reserve Note, except there was no interest involved and anyone could issue one.

Blayne; When used like money it was more of a commodities backed currency then a fiat system.

JJ Not true.. There was no existing commodity backing the tally stick. It represented a promise to pay from commodities that did not yet exist making it a fiat currency.

Blayne: However when the people that used it in private it acted more like a free market which is why it probably lasted as long as it did.

JJ You are right. It acted a little like the system I recommend where both the government and the people have freedom to create currency. Even when Charles II created a Ponzi scheme that hurt the economy the people themselves could continue with their own tally sticks and still keep essentials going.

Too bad we do not have something that flexible today.

Blayne It was used to finance part of the bank of England cause it could be traded for commodities and gold

JJ Of course. It was their for of money and could be used to purchase most anything within the country. The only need for gold was for purchases made outside the country.

Blayne: More like receipts then fiat money.

JJ Receipts were recorded in the tally sticks but when the receipt of payment was acknowledged the value was then zero. When the tallies had a promise to pay they then had value and were traded as fiat money.


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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 12

This entry is part 12 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

Audience: When we build a city on the sea (now called seasteading) there will be all this commotion about who owns what, on and under the ocean and where the boundaries are and so on.

JJ: I think the dark brothers foresee the gathering on the ocean because they are already trying to get the UN to make all kinds of laws that apply to the oceans so that who ever does this will have to pay the UN a tax of some kind. And if we have to pay the UN a tax we may as well stay here and pay taxes.

Audience: It came to me that Mr. Bush is working on an initiation and would agree with that?

JJ: Yes I think he is a second-degree initiate and so he would be working on his third.

Audience: So this is what we can expect out of a third initiation?

JJ: Well I don’t think he is at the third yet, but that is just my opinion and not very many politicians are above the first. Most of them are just completely into their own selfishness.

Larry: But for Bush staying on task, that is moving him forward.

JJ: Yes and that type of determination is admirable for any initiate but you see he still has quite a bit of illusion about a number of things so I do not think he is past his third yet.

Larry: When he was first elected and in one of the debates with John Kerry, I think it was the second debate and I was watching him and I can’t remember the answer that he gave a question that gave but I was thinking about and suddenly the spirit came into my mind and said, “This is my man.” I was told that Bush was of God.

JJ: Bush is a lot more sincere then people give him credit for. For instance he will read in the paper that somebody is in trouble and he will write a personal check and mail it to him or her anonymously. He gives 15% of his money away to charity. When he ran against Al Gore, Al Gore gave away $250 to charity that year.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: Some people love to spend other people’s money but not their own. But when you see someone spend his or her own money and give it away that speaks to something in my own mind. When people visit Bush in the oval office, he will take them in the back room and kneel in prayer with them and stuff like that, that I have read about him is encouraging about the guy.

Annie: When Bush was doing all of this do you think Tony Blair was helping? I think he was helping trying to do his part and got hated by many after that.

JJ: Tony Blair was hated something awful and he was a liberal. Nobody expected that from Tony Blair for he was really good friends with Clinton and everybody called him the Clinton of Britain and he turned out to really be supportive of Bush, which really blew everybody away. But Tony Blair was intelligent enough to see the threat and what people do not think of is what kind of situation we might be in if Saddam Hussein was still in power.

Larry: Can they establish peace in the Middle East?

JJ: They made tremendous progress in Iraq, all kinds of businesses are starting up and it is becoming safe enough that China, Russia and all kinds of foreign governments are starting to go in there and investing. And, of course, typical of people that you help, Iraq is not really faithful to us and they are willing to give contracts to foreign governments and bypass us. So the idea on going there to make a killing on oil is not happening at all. And as a matter of fact now Bush is criticized because we are not getting their oil.

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: But in the beginning he was criticized for going in there, for the oil. Bush has done everything possible to avoid the appearance of going in there for the oil. Now we are not getting enough oil from the guys, so there is an interesting situation.

Larry: So there is a man of tremendous courage, he has faced up to all this criticism and it continues to get worse and worse.

JJ: And the only thing that gave him power was the answer he got from God and if he had not got an answer then he would have buckled under pressure because if you look at him in other situations where he has not got an answer and you find that he will bend and compromise. He has compromised on quite a bit of stuff but he is not compromising on this and that is because he got an answer on it.

JJ: But remember the words of Christ that “He who takes upon himself My Name will be hated by all the world for My Namesake.” He says they hated me and they will hate you also. On the other hand many think, “If I am a good Christian then everybody will love me.” Well if you are a good standard orthodox Christian that everybody thinks is just mister nice guy like Joel Osteen or someone like that just a good harmless guy that preaches a nice harmless message well then the whole world is going to love that guy. They may have trouble with his wife though who recently got into a little trouble with an airline stewardess. Chuckling.

Larry: Where did the analogy come from that in Batman The Dark Knight became an analogy for George W. Bush?

JJ: Somebody wrote an article about it and I think it was The Wall Street Journal or something like that.

Let’s say you are a smoker and you quit then that is the highest you know but you are around a bunch of people that are your friends who also smoke. They are really going to give a rough time and say something like, what is the matter do you think that you are better than us since you are quitting? And even on small things where you try to make a step forward you are going to get flack so when ever you take a step forward you are going to get flack and a lot of friction but it does not matter. It is only when you play it safe that everybody is going to love you.

When you play it safe and say what people want to hear then people will love you but if you take a definite step toward the light than you are going to have a lot of problems. It is like the story I told you about Artie when she was probably going to marry me after a short two or three day romance, (Laughing, audience laughing as well) All hell broke loose. Her daughter was concerned and called up Artie’s mother and her ex-husband and told them about this weird guy who was like Jim Jones and would probably take his flock out in the middle of nowhere and have them drink Kool-aid and boy her mother was on airplane the next day flying up to save her daughter and her ex-husband was checking to see if he could get custody of her daughter.

Audience: I verified that story with Wendi (Artie’s daughter) at your birthday party I asked her daughter how she felt about JJ when he when first came into her life and she said that he probably would not tell this story but I really did not like him very much when I first met him and she said I called my grandma and so on.

I said that is exactly the story that JJ tells and she said, “he did?”

Laughter has erupted throughout the room!

Audience: So this grandma is your mother, the one that is with you now.

Female from audience: Yes

JJ: They did not like me in the beginning, so Artie calls me up and says, oh this is going way too fast and we have got to just hold off and just quit seeing each other for a while until things just calm down.

And my Soul told me that if I let that happen then I would lose her and that I needed to close the deal now. So I said to her remember how we felt a couple days ago when we fell in love through the spirit and it felt really good? And she said, yes. Then I said think of how you feel right now, do you feel good right now? And she said no. I said do you want to feel the way you felt back then or do you want to feel the way you do now? Do you want to go with the peace or do you want to go with the turbulence – which do you want?

(JJ is choking up a bit) I have hard time saying this but she says I want the peace. I said well lets go for it then and she said okay. And from that point on she never went back and she had to face a tremendous amount of turbulence from both her mother and her daughter, and everyone who knew her thought she was absolutely stark raving mad. Yet it was a step that was really important for both of us to take.

Whenever you take an important step you will have a tremendous amount of turbulence and friction and everybody will come out of the woodwork to try and take you back to where you were before. It will always happen if it is an important step. I have had people coming up to me and say I have had A, B or C happen and all these people express negativity towards it and it must be a sign that I am not supposed to do this.

I say no it is a sign that you are supposed to it. They would say yea but this was bad because it produced friction and anger, and I said, that is good and that is an indication that you are supposed to do it. And some people cannot just get that through their head.

It is like what Jesus says; he that goes by a sign is a member of a wicked and adulteress generation that is if you go by signs and that is because the signs are almost always wrong. Signs almost always lead you the wrong direction. When I keep track of those who tell me of some sign they follow I find that the end result is almost always wrong and the result negative.

Larry: And here you are giving people signs all the time! (JJ is in the sign business)

JJ: On the other hand it says signs follow them that believe. So those that believe will have signs and the true signs follow belief. You will have synchronicity happen and other interesting things that verify different things but it will come when you have already chosen the right path.

But you do not choose the right path because of a sign only for when you do that it will almost always lead you in the worse of the other two directions you could have taken.

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An Ocean of Problems

This entry is part 5 of 50 in the series 2011A

Larry W. makes some good points that we must take into consideration concerning gathering on the seas, or Seasteading as it is called today.

(1) Someone must come up with a gigantic INITIAL INVESTMENT and then face constant maintenance far beyond that of land based buildings.

You are right, the investment would be large. This is why I have taught that we will need to have between 5,000-10,000 people interested before we proceed toward such an enterprise. If we were to start with even a view hundred it would most likely fail as it would lack the resources and funding to create a desirable quality of life and if the quality of life is not good then the project will fail.

I just watched the video Sterling recommended .

Go to Video

It presented the idea of finding a small nation and buying our way into power and turning it into a free nation with no taxes that will gather freedom-loving individuals from around the world.

I have also considered this idea but there are several problems with it.

First one would need billions in capital.
Second – few people who have power are willing to relinquish it at any price. Most are willing to see their country destroyed before yielding it.

On the other hand, if one had the means and did find a country willing to give up it’s identity for a payoff then this could work. I just wouldn’t bet my grandmother’s operation money on this coming to pass.

A more viable alternative would be to purchase an island or large tract of land from a third world nation in need of funds and secure autonomy so the gathered people will have power to govern themselves within a designated land area. Even here the residents would need to be prepared to defend themselves from a possible warlord who may decide he wants to steal the fruit of their labors.

Thus the gathering force needs to be in the thousands and the financing in the billions before a new government can be created.

This is why the first major step will be a gathering under an already established government in areas such as Boise or Sterling’s Safe Haven in Utah. All one has to do to gather around like minded friends is to move until the greater gatherings come.

(2) A crew formed by spiritual development criteria rather than affinity for the sea or knowledge or skill of the sea presents ALL the problems of IGNORANCE. Ignorance on the part of a crew in building framing work, for example, is disastrous.

Yes this will be a problem but not insurmountable. If we can go to the moon then we can do this also.

(3) The right design and material presents vast problems. One promising plan I’ve seen used concrete boat shells. However, salt water is particularly harsh on concrete.

There are all kinds of possibilities and when the time of opportunity comes then I believe the technology will be there.

In fact there is some technology that may be feasible that has been around for a long time. A promising one is Pykrete. You can read about it here:

(4) Then you face the very real problems which these various Architectural firms are attempting to resolve. Mainly community planning.

That is an important point, for bad planning has caused many planned communities to be doomed from the start. However, there have been success stories in the past and it can happen again. I am not drawling up precise details or a new constitution because we are not ready for action yet. But when the time comes, and if I am still here, then I will see to it that the planning is concise enough so everyone will know what they are getting into.
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Posted Nov 10, 2010
I did a little searching to see if much was new in seasteading – the idea of building cities on the sea.  No major advances have been made but I did find a synopsis of projects attempted in the past.  Thought the group may find this of intreats.

Attempted Projects
Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them, and so we have studied what little material exists about attempts at seastead-like ventures. We find some of the following quite illustrative. Note that the distinction between “attempted” and “proposed” (the next category) is somewhat arbitrary. Since most nation-founding attempts don’t get past the drawing board, our standards for what constitutes an attempt are fairly low. Also, some of these attempts are still ongoing.

The Freedom Ship
The Freedom Ship [FreedomShip] is a proposal for a mile long “City At Sea” for 40,000 people. The chief architect is an engineer named Norman Nixon. The folks working on this one have managed to generate an extensive amount of press coverage (including Popular Mechanics and the Discovery Channel) and enlist dozens of volunteers. Construction cost, unfortunately, is in the neighborhood of ten billion dollars. While the large size makes the idea newsworthy, it also makes financing extremely difficult. This is especially true when ResidenSea, which was approximately 1/40th the cost, could not sell all its units. It seems fantastically unlikely to us that anyone will finance such a large project until smaller ones have demonstrated that the floating condo concept is viable.
Indeed, no signs have yet been seen of this staggering sum, although the company has built an 11-foot long, 400 pound model, which puts them well ahead of the average project. A lack of transparency has been notable from the beginning, with interested but skeptical people complaining that their criticisms have all been deflected or ignored [Patri_FS]. However, rumour has it that they’ll soon be selling copies of the huge amount of design work they’ve done. Only time will tell whether they can raise the funds for this gigantic project. While we are rather skeptical that it reach fruition in its current form, we would be delighted to be proven wrong.
Aquarius Project

Another well-publicized venture during the 1990’s was the Aquarius Project, based on the book The Millenial Project by Mashall Savage [Savage1992]. An organization was created called the First Millenial Foundation, which later changed its name to the Living Universe Foundation. Savage proposes building many large floating cities out of hexagonal cells made from a material called Sea-crete or alternatively Seament. They would be powered by OTEC generators, which operate on the temperature differential between surface and deep water. Income comes from mariculture, hydrogen, magnesium, and several other sources. Actually, only the first 100 pages of TMP are about Aquarius, and the remainder discusses the remaining 7 stages necessary to begin colonizing the galaxy. This is an excellent example of the viewpoint that ocean cities are a stepping stone to space colonies.
Unfortunately, while the book is stuffed full of technical information, the basic ideas behind Aquarius are at the very least ahead of their time. They may even be inaccurate. We discuss the flawed calculations behind seacrete [Seacrete] and the currently nascent state of OTEC [OTEC] in more detail later, when explaining why those technologies are not currently part of our plan. In addition, Savage is overly ambitious, focusing on huge cities without any plan for starting with small ones. Unsurprisingly, without prototypes to demonstrate that the ideas were sound, there was not enough interest to build an initial Aquarius settlement.

Minerva Reef
A seamount is a not-quite island, an underwater mountain without enough oomph to make it to sea level. Like land, seamounts are geographically stable but politically problematic. They can act as breakwaters if they’re close enough to the surface, which is quite useful since waves are one of the major dangers of the ocean. Also they can function as anchoring points or pillar foundations. However if they are raised above sea level, they are vulnerable to claim by land-based jurisdictions, as happened with the Minerva Reef. Since this incident exemplifies the reasons why free-floating sea structures are better politically, we will recount it here.
Michael Oliver, a Las Vegas real estate millionaire, made several nation founding attempts. At one point he focused on the Minerva Reefs, 260 miles southwest of Tonga, which were conveniently outside the territorial waters of any nation and below water at high tide. Quite large, they seemed perfect as a foundation for a new, sovereign territory. His plan was to build them up with sand and create a new island and a new country, and he hired dredges from Australia in 1971. After six months, he proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Minerva, which issued coins.
The only reaction he got was from the Kingdom of Tonga, Minerva’s closest neighbor. A box of supplies was dropped on the new land which said “supplied and maintained by the government of Tonga”, an action said to be supported by other nations in the area. His Majesty then ventured to Minerva with a gang of convicts and a four-member band. They planted the Tongan flag, played the Tongan national anthem, and claimed the sandy patch for Tonga. After they left, the forces of nature did their work, and the sand of Minerva returned slowly to the ocean from whence it had sprung. [Strauss1984 pp. 115-117].
This is a classic example of the lengths to which nations will go to preserve their cartel status – even a worthless patch of sand is seen as competition. If a new nation is created on land (no matter how small or undesirable), it is likely that the nearest traditional nations will claim jurisdiction. It may be possible to negotiate a treaty, but that is likely to be expensive and prospective nation founders are unlikely to have much to bargain with.

The Isle of Roses
The short-lived Isle of Roses offers another excellent example of the antipathy with which countries view nearby nation-founding attempts. As Strauss explains:
Giorgio Rosa was (or is) a professor of engineering in Bologna, Italy. In the early 1960’s, he built a tower in the Adriatic Sea, in water less than 20 feet deep, about 8 miles off the coast of the Italian city of Rimini. This first tower was wrecked by a storm on February 13, 1965. A new one was built, with an area of about 4,000 square feet. It had a bar, a restaurant, a post office, a bank and a store, all surrounded by a promenade. The Italian authorities took no notice (since they only claimed 3 miles from shore as their territorial waters) until May 1, 1968, when the platform was declared to be an independent republic, whose official language was the artificial one Esperanto. The Italians invaded 55 days later, speaking vaguely of such things as “national security, illegality, tax avoidance, maritime obstruction and pornography.” In the spring of 1969, Italian Navy frogmen dynamited the structure. At last report, Rosa did not plan to try again, saying darkly that “This country is all Mafia.”
Mafia or not, this illustrates the extent to which existing countries are willing to brush aside written law if they think a new-country project has the potential to seriuosly inconvenience them.
[Strauss1984, p 129-130]

Cortes Bank
Another brief example of the greed of traditional nations relates to the Cortes Bank, which lies off the coast of San Diego:
The USS Abalonia was a concrete cargo ship, constructed for the purpose of becoming an independent nation. The company which built it hoped to anchor it in rich shellfish beds on the Cortes Bank, 100 miles off the coast of San Diego, and claim jurisdiction over the area. Shortly after the Abalonia’s launch in 1969, it foundered and sank, nearly killing the crew. In the wake of the Abalonia fiasco, a second company began plans to build a platform on the Cortes Bank and declare it the nation of Taluga. The US government quickly gave notice that the Cortes Bank, as part of the continental shelf, fell within its jurisdiction.

Laissez-Faire City
This Ayn Rand-inspired project began as an attempt to found a modern-day Galt’s Gulch. The organizers placed a declaration of sovereignty and request for a host nation in several high-profile publications, including The Economist (6/10/95, 8/12/95). Media such as the London Times and BBC World Radio covered the story, and 3000 people from 108 different countries contacted the founding Trust.

Unfortunately, the response from potential sites was less enthusiastic. The principals followed several leads without finding an acceptable locations (although their standards may have been a bit high – the shallow shoals which LFC turned down would be more than sufficient for our purposes). With no land in sight, LFC transitioned to seeking freedom in cyberspace, developing tools for digital freedom.
Eventually, due to personality problems and poor business practices stemming from one of the founders and major financers of the project, LFC was dissolved. Their early experiences exemplify two of our claims about nation founding: that there is a large potential market, and that it is extraordinarily difficult to get sovereignty from existing nations.

Their webpage states:
Dedicated to creating ecologically balanced, floating ocean communities and terra-formed, permacultured islands, grown from the mineral-rich waters of the tropical oceans. We wish to share our creations and technologies to help expand the unity, prosperity and quality of life, of all the people of Earth.

This currently active project is based in Costa Rica, and the fact that its principals were willing to relocate there suggests that they are serious. Their website contains a timeline, including the steps they have completed. They are currently in the stage where they are beginning to need financing, which is a very difficult time for any project. While they pitch the seacrete + OTEC combination which we later debunk, they also acknowledge that seacrete is not ready for prime-time yet and plan to start with ferrocement. Their designs are partly based on the Monolithic Dome Institute [MDI], which is another good sign, as the MDI has helped construct hundreds of concrete domes. They believe, as do we, in teaching by example rather than rhetoric. Unfortunately they seem to be looking mainly to donations for initial funding. It seems to be the most mature environmentally motivated project.


The Principality of Sealand [Sealand] is arguably the most (perhaps the only) succesful new-country project in recent history. It was founded in 1967, when Roy Bates, a pirate radio operator, moved into an abandoned WWII anti-aircraft platform called Rough’s Tower. The platform was located about 7 miles off the British coast, which was then in international waters.
Several incidents have supported the Principality’s claims of independence. Sealand fired warning shots at a nearby repair boat, who took King Roy to court over the matter. The ruling was that the tower was outside of the court’s jurisdiction. Later, some German men briefly seized the platform by force, and were captured in a helicopter raid. One was kept as a prisoner for several weeks, during which period the German government appealed to the British government for help. However, the British Foreign Office said that the tower was beyond their jurisdiction [Strauss1984, p. 132-138].
More recently, Prince Roy has retired, and Sealand was leased to a company called HavenCo [Havenco] for several years as a data haven. Unfortunately, the experiment was ended in 2003 because of worries about the country being blamed for aiding terrorism. There have been suggestions of expanding Sealand by damming off and then draining an area around it. It will be interesting to see if this upstart country can continue to maintain its independence, and whether it can turn sovereignty into business opportunities.

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