The Song of Eternal life

Feb 17, 2016

The Song of Eternal life

Tom Writes:

Any special instructions for the song of Eternal life like visualizing people saying it or pretty lights in and around the body like with the song of the 144,000 I been saying both songs for a few months without missing that many days in between.


Whereas visualization is important in the Song of the 144,000, feeling is the key ingredient in the Song of Eternal life. As you say this song, first attempt to feel connected to your Source, which is God. To this source we owe our lives so feel the life coming from Spirit and flowing into you as you say the words. Feel the life correcting all the wrongs in your body and setting them straight.

Secondly feel a sense of thanksgiving and appreciation. Do not sense yourself fighting any problem that you have but thank your body mind and soul for all their attempts to help you and see them being aided by the extra life force you are invoking.

After you finish feel a sense of love for all the lives seeking to assist you as well as all those who are attempting to find their way home.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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