Like-Minded Souls

Feb 16, 2016

Like-Minded Souls

I received a comment on my post of “Like Attracts Like” that went something like this.

We all have a desire to fit I and belong but some people just cannot find a place that seems right for them. Then maybe you join a group and you feel welcome at first but then you have a falling out and lose attraction.

Are there some people who just do not belong anywhere and have no “like” to attract another “like”?

To understand the answer there is one important point that first must be understood. All of us are linked to our souls and our souls are masters on their own plane and linked to each other. On the soul level life experiences true brotherhood and attraction is universal.

When we as individuals commence our progression here on the earth we begin as projections far removed from our Higher Selves and assess differences and similarities according to what we take in from this dense material world. As the pilgrim progresses he eventually makes a breakthrough and establishes a small link with his soul that grows over time. After the link is established the similarities and differences of the physical world begin to lose their meaning because they are overshadowed by the greater interplay that manifests through the soul. When a brother who has made contact encounters another with a similar amount of contact then an immediate attraction will result. He or she will enjoy being with this person much more than one that has similar personality interests. They will both be interested in the higher life of the soul and that eclipses interests in the material world.

So if one is a seeker of higher things and feels that he or she does not belong my advice is to do all in your power to continue the journey on the spiritual path. All serious attempts move the individual forward and when progression reaches a certain degree then contact will not only be made with the Higher Self, but the seeker will recognize and be drawn to others who have made such contact.

So how so we explain the fact that there seems to be people on all kinds of different levels of progression who feel isolated, or that they do not belong?

There are a number of reasons for this and here are a few:

(1) Cycles. Cycles affect all both high and low. Sometimes your Higher Self as well as Higher Lives see that it will be advantageous to you to struggle completely on your own for a while. Some call this he Dark Night of the Soul, where the seeker feels abandoned.

If this is the case then the seeker must follow he advice of Paul and “Be ready in season and out of season.” II Tim 2:4 New King James

In other words, live your life as a soul whether you feel love and brotherhood or not. This way when the positive cycle of contact returns you will just continue and not have to make a lot of changes in behavior.

(2) Uneven progression. As each person progresses he moves ahead faster in some areas than others. In one area of living be may be in harmony with the soul and in another he may be out of tune. The part that is out of tune may signal a red flag to others on the path and cause them to avoid him and the feeling may be mutual.

The key here is to focus on the positive with a realization that none of us are perfect in the personality world. A positive focus will eventually bring other positive people into your life.

(3) The pilgrim may have too much focus on the material world. He may make friends with similar interests, but when the interests change the friendship will wither. Like personalities who gather do not experience the intimacy of soul brothers and often suffer from an emptiness that must eventually be filled with soul love.

(4) The pilgrim places too much attention on the emotional/astral world and reacts strongly to it. This person will often wind up being offended by most of his associates and in turn will send out a vibe of repulsion that offends them. This person will suffer many feelings of isolation and rejection until his mind assumes control over his emotions and directs them toward a positive end.

The bottom line is this. Figure out the type of people that you want to draw into your life and then become a servant to them and offer them something of value that they will appreciate. Do this while seeking the path that takes you toward soul contact and you will turn out to be a good and interesting person gathering around others who are also good and interesting. In the end you will sit back and say to yourself, “I am blessed. Life is good.”

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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