A Meditation to Remember

A Meditation to Remember

Nathan (From audience): I want to thank everyone here for your added vibrations because you brought us much needed rain.

JJ: So while we were grumbling about the rain last night you Texans were really happy about it, right? Everybody saw water last night when you went back into past lives; maybe that made it rain or something. (laughter)

We’re going to do the Great Invocation this morning. Is anyone here not familiar with it? How many have never done it before? A handful of you haven’t. This was given out by the Hierarchy around the end of WWII. It’s a powerful invocation that is very ancient. It is said to be spoken by the Christ every morning when He rises. He faces the East and says this Great Invocation.

It’s so potent that the Hierarchy had a disagreement among themselves on whether to release it. Some of them wanted to release it to mankind and others thought that maybe mankind was not ready and that the energies generated may be a little premature for mankind. Christ thought mankind was ready so they went along with His decision to release it.

This is a powerful invocation. Part of the purpose of it is to prepare for the return of Christ so that the energies of negativity will be sealed. A line says, “And may it seal the door where evil dwells.” That’s part of its purpose to prepare the way for the return of Christ by canceling out the negativity of the forces of darkness.

It probably hasn’t permeated mankind quite as much as it was hoped. It was hoped by this time it would be a little more of a universal prayer than it is but it’s still growing in power and growing in the number of people saying it every day.

What we’ll do is to say the Great Invocation. Today is called the Invocation Day. It is the date of the full moon. At the time of the full moon there is a window open. During the full moon the greatest light of the sun reflects from the moon to the Earth. It’s symbolic of the time within us that the greatest light of the soul reflects off our personality, which is sort of like our personal moon, so to speak. So, it’s a time to pick up impressions from the Hierarchy. It makes us a little more sensitive.

Matter of fact, people are more sensitive to everything during the full moon. That’s why it’s known among all police forces that people go a little crazy during the full moon. The reason for this is that all your energies are amplified somewhat during this time so if you’re already a little crazy, you’ll be crazier. (laughter) If you’re on the spiritual path your spiritual sensitivity will also be increased. Everything is increased. Even though there may be a number here who are a little crazy, if we concentrate on the spiritual side I think we can handle that.

Audience: Inaudible. Some background discussion regarding a typo on the printout of the invocation..

JJ: We’re within minutes of the exact time of the full moon and the energy of this window that opens will be strong for about 2 days afterwards. So, concentrate on the next couple days on what you might receive. Later in the day we’ll talk about what impressions people get during this time. We’re going to say the Invocation then we’ll meditate for about 15 minutes. During this period of time of silence think about everything that’s happened during the past couple of days and think of what the Hierarchy might be sending to us, to mankind, to you as an individual and see what you pick up.

Begin with an OM.


From the point of light within the mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men

May light descend on Earth.

(silent contemplation)

From the point of love within the heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men

May Christ return to Earth.

(silent contemplation)

From the center where the will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

(Silent contemplation)

From the center which we call the race of men

Let the plan of love and light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

(silent contemplation)

Let light and love and power restore the plan on Earth.




My friends, let’s join hands. This is Invocation Day and we’re going to do more invoking. Repeat these words after me.

We invoke the mind, the spirit and the love of Christ.

We invoke the mind, the spirit and the love of Christ.

JJ: Three more times, louder each time.

We invoke the mind, the spirit and the love of Christ.

We invoke the mind, the spirit and the love of Christ.

We invoke the mind, the spirit and the love of Christ.

Visualize the point of light in your mind for a minute; this light descending until a ball of light appears before us in the center.

This ball of light is expanding.

Within this ball of light is the Christ.

See Him looking at you and you know He can read your mind.

You can also read His. Contemplate on what you feel.

Contemplate on what you are receiving as He looks at you and you are able to read His mind.

Repeat after me:

We receive the witness, the love, and the message of Christ.

We receive the witness, the love, and the message of Christ.

We receive the witness, the love, and the message of Christ.

We receive the witness, the love, and the message of Christ.

See yourself receiving what He wants you to know


Visualize Christ in the center.

Repeat these words three times:

We wish to be elevated in consciousness, in light and in spirit.

We wish to be elevated in consciousness, in light and in spirit.

We wish to be elevated in consciousness, in light and in spirit.

We wish to be elevated in consciousness, in light and in spirit.


Now visualize the Christ stretching forth His hand and turning around and sending a point of light to every person in this room as He turns around. The light is projected out from His fingertips to each person in the room. In a few seconds He will be completely turned in the center and everyone will have received.

Now we will do the Hosanna shout which is an ancient Christian mantram.

We say this three times; the first time in a normal voice, the second time louder and the third time as loud as we can say it. After we say it we’ll have a period of silence again where we again meditate and contemplate in the highest consciousness we can. Don’t only think about what you receive but what you feel.

Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna to God and the Lamb. Aumen. Aumen. Aumen.

Let’s try a practice on the first time.

Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna to God and the Lamb. Aumen. Aumen. Aumen.

We’ll do it three times now.

Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna to God and the Lamb. Aumen. Aumen. Aumen.

Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna to God and the Lamb. Aumen. Aumen. Aumen.

Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna to God and the Lamb. Aumen. Aumen. Aumen.

We’ll finish off with these words; again three times.

Baptize us, oh God, with fire and with the Holy Spirit.

Baptize us, oh God, with fire and with the Holy Spirit.

Baptize us, oh God, with fire and with the Holy Spirit.

Baptize us, oh God, with fire and with the Holy Spirit.


One more step.

We enter into Your presence to enjoy the fruits of the Kingdom of God.

We enter into Your presence to enjoy the fruits of the Kingdom of God.

We enter into Your presence to enjoy the fruits of the Kingdom of God.

We enter into Your presence to enjoy the fruits of the Kingdom of God.






Now I’d like to pass the microphone around starting with Assaf. Take a minute of two and say any thoughts that come into your heart and consciousness; whatever you feel like saying. You can talk about the experience here, what you felt during the meditation, whatever you feel like saying.

Assaf: I don’t know if you know this but I suppose you do. It is easier for me to express myself in Hebrew so I’ll do my best to express myself in English. I don’t remember on which part it was but there came a time in this session that I became aware of the whole circle of people simultaneously, as individuals and as one entity, a circle of one. I could feel the individuals and I could feel the oneness. Later on I felt light pouring from high, from infinity; high above, pouring to each and every one in the circle as one.

Mindy: Can I just say ditto? It was a lot of the same thing, a lot of light and a big dome.

This is Gloria. I felt the dome of light coming down on all of us and felt the light pouring into each and every one of our spirits. The message I got was acceptance and love.

I’m Jeanine. One of the messages I got was that our creating circles like this, joining, literally, our hands, our hearts and our minds in the higher consciousness that that will heal the evil. I got a lot of other things but I don’t really want to share them.

Zofia: This is a new experience for me, although saying the rosary is a form of meditation in the Catholic religion. In meditating today I felt peacefulness, togetherness and somehow all this gathering is deepening my religion so far and making me feel like I’m on the right track.

Sofia: My experience was that I visualized the light in our circle and all the light going through all of us.

Audience: Overall I just had a sense of peacefulness and a feeling that it was a nice reunion. I haven’t said the Great Invocation in a long time. I’m also feeling like this is a reunion for all of us, that we haven’t been together for a long time and just very grateful that we’re all here together.

Elly: Maybe I -the spirit or maybe He’s just with me all the time-I know He is. I guess mine was just a prayer that God would fill each one of us totally with His light and His love and His will and His power. That was pretty much in my mind the whole time with the unity and love of each other.

Audience: I visualized Christ in the center and I saw Him pouring out His love. I visualized faces of certain people and He gave them extra love.

Larry: It sort of felt at a point, that I was sort of above the group looking down and I felt a very distinct feeling of not being quite myself but kind of being part of the group, a less concept or feeling of being just myself and just looking down on the group and feeling I was part of the group.

Robin: I felt a real sense of oneness and genuine affection and love toward and from everyone here. I meditated by way of singing. I’ll share it with you sometime when it is appropriate.

Audience: I was really surprised when I saw the light of Christ. I guess I wasn’t expecting-I heard the words, then when I saw it was real it was amazing, a very amazing, I would say life-changing moment. Towards the end I felt a chant coming through me where I was like dedicating every part of myself to service. I didn’t anticipate that either. It started out with, I dedicate my life to Christ then it was like every part, like I dedicate my personality to service, I dedicate my ego to service. I just kept going through all the layers and each one was a dedication. That surprised me. I wasn’t expecting that.

Keith: The impression I picked up was will to be me. It was almost like a hand was touching me here and just saying will to be me. I got the impression that whatever high presence was here went to each person and touched their spirit in some way, similar to myself, sort of dividing itself for the group. I got the impression that I was thinking about all our lights bending then there was an impression of another light almost coming above it and it had sort of a white to it. Its light was consistent but it was brighter. You could almost feel it pushing like a membrane. In terms of the couple of days, I thought the healing was very powerful, similar to what we did just now. One other moment when I felt a lot of energy was at the very beginning when JJ was talking about Peter the other night. I really felt that here.

Audience: It was a physical presence on me also. It was right here and I just went with it and allowed it to be and knew it was what I needed. Other than that it was a sense of peace and acceptance and healing.

Nathan: I want to thank everybody here for this incredible weekend which isn’t over yet. During the Hosanna I felt this energy coursing through our hands. Because I’m a massage therapist and a Reiki Master I focus a lot of energy in my hands and my hands got really hot. I felt this energy just pouring down over my head and shoulders. It was like goosebumps and yummies at the same time. At one point during the invocation I felt like Christ was empowering the whole group and the radiating love from this group is going out.

Audience: The message that I got over and over and over again was to continue to experience and witness love, over and over. I felt a great deal of gratitude for the essence of the people that are here and the spirits that they have, always a sense of oneness. There was also the feeling of the more love that can be expressed outward to the people the more God can send back. There was a point at which I felt very hampered by my body. I didn’t want to stay here.

Audience: I experienced a force of energy moving through all of us as a circle of life as if it were the energy of life and a wheel sort of like there was a light and each of us was a spoke of the wheel of life and love that’s flowing in the consciousness of this planet. I received several personal messages and direction, actually, in some areas of my life to clean up. A statement that I’ve used a lot in the past kept coming to me. We are of one mind, one thought and one consciousness and we ask that the mind of Christ might be within us. I kept hearing that over and over and over again and sending out love and light. It was a wonderful experience. This weekend has been a wonderful experience. Thank you.

My name is Denise. I was given first of all -it’s like one of those glow balls you put your hands on. It was rather large and I fit it into my right pocket. I don’t know how I got it in there but it got really small. Then I was given by Michael a glowing sword, it wasn’t really red and I put it in my left pocket. I was given by a triad kind of a green pyramid and I stuck it in here. I was told that these are the tools that I will use. I know how to use them. I don’t know why but I was told that I have the tools for the love and support and the help when I need it. I am a warrior of the circle of light with the Michael family and I am a powerful being and I will be able to use these tools. So, I’m ready. Thank you.

I’m Marylin. I experienced first a tremendous amount of love. It’s fantastically huge. When we saw Jesus in the light I was very much aware of figures going around to everybody. I saw them. I really saw them. I asked to be guided in how I could serve and I was told to continue in what I was doing.

Rob: I had a lot of imagery. I saw a picture of a heart and it kind of rocked back and forth on its point. At some point the song, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Man” would play in my head. At another point I felt warmth in m shoulders. I also saw an image of a preteen male child. His skin looked like blemish free and he had long hair. He was pacing and every now and again he would look at me then he’d go back to pacing. He looked nervous or anxious or frustrated or I got the impression that he was thinking what am I going to do with you. (laughter)

Audience: I just felt very blessed to be part of this group.

Travis: Basically what they said. It was intense, very interesting. I wanted to say I really think Assaf expressed himself very well in English.

Diane: I saw the light grow brighter and brighter then it started getting very warm to the point where I was feeling hot. I have to agree that being in this group has been a blessing and I appreciate it and thank you all very much.

Audience: I enjoyed the association with everyone in the group as we’ve been here. I think there’s much more deeper meaning in some of the words and the principles that JJ has given us then we’ve been able to completely acquire and maybe understand. The impact will definitely be good for mankind and I hope that’s the way it goes.

My name is Garrett. I felt distracted several times. As I was trying to focus some distraction was trying to pull my focus off the light but the message I seemed to get was on the capacity of love. Later as I was meditating I visualized a pyramid that was completely black. It split, like cracked. There was light coming through the cracks basically throughout the shell it was so powerful that the black pieces in the light seemed to go all over the Earth. It seemed to me to represent the veil of darkness being cast away from the Earth. It’s kind of interesting. I’ve really enjoyed the insights as I’ve listened to JJ and a lot of the posts I’ve read and I’m looking forward to learning more.

Audience: I just got like a real good inner peace and love and like kind of seeing a light. (inaudible) What these groups can do for the self and feel the connection to one another. I’ve just enjoyed the class.

My name is Irene. I’d like to thank every body for the experience we had last night, the blessing. That was an eye-opener for me because I’ve received blessings before but never in that form. I especially noted a greater, it felt more complete having a man and a woman in the circle. I felt more completeness and more oneness. As we were meditating I felt the light and a lot of other things that are hard to describe right now but I’d like to thank you all for the love that you’ve shared and given to me.

Audience: I’ve enjoyed my experience here and received the sense of brotherhood and kindness and sincerity and truth that exists in each and every person here. I think it’s a wonderful example what we can all continue to strive for and be an example for all the others that we associate with around our lives as we go forward from here.

Rick: A part of me is always looking for the next illustration so I was keeping an eye, both when my eyes were closed and when they were open to see if there were any special effects. I was peeking. I noticed above people’s heads it was like heat on a summer sidewalk, more so than normally. There were radiations coming out. When I closed my eyes and was looking between my eyes there was like a ball of light pulsing between a solid ball and nonsolid ball. Towards the end I could just make out a group of light beings like on a balcony or rotunda sort of looking down on us patiently and I’m down here like, “make it happen, make it happen.” The message that I got -and I’m not very good at meditating, I can’t sit still long enough to go fishing-the message was that if you have to sit there for a year just be patient and it will come. This is my third gathering and we’ve tried to bring this down each time and each time it does come a little bit more down into us. The message I got at the end was to be patient, it’s definitely happening.

Audience: When we were saying the Great Invocation I saw light descend upon the Earth. I saw Christ in the ball of light bringing forth light to everybody here. I felt very peaceful and a lot of love and brotherhood.

Audience: I received several messages but I’m glad you brought up, Rick, that one of the messages you received or confirmation you received was that not everything is going to be clear right off the bat. It’s going to take time. That was told to me at the end but initially I was given a message to recognize my own inner light and that each one of us also has that same light. Then I was given the message of the power on this principle and that through a gathering like this, our own light and vibration can be increased to the point where we’re not individual little lights anymore. We’re one big light. That was kind of nice and powerful but at the same time it was like there is more to it and if we’re patient it will come.

Audience: I only got a message that was personal.

Audience: The first impression I got from the Christ in the center was that that the brotherhood needs more servants right now to accomplish the mission servants by God. I am very proud of you and the group and was considered an example of the type of service that was needed. And then the next impression I had while we were meditating was the oneness. You know when you are in a group and feel the individual energies and separateness. There was just a circle of one energy flowing. And with this many people it was amazing. And then we did the Hosanna shout and someone mentioned that we had the electricity. I have a headache now! I think I overloaded, but it was electrical. It was like that storm last night only we create our own storm right here. It was amazing!

Audience: I felt that electricity also during the same time. So, I felt these huge vibrations going through my body and my hands too and these two that I am holding hands with. It went right into my own hands. My hands are really hot. At first I did sense a huge light in the center and then I felt like there were a lot of beings walking around the outside of the circle and then I felt something over my head. I then felt the Christ walking around to each one of us and the message I got was to continue, just keep going forward, and service as much as possible. It was great!

JJ: I have enjoyed listening to you all. What I am listening for here is a common thread coming from some of the things that you have said and a common thread is an energy of love, of course, but beyond that is energy of blending and everyone becoming one. Service is also a common thread. Service.

What I felt was when we first sat down here some of us were lethargic; we had just got up in the morning; we did not know what to expect; hoped that we could wake up through this process; so we went from a lot of us feeling lethargic to the consciousness raised and then raised a little more and by the end of the invocation we had been elevated in consciousness; and we had group soul contact. I am proud of this group; I really like this group. I feel that every single person here is receptive that no one here is blocking any energy. It is unusual in a group of this size. Of course, we have an advantage; a lot of us do not know each other enough to know the faults each other have so we do not have a lot to be angry about in each other.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: So, we look at each other and all we can see is the Christ in each of us because we do not have a large history. So, nevertheless, it is good we have a group this large that we can have the energy circulate without any high resistance; because there acceptance amongst the group and openness to what ever happens. This is what you need to have a spiritual experience. So, I appreciate your input and the way things are progressing here.

Let’s take a little break. Yes?

Robin: Do we have time for a song?

JJ: Sure! Do you want the one that you gave me? Okay, go ahead and leave it.

Robin: I hope you like it as much as I do. It is real simple. It is called ‘Sanctuary’. I will sing it first and then we can sing it together a few times. You know it! Then sing it with me. Okay?

‘Lord prepare me to be a Sanctuary… Pure and Holy; Tried and True

With Thanksgiving, I want to be a Living

Sanctuary For You’ …

Delivered by J.J. Dewey Saturday, May 26, 2002 Wimberly Texas

Copyright By J J Dewey

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