Principles of Discovery – Part 2

Principles of Discovery – Part 2

The question: Aside from reliable soul contact what do you suppose to be the most reliable step to use as a foundation to the search for truth?

Consider this answer: Take the things you know (for reasonable surety) to be true and use them as a foundation or stepping stones for testing additional truths.

This is a principle that is available to all. It does not take a high spiritual evolution, soul contact or any supernatural powers.

Let us take basic mathematics for example. If 1+1=2 and 2+2=4 and you have tried and tested this formula then you can be reasonably sure that these additions will be correct in any other use where they are applied. If you then come across a teacher who has a formula wherein 2+2=5 you may be reasonably sure that a mistake lies therein. If the teacher and the class accuse you of being narrow minded for your lack of belief you should still stand your ground. Make them show you the logic behind the reason that 2+2=5 in their mind. Be open to all possibilities, but remember this. When your foundation truths are challenged the chances are that the challenger is presenting illusion and you should question accordingly.

Question: Even though your foundation beliefs are great stepping stones there does come a time when you will discover that some of them are either not true or founded upon partial truth. What makes this discovery possible?

The truth brings a feeling of joy and peace, or tranquility.

This is certainly true if it is the discovery of a truth that we “seek” as Christ admonished us to do. When we seek and find there is indeed joy.

However, truth can also bring fear and terror.

Consider the person who discovers the “truth” about his spouse’s affair.

Consider the person who discovers the “truth” about a large financial loss.

Consider the person who discovers that he has been traveling the path of illusion for forty years and now must backtrack and start from square one. This truth will make his heart sink.

There are many truths beyond our ring-pass-not that we are unprepared for and would be devastating for us to prematurely learn.

Nevertheless, most of us here are truly seeking our next level of truth and there is indeed joy in discovery when we are ready and seeking.

It is important to realize though that there are many who are happy with the level of truth they have attained, and if someone presents to them a greater light than they are ready for, it will be a painful experience for them and they will often fight against it.

The key for the teachers of this age is to present truth in such a way that it gently works its way into the consciousness of the students. This is one thing I tried to do when writing Book One of the Immortal. I tried to avoid writing about anything that would attack anyone’s belief system, whether they be new age or standard Christian.

I will say this – that even though some truths may be painful for us to accept that when it is accepted there is a certain peace associated with it. Even when the dying patient learns he is going to die the acceptance of such is peaceful. The true seeker will never exchange truth for illusion no matter how disturbing.

There are times when you are faced with a choice between the real and the unreal, what is true and what is false. When faced with such a choice and within your heart you seek the truth, in this case there will be a sense of peace surrounding the truth and fear connected with the false.

Even so, it may take a great deal of courage to choose the truth. For instance, zealots may tell you that if they are right and you are wrong and you do not accept their way of salvation you will burn in hell forever. The temptation fear presents is: Why take a chance? Play it safe and go with us.

To break free from false religion you have to be sure enough of the truth of the love of God that you feel that you are not risking eternal damnation.

I have taught a number of people who are under the threat of damnation from their religion, and generated interest in escape, but most of them fall back on the safety of their church to protect them from the evils of hell fire. Sad.

Now let me repeat today’s question:

Even though your foundation beliefs are great stepping stones there does come a time when you will discover that some of them are either not true or founded upon partial truth. What makes this discovery possible?

What are some common erroneous foundation beliefs that we see about us?

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June 1, 2006

Copyright by J J Dewey

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