Simplicity and Initiation

Simplicity and Initiation

Question: How would a dark brother react to a disciple extending love to him or her?

The Dark Brother would see a true unselfish act of love as a stupid gesture and would not register the feeling of love expressed.

Then too, there is a segment of the population who do not let themselves feel spiritual love but feel the selfish aspect of love attraction is all there is.

While it is true that an act of love is registered as a similar feeling among all those who are willing to feel it, there are a number of variations of love energy released through the heart center as it unfolds. Therefore, those who send love, send it out in a variety of levels. Pure love energy is much more universally recognized in a receiving state than it is wielded in a sending state.

On another note, a reader brought up an interesting apparent paradox which is basically this:

[1] The true seer sees the simplicity behind all things.

[2] But evolution is causing the end of the various creations to become more complex.

There is a lot of illusion around the simplicity principle. Many religious people emphasize Christ’s statement that we must become like a little child and think that little children should be our teachers. Some teach we must shut down our minds and just follow authorities without thinking, as a child may do.

Jesus was emphasizing that we must be open-minded like children, not that we should blindly follow as a child, or cry every time we skin our knees.

Anyone capable of reasoning can see that there are many benefits to being an adult – that an adult can understand many things that a child cannot.

That said, it is true that evolution is causing creation to become more complex. Just look at our cells and the DNA. It is so complex that we have only recently mapped the human genome using the most sophisticated computers in the world. If it took all our intelligence just to map it, just imagine the complex thinking it took to create it from scratch. But when higher forms are created the complexity will be greater still.

Even though there is great complexity in our universe all forms can be reduced to simplicity. All is created from the great Trinity of positive, negative and the originating point. From the multiplicity of this and the interplay of countless pieces of intelligent creation we have the majesty of complex creation that boggles the mind.

The true seer looks at the complexity of all things and attempts to understand it. As he understands he seeks to reduce the complex to the simple by tracing it back to its source. As he does this, he begins to understand in simplicity no matter how interwoven is the complex. He sees the principles behind all things rather than all the details.

In all cases complex creation can be reduced to a simple duality such as complex programs being reduced to 0 and 1. The seer will look for the trail that leads from the complex to the simple so understanding can be complete.

I received some questioning on this statement: “Initiates are usually less disruptive than average in an environment like this group. Beginners are usually the difficult ones.”

Two contradictory statements cannot both be true. Either beginners are the most disruptive or the initiates are.

I submit that it is the beginners who are the most disruptive.

Look at Christ in the temple when he was 12. He was not disruptive, but interesting.

Then later when he was seen as disruptive, he was minding his own business. He didn’t enter the meetings of the Sanhedrin and try to force his views upon them. He taught and healed among the people where the authorities shouldn’t have cared less. But they did care because it was the authorities who were disruptive, not the Christ. The authorities went out of their way to attack the Christ–not the other way around, except that one time he chased the moneychangers out of the temple.

One of my critics accused me of suppressing real initiates by not allowing them to continue forever on their own line of discourse and objections.

First, let me clarify the purpose of this group. Simply put, it is this. It is to raise a beacon of light and in doing so attract or gather the lights.

This group is a classroom. A classroom is not a place conducive for students to initiate. It is a place to learn, to be inspired and in the process, some may initiate outside the classroom situation.

Let us look at initiates in history.

Jesus: Any attempt to initiate in a classroom for him? No.

The apostles? They did not initiate while they were students. They initiated when they became teachers in their own right.

Buddha: He learned under many teachers and never initiated a thing until he became a teacher himself.

Lincoln: Did he initiate anything of consequence while attending school? Not hardly.

Churchill: He initiated through his writings, speeches and his bold actions during and after the war.

What is there for a student to initiate while learning in a class? Very little. It is a time of preparation. Agreeing or disagreeing with the teacher has nothing to do with initiating. One has to create something to initiate. If one has not created something or assisted in it then nothing has been initiated.

Is everyone here just twiddling their thumbs then with no initiating going on?

No. For one thing if one is a good student, he has accomplished a lot right there. One must master receiving before he can give through initiating.

In addition, many here who are receiving on one hand and sending on the other and are working to initiate different things.

Larry initiated the archives as they are now, but he did this outside the classroom.

John Wayne Kline is always busy working on getting something going locally and internationally.

John Crane is working on a book.

Rick initiated the Keys group.

A Keys student who is in prison is initiating new teaching ideas there that the prison system may use nationwide.

Marilyn initiated the editing and storage of all the Keys writings and this task has been taken over by Chrissie.

Glenys started her own forum and has been successful in spreading the Ancient Wisdom.

Anni initiated translating my books into Danish and publishing them.

Dan and Adam are initiating a project to use computer programs to translate my works into other languages.

Susan, Sharón and Mindy volunteered to edit my writings.

Robert initiated his own podcast.

Perhaps the closest work directly related to this forum was Bryan initiating the daily quotes, which has been continued by Ruth.

There are other good members working at initiating projects but this group should present the general idea–that initiating is going on and the sign of it is that something is being created that benefits others.

Arguing with the teacher has nothing to do with initiating anything. Now if a student thinks the teacher is out to lunch and moves on and creates his own teaching that draws a significant audience and changes them for the better then he could lay claim to initiating something.

Yes, initiating is about change, but my critic made no positive change in this classroom, nor was one desired.

Plato was an initiate, but while a student of Socrates he did not try and introduce a whole new brand of doctrine or teaching method. He was extremely respectful and cooperative in his classes and began initiating only after Socrates was gone.

It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts, it’s the work you put in the hours. Sam Ewing

June 28, 2006

Copyright by J J Dewey

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