Gathering 2004, Part 3

Gathering 2004, Part 3
An Experience for God

The scriptures about God can be confusing and people get all kinds of interpretations. Was there one god or many gods? Elohim means gods yet the scriptures seem to indicate there is one God. It’s both. God is like a body. In your body you have an unlimited number of cells and particles and all these little lives that make up you, make up the one life that is you. You are omnipresent in your body. If you pinch your arm, you are present in your arm where you pinched it. If you pinch your toes, you’re present there too. You are omnipresent throughout your entire body.

God’s physical body is the whole universe. The whole universe is His body. Now keep in mind that there are numerous planes to the universe going all the way up to the formless universal Spirit. This universe of time and space was created by God the Son, as noted by John, calling Him the Word saying, “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” John 1:3

God is omnipresent in it so if He pinches the person called Phillip right here, He is present there. If He pinches John or makes John feel good, He is present there.

Our mission is to come down here and explore and give God a good experience. The experience you will give God will be different than any other being in the whole universe. That’s your mission. Your mission is to be different than any other being in the universe and to have a different experience. If we came down here and had the same experience God would be bored to tears, wouldn’t He? He’d say, “Well, I’ll check and see how I’m doing in John’s body or Artie’s body. Man, it’s the same experience. This is nothing stimulating.”

What makes the game of Monopoly, for example, interesting is that you never know what’s going to happen next. You never know if you’re going to land on a hotel or if you’re going to get hotels or whatever. You never know if you’re going to pass go and get two hundred dollars. It’s a fascinating little game because of all the perils built into it.

God has designed this whole experience as a great game. Each one of us is a player in this game and we provide a totally unique and different experience where His life can be omnipresent as it’s omnipresent through you. So, He comes down and experiences through you and your mission is to give God a great experience.

Audience: If God were outside of His body looking at it-what would the form be in your opinion? Would it be the form of a man?

JJ: It would be the form of the universe  of everything of which there  is nothing outside. If you’re looking for a physical form, it’s the form of the universe. The universe is in the state of being formed. The universe is actually fairly young. God is the combined intelligence of all of us together.

 The reason people think God is like a man up there sitting on a throne is because the Monads that have progressed faster than the others and have reached a certain point have turned around and decided to help the ones who are stumbling along like us. These are more like what in the East they would call Masters rather than gods. What the Easterners call Masters, the scriptures call gods, the Elohim. If we could all use the same language, we’d probably all be the same religion. We’re saying basically the same things in different religions.

Speaking about experiences, something that’s very interesting to contemplate, did you know that almost all the religions are anti-experience? If you go to your priest, minister or prophet and tell them you want to have a new experience they say, “Put a lid on it, man. Stay where you are. Relax. Be a good guy. Go to church regularly.” He counsels you not to have experience. “Stay away from that experience. This is really dangerous.”

Whereas, if you want to really please God you will go out and have an experience because that’s why He created you, to have an experience that will vibrate back to him and it creates a sweet savor in the presence of the Lord.

Of course, we want to exercise harmlessness as much as possible but it’s better to have a bad experience than no experience at all. The worst thing you can do is to have no experience. Remember the parable in the first book about the four guys that died. The first two made a decision and went along the path and the other two were afraid so they thought they’d just stay put.

Also remember the parable of the talents? A Master gave one guy ten talents, another guy five talents and another guy one talent. The guy with one talent went and buried it. He buried it in the Earth. He thought that would please his Lord, but the Lord came back and he demanded an account. “What did you guys do with the talents?” The guy with ten talents said, “I made you twenty talents.” The guy with five made ten. The Lord it is said was pleased with these two. The last one said, “Lord, I know you’re an astute man so what I did was to bury the talent but now that you’ve returned I’ve dug it up and here it is.” He thought his Lord would be happy. He’d played it safe. The Lord was angry with him and said, “Take the talent from this slothful servant and give it to him that has ten talents.

Audience question: One time when I was doing some energy work I had an experience and I wanted your input on this because of something you just said. I was showing someone how to do some energy work and I had them doing it on me. While this was happening, all of a sudden, the entire universe was inside me and there was nothing outside of me. I laid there experiencing it not really knowing what was happening. Was I experiencing what God experiences or the Monad?

JJ: You were waking up to the fact that you are a reflection of God. If you are a reflection of God, everything that is in God is in you. So you have everything in you. You have all the potential of God within you. Many people have experiences like this where they feel this unlimited potential or unlimited life where their body is the universe too. We have a whole universe represented in our little physical bodies. In a way it’s a reflection of a higher universe.

Audience: I think this has helped me with something I’ve had a real hard time getting my mind around, that the consciousness of God is always learning. Does He know everything? The way you were explaining it and also the experiences that everyone has, it’s really hard for me to think that God doesn’t really know what’s going to happen.

JJ: There are a lot of illusions about God. Just about everything you’ve ever heard about God is wrong. You’ve heard that God knows everything yet God doesn’t know anything. That probably makes a little sense to our Buddhist friend here. Because the consciousness of God is really removed from the worlds of form and knowledge (as we understand it) only occurs in the worlds of form, what is in the higher world is something that is higher than material knowledge. So really God doesn’t know anything unless He sends His consciousness down here to live through us. Only through us does He know anything. It’s pretty mind boggling, isn’t it?

God only knows what you know because you are a part of the mind of God. He knows what all of us know. Christ said, “If a sparrow falls to the ground God is aware of it.” Why is God aware of it? It’s because His presence is in the sparrow. The sparrow is having an experience for God and God knows what the sparrow knows. He doesn’t know what you know because He’s looking from afar, and He has a computer screen where He could see that John is being a naughty boy today and He can see it in my vision here. That’s not why He knows what John is doing. He knows what John is doing because John is Him. He’s a reflection of Him. As a reflection he has a link with all life.

Audience: But the future which we have not yet experienced?

JJ: If you don’t know your future, God doesn’t know it. Have you ever noticed that everybody who tries to be a prophet is always wrong? If we go back to the Bible days the prophets seemed to be pretty accurate but not always. Jonah was told to go preach to Nineveh but he didn’t want to go there because those Nineveh people skin people alive and they were really terrible people. So Jonah was terrified about these people in Nineveh, and he took off. Then the Bible says that God caused a big fish to swallow Jonah and spit him on the shores of Nineveh. Then he saw there was no way out so he decided to go give the message quickly and get out of there.

He goes into Nineveh and says, “Forty days will not pass that fire will come down out of heaven and burn you all up. You guys are going to get what you deserve.” This would be like Assaf going to the Palestinian suicide bombers and saying, “Allah is going to come and sweep you up and destroy you all. No more suicide bombers!” These were like the suicide bombers of the time. Then Jonah goes up on this mountain top where he could look down on Nineveh and he was waiting for the forty days to pass because God told him that they had forty days. He waited. The people in Nineveh got together and wondered if what he had said was true. “Maybe we ought to change our ways. We don’t want to be swept up by fire.” They actually believed him so they prayed in sack cloth and ashes and asked God to forgive them. After the forty days passed the scriptures says God decided to forgive them.

The fortieth day Jonah was waiting and no fire came down out of heaven and he grumbled about it and said, “What’s the big idea God? You made me out to be a false prophet. I told these people that they would die in forty days but they aren’t dying!”

A big gourd had grown up then died next to Jonah. God said, “Do you realize that you’re more concerned with that big plant that died after giving you shade then you are about these several hundred thousand people whose souls have been saved? Where are your priorities Jonah? You should be happy to be a false prophet.”

So even in the Bible talking about the prophets we have a false prophet of Jonah who gave us prophecy. He didn’t say to repent or you’ll be destroyed. He didn’t give them an out. He just said forty days will pass and you’re going to get it. He didn’t even tell them to repent. He just told them they were going to be destroyed point blank and it didn’t happen.

One problem with looking at the ancient works is that a lot of them have been doctored up so the ancients look a lot better than they really were. We usually only have recording of when prophets made accurate prophecies. There were probably a lot we didn’t hear about that fizzled.

Let’s go to our day and look at the modern-day prophets. There are a lot of sincere prophets out there and a lot of psychics. When is the last time you heard a specific prediction made that was correct? When is the last time you heard someone say, “I read Nostradamus and he’s predicting a famine next year.” Then the year comes without a famine. I saved some National Enquirers that used to have the predictions in year after year. It’s fun to go back ten years and read the predictions. ‘Elvis will surface at Caesar’s Palace and announce that he is still alive.’

Audience: Back in 1998 I was working for a born-again preacher. He gave me this pamphlet that was titled, Four Hundred and Fifty-Three Reasons why September Twelfth 1998 was going to be the Day of the Rapture. Everybody read it. It caught my eye because it’s my birthday. Unfortunately, and obviously as the time went by there must’ve been four hundred and fifty-four reasons why God decided to change His mind.

JJ: Almost every time someone makes a big prophecy around the internet, I take it and say it’s not going to happen. So far I’ve been right every single time so that makes me the only accurate prophet on the internet. (laughter) One thing going around awhile back was that Planet X was supposed to be a brown dwarf that was supposed to be here by spring on 2003. In December 2002 a lot of people were concerned about this and asking about it. I said, “Let’s see, a brown dwarf that’s supposed to be here in four months would need to be close enough that if we looked up into the sky, it would be almost as bright as the moon right now. For a brown dwarf to be close enough to be here within four months it would be much brighter than Venus and almost as bright as the moon. We’d look up and see that brown dwarf. So what does this mean? It means that no brown dwarf is going to be here in March of 2003.” I didn’t need to be receiving psychic impression to know that. It was pure science.

I made this prediction and several people wrote me angry letters saying, “You’re not preparing people for this brown dwarf that’s going to show up! We’re all going to be destroyed and you’re not telling people. You’re going to be responsible for that.” I got some strange letters on that. After March and April of 2003, a lot of them began moving it ahead saying it got delayed a little bit, but it would be here in May and now here it is 2004 and it still isn’t here. They’re still talking about Planet X and it’s still behind schedule. There are still a lot of people waiting for it.

Have you ever noticed that among these people waiting for these doomsday type events it appears that they almost want doomsday to happen? Why do they want doomsday to happen? They think they are part of a special group that’s either going to be raptured by Jesus or picked up by aliens and taken to a better place. It’s the same type of mentality.

It’s the same type of thinking.

Audience: It seems that they’re excited that everyone else is going to get what they deserve.

JJ: You’re right. These other guys who don’t believe in the space alien are going to get zapped.

Audience: Is the negative thinking linked to the other people?

JJ: It’s a little bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. A lot of negative things happen in this world because there is so much negative thinking about doomsday and the end of the world. It does produce some scary things and makes people think about the end of the world but fortunately there is enough positive thinking people working to solve the problems. Remember Y2K? Everyone said that was going to be the end of everything. Larry, do you remember what I wrote about that?

Larry: You said it wasn’t going to happen.

JJ: Hardly anyone was saying that. I was going to write a crystal clear scathing thing about these people with the Y2K thinking, then I listened to Art Bell one night. He had a computer expert on who almost made me doubt my own impressions on Y2K. The guy was really convincing. He was telling how we weren’t prepared and it would take ten more years to get ready for it. He gave all kinds of details. I thought maybe I better not be too strong with this just in case. But it ended up that the impression I had received about it, that it wasn’t going to be any big deal, was correct.

From the totalitarian point of view, history is something to be created rather than learned. George Orwell (1903 – 1950), Essay: “The Prevention of Literature” (1946)

June 15, 2005

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