Gathering 2004 Friday Part 2

Gathering 2004 Friday Part 2
Our Descent from Spirit

The basic principle tonight that we’re going discuss now is centered on soul mates. To know what a soul mate is, we need to know where we came from. In the beginning there was only God. God is the one great life that is composed of all the parts of the entire universe. He is the one great life. Science tells us that billions of years ago the universe didn’t exist at all as we know it. It existed as what is called a singularity. Steven Hawking speaks a lot about what a singularity is. Does anyone know what a singularity is? Do we have any amateur scientists around here?

Audience member: A singularity would be to put it simply, like a black hole, where you have matter which, by the effect of gravity, sucks into itself. It becomes indistinguishable.

JJ: A black hole is thought to maybe create a singularity but does anyone know what the singularity was at the beginning of time? Science tells us that everything in creation, that everything in the whole universe, the whole star systems and everything we see out there-they’ve found they’re all expanding out away from each other. Scientists try to go back in time and mathematically construct where they originated from a billion years ago, two billion years ago, and when they go back to the beginning, they find out that everything in the universe originated at one point. They call this point a singularity.

A singularity has no time, no space, no mass. There is nothing there that they can distinguish. From this point of nothingness, the big bang occurred. When the big bang occurred, a tremendous amount happened within the first few seconds. There was almost an infinite number of things happening including the formulation of the first protons and sub-atomic particles and electrons and things like this. It’s all created from the singularity of the big bang and shortly after this was a big expansion where the whole universe was created and sent out from this point.

This goes along somewhat with esoteric teachings that God occupies a point which is beyond time, beyond space, beyond mass and beyond anything that we can conceive. And in the beginning, He reflected Himself. He reflected Himself to infinity by creating an unlimited number of points. The reason I say unlimited is because there is nothing without a number to it. For instance, there is a number to the cells in your body. There are a tremendous number of cells in your body, trillions of them, but there is a specific number. There are a specific number of atoms in your body even though there are trillions and trillions of them. There is still a number. There are a number of planets in our solar system. There are a number of solar systems in our galaxy which numbers a couple hundred billion. There are a number of galaxies in our universe. Everything has a number.

You’ve heard in the past that there is such a thing as infinity. I’m here to tell you that this is an illusion. Physical creation is not infinite but it is unlimited. There is a huge difference. What’s the difference between infinity and unlimited?

Audience member: It would seem that infinity would keep going where unlimited would have an end point.

JJ: Right, or it can be expanded. See, if the universe was infinite, there would be no room for God to go. Think about that. If the universe was infinite, God could not expand. The universe itself is expanding. The fact that the universe is expanding means it cannot be infinite because if it’s already as big as it can be how could it get any bigger? So how could it expand? There is an interesting scripture which says, “The heavens, they are many, and they cannot be numbered unto man; but they are numbered unto me, for they are mine.” Moses 1:37

In other words, God knows the number of the worlds that He has created. The number is so big that we cannot even fathom the number but it says the mind of God knows the number of the worlds. That’s an interesting statement. When you take that statement and interpolate it into the fact the difference between unlimited and infinite, if the universe was infinite there would be no room for growth. If the universe is unlimited, that means we can grow forever. Interesting thought, is it not?

So, in the beginning of our consciousness we were a reflection of the mind of God with unlimited potential. This is what God Himself is, a being with unlimited potential that can expand forever. Forever and ever, worlds without end as the scriptures say. He can expand worlds without end and because we are made in the image of God, what does this say about us? We can expand forever and ever.

Doesn’t that sound better than a final reward of playing a harp forever? Or escaping the devil forever? Perhaps if you could sit down with Jesus he would say, “You’re really boring man. I’m going to go play with some gods over here while you play a round of golf.” I’ve often thought of that. These people who think they’re going to live forever with Jesus, a lot of them bore me and Christ is more intelligent than me so I can imagine how he might want to excuse Himself and rub shoulders with the gods, the masters and with people who have really accomplished something and advanced themselves to a high degree of development. In other words, the people that the Christ Himself would want to rub shoulders with would be people who realize they are unlimited, that they’re expanding without limitations and their expansion will go on forever.

Audience comment: When you say He’d rather hang out with gods, you’ve implicated an ego.

JJ: That doesn’t implicate an ego. The traditional view of an ego has nothing to do with unlimited expansion. The ego limits us. The ego develops a limitation around us so that we cannot see our unlimited expansion possibilities. Who you hang out with has nothing to do with whether you’re limited or unlimited. It’s just a matter of desire. I know Buddha taught that desire is to be extinguished but that depends on your definition of desire. Even the Buddha had a desire for enlightenment. Like attracts like. If you take the highest person on the planet, the Ancient of Days, the Planetary Logos, who does He hang out with?

There are three Kumaras that He hangs out with quite regularly and makes His plans with plus He has a council chamber. We’re not told who all is in the council chamber but the Buddha visits there periodically. He gets counsel from these extremely intelligent entities who have been on this planet and also entities from other planets that reside at Shamballa periodically. So, He hangs out with people who are stimulating to Him and will stimulate His consciousness so He can make the best plans for humanity and for the planet Earth and all the kingdoms on the planet Earth.

Then there is the Solar Logos of whom our Logos is a disciple. He probably thinks He’d like to get more counsel from Him and thinks, “He knows a lot of things that I don’t and understands a lot of things that I don’t.” This is the way we all think.

Look at your dog. Your dog is in a lower kingdom than yourself. When you come home doesn’t he wag his tail and isn’t he excited to see you? He’s just thrilled. Those in the lower kingdoms that have contact with the kingdom above them are just thrilled to be in their presence. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog in relation to man or a man in relation to a Master such as the Christ or the Buddha or the Christ or the Buddha in relation to the Planetary Logos. It’s a big thrill to be in the presence of someone that can stimulate you with higher personal knowledge and higher purpose.

Of course, if we could see into the higher kingdoms, we would see the way that they would talk and communicate probably wouldn’t make much sense to us. Just like the dog is in the room listening to you make plans about your business. He doesn’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about but he enjoys the vibration of listening to you. He’s still listening even though he doesn’t understand. He’s stimulated by it.

We kind of imagine what the Masters and the higher lives are talking about but we’re a bit like the puppy dog imagining what you’re saying. He probably thinks you’re talking about bones and things and how to get the next meal and where that meal is coming from. He probably thinks, “I wonder where this food comes from. It’s amazing! These guys are so magical! They just open this door and pull out this food then the next day they open it again and more food comes out. Where does it all come from?”

He’s probably pretty mystified by this. He thinks, “I’m limited here. This is the thing that matters most to me, food and they seem to have an unlimited supply. They don’t have to work for it. It just materializes for them. I just don’t understand how they do it.” Then we look at the Masters. They’re supposed to be able to materialize things. They just snap their fingers and they get what they want. Well, it’s probably a lot different than that. How we get the food for the dog is a lot different than how his consciousness understands it.

So, in the beginning God reflected an unlimited number of points, a certain number which is known only to the mind of God. It’s a big number. My theory on this is that it’s pi. Have you seen how big pi is? One time I printed out in the archives about six pages of pi. That’s only a small part of it. They’ve got it down to, I can’t remember how many numbers, I know it’s several hundred, possibly several thousand. But they’re still working on it with giant computers trying to figure out the exact number for pi. Now, if God knows the number of pi, He knows how to make a perfect circle. The scientists have figured a perfect circle out to hundreds of numbers and you figure that’s a perfect circle to the farthest reaches of the human imagination but that number is tremendously big. My theory is that the number of pi is the number of particles in the universe. We haven’t been able to find that number yet. One of these days the scientists may announce, “We finally have the last number of pi. There’s no farther calculation possible.” When they get that number, it’s going to be some magical number that exists in the mind of God, perhaps the reflections that He has made.

Audience question: You said particles? Could you elaborate?

JJ: The tiniest particles in the smallest kingdom in this universe, which we go down to the atom, then the quarks then there are smaller particles than this. I’m going to write about the particles smaller than quarks in Book IV.

Audience: You mean the superstring theory?

JJ: A bit like that.

Audience: The idea about the particles being like a string?

JJ: Yeah, how many have been following Book IV so far on the internet? I’ve been posting it. We’re going to have a tour of the universe in a short period of time in the book. It’s going to cover a fairly significant section. It’s going to be quite fascinating and it’s going to present material that’s never been presented before, that I know of anyway.

So, in the beginning we have these points of reflection and each point of reflection is a universe unto itself. These reflection points we can call the Monad, for want of a better term. As far as we go back in esoteric knowledge of our beginning, we began as what is known as a Monad. The Monad is presented in various esoteric literatures as a window to another reality if we could see beyond that, but to keep it simple we will call our original points of reflection the Monad. These Monads are stimulated over a period of millions of years. Some Monads progress faster than others. As these Monads progress, they begin to develop intelligence. As they develop intelligence some of them progress a lot faster than others and the Monads cumulatively create the spheres, as we’re told in esoteric literature, there are seven spheres of creation.

There are the physical and above that the astral and above that mental and above that are four formless worlds. So, each of us are composed of seven bodies. The physical is the lowest and it’s actually two bodies. The physical body we see is an illusion. The real physical body is our etheric body. In the past I’ve shown you how to see it. You hold your thumbs up against a white background. Hold your thumbs about a millimeter apart and look at the space between them. Pull your thumbs apart slowly and look at the space between them. Try to look at the space between them and on the edges of your thumbs you’ll see a film. Does anyone see the film? That’s your etheric body. That’s your true physical body. It’s in the same shape as your current physical body.

On top of that you’ll have the astral body and beyond that the mental body. Above this you have additional bodies. Descent into matter has often been described like deep sea diver. A person who just goes a little way into the ocean can go in his swimming trunks. If he goes deeper, he’ll need a snorkel and if he goes deeper still, he’ll need to put on more and heavier outfitting. To go real deep he needs to use a steal tank of some kind, a submarine or diving bell.

The deeper you go the heavier water pressure causes a need for heavier and heavier bodies to protect the real you. The real you has descended from higher spiritual realms down through seven spheres into the physical and we’ve had to put on seven bodies to get down here. Each one gives stronger protection from the outside pressure, so to speak, than the ones before.

Right now, we’re in the densest world possible. To protect ourselves, our essences, so that we can dive down here we had to put on these seven bodies and finally the physical body to come down here and explore this world. These original Monads developed and they dived down into the worlds, then they go back up. They grow in intelligence until finally the ones that have progressed in intelligence more than the others start helping those that haven’t progressed as far. These helpers, they have called gods, but they aren’t the real gods. They are reflections of God who have realized their potential and are helping others to realize their potential and thus the scriptures have called them gods. But in reality, there is only one God.

Love is my Sword,
Goodness my Armor,
And Humor my Shield.
Unknown, epitaph for a loved one

June 14, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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