Journey Into Duality


Journey Into Duality

A reader speaks of a one flow that we are supposed to tap into which is beyond dualities and time and space, yet the very fact that you call it a flow indicates otherwise. If it “flows” then it moves. If it moves then it is not unchangeable, for to flow or move it would have to move from point A to point B. Because we have a point A and a point B dualities are created. How can you say this flow is beyond duality when there would have to be a duality (points A & B) to even have a flow? Points A and B would have to be separated by space and if there is space and movement then there is time.

Time is not created by consciousness for time passes even when we are unconscious. Instead time is registered by consciousness. Time is created by motion through space.

Thus any flow that does exist is created in space, time and motion, and exists in the principle of duality.

If you can explain how a flow can exist with no space, time and duality and in a state of changelessness I would be interested in hearing.

Perhaps you need some other word than “flow?”

Journey into the Wilderness
A Parable

Phil, Richard, Moe and Curley all worked together in a government bureaucracy. All of them were pretty much settled in for life. Their positions and retirement was secure. Each payday there were no surprises, they received their pay with standard deductions taken out. There was also much routine in their jobs and everything was very predictable. The four often ate lunch together and complained about the monotony.

“I’ve got an idea,” said Phil. “From a friend of mine I learned about a wilderness area that few people have ever hiked before. Let’s all take a vacation week and go in there together and spend the whole week having a new experience.”

“I’ve heard of that too,” said Moe “and the few people who have gone into it have faced many dangers. There’s grizzly bears, rattle snakes, ticks and dangerous cliffs, but perhaps the most dangerous of all it is that it’s very easy to get lost in there. I believe several people have gone missing in that area, never to be heard from again.”

“I don’t care, “said Phil. “Our life has been so boring lately that I would actually relish a little danger. Maybe it would make me feel alive again. Look at us! We come and go in this job like the walking dead!”

Richard stood up, “You know, Phil is right. What good is living if you don’t feel a thrill or two while you are going through it?”

The other three agreed and the venture was planned.

As they entered the wilderness they had to first climb a high mountain and then enter a deep ravine on the other side that was a very precarious descent. About half way down and several close calls from slipping on loose rocks Moe stopped in his tracks. “Whoa,” he said. “Sure I wanted some excitement, but I didn’t ask for this. There is real danger here. I’m turning around and going back.”

“Come on,” said Phil. “We knew this wasn’t going to be a piece of cake. Would you rather be alive here or a zombie back home?”

“The boring office is better than this,” said Moe as he turned around and headed for his safe haven.

Phil sensed a question mark in the minds of his two comrades and encouraged them onward. “Look,” he said. “We came here for an adventure. We’ll never have it if we turn back. I know that we do not know everything that lies ahead of us, but what kind of adventure would it be if we had each step preplanned for us? Let’s not consider going back, but only forward.”

Then Phil went ahead hoping that the two others would follow. Richard followed immediately, but Curly hesitated until Moe was out of sight, then he caught up with Phil and Richard.

They hiked until sundown until they were deep into the unexplored wilderness. Curly brushed up against some type of poison ivy and began to complain. Phil sensed he was having second thoughts about the excursion, but continued leading into seemingly more dangerous territory. By the time they pitched their tents they had heard the cry of many wild animals that did not sound friendly.

That evening in the pitch black night a grizzly bear came into the camp and poked his head into Curly’s tent. Curly ran out the back as fast as he could go. Phil and Richard saw him run into the night and that was the last they saw of him. No one ever did find out what happened to him.

The bear next came after Phil and Richard, but they grabbed flaming sticks from the fire and together they were able to cause the bear to retreat into the forest.

“That was close,” said Phil. “I guess this does seem like a crazy idea to you by now,” he said looking for Richard’s response.

“I was just thinking that,” said Richard. “As we were advancing at that great bear I thought to myself: Good God what am I doing here? I must be out of my mind!”

“So you want to go back then?” said Phil.

“Hell no.” said Richard. “I haven’t felt this alive in my entire life.” He held out his arms and hands and said: “I feel my blood pounding through my limbs and it feels great. Anything is better than the stagnation we have suffered through.”

Phil’s eyes lit up. “If you’re willing, I’m willing. I say we make a commitment to each other that we will indeed follow through with this quest no matter what and we will make it through because we will support and protect and maybe even save each other, just as we united our forces to defeat the bear.”

“Agreed,” said Richard.

The two men continued on their quest and it was even more difficult than they supposed. They had to cross a raging river and Richard for a time was lost in the current, but Phil who was a strong swimmer managed to save him. Another time Phil ate a poisonous berry, but Richard who had a knowledge of wild herbs made him a tea that saved his life and carried him upon his own back when again pursued by another bear.

A second bear incident occurred on the fourth day and it caused them to lose their compass and most of their gear and provisions. For many days they wandered through many dead ends trying to find their way back home. Now they had no tents they had to make makeshift huts for shelter and live off natural berries. They also made a hook and caught a few fish and set some traps for wildlife. Many times in their attempt to get out of the wilderness so they could return home they had to retrace their steps and start again, then move backward and plan again. Finally after being in the wilderness for almost 40 days Richard remembered he had a sewing needle in a pouch that had some magnetism in it and they were able to determine the true North by floating the needle on still water. Once they found their true direction they were able to return home in just a couple days.

When they returned to the office they now found the boredom there somewhat refreshing, but then after a few days they became dissatisfied with it. They met Moe who said to them:

“Thank goodness, I didn’t follow you guys. What a time you had! And poor Curly seems to be lost for good.”

“Yes, It was quite a time,” said Phil, “and I wouldn’t trade the experience for all the money or peace in the world. Before we were lost I was as if I were dead, but now I am alive. More than alive. I feel vibrant!”

“Same here,” said Richard. “I feel reborn. I just can’t describe the satisfaction.”

Moe seem intrigued by this and said: “So even though you went through great risk and even were lost and hungry you think it was all worthwhile?”

“Like we said, we wouldn’t trade the experience for anything,” said Phil. “Richard and I achieved a oneness and bonding that you guys in this boring office will never know.”

Moe reflected and said, “Well maybe I made a mistake in coming back, for I admit my life needs some type of jump start. How about if we try this again on our next vacation?”

“You can take some other guys from the office and go to it,” said Richard. “The dangers we went through were well worth it, but we have learned our lessons and do not need to repeat the experience. Instead Phil and I are moving on to danger on another level. “We have both sold everything we own and are investing in a business together. Again, we may lose everything and there are dangers ahead that only time will reveal, but taking a great risk is a lot better than stagnating here with such sameness day after day.”

“But if I go in the wilderness I will need you guys. You have learned your way around there, know how to survive and can find your way home.”

“No,” said Phil. “you don’t need us. You need to find your own way and in the process the group you are with will learn to become interdependent and by assisting each other you can reach a new level of becoming.”

Moe was upset by this, but after much thought he gathered the courage together to tackle the wilderness again with a few good friends.

Phil and Richard ventured on to risk and danger on another level. Because they did not know much about business in the real world they lost everything they had three different times, but on the fourth attempt they succeeded and their joy was full.

Comment: the boring office represents the state of just “being.” The journey into the wilderness represents the process of Becoming.

Question: Why does the process of Becoming and creating our own changing reality take us o a higher level of enjoyment than just staying in the safe place away from the dualities?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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