Alignment, Vision and Soul

Alignment, Vision and Soul

Here it is the morning of the Big day…. Cinco de Mayo! Party time.

Wait, wasn’t there supposed to be another big day? Oh yea… The end of the world, perhaps.

A reader asks:

“Btw, anybody see a connection between the computer virus in the news and the May 5th alignment? Or do you think that’s too far-fetched?”

Actually, this type of “disaster” goes along with my comments on the alignment that I made a few days ago where I said: “This energy should stimulate the surfacing of conflicts on some level that will bring old and new age ideas into high visibility. If those working in the light play their part the resistance will be futile and the new ideas will prevail.”

Computers and the Internet are a strong representation of the new age and militant sabotage such as the virus is a strong residual of out-of-date thinking. Thus as we enter the planetary alignment seeing high resistance. We have a strong new age force (the internet) met with a strong destructive force – the virus.

This type of playing out of forces made a lot more sense to me when I looked at the astrological chart a few days ago than the destruction of continents many have feared.

Another playing out of resistant force is coming from the Federal Reserve here in the United States, but their acts will affect the whole world. They are worried that the economy is too good and are at this moment considering another interest rate hike, twice as large as last time to slow things down. This idea that bankers and politicians have that things are too good and that they must slow down progress is definitely anti-new age for there is nothing too good to be true.

Fortunately, there are accurate thinkers who are coming forward with resistance to the idea that “things are too good.” What amazes me is that the public believes whatever they are told on this matter. Then too we must not overlook the fact that bankers make more money from higher interest rates. Thus it is in their best interests to convince us that we need high interest for our own good.

As individuals we also get caught in the “too good to be true” trap and sabotage ourselves because of guilt or ignorance. Some people just cannot tolerate the good and feel a need to punish themselves.

After Image

I was asked of what we see in the previous exercise is just a regular after image. Let me quote from my article.

“Your eyes will have taken a photograph of his etheric light and you will see the “after image” of his head glowing before you.”

If a flash goes off in your face or you catch a glimpse of the sun you will see an after image in the same way. If you move your eyes the after image will move. If you stare ahead the after image will appear to float.

My point is that the after image is of more than the physical body if you do the exercise right.

If you look at something that is a mere negative or non living you will see the same after image each time, but if you look at a human you will see different after images of the etheric body at different times.

I have looked at two different people with the same complexion and saw two very different after images of the etheric. One was all light with no shadows and the other has large dark blotches. Usually when I ask someone with dark blotches if they are feeling OK they will answer that they have a cold or feeling ill or depressed.

I have also looked at my etheric and aura many times through the same mirror in the same conditions and lighting and saw many diverse effects.

On the other hand, I have an image of a negative of a woman and every time I stare at that I see exactly the same results – such is not the case with a living human being.

For those of you who are doubters I would suggested you actually try the exercises. Do the one with the thumbs and you will actually see the image of the etheric. When you see it you will know you are seeing more than just your physical body. If more than your dense physical is there and it is visible – does it not make sense that it would leave an after image?

Here is food for thought. When you look at another person your senses on various levels see and filter through much more than the dense physical body. First you have an atmosphere between you and the person as well as varying types and intensities of light.

In addition to the light reflected by the physical there is blended with this the light projected by the etheric double. Notice I use the word “projected” rather than reflected. This is because the physical body reflects light whereas the etheric double is a source of light.

There is more. In addition to this there is the aura projected by the astral body and finally the mental and causal body. Thus we are all beings of light, but unfortunately we see very little of the whole of the light with our regular vision.

I gave you exercises on seeing the etheric and most of you should have been successful at that. The next step is seeing the aura and I would guess that only about 10% were successful there for the auric light is much more difficult to see. The key to seeing it is to practice daily. I used to do this and got pretty good at it, but lost some of the ability when I quit working on it. Once you gain the ability, however, you never lose it completely.

The first sign that you are seeing the aura is when you notice a light extending six to twelve inches away from the body. At first you will note that it seems to be a colorless light, but as you practice seeing it, the light will grow in intensity and seem to have color in it, but at first it is difficult to perceive which color it is.

Then as you continue to practice one day you will catch a glimpse of the color in its fullness. It will be so bright and beautiful that you will be started out of not seeing into regular seeing and it will disappear. But then you keep trying and after a while you can hold the vision indefinitely. A short distance from the physical body you will see bright neon colors, more brilliant than anything in this regular world of seeing. You will note that everyone has different colors in their aura. Some red, some orange, some yellow, gold, violet and so on. Some seem to radiate only one color and others have several. The colors of all auras change with personal feelings.

I discovered something quite interesting when I learned to see auras. That is a large percentage of people who claim to see auras do not see them at all. They either imagine they are seeing them or are flagrantly scamming people.

This is also true of palm readers. Many who read them know nothing of the actual reading and interpretation of the lines, but pretty much make things up as they go.

Now that you’ve made it to the point of seeing auras are you using soul contact?

No. Many who do not see auras have soul contact, BUT developing the ability to see auras and refined light will increase your sensitivity to the impressions of the soul.

Once you have achieved the ability to see the colors in the aura the question then is: What next? Is there more to see?

Remember I told you that there are three worlds below the point of soul interplay – the physical, the emotional and the mental. The colors in the aura are projected by the feeling world within you, but beyond this auric color is more to see.

Once you have achieved proficiency in seeing colors continue to practice seeing further out from the body. Eventually you will discover another interesting part of yourself. You will see clouds of energy composed of mental substance that circulate around you. It is here you discover your correspondence to an atom for you will realize that your physical body is merely a nucleus whereas there is refined substance spinning around you like electrons around an atom.

This mental substance is a key to telepathy, for when it is sent forth by the power of thought and interplays with the substance of another person there will be some degree of higher communication between the two.

Let us suppose you have progressed this far. You have now seen light in the three worlds. Is there more?

We’ll answer this question next.

May 5, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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