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Dec 17, 2012

The Sandy Hook Shooting

Nathan writes: Another thing I’ve noticed is that the Right tends to seize opportunity to push for their own agenda as well after events like these. I’m sure the NRA and the arms industry loves events like these as it gives them a better opportunity to manipulate the feelings of fear and paranoia surrounding such events so they can have a better chance of raising more money for their fundraisers and to sell more guns.

JJ Wow. You are about as wrong as wrong can be on this remark. No Second Amendment supporter “loves events like these.” This is about the craziest assumption I have ever seen in print.

The truth is when a shooting like this occurs our hearts sink for we know that the Right to Bear Arms as well as freedom itself is going to come under attack. We would just as soon not discuss politics at all until the mourning is over and the dead are buried but we know that the Left will be shouting their mantras and organizing marches and protests and writing laws from day one. We know we will be forced to defend ourselves with reason in a highly charged emotional, non reasoning atmosphere.

Meet the Press tried to find one pro Amendment senator to come on the show and promote his agenda and not one would agree to. On the other hand the Left were eager to join the media with their agenda. The Right doesn’t want to promote an agenda in times like these but they are forced to defend themselves because they are under incessant attack.

Here are some interesting facts I copied from another post:

The FACT also is that the states with the highest gun ownership in the US (Alaska, WV, Montana, Wyoming, S Dakota, Idaho – all well over 50% gun ownership with all the evil “Wild West” gun culture as well – also rank #25, #27, #34, #37, #38, #41 in homicide rate). And except for Alaska and Wyoming, all these states are poorer than average as well. So there’s goes your “rich people who own guns aren’t as homicidal as poor people with guns” inference. And again – this is the US – so it ain’t “Wild West culture” or generic “Americanness” or “stupid rural people who cling to guns and religion” which is to blame for homicides.

This Connecticut massacre happened in a state with the 5th lowest gun ownership – roughly 17% – which is lower than many countries that gun control advocates look to – Canada (30%), France (30%), Scandinavian countries (15-30%), Germany (30%), UK (7%) – (So much for the notion that laws regulating guns actually eliminate guns). And it is also the state with the highest income per capita too. End Quote

Switzerland is a great example of a country where guns are even more prevalent that the United States yet they have a low crime rate. You often will see people on a bus carrying an assault rifle.

Here’s a good article to check out:

On a positive note concerning your post, Nathan, we seem to agree on the second half. A lot of the violence we have can be attributed to culture, drugs and violet video games.


Dec 21, 2012

Different Type of Gathering

lwk will like this story:


Dec 21, 2012

End of the World

Looks like the world did not end on Friday (referring to the Mayan prophecy). I gave a class on this subject in 2006. Here is the

entire lecture in eight parts.


Dec 23, 2012

Re: End of the World

Blayne said he picked up some positive vibes which gave him some hope a new day is dawning.

Well, the world did not end on Dec 21st, but I did pick up a burst of positive energy that has been released. According to DK this release should reach a climax on the 28th during the full moon. The full moon at that time will be 5:21 AM Eastern time, 6:21 AM Central, 7:21 AM Rock Mountain and 8:21 AM Pacific. Unless you are an early riser it would probably be a good idea to meditate Thursday on the evening of the 27th just before going to sleep.

In the meantime contemplate and meditate on linking up with the Christ and his work each day until the full moon, and afterwards as one is inclined to do.

Saying The Great Invocation, The Song of the 144,000 and especially now the Avatar invocation. Here it is again:

From the center where the Will of God is known, let Purpose guide the little wills of men.

Let the One Great Life manifest His Purpose and send forth His Avatar.

Let this Master of Purpose come forth and amplify our wills to synthesize them with His own, giving us power to serve.

Let the Avatar of Synthesis manifest to the group of which I am a part.

That we may prepare the earth for the Lords of Light and Love.

Let Will and Power and Purpose manifest the Christ on earth.

Speaking of the end of the world I thought I would post some of the comments I have made about the Mayan prophecy since 2004. Here they are:

The next prediction everyone is getting upset about is a Mayan prophecy about Dec 21, 2012. Some feel that the world will end or have a big cataclysm at that date.

Chances are that Dec 21 will not be that much different than June 21 and 2012 will not be any worse than 2011. Posted 3/14/2004


2012 will probably be like any other year with its ups and downs. It is the end of the age according to the Mayan calendar and it will be more of a change in consciousness and it will not be the end of the world. The world will continue. I will say just one more thing; there are many things that are unpredictable and many people think that our future is outlined for us but a lot of it is not and we creating our future right now. A monkey wrench can be thrown into the works that can change a lot of things.

Taken from a Class given in 2005

There has been an ongoing prediction about an economic collapse since I can remember. It is always floating out there, someone is always making a prediction, but someday there probably will be a collapse, so someday somebody is going to be right and it probably will not be because they are physic but by accident. Somebody is just going to be right and periodically there are small collapses but let us hope there is not a complete collapse.

The most recent prophesy is 2012 the end of the Mayan calendar and many people are predicting the end of the world here. People are getting wiser and I noticed that when they first started talking about it there was a lot of end of world talk. Now the opinion is shifting, they are seeing all these other predictions that predicted the end of the world have not happened. Many people are changing the prediction around 2012 and saying that it just means the end of the cycle, or the end of something else and it will not be the end of the world.

I think people are waking up to the fact that there have been so many end of the world predictions out there that people are beginning to be a little more cautious about them. The end of the world will not actually come for millions of years but when you think about it we could have a lot of problems in between. We have the threat of a nuclear war and all kinds of things that could create tremendous problems but it is very unlikely that it would be the end of mankind. McCall Gathering 2007

My feeling about 2012 is that it is a point taking us into the Age of Aquarius. I don’t think there is anything magical with 2012 over 2011. From what I understand it was the end of their calendar and they saw this as the end of an age rather than the end of the world. It could be an intense time period. Let me see. It is now 2007… we could have some interesting things happen by that time. I see a larger turning point occurring around 2025-2030, which I see as an intense period of change. McCall Gathering 2007

As far as Dec 21st goes, I do not expect any doomsday but a fairly normal day with the media making a lot of jokes about the end of the world.

I do expect to begin picking up some spiritual energy though.


Dec 24, 2012

Interesting Photos from Space

Check this out


Dec 26, 2012

Death to the Soul

Ruth Quoting me: “The life force and vitality of the group or nation diminishes until either the soul force dies or the tyranny overthrown and freedom restored.”

Ruth: I am wondering if a “soul force” actually dies?

Or is a “soul force” cut off/disengaged or shut out from the point of it’s origin in these cases?

Does this also apply to an individual as well, when an individual is dominated by fear or another person who takes away his or her freedom of choice etc, then this person can be cut off from soul force or energy?

JJ Keep in mind that the physical death of a person does not mean the entity ceases to be. Death is a separation. In the case of regular death it is the separation of the spirit from the body. The life force itself does not die but lives on.

In the case of the soul – this does not die but the consciousness of the individual, group or nation can be separated from the force of the soul or soul contact to the degree that they are dead to it.

This has pretty much been the case in North Korea. The people are so controlled and their attention is so focused on their “Dear Leader” that little or no attention is given to the soul. The soul energy is still there but it does not enter their heads to tune into it.

The same happens in the case of the individual. His or her consciousness can be so captivated by the beast of authority that he gives none to the true soul. Sooner or later, most such people will be born again and focus on the soul. The only ones that will not do this will be those who have drank from the spiritual fountain ad then through selfishness and attachment to the material world knowingly reject the soul. When this happens for a period of time the entity suffers the true second death and becomes dead to the soul in this round of evolution and will have to start all over again in the far future.


Dec 26, 2012


Here’s a study that verifies my teachings about the importance of letting our feelings out and not suppressing:

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